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I'm so happy for you!!!!! I can't believe that your and incaseyouart's header was chosen by Dan!! Thats so cool! You two are such inspirations of mine! I'm so stoked!!!!!!!

Me when it happened, me yesterday, me today, me forever:

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its really all thanks to @incaseyouart for caring+finishing that artwork! It was an honour to collab with her and as for Dan selecting it, it was just a bonus :’D

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(bubble tea anon) okAY pls I wanna talk about how perfect akaoisuga is?? first off everyone is blinded by how beautiful they are and omg the dynamic is a++++ u have oikawa flaunting their relationship in everyone's faces and doing his absolute (1)

best for his boyfriends on anniversaries, birthdays etc. then there’s down to earth but sassy af suga who always knows what to do/say. then akaashi who takes no shit & sees past his boyfriends’ smiles w no problem + the reason why oikawa and suga aren’t in jail tbh. also: setting practices that end in intense make out sessions. I’m just rambling I love these three so much save me

bucky forever getting distracted from what angry, hotheaded pre-serum steve is actually ranting about cause he’s so charmed by how passionate he is about everything

the way steve balls up his fists and huffs because ‘it isn’t right, Buck, it isn’t right!’ and Bucky just has to nod and tell him it sure ain’t right, Steve, and sit on his hands to stop from reeling him in close

how one day steve is in the middle of a rant about something Bucky’s sure is very important, and he’s gritting his jaw belligerently cause ‘someone oughta do something!’ and Bucky can’t help himself from putting a hand on Steve’s shoulder, sliding it up to Steve’s neck and into the hair on the back of his head. then he stops cause what’s he gonna do? KISS him?

and he shakes his head and says ‘god, Steve, sometimes you’re so…’

and all the fire goes out of Steve in an instant, eyes wide for a second before gritting his jaw again like he’s ready for a fight before surging up to kiss Bucky, 

as if bucky might argue against it, as if bucky might not kiss back.

Present Crisis 2/2

note: part 1This is definitely not what’ll happen in the real flashpoint episodes but it is how it’ll happen in my story. All the science stuff and actual details I glossed over because I don’t think I can express or comprehend that very well. Thanks for reading, and sticking with me. I haven;t yet edited but I just wanted to upload as soon as possible.

“What the—“ this time it’s Iris who pulls Barry to safety to the broken glass window.

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i was with a couple of friends and we made some characters for fun and thEN I WAS LIKE “would you like me to run a really short session so you can see how everything works?” I THOUGHT WE WOULD JUST BE CHILLING IN A TAVERN!!??!? BUT THEY WANTED TO EXPLORE MORE OF THE TOWN SO I CREATED AN IMPROMPTU QUEST INVOLVING AN ABANDONED HOUSE AND A BOOTLEGGING GANG. 


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Hey How are you, Senpai? What about a NCT reaction when it's cold and he finds you (crush) on the sofa with a blanket and some sweet popcorn and hot chocolate overreacting on your favorites movies (like Harry Potter or other)? Can I say Ily again?

Thank you so much for requesting!

Side note: Can I say how much I love all of you? ♡

Taeil: joins in while sobbing with you

Taeyong: prays that you will eat clean and that the furniture won’t be dirty afterwards

Yuta“Can I be your pillow to cry on…?”

Doyoung: eats all of your food

Ten: hides away the tears

Jaehyun: you can literally cry on his shoulder he’s such bf material bless


Haechan: he would accidentally go in and see that and it would be something along the lines oH SHIT noT AGAIN

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Wait how is this possible I have moved tons of times and never once have boxes or packing been this orderly what is this wizardry what are your secrets :V

Is this more what you were expecting? Because now that I’m here, stuff is literally everywhere ever. It’s a madhouse!

So I put in a 10k egg earlier today and have been walking on and off for hours all day long to hatch it in one day and I just did and it was a Kabuto! A new type, thank god! I walked 10km today!!!!