just... kittens

Lazy afternoon. Shiro lies on the bed, his kitten splayed on his chest, purring with content. One of Lance’s ears perks suddenly, as if something tickled him there.

Shiro starts to play with these soft, silky ears , causing Lance’s head to move away with quiet giggle.

“Kashiii~” he mutters, smile on his sleepy face, when Shiro reaches for his ears again to try and tug at them gently, but as soon as he has them in his fingers, Lance shakes his head in such adorable way, Shiro has to try grab his ears once more. And again. Lance keeps on giggling and tries to move his head away.

After few minutes of this silly, but such cute little game Shiro grabs Lance’s head, moving it closer and pulling his ears aside with his thumbs to place a long, loving kiss on his soft wavy hair.

“You are so impossibly adorable…” he murmurs, inhaling sweet scent of Lance’s pretty curls.

“And you are such a dork~” his kitten mewls mockingly, but he can hear that loving tone in his voice.

They both chuckle quietly, before Shiro leans to steal a kiss from his lovers lips.

anonymous asked:

I just got a new kitten. And today, he simply disappeared, I lost therapy, and spent one hour looking for him, crying my eyes out. Turns out he was sleeping under a pillow


That already happened to me with each one of my dogs, and oooh I got so stressed out
Nina is a small dog and she loves to stay on top of pillows, under sofas, inside wardrobes or anything that is soft and dark. One time I was getting dressed up and started looking for my dog, but I couldn’t find her anywhere. Nina already almost ran away one time and I was starting to panic thinking that’s what happen, but then I hear a cry inside the wardrobe. She was there the whole time

The other time was with my other dog, Toco, and he is very old and doesn’t respond to noises anymore. That day I found a weird little infection on his skin and wanted to show my mom, but suddenly he was gone. We both screamed his name and looked everywhere (yes, even inside the damn wardrobe) and he was gone. I almost started to cry until I saw him pressed behind the door

most people who hate cats 

  • have only met other people’s cats, who may be shy or aggressive around people they dont know. they have genuinely never met a cat that cares about them
  • have no idea about cat body language, so when a cat is giving off signals saying “leave me alone” “stop touching me” “im annoyed” they keep giving it attention and end up getting swatted or bitten
  • have never met a cat in their life and just go off the stereotype that cats are jerks

Asking for help isn’t ever a bad thing, but sometimes it’s nice to know that we don’t have to have someone else do things for us when we’re struggling, sometimes we just need another perspective to help us see how we can help ourselves 💡



another headcanon:

lance once lost his bayard for a few weeks, and of course they couldn’t leave him defenseless so allura gave him like a traditional altean bow

and on like the second night of this keith stumbles into the training room cause he wants to train

only to stop, freeze, and almost faint when he sees lance - a shirtless, bronze, adonis like lance - in the middle of the room shooting arrows rapidly at targets

rip keith

bonus: keith finds lance’s bayard and hides it cause lance is freaking g o od with a bow and also he likes sneaking into the training room to watch lance train and drool over him

bonus bonus: lance knows about keith’s sneaking in and always tries to show off. sad thing is it works