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1D were a 5-member band that became a 4-member band, they all sang, there wasn’t a frontman on stage (off-stage is a whole other thing).. If you check the credits ALL of them contributed to the new sound. Also, we all know who put his foot down first to be able to write their own music. It’s not a theory, it’s not a conspiracy, it’s not a guess. We KNOW. And of course Harry has been part of that change, the music he wrote for the band is some of my fave music. But how about not erasing other people’s work? 

“Haise had feelings for Touka but Kaneki doesn’t”

But, hey!!!


The title of the chapter where Haise first met Touka (and the one he instantly fell for her) is called:

The feelings Haise felt for Touka were inherited from Kaneki. It just happens that, since Haise didn’t have any memories of his past, he also didn’t have any issues that would make him lock is feelings deep down on his heart.

While Kaneki had a lot to deal, Haise was just Haise, which made his feelings for her more obvious and transparent.

Kaneki and Haise may be “““diferent”””, but the heart is the same.

here’s the thing about andrew garfield. here’s why he’s my favorite. everything he does and everything he is comes down to love. His work as an actor, his life as a human being, everything is just one long sequence of finding new things to open his heart to. He goes from movie to movie just falling in love over and over, with his characters, with his costars, with his directors, with the sound guy, with the paparazzi with whom he just had a thoughtful conversation, with adam driver, with the kids from stranger things, with everyone he meets and everyone he doesn’t. he’s just an endless source of regenerating beautiful love and i’m so emotional.

Imagine Jun setting a picture of you as his phone’s wallpaper and every time he turns on his phone and looks at it, he smiles brightly at said picture of you.

Some ass: "Ghost fucking sucks now and I'm not gonna support them anymore!!"


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