It’s gotten to the point where I literally cannot read a mainstream media’s article about The 100….. They REFUSE to not oversimplify the show I feel like it’s a fucking soap with the “Bellamy has always been the ‘bad boy’” or like “Clarke: heartbroken over Lost Love!” or like “Octavia, a total badass with a sword and heart of gold” and “Can Bellamy even be redeemed?? (Pike did shoot Octavia’s Grounder Love after all!!)” or like “Murphy, the sassy amoral white guy, is such an original character! Ten Reasons Why He’s Better Than Bellamy” Like…… Do these people even…watch the show????

not to start but i cant tell you how much it bother me that keith and lance are both complex characters but people remove a lot of their qualities and fit them in like a trope box or something. i see a lot of ppl reducing lance to just a meme and like yeah he’s funny he probably does love memes but there’s more there and a lot of ppl think keith is like a huge asshole? but he’s so nice and caring lmao there’s a lot of layers to both of them and im pretty sure a lot of the ppl making keith out to be some kind of bad guy are neurotypicals/allistics who think all low empathy/logical thinkers are evil like i hate to break it to you but not everyone expresses their feelings the same way as you and keith not being moved to tears by his love for everyone does not mean he doesn’t care…he’s definitely not a bad person like at all even if he seems “cold” because he’s blunt and thinks logically

I hate how anyone who is defending Johnny is speaking as if they know Johnny or were actually there. Meanwhile you have people who were ACTUALLY DOMESTICALLY ABUSED all saying that these are signs and actions of an abuser, and everyone still thinks he isn’t just because in that particular video he didn’t hit her. Just… disgusting.

Yeah from a legal standpoint this does nothing for her I guess, but for christ sake you can clearly see he is abusive and toxic.

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What do you think the reaction would be if Holtz and Erin were curled up together watching TV and Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon came on???


im yelling honestly erin would just be “um holtz what the hell” and she’s totally not phased by it “what???” “since when did we do SNL??” “we don’t babe??” and they both just stare at the screen with confused expressions bc well……they literally look the same except “damn gilbert. you look hot as a blonde” “shut up”

patty and abby walking in all “oh!! kristen wiig and kate mckinnon!! i love them they’re hilarious” both holtz and erin are just “????? DOES NO ONE SEE THE RESEMBLANCE” 

patty: “oh yeah sure. erin u look hot as a blonde” “omg”

four years of thatcherjoe ✨

so I made this lil edit of joe throughout his four years on youtube and yeah, i just wanted to say thank you to joe. he really does mean a lot to me and has made me really happy. i’m incredibly proud of him and know there’s a lot more to come from him. thank you for everything you’ve done and i love you x 💗

jfc I love the 91 Days OP so much. I’m sure part of it is my TK bias bc WOW his voice. And he’s so good at pulling at every last fiber of emotion in your damn body. Wow. Fuckin. YES.

But mostly I love how clearly Avilio’s motivations come through. There’s a lot of just. General OP-type stuff. Action-y filler. But somewhere in the middle you’re just bombarded with images of his past. All the shit that’s been haunting the poor fucker for his entire adolescent life, and then into adulthood. It’s pretty powerful stuff brah.

On top of that, there are hints at an internal conflict that hasn’t taken form yet that I am honestly so pumped about.

I think I’ve said this before, but I’m getting a lot out of this that I was hoping to get from Gangsta. The animation isn’t great, but it’s better than Gangsta’s, and it’s more like. Cerebral? That’s not quite the word I’m looking for, but it’ll do the job. There isn’t a whole lot of ‘violence for the sake of violence’ in 91 Days. Most of the violence in it is at least purposeful. And the series on the whole is very human.

Could be more clear, as a whole story. More clarity in the big picture kinda thing. And it sucks they have to dump so many characters on you all the time. It’s hard to form attachments to characters you barely know, especially when they die in episode two lmao. But it just means you need to pay real attention to it to follow properly, which I’m completely fine with so uh

I'll Pick You Up Anytime

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Summary: Can I request a story where Steve is a kindergarten teacher??

Pairings: Steve x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: Well this has been sitting in the ask box for a while…….. After this I’m going to shift my focus more onto finishing off those series, because, lol, i have too many to keep up with.

Word Count: Around 630

“Please Y/N? I just need you to pick up Charlie from school today. You only have to watch her for like an hour. Just take her to lunch or something okay?”

I frowned, as I spun around on the office chair, “Yeah, yeah. Sure. Fine. Just… When does she get out of school again?”

“In about an hour. Thanks sis. You don’t know how much this means to me.”

After I had hung up the phone with my sister, I leaned my head against the office chair with a sigh. I had an hour to kill, so there wasn’t really any hurry in leaving work yet. Her school wasn’t that far away, I would make it there in time. At least… I hoped I would.

~ 1 Hour  & 15 Minutes Later ~

I cursed myself softly as I pulled into one of the many empty parking spaces of the school’s parking lot. I was 15 minutes late. Oh god, now my sister was going to kill me.

I grabbed my purse and got out of the car, before jogging towards the school. Once inside I made a beeline for what, I assumed was her classroom.

When I walked inside I immediately took note of the bright colors and the, unusual, neatness of the room.

I almost walked right back out right before I was being attacked by a small human. I glanced down and grinned at my niece, “Hey kiddo. What’s up?”

Charlie smiled and pulled away, “I missed you aunt Y/N!”

“So you’re the famous aunt that Charlie speaks so highly of?”

I nodded slightly, still smiling at Charlie, “Well… Wouldn’t know if I’m as great as she says, but I’m she.”

I looked up and was meet with the gaze of one of the most gorgeous man I had ever seen. His hair was neatly combed over and his blue eyes were almost electric.

“Umm… Y/N? Hello?”

I snapped out of my trance and unwillingly tore my gaze away from the man and to Charlie, “Hmm?”

She chuckled, “You guys okay? You’ve been staring at each other for a while.”

I blushed and opened my mouth to disagree with her, but it was too late, as she had already run off and over to one of her friends.

I gave the man a small smile, “I’m so sorry. She’s… very unfiltered. I’m Y/N, by the- and you already knew that… right.”

“It’s alright. I’m Steve.”

I nodded lightly, “Steve… So Steve…  Here to pick up your little one?”

Steve chuckled lightly as he shook his head, “Actually, I’m the teacher. Don’t have any kids of my own.”

I tried my best to hide my shock and just look moderately surprised, “Oh.. really? Charlie ever told me she had such an attr- amazing teacher!”

Steve raised a brow slightly but smiled, “I’m not all that great but thank you. So… (*Insert awkward cough*), I really enjoyed talking to you… Maybe we could do this again sometime? Out of the classroom?”

I smiled and nodded, “I’d like that.”

Charlie’s voice came from besides the both of us, making us both jump slightly before looking down at her, “It’s a good thing I left her number on your desk for you then. Come on, aunt Y/N. I’m hungryyyyy.”

She skipped towards the door before turning around and waving, “Bye Mr. Rogers!”

I stood there for a minute before shaking my head with a laugh, “I can’t believe her.”

Steve grinned, “See you soon, Y/N. And it’s been lovely meeting you.”

I blushed slightly and nodded before leaving the classroom and going after Charlie.

“You know… feel free to tell your mom that I’ll pick you up anytime, okay?“

(Sorry if this is shit :(  I really haven’t been feeling up to much lately but I mean here’s something… - Steph)

me watching dream sequences in movies: yeah that’s just. not realistic. why does this dream seems coherent. Like it’s trying to tell them something. That’s not how it works.

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Did u watch the latest ep? Someone makes important appearance at the end :O

I have not, but I know what you’re talking about bc someone didn’t tag their spoils and WHAT THE HELL

And here is another gemsona; Morganite.
I came up with the power before peridot was revealed to have it, but yes she’s a powerful metal manipulator, and with good reason! 
She’s half of Red Diamond, just for fun, based around the Blue Diamond fusion theory- Made by the wonderful theorist Clockie @radioactivesupersonic -
Her other half is Andulsite, belonging to my datefriend Nao @crashorpie 

Their diamond trio consists of Brown Diamond, Violet Diamond, and Red diamond
I think theres a fourth but i cant remember them right now…
The actual gem they make is Poppy Topaz, Diamond is more of a title.