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I recently hurt my back pretty badly and I have to use a mobile chair for cons this season. Can you offer any ideas for cosplay that I might incorporate the chair in to? My ideas have been pretty limited. Thank you so much for any ideas you might offer! <3


Any GOT character sitting on the Iron throne 

Any mario kart charcater 

Barbra gordon

ANY queen or princess character 

Oh even characters that own vehicles that you can replicate JUST enough of, so that way in close up shots, it looks like your sitting in something bigger. 

Like Haruka’s scooter or DVAs mech!! 

That really opens the feild to ANY CHARACTER IN A COCKPIT EVER. 

Hope you dont mind I answered publicly, Im sure other people out there have a ton of ideas!! 

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Hey jax, I'm having a really tough time losing weight and cutting out certain foods. Everyone I've dieted for a month or two I'd lose one or two pounds. Any tips to help me here?

Well first off scratch the DIET portion and just eat healthy.

This a common problem that a lot of people have, my clients included, so what I suggest is instead of going on a diet focus on healthier choices. 

A Diet implies that eventually you’re going to come off it While healthy eating is like “I eat healthy because it makes me feel better, look better, perform better and is just good for me and I can maintain this for life”

Dont kill your taste buds. 

If you stay ready you dont have to get ready. 

heres a video i made on helping folks with this problem.

this panel is really interesting i think because it really shows the extent that vampires feel
Mika is difficult to judge because he’s not very old yet, but crowley is nearly a millennia. 
Crowley is looking at someone he once loved, and he says he doesnt have any desire to have them back. But when shinoa asks about the books, he doesnt even turn to them. he silently points. He’s sad. Upset even. I wonder what his voice sounds like. 
So i feel like vampires dont cry and they dont have those selfish desires to bring them back, but they still very much have the capacity to love and miss. vampires still have emotions, they just go about them and act on them differently. 

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what are your favorite jaeyong moments hmmm

1. Linking arms at the Asian Model Awards 2015 - (fhjhjsdfkh look at them how cute)

2. Taeyong letting the world know how sexy he finds Jaehyun - (tbh, same Taeyong)

3. I dont even think this needs any explaining- (jesus christ not enough of the cameras you two)

4. Shenanigans at the MAMA’s 2016 (cr. centerpieces, bloncprinz) - (🎶 cause space is just a word made up by someone who’s afraid to get too..CLOSE 🎶)

5. This photoshoot - (kill me now)

6. Taeyong looking like that one girlfriend whose trying to convince her boyfriend to buy her something - (im crying taeyong is such a cutie)

7. fhkjdhdkjg bless the person (cr. painkiller) who caught this:

8. Taeyong feeding Jaehyun - (such domestic???)

9. Playing twister together - (rip me)

10.  Secret links: x x x x x x x 

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Lolol. And "casually" the year that she broke up with him definitly is the last year that she was "your Selena. The real Selena". Mmuhu, its not about any man. Sure. Lol. And you really don't care about her looking like a damn pet, because thats exaxctly what she looked like following justin around and going back to him after his pulic affairs with "models" and going to see prostitutes. You just dont like when shes looking like a pet of other men.

Lol bitch why u on here,along urself look dumb ascting like U know my opinion, even if she did thsi with Justin she’d still be looking extra asf, do me a favor and if u don’t have anything nice o da bub stay tf out my ask lol gtg


TBT the time Paul McCartney sang “Michelle” in the White House and the President of the United States was like a high school teenager with a crush.[x] 

I think one of the most baffling memes of the last few years was the “Keep calm and ____” meme just because people disregarded the format more than any other meme I can think of. And I dont mean ironically like “look at me I am the captain now” how people would just throw phrases into it that didnt make sense, I mean how the phrase “keep calm” just because a marketing technique for literally anything. I saw a bumper sticker on a car this past weekend with the phrase “Keep calm and I am a Greyhound Owner.” The phrase “keep calm” adds nothing to it other than an excuse for the person to put a bumper sticker on their car saying that they are a greyhound owner. 

Another amazing example of this was when Ben Carson tweeted this image on his birthday, implying that people were fraught with anxiety only to be calmed by the fact that it was Ben Carson’s birthday.

french vocabulary - nighttime & getting ready for bed

🌆sunset (m) - coucher de soleil
🌃night(time) (f) - nuit

🌙moon (f) - lune
🌟star (f) - étoile (pl. les étoiles)
💫shooting star (f) - étoile filante
✨a starry night (f) - une nuit étoilée
🌌constellation (f) - constellation

🛏bed (m) - un lit
🛌sheet (m) - un drap (pl. les draps)
⛺️blanket (f) - couverture
👕pajamas (m) - pyjama/s
🐻teddy bear (m) - nounours

👄toothbrush (f) - brosse à dents (to brush your teeth - de te brosser les dents)
💋toothpaste (m) - dentifrice
✅dental floss (m) - fil dentaire
🚿 shower (f) - douche (to shower - de se doucher; to take a shower - de prendre une douche)
🛀🏽to take a bath - de prendre un bain

😚to say goodnight - de dire bonne nuit / bonsoir
😴to sleep - dormir (to fall asleep - s'endormir)
😌to dream - rêver
💤to snore - ronfler

⭐️dream (m) - rêve (pl. les rêves)
🎵lullaby (f) - berceuse
🕚bedtime (f) - (l'heure de) coucher
📖bedtime story (f) - histoire

🌉good night! - bonne nuit !
😘sweet dreams! - fais de beaux rêves !

I forgive you.

you never apologized for everything that you ever put me through and you probably didn’t even notice any of it because people usually don’t notice things they dont care about, and thats what I was to you. I was just another person that existed, I was just another person that made you feel like you were worth something.

All you ever did was make me feel incomplete. I’d look at myself for hours until I could no longer recognize anything in trying to figure out why you don’t love me in the way I put love into you.
And even if you didn’t love me in that way, why couldn’t you at least be a good damn friend.

but you never gave me a thing. and I used to stay up at night trying to convince myself that you cared about me when I knew damn well you never did.
I always knew what I was to you but I tried to ignore it for so long, I convinced myself otherwise because when you know that the person that you love, does not even give a damn about you something inside you shuts off and I couldn’t deal with that and I didn’t want to accept that so I kept trying to see something that was never there.
I think thats what destroyed me in the end, knowing the reality of what we were but trying to look past that and find something that wasn’t there.
I was looking for so long, I got lost and forgot what I was looking for.
and I forgive you.
I forgive you for all of it, I forgive you for the nights I stayed up crying because you chose her. I forgive you for leaving and then coming back just so you could leave all over again. I forgive you for the things that you said when you and i both knew you didn’t mean them. and I forgive you for using me to try and fill the hole that she left in you. I forgive you for using me as a fix for your confidence because throughout everything all I ever saw was how great you are, and all you ever did was feed of that.

and now I forgive myself.
I forgive myself for everything that I put myself through. I forgive myself for letting myself believe that you really were the greatest part of me. I forgive myself for loving you when you weren’t worth a damn thought.

because after stepping away, I see it all so clearly now. After I accepted what I really was to you, everything else made more sense.
I destroyed myself in loving you and for that I am so sorry but when I say I forgive you, I mean I forgive myself, I forgive giving so much of myself to someone that didn’t care how my day was going. I forgive myself for all the hurt I endured.

—  I have to let go, and to do that I need to forgive.
List of thoughts jack probably had through the years about Eric Bittl

Year One
•He’s frustrating
•oh but he actually wants to get better
•good at hockey but i started off calling him bittle I cant shorten his name now
•pleasant kid
•its cool that more people of the lgbt community are getting into hockey, or at least being open about their sexual preferences
•do you think he would want maple syrup from uncle? Or honey from uncle with bees? Ill ask (proceeds to get into hour conversation about honey vs maple syrup) uh… i still dont know
•(during the summer) uh i miss bittle. He was cute. I think i kinda like him in the romantic sense but maybe i just miss him too much. Even if i did like bittle, who can blame me. Also i shouldnt act on it, hes a teammate and friend and i cant ruin a freindship again this way

Year two
•bittle is really sweet
•bittle would make any boyfriend of his happy, like look at these pies and hes athletic so his legs look so good and his face is cute. I hope his future boyfriend treats him well or the SMH team will have something to say
•bittle looks so good for the camera hes like an angel. A little southern angel.
•senior year is a bit daunting but at least my friends are here and i have bitty’s pies. Im going to miss them. One step at a time though jack.
•i regret yelling at bittle last year its been a while and were friends now but i mean i can make up for it by taking him out for the sugar coffee he likes i suppose, no other reason for taking him out more than shitty
•his legs are so good (x500)
•aw he still isnt used to the cold here bits, my jacket.
•i want to kiss him. Oh wow what an impulsive thought jack keep it together youre probably horny and hes gay but hes a teammate. Hockey over ten minutes of pleasure as mom always says
•im gonna miss bittle i cant believe this is happening oh no… i would give up hockey playing to be by bittle for another year.. oh no i love him and i didnt tell him

Year three
•i love him so much
•bits looks so good in this kitchen.. and in my room…. and my living room…(etc)
•I LOVE HIM (x9999*10^9999999)
•should i buy him these butt shorts or send him a link- oh wait oh my god bitty butt
•im a bitty butt man

jewish/muslim solidarity is the best way to beat christian goyim ideologies because they expect us to hate each other and when we work together to dismantle them they have no idea what to do its great

*a cackle is heard in the distance*

Nice try, Malfoy
  • draco: you know what granger?
  • hermione: what do you want now malfoy?
  • draco: my father told me i can have anything i want in my life because i was a malfoy
  • hermione: i dont want to know any more about your selfishness malf-
  • draco: but then i realized it was all a lie
  • hermione: is there a point in this? you're seriously wasting my-
  • draco: i knew it was a lie because when i saw you, i wanted you but i never had you *stares intensely into her eyes*
  • hermione: *looks intently at him* nice try malfoy. no, i wont let you copy off of my potions essay. now will you please let me read in peace?
  • draco: dammit! i thought it would work. please? just this one time??
  • blaise: dammit guys, i thought that was for real
  • blaise: *cries silently in the corner because he ships dramione and was given false hope*
every episode of supernatural ever

*episode opens with someone going about their every day life*

ghost/monster: LMAO NOT ANYMORE stabstabstab

person: aw fuck he ate my liver :(

*sam and dean are in some food place*

dean: damn i just fucking love pancakes man you know what else i love

sam: what?

dean: K̴̸̡͎̯͎͙͇I͏̫̼̺̜̜̞͞ͅL͏҉̨̳͓̘̥͖͢ͅĻ̵̵̠͕̦̮͍͉̙͚̘͎̣͚̗̻̀̕I͟͝҉̴̨̟̱̜̞͉N̥͚͇̦̮̥̣͇̞͇͚̲͙͓̤̭̠͔͘ͅG̡͏͓͚͇̠̟̟̺͙̼̺̝̹͕̞̻ ̶̛͕̖̙͚̥̺̺̗̱̰̞̘͡D̵̴̨̞̜̪̩̳͙̥͈̰͇̖̝̩̰ͅĘ̶͏̸̭͉̣M̶̷̫̩̳̲̤̦̪̤̺͖̝͎̝̦̜͇͍̙͍͡O̶͏̛͈̯̣͍̗̘̲̜̘͈̭̙ͅN̨̨̧͎̯͈͔̰̬̟͈̤͈̝͡S̶̵͙̦̲͙̫͖͇͔͔͡ͅͅ





sam: hey dean look at this some guy’s liver was ripped out and apparently another guy’s liver was also ripped out


*they’re in the car*

sam: dean i just… you need to stop treating me like a little kid… i just ugh dean you suck ass

dean: wow fuck u sam


*cut to them interviewing the family*

wife: sooo yeah i just heard him screaming

dean: maam was he screaming about… dank memes, by any chance?

sam: wtf

wife: wtf are you guys crazy?

sam and dean:


sam and dean:

wife: … actually he was

sam: dean i did some research online and i think i know what this is

dean:  A̴̴̢̢ͫ̆̅͆͒ͪͫ̔̎ͨ͋̓͏̦̞͎̮̞͈̯̪̗̮̼͉̭̳̻ ̴̷̧̣͔̤̞͔͈͖̠͇̗̟̻̿̄̾ͧ̐͂͢͝Ḓ̡̛̛̺̙̹̣̏̾̆ͩ̌ͤ̍̔̏̓ͨ̃́̚͝E̛̘̫͍͕͖̳̦̾̐̍́M̷̴̋̀̾ͩ͑͑̐̋̋̓ͮ̃҉̵̳̟͇̼̖͇̲̭̝̪Ǫ̷̧̩̰͈͇̱̲̗ͮ́ͩ̋̋̏ͪͤ̐̇̒ͣ̀Ņ̴̛͉̺͖̺͚͎̲̗̠ͦ̒̉̓̐͋́ͥ̎̆̑̈́ͬ́̚ͅ?̂̃̒͂͐͑ͮ͐̎ͣ̈ͪ́̚͟͏͎͉̜̯̩͈͖̟̤̲̣͈̕ͅ!̶̶̢̩̼̗͉̤̤͙͉̠́ͭ̿͆̽̔̍͂̽ͨͣ̈́́̚͘ͅ

sam: no u fuck dad wrote about it in his journal. it’s called the dank meme ghost it attacks people who abuse dank memes

dean: so we gank it by salting and burning the bones

*they do that but then someone else gets their liver eaten*


sam: THERE’S A RITUAL WE HAVE TO COMPLETE but first we have to lure it here…

dean: ok ill be the bait… Pepe the frog is a terrible meme

*meme ghost appears

ghost:  h̶̨̙̻̜̹̲̞̖̼̣͔̠̫̓̃̌͋̕͜ǫ͕̞̦̦̟͎̣̞̩͍̺̘̮͖̖̼̦̦̆ͯ͛̑̿ͣ͆̀̕͠ͅw̨͈̰̥̖͎̻͔̣͎͓͖̼̰̭̝͈͇̬ͧͫ͗̇ͥͪͬ͋̌͌͊̌̓̆ͭ̐ͪ̉̀͟͠ ͧ͗ͫ͐̌̀̉ͩ̌̏ͣͫ̋ͤ̇̐̑̈҉̧̛̛̼͙͎͇̱̞͙͢f̷̻͍̰̝̰͎̯͎̪̼̮̘̥̲̳͋ͨ̋̌̇ͤ͋̅̀̓̓̆̑́̚͡ư̸̳̩̬̣̬͓̥͔͕̱͇̪͕̜̗̳̰̙̳ͬ͂̊̄̍͋̈́̃͑̇̓ͫ̄̅̈́͂́̚͝c̡͆ͬ͆̇ͤͣ̋̚͘҉̹̩̞͓͉̮̫̝̞̻̞͉͈̞ͅͅk̨̡̪̤̺̲̩̟͓͕̯̝ͨ̓ͯ͆ͥ͂ͧ̄͐͑̂ͥ̍̈́̚͡͝i̴̺͖̥̰̩̘̮̭͋̊͂͊ͅg̛̘̮̫͕͖̦̞̹͙̖̠̲̞͇͍̪̀̒̑ͨ͂͋̾͜͝ṅ̵͔͕͇̱͈͍͛ͧͪ̃͂̐ͬ͌ͨ̇̓̓ ̨̃̑̌̉̇̉̉ͥ͋͐ͪ͊̑ͨ̍̽͢͏̴̫̯̬͍̳͉̰͓̦̠̰͔̲̫̞̤̹̟d̸̵̢̥̲̞̦̙̪̦͚̯̼̝̖̠̳̗͗̀ͥ̂͛ͥ̓̌̂͋ͣͪ̆̅ͪ̄͆̉͢aͬ̇̅ͧ̇̇̽̉͜͟͏͉͈͙̬̭͚͖͚̟͖ͅrͯ̔͗̽͛ͪ̈́̌̽͗̀͏͏̞̭͎̮͓́͝ͅe̢͇͇̰̰̱̞̠̜̯̰̻̲ͭ͗̾͆̔̃͐͂͗ͩ̈͘ ̵̵̧̢̬͈̺͍͙̺ͭ̌ͪ̓̍͐̋͗ͭ̚y̴̛̥͔̫͍̟̞̱̤̗̮̤̼͕̽̔̓̓ͣ͑ͣ̇ͭ̂̀́͢o̎̋̋̓̈̄̋̽ͯ̈͗ͮ̉͟҉̶̺̻̜͇̪̦͉͚̠͈̩͘͢u̷̜̞͔͍͇̟̱͕͚ͬͣͦ̓ͅ


ghost: ah shit

*ghost dies*

dean: wow we did good huh sam


*a demon appears*

dean:  S̸̛̛ͣ̑̈ͪͯ̃ͥ̈͟Ḩ̨̾̌̿ͩ̍̆̈͋̎͑͊ͭͦ̅̐͝I̷͌͛̂͂̔̄̕͢T̡͐ͦ̏̄̽ͤͫ̐͐͝ ̃ͦ̇̏̌̀̐҉̨Į̷̧̔͒̓́͐́̆̒ͪ̌͐̉̌̓ ͊͒ͬ͌̅̂ͧ͋̊̽͑͊̊͆ͥ̉͞͏̷̧Ķ͗ͯ̽̅̒̾̐ͭͪ͋̆̉̎͢N̽̆̃̑̆̾ͬͩ̌̒̾̀̀͆͛̉͞͏E̢̧͊̄̏̌͒͊ͯ̽ͤͮ̈́̏͠W̢̡̛ͣ̅͗ͮ̈̄ͯ̆̌͝͞ ͐ͦ̋̉̕҉̸̧͢Ï̡ͬ̅̈́͛͘͝T̴ͭ͐̈͂ͫ̀̕͞͠

demon: *says something ominous to sam and then disappears*


dean: i mean considering all the shit you’ve done to me-


bobby: idjits

me????? 1k?????? i’m shook????? thank you guys sososo much, i never thought i would pass 100 followers, let alone 1k!! i appreciate you all loads and these are just a few people who make my dash a better place, ily💕

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I’m gonna punch someone. How stupid and rude can you be to a person you don’t even know? Yeah, sure, BamBam is a funny kid who likes memes and is up to date to Internet trends but seriously? I don’t even wanna read any comments left on that photo. You people really need to take a look at your life and reevaluate it if you think it’s okay to go throwing your kinky fantasies to an idol who’s just enjoying his holidays with people whom he loves and love him! Can’t you see how wrong it is, that even BamBam, one of the most funny and open-minded idols out there has to speak up bc people keep making him uncomfortable? Ugh, I’m so mad.