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Sirius and Harry were in charge of candles.

Another Arc V ending

I mean, we could explore the ramifications of a horrific reality where Yuya and Yuzu have to live with three other people in their heads, Shun Kurosaki has his best friend and sister gone, and Reira Akaba is still a baby and we can go into depth about how Leo gets a family back and suffers minimal to no consequences.

Or we can write an actual happy ending.

Because this is Yugioh and I demand everyone gets a good end. Everyone.


The silhouette reached out to him.

Yuya’s heart momentarily stopped in his chest.

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You know what would be better than asking Louis for a fan pic? Pretending I’m not a girl with a fan blog dedicated to him that cries endlessly about his everything and say something like “Oh yeah I heard that new song you have out. Your voice is amazing dude. Congrats on the deserved success!”

Gotta share what happened at Walmart today.

My mom is 64 and looks about 40. She’s the most stylish person in town and I mean that extremely literally. Today she wore a white lace dress with crocheted tights, knee boots, and a pink denim jacket. And she’s skinny and wears a long blonde wig. Yeah. She makes me step up my look whenever we go out because I don’t want to look like her DUFF.

Anyway, we were at Walmart and as we were buying kitty litter, we passed two ladies about my age or a little younger, wearing some comfy sweats. One of them sees my mom and says “Oh, I just love your look!” and the second girl says “Right? I was just thinking ‘she looks so good, I hate her so much!’“ And all four of us cracked up, because that’s like the highest girl compliment ever if someone is all ‘ugh, I hate you cuz you look so good!’ LOL

It really made my mom’s day, she’s never had anyone give her that compliment before. I like to share these moments because I try to encourage everyone to say the nice things you think in your head out loud.

I literally can’t believe that we’re gonna have an Akiramon talk probably in the next chapter? like??? this is a miracle??? I’ve wanted this for years, YEARS

WOW! 100 Followers! I can’t believe it!

I’m thrilled that you guys actually stuck around this long(and also applaud myself for staying committed). I never thought I would hit 100 followers. It seems so long ago since Kung Qiu was just this little, shy Shaolin. I wish I had better words to express my gratefulness for you guys!

   【 мү ғαмιℓү 】

The mentioned people are rpers who have a special place in my heart and feel like family. You guys are the rpers I go to when it comes to rping. You guys are basically my inspiration, and if I ever left you guys would be the ones I would dearly miss.

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The mentioned people are rpers I have rped with but not enough(due to my lack of commitment and my laziness), or I see and admire you on my dash and we don’t/haven’t rp(ed). I would love to get to know you guys better!

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I would like to say I didn’t forget anyone, but I might have. I love you guys and so happy that I can celebrate this milestone with you guys! I hope everything in your life gets better! 

Okay so I’m listening to I Get to Love You and just thinking about the fact that we might get a Malec scene set to this song in 2B has me emotional??? Like??? I’m a mess???

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So I was rewatching TSoT and I realised that my heart does a little summersault every time John and Sherlock say each other’s names. Every bloody time. It makes me so inexplicably happy.

I just genuinely hope people won’t compare Harry and Niall. They’re so different in literally anything, most importantly the music. Of course we haven’t heard anything from H yet, but he’s not gonna go into that folky style for sure.
So that’s nothing you could/should compare! Especially not sales-wise. I see Harry doing pop, a very modern and new way of pop, which will speak to more people than niall’s more Indy style.
Also Harry’s single will be played on every radio station on repeat because he’s Harry. Nialls start as “solo artist” was definitely harder (he did great though! And he seems to be happy with the way it all worked out) but the pressure the media set on Harry shouldn’t be underestimated too, I guess.

I hope both of them get the love and support they deserve from people who genuinely love their work.
They’re both gonna do great as the individuals as they are.