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I saw last time you played Dream Daddy..! :o How was it? What do you think of the game? I love your blog btw!

Thanks! Hmm, well I could analyze the good and the bad of the game without taking its popularity and the way it was released and marketed into account but if I don’t do that I think it’s gonna be half my critique. Is Dream Daddy a good game? Perhaps. Is Dream Daddy deserving of its popularity and ratings? No. At all. I don’t want to be negative about it and this isn’t a hate post or anything, it’s just the things that really bothered me. Believe me, I was super pumped for the game. Like, legit, I WAS DRINKING CHAMPAIGN WHILE I STARTED PLAYING IT. And all was well and good but then, it went downhill. 

1) The game has 0 length. Like, I literally finished playing it in 2-3 hours, WITH breaks. Yes, I only played Craig’s route (Craig is cool btw) but this is a DATING SIM right? So, it HAS to be sufficient and has to be long even if the player just plays ONE character route. Because people are like “no it is pretty big”. It isn’t. Not everyone is going to play ALL THE ROUTES just so as to feel like they played Dream Daddy ‘a lot’. A dating sim game, cause that is what it claims to be, should NOT be valued by the sum of the time spent on ALL ROUTES, but just INDIVIDUAL character routes. 

2) The sprites were very nice and I loved them. The backgrounds HOWEVER were actually lacking. Again, the background is fine, but it is lacking in the CONTEXT cause Dream Daddy is supposedly a good game. Look at this: 

The background is literally some plain line art with some flat colors. No shading, no nothing. Yeah it looks good but cmon. Do you know how quickly a good artist can draw this? Very. Do not forget I am here to defend all Visual Novels and Dating Sims cause I really am a fan of the genre. And I am only making this critique in comparison to the ‘standard’, ok? HELL, even HATOFUL BOYFRIEND had better background art 


3) This is an addition to my saltiness about the lack of art, cause literally the ONLY ART FOR THIS GAME was the 1) Sprites, 2) Backgrounds AND 3) Those picture thingies you would get as a bonus for finishing the game/ a character route. Honestly. For people who are not familiar with visual novels and dating sims, this is LACKING at best. Most visual novels of this kind have art for important scenes and if not they at least HAVE ONE FOR AN ENDING SCENE. But not Dream Daddy of course. I literally was sleeping next to Craig and we had the whole confession thing happening inside a tent in the woods or smth and there. Was. No. Image. Anyways you get my point. Moving on,

4) The background sound was straight up bad. Not the songs themselves but the whole tuning and looping was horrid. Like, the different tracks were on different volumes and some would like stop and then start again without making the looping discreet or anything. I VIVIDLY remember my ears dying when I was in a forest with Craig and the ‘forest sound’ was so overly loud (and of course you could not hear Craig’s casual “ah”s at all). Man the sound was a mess.

5) Rushed, poor and Rushed once more. The characters were interesting and the setting and concept was good, I give you that, but the way they handled the plot and DELIVERED it however… Again there wasn’t any length to it and the writing could have been more detailed. Even in important scenes, there wasn’t much to be said. It honestly felt like they just wanted to get it over with. And honestly the plot was kinda flat. Like yeah ok we went on some dates or smth (with DADBOOk,,, ok uh huh)(they obviously couldn’t make it somehow linearly connected through the story and had to use such an easy way of doing routes cause that would basically mean a lot of work to make)(once again) and you’d get the casual heartbeat and nice smooth talking and jokes but that was it. The plot was average anyways. I guess the part with the teddy bear and the devil children dissecting it was a fun twist tho haha. 

Anyways! I am not really a person who rants or anything like that, and I am not AGAINST this game or anything. I still liked the game. I just had to speak the truth and say how it felt for me, especially with a successful game like this, since, in this genre of Dating Sims and Visual Novels, it’s very difficult to achieve such success or be advertised as much, and I am just trying to be just about this. A lot of people put so much EXTREME work into these games and they pour their soul into it, and achieve better quality, and it is just a shame that a game like this would be elevated and be called a ‘masterpiece’ when it was honestly a rushed game without much put into it besides some good ideas and a few interesting characters combined with a very talented sprite artist. 

one of my fave tropes for gay men is older gay men finding a man who completes them and makes everything make sense; whose patient w/ them coming to terms w/ themselves and agrees to take things slow so they can work towards being at peace w/ themselves; older gay men who have lived a life full of having to hide themselves and hold back but now they dont have to, because they found someone whose pretty close to their missing puzzle piece; older gay men who can finally go to pride with the one they love and they’re not afraid; older gay men who aren’t envious of younger gay ppl but learning to love them and be happy for them; finding happiness after a lifetime of homophobia and finally just not being so afraid to feel and love

thats the trope for gay men, esp adult gay men, i need to see more often.


→  day six: best moment you’ve experienced while being a fan

  • april 10/11, 2017: what i like to call ‘little mix takes new orleans’. the time when the girls came to new orleans, went on an adventure, and then i got to see them live for the dangerous woman tour.

Seriously please support them. Watch the mv, share it and love it!. IF you don’t that is fine but please….Lets not get all pissy about the concept being one you don’t like. I get everyone is entitled to their own opinion but lets not keep doing this. Or bringing negativity every time teasers or a MV is posted. We all know B.a.p like to try different concepts. The least we can do is support them whether its a bop or not. If you can do all the streaming stuff please do. But if you can’t don’t force yourself it won’t hurt any of us. Just please if you are willing, give this comeback LOTS of love and attention. B.a.p care so much about us and love us alot. I just hope we can show them the same this comeback. I mean Himchan is already saying they like it some it must be good. I have trust in our boys ♡

two rotten apples | pt. 4 [preview]

pt 1 | pt 2 | pt 3 | pt 4

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Jungkook grumbled to himself, then pulled his key from the ignition as he shoved the truck’s door open. The dim lighting from inside the convenience store greeted him, but he only saw that guy again. He’d been watching for the past few minutes, waiting for you to clock out so he could take you home, but something was stopping you from that—him.

“Hey,” he loudly said upon walking inside. “You ready to go or what?”

“Jungkook.” He could hear the sigh of relief you gave upon seeing him. “Yeah. Sorry. I just need to go tell my manager I’m going home.”

Jungkook nodded, gesturing for you to go into the backroom with his head.

And that left him alone with some guy who would love nothing more than to get into your pants. Although that was something they had in common, there was no way in hell anyone but Jungkook would be doing that—if he could help it.

“You were here last time too, weren’t you?”

“What?” the guy asked, surprised. “I don’t know.”

To look even more suspicious, he grabbed at his cap and tried to conceal himself. Although, the pants full of holes and greasy hair didn’t help much.

Shoving his hands into the front pockets of his jeans, Jungkook stared at the floor with his eyes darting from the man’s worn sneakers to an ant on the tile. He’d let it go last time just because you were watching, but not this time.

“I think you do,” Jungkook said, raising his head. “I saw you fucking here last time. I know I did. And I thought I told you to leave her alone.”

“I think if she wanted me to leave her alone, she’d tell me.”

Jungkook took a step forward at that. “Listen here, you fucking—”

“He just told me to check the register but we can go,” you said upon walking back out of the backroom, then glanced at the two of them. “What’s going on?”

“I’m just trying to explain to this douche here that you don’t like him.”

“Jungkook,” you scolded. “It’s fine. Let’s just go. Please.”

His head snapped in your direction. “You’re okay with this?!”

“Okay with what? I don’t want any trouble. Please. Can we go?”

Jungkook guffawed, then glared at the guy when he snorted. “I don’t care. You leave her alone. You come in here every night she works here and talk to her—”

“I didn’t realize it was a crime to talk to a girl…”

“It’s not but it is if she doesn’t want to talk to you. That’s harassment. You know she would get fired if she said anything, so you take advantage of that and keep talking to her anyway, hoping that she’ll give in. But you don’t know her like I do. She doesn’t care about your microscopic dick or want to fuck you.”

The guy laughed hollowly at that. “No one is harassing anyone, dude.”

“Yeah? If you aren’t, then what the fuck are you doing exactly? You haven’t even bought anything and you’ve been here for, like, twenty minutes. Maybe you don’t know what fucking time it is but for me, it’s almost eleven o’clock at night. If you want to get her number, maybe you should do it during the daytime when there’s other people around. Actually, how about you don’t do that at all and just get your beer and your bag of cheetos and get the fuck out of here.”

“Dude. Calm the fuck down. We were just talking.”

“All right. You call me ‘dude’ one more time—”

“Who the fuck even are you? Her boyfriend or something?”

“I don’t have to be her anything to get you to leave since I have fucking hands, but if I say yes, will that make this easier? And less painful—for you, that is.”


My throat is nasty af y'all

Don’t look at it!

I’m watching Frankie and Grace, my go to comfort

And making plans and check lists (1) for the shit I gotta do next week (movers come on 8/29, so I’ll have more than a week to pack. It’s just a studio. I got this. It’ll work out) (2) for soon future life goals to get back on track to a healthier and balanced me

It’s so time


I see Lady Gaga at Wrigley on Friday and the timing feels perfect

I know I’m going to be ok. It’s beyond time to make me a priority

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Write a title, set a timer for ten minutes, and write like mad! Post whatever you come up with, whether it’s turned into a story or not. Feel free to join!

Title: Untitled Scene

“So there I was,” Jaegar goes on, swaying the cut of his sword dangerously close to Dal’s nose, “not much older than you - taller, yes, but not much older - when Captain Colt was dragging me out of some back alley and back half across the camp - one hand around my neck and the other around my nuts, if you know what I mean.”

“Yeah,” Dal answers immediately, even though no, he has no idea. But after half a year in Jaegar’s company he found out it’s better to let some things slide.

“So, the old Colt throws me right into the mud and starts to go on about how I’m a disgrace and how he should have left me for the Alliance. He makes a big speech, like really really big and the other soldiers start to laugh all in god humour. Damn good times I tell you. That was all before the Prince joined of course-”

Vinchris coughs loud enough to interrupt him and continues to jab a wet branch into the bonfire.

Jaegar waves the warning off with his sword. The blade flickers bright orange, then red. “Don’t be such a puss, Vin. The Prince ’s already asleep. Anyway, Dal, I tell you if this doesn’t kill you and the men don’t scare you off, this is the right place for you. Look at me, I’m still here.”

“Where else should you be?” Vinchris asks, but it sounds not like a question at all.

Jaegar take the whetstone and continues to swipe it down the blade. “The Company is family. They’re about the only place who will take a bastard like me. That’s just how things are.”

Vinchris stabs the branch into the fire with more force than necessary. The story is over.

“I didn’t know you were a bastard,” Dal says after a while.

“You don’t see me flinging a surname around, do you?” Jaegar laughs, but the sound is hollow from the pain inside of him. “I’m about as much a bastard as the Prince is.”

“Wait the Prince -”

Vinchris cuts them off with another warning cough. The scar around his throat flickers in and out of visor with the dancing flames.

They keep listening to the slow whistles that the whetstone leaves on the blade and the cackle of the fire between their feet.

“I think I understand,” Dal eventually says.

“He’s one of us now,” Jaegar jokes. “Fucking Bastard.“

It startles Dal enough to cut sharp into a laugh.

He hasn’t laughed since Thy.

It hurts worse than all the times before.