just. makorra


the love that we once had || a makorra fanmix

& the love they still have, in different form, but still them. still them.

fanart by plastic-pipes.

LISTEN. i. memories, so obscure / what we had, felt so pure ii. you see / the melting of our days / in time / nothing ever stays iii. don’t stay / it’s all right, all right / if you wanna go / don’t say / it’s all right, it’s all right / to let me go iv. give me one more, my ticket’s in / oh, can we try again? v. when we talked about / where we’d go / never thought about / how we’d run vi. there’s no need to be / you are you are vii. in half of me is half of you / I wondered why I let you go viii. these days, and these nights are all us / all us is all we need ix. there’s something about you / that I can connect with / I am yours forever x. don’t forget about us / will you remember? / don’t forget