Wirt laughing while grading his students’ papers Friday night, and Dipper bringing him some hot cocoa and being all like, hey, baby, I’m pretty sure those papers can wait for a day or two, it’s Friday night, relax! But Wirt will be all like, oh my gosh, you just look at what Tim wrote here! And they would eventually proceed to grade everything, cause Dipper would get into this as well, since he’s a writer and all that. Just a nice evening! So yeah, this is a story behind this art.

But how will Gajeel react??? When he sees??? Juvia has died????

Yknow I bet initially he’ll be pissed at Gray for not saving her life and letting her die and he’ll try to go at Gray and attack him but when he sees the incredible emptiness and sorrow in Gray’s eyes, he’ll freeze in place and realize Gray did try to save her and prevent her from dying and that Juvia chose to give up her life.

He’ll probably feel short of breath and slowly lower his knees to the ground, face turned towards the floor. He’s in shock. He can’t believe the little water mage he’d known since his Phantom Lord days was fuckin gone. Dead. Not coming back. 

He won’t get to eat her baked goods again. He won’t hear her voice ringing out across the guild as she follows after “Gray-samaa~” He won’t be able to tease her about her feelings for the ice make mage or comfort her about her feelings when she was down.

This is the first time some members of the guild see him cry. Because his oldest friend is dead, and she ain’t comin back.

update: i’m moving away to college tomorrow!!! this week is going to be pretty hectic, so updates around here might be a bit sparse. BUT I’m planning on keeping my twitter updated with plenty of traditional doodles so you can keep up with me there :D