I’m waiting for the day to come when I’m finally tired of chasing and believing in false hopes. I’m waiting for it to come, when I’m finally able to find happiness within myself. I’m waiting for the day until I no longer have you or your name in mind. The day when I finally realize these were just all fake attachments and are plain infatuations. I’m waiting for the day when I finally learn that some things I’ve invested on you which are my time and effort, chances and opportunties, the words I’ve written for you and the pages I’ve dedicated to you, the attention you’re getting, the love, care and respect, my appreciation to all of your efforts, the I love you’s and I miss you’s, the apologies and reasons, the disappointments and arguments we usually have, the lies and truth, the kisses, hugs and cuddles, these things were all part of the lesson, that I’m growing and so are you. I’m waiting for the day when I can finally say no to love and yes to my priorities and dreams. I’m waiting for the day when I finally get to think that you’ve given me so much experience and that you were neither a mistake nor a wrong choice. I’m waiting for the day until I won’t regret these things, and that things are meant to happen because I’ve let them be. I’m waiting until our feelings both decide to finally let go without bitterness or anger between each other. I’m waiting for the day when we finally get to have the very last closure we needed in the first place. I’m waiting for it. And sooner or later, it will come someday—and that day might be today.
—  14 February 2017: A Sad Valentine’s Day piece.
Heartbroken Part 1

Request: Hi Tori! You’re like my favorite author ever. Could you maybe write one where Bucky cheats on the reader, of course she’s heartbroken and when he realizes what he’s done he does everything to get her back? With happy or sad ending, whatever you prefer

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: cheatin’,angst (?), sigh

A/N: This was supposed to be a one shot but I decided to make it into a mini drabble/series. I don’t approve of cheating or anything like that so please don’t attack me.

It happened so suddenly, so.. Out of nowhere. You thought you guys were happy. You did everything you could to keep Bucky happy but some things just never work.

You had arrived at the tower to see your boyfriend. You were tired and your boss had non-stop yelled at you the entire day. You just wanted to see Bucky and cuddle up with him. When you got up to his floor though, Steve was coming out of his room as well. You get off the elevator and wave at him.

“Hey Steve.” you greet with a smile.

His face pales when he looks up at you. “Um.. Y/N, what are - what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at work?” he struggled to say.

“I get off at this time, dork.” you chuckle, meeting him half way which was right in front of Bucky’s door.

“Oh, right. Silly me.” he gave you a nervous smile and you knit your eyebrows together.

“Are you okay Steve?” you ask, watching as his eyes shifted from you to Bucky’s door.

“What? Um, yeah. Yeah I’m okay just.. Sick.” he lets out an obvious fake cough and you frown. He was hiding something from you. He always acted this way when he was hiding something.

“Alright, what’s going on?” you question, crossing your arms over your chest.

His eyes widen. “What do you mean? Nothing’s going on I’m just sick. Very very sick a-and Bucky is too! Yeah he caught what I have and now he’s sick. It’s a pretty gross sight. Lots of throwing up and coughing and sneezing and bleh. You don’t wanna see that.”

You give him a firm look. “I call bullshit.” you respond. “What are you hiding?”

“I-I’m not-”

“It has to do with Bucky too because you brought him up.” you add and he visibly gulps. With a loud sigh, you turn and walk up to Bucky’s door, jiggling the doorknob only to find it locked.

“Bucky?” you frown. “Bucky open up, it’s me.”

“Y/N please don’t.” Steve tried pulling you away but you shrug him off and continued jiggling the knob.

“Bucky what’s going on?” you ask, very concerned. Was he actually sick like Steve said he was?

Just at that moment the elevator dings and Tony walks out with a smile on his face.

“Hey Y/N what brings you to my beautiful palace?” he questioned but you ignored him.

“Tony open this door.” you spoke, now knocking on the door.

Tony nods. “FRIDAY, unlock Bucky’s door please.”

“Right away, Mr. Stark.” the A.I. responds and you hear the door click. You open his door quickly, stepping in and seeing him and another woman putting their clothes on.

You swallow thickly, your eyes becoming clouded with tears and Bucky’s eyes lock with yours.

“Doll.” he breathed, dropping his shirt and stepping towards you only for you to step back, bumping into both Tony and Steve.

You turn and look at Steve with tears streaming down your face and guilt fills him. “I’m sorry Y/N.. I wanted to tell you. I really did.”

You wipe a tear away. “But you didn’t.”

“Baby I can-” Bucky grasps your hand but you pull away, glaring at him through your tears.

“Don’t touch me.” you speak, trying to be strong but your voice does otherwise.

You take a look at Bucky who only got around to putting his jeans on, then at the girl who was barely pulling up her shorts and a sob escapes your lips as you shake your head. This was all so surreal. Never in a million years would you think Bucky would do this to you.

“I’ve gotta go.” you mumble after the long moment of silence. Bucky reaches for you just as you turn to go to the elevator.

“Y/N please listen to me.” his voice cracks and tears start to form in his eyes as the realization began to finally hit him.

He fucked up. He fucked up big time. He hurt the only girl that he ever truly cared about; the only girl he ever truly loved.

Your voice stopped working, only squeaks came out so you shook your head no, pulling away again and entering the elevator. Before the elevator doors closed you took one look at the scene in the hallway.

Steve had a frown on his lips, in between his eyebrows creasing as he watched you. Tony wasn’t looking at you, he was looking at Bucky, wanting nothing more than to kill him right on the spot. And Bucky was looking right at you, tears streaming down his tinted cheeks as he sobbed. The doors close and you shut your eyes, breathing in. It wasn’t supposed to go down like this.

And in the back of your mind, you found yourself wishing that Bucky had actually been sick. Instead you got something horrible.

A/N: Heyo. This hurt my soul.


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So sometimes I pretend I’m my own fancy butler that I’ve hired to organize my life and clean my shit. I get really into it and when I come home and all my shit is clean and just how I like it, I’m like “Daang good job Butler-Me look how happy and comfy I am now” and Butler-Me is all “Just doing my job madam, I know exactly what to do since I’ve been here waiting to take care of you impeccably since the day you were born.”


SungJae posted this song after the announcement of the end of WGM

Lyric ENG

The day we first broke up
I didn’t know what goodbye was
Only after a few
days have passed
Not getting a call from
you felt so awkward
The empty text message
inbox, a day without you

Were we ever in love?
The images of you
in the many places At some
point are being forgotten
The fact that you’ll be even
more forgotten as time goes by
That hurts even more,
it just doesn’t feel good

I guess it’s really over now
It finally feels real
Everything that we used
to love is now being erased
The times when we
were always together
The days I was happy
by looking at you

The night I looked for you, asking you
to come back Saying that I missed you
Hiding and crying all night, all of that
And the fact that we’re getting farther
apart That hurts more for me

As I was organizing things one by one
I suddenly thought of this There were
so many things I am sorry for

I wasn’t good enough so I couldn’t
express myself I know you were
disappointed with me back then

I guess it’s really over now
It finally feels real
Everything that we used
to love is now being erased
The times when we
were always together
The days I was happy
by looking at you

The night I looked for you, asking you
to come back Saying that I missed you
Hiding and crying all night, all of that
And the fact that we’re getting farther
apart That hurts more for me

On a day when it really hurt a lot
I really missed you
I was so young
I hated you so much

So I hoped you would suffer too
I hoped you would hurt
without me too

Your phone number that’s
still clearly in my head
The way you talked
that always changed
Your body that was so warm
All the things that
I miss are being forgotten
That is what hurts

- coincidence? destiny? choice? -

I miss the days when I believed in fairytales, when I expected happy endings, and when I thought that if I could just find my true love we could live happily ever after.

I guess growing up means learning the fairytales were lies and sometimes love just isn’t enough. Growing up means realizing you have to work for love, but that sometimes even all the work is for nothing and you have to say goodbye.

I hope growing up more will mean learning the fairytales weren’t all wrong, and that someday I come to see that there really is good in the world, that if you work for it happy ever after can exist, and that all the work wasn’t for nothing just because it didn’t work out. I hope I realize that what I learned and how I grew made everything worth it.

I hope I realize you were my Gastón, the needle’s prick, the obstacle before everything falls into place. I don’t believe in fairytales anymore, but maybe someday I will again.

—  excerpt from a book i’ll never write

#10. Promises (Dean x Reader)

The old you had been comfy sweatshirts in fall, fuzzy turtlenecks in winter, soft cotton in spring, and faded tees in summer.

But the old you was nothing like the new you.

You could tell by the way Dean looked at you. As if every shard of his broken heart was pressing raggedly beneath the skin.

“Come on, Dean. Cheer up. I thought you’d be happy we’d be working together. Just like the old days, right?” you asked, smiling.

The small muscle in his jaw flexed. Once upon a time, you had made him laugh by laying small kisses against that scruff.

“I can’t look at you like that.”

“Oh, sorry,” you laughed. The black slipped from your eyes like a curtain, revealing a color he still dreamed about. “There. Better?”

He didn’t reply, but pulled off his jacket and thrust it against your chest.

“Since when were you so modest? I thought you liked it when women dressed sexy,” you teased. All the same, you pulled it on, breathing him in as its familiar weight settled on you.

Wearing his jacket, you looked like you. The old you. The real you. The you he had sworn to forever protect.

“Well, what are we waiting for?” you asked.

He thought the jacket would help – that working with you would be easier if you looked like your old self.

“Let’s get this over with so you can run back to Crowley.”

But all it did was remind him of broken promises.

My friend,

It’s been a month without you, Kate. And it’s been a month and one day since we spoke last. Words cannot describe just how much I miss you. You are in my thoughts and heart every second of every moment of every day. There’s not a single thing that I do without you in it. You’re gone, yes, but you will always be with me for the rest of my life. My dear friend, I hope you are so much happier up there than you were down here. And when the time finally comes, I can’t wait to finally meet you up there.

May sweet love and happiness surround you now and for eternity. I love you, my Pokato.

Love, as always,
Your egg.

sushi-kitten  asked:

Idk this is kinda silly, but it's to mod Seiko. I was looking at the valentine's day post yesterday and I really liked the sachiko one. Lol she is my favorite character in corpse party! Lol I just wanted to wish you a latte happy Valentine's day and tell you that I love you for Sachiko ever after! Lol 😊😊

Ah, thank you so much dearie!! I thought the Valentine’s were cute and I always like reblogging festive things on here when I come across them! I’ll keep in mind that she’s your favorite for future facts! And thank you again!! Of corpse I love you too, dearie~!

I wish people would put more thought into their horses retirement before they suddenly have to sell their aged horse for financial reasons.

Your horse gives you their best years and then you bail on them in favor of something flashier, that honestly makes my skin crawl.

Selling an aged horse in general upsets me, I guess I just saw too many come through auction clearly bought off someone who *thought* they were selling to a home instead of the trader they actually sold to. Do you know who buys a 20yr old horse at auction? I’ll give you one guess…

There are few happy endings for old horses when their owner decides their younger horses matter more.

You go into horse ownership knowing full well this animal will age. Start saving from the beginning for their care through retirement. Get your foot in the door with a lesson program or therapy center that might one day have room. Don’t take on more mouths than you can afford…

Rather pointless rant, I apologize. I’m just so tired of seeing these poor old horses advertised on Facebook as broodmares because apparently their uterus is the only thing left of value.

During the day I’m over you. I laugh and smile. I even fell for someone new. During the day I am totally moved on and you are nothing but a memory and we are just strangers. Yes I remember how we used to be and I smile, because those times were also happy. But during the night, when the house is silent, it’s dark. The only light is the light coming from a screen, trying to distract myself before I sleep. During the night, I think of you. I may be over you but when I’m alone and it’s quiet, and it’s dark, I can’t help but miss what we had. No I don’t miss you, I have moved on, but maybe I miss the way you made me feel. And the hurt we put each other through destroyed us temporarily, and now we have the memories. And the memory of how you made me feel is burning deep in my mind. And I forgive you. For leaving. But never for how you made me feel.
—  m.a

Tonight is the night you and your boyfriend Derek were going to tell everyone you guys were dating, your brother and Derek ended up on bad terms and don’t get along at all, so it was going to be difficult. You smooth out your short black dress as Derek comes behind you, “Nate’s going to kill me isn’t he?” Derek asks and you give him a weak smile, “hopefully not babe” you grab his hand and lead him downstairs where everyone was, just chilling on the couch and smoking, they all stand up when they see you with him, Nate was the first to speak up “y/n get away from him, before I come there and drag your ass here” you roll your eyes, “chill, I want to tell everyone that the other day when we were talking and you guys said you’d do anything to make me happy I thought I can finally tell you guys that I already am happy, with Derek” I finish looking up at Derek who is smiling down at me, “so you’re dating him? For how long” Nate asks again, but this time Derek answered “10 months” everyone’s jaws were on the floor by the fact that we kept it a secret for so long “please Nate, give him a chance, he might be a petty ass bitch, but I love him!” Everyone got a good chuckle out of that even Derek but they eventually gave it up and shook hands on agreeing to try and not kill each other which was fine for me, well, this went better than expected

For years I have chosen not to have an identity.  I didn’t call myself straight, or gay, I simply said “I don’t identify” but for some reason, I felt that I just needed to come out and say it: I am bisexual.

I first realized it when I was about 13.  I wrote about it in my journal, which my mother ended up reading and telling my older sister at the time.  We were with my dad one day and my older sister and I were teasing each other and she cruelly joked about how “I thought I was bisexual” and I cried.  My dad was angry at her, and just wanted me to be happy.  He always has.  Since that day I have forgiven my sister, because she is a different person, and she is also my best friend.  I can’t say I have forgiven my mother, because her invasion of my privacy, and semi-abusive parenting techniques have left a permanent mark on my heart.

I thought maybe this was a phase.  I thought I was faking it even.  I simply suppressed my feelings and desires.  After watching Ingrid Nilsen’s coming out video, I felt comfortable enough to do the same.  I feel comfortable with who I am, and I am comfortable telling all of you, because despite how rough Tumblr can be sometimes, it’s actually one of the most accepting places.

So that’s it.  I’m bisexual.  I am real.  I am me.


My first hormone tranniversary is coming up in a few days. I never expected to be the beautiful person I am today.. When I started my transition I my thoughts had become polluted with these ideas that If I wasn’t a cis-woman I wouldn’t be pretty, worth it, or happy. Let me tell you.. Those thoughts were dead wrong, just look at the picture of me smiling! That is not a “fake smile for a picture” That is a genuine “I am so happy in my skin SMILE” Those are a thing I promise! It gets so much better! Please please please be kind to yourself and be patient. Your life doesn’t have to end when you realize you’re trans. In my case my life really started the day I came out!!

And to all of my followers, thank you. From the bottom of my heart, Thanks. You guys continue to show me this unique mix of unconditional love and support. I don’t know how to even express it, I just really love you guys.

Sebastian Stan Request

hii! could you write an imagine where the reader is sebastian stan’s girlfriend and it’s her birthday and he gives her a really sweet and cute gift please? thank youu :3

You had just got up for the day and were on your way to the fridge for breakfast when your doorbell rang. “Coming,” it sounded more like a question since you weren’t sure who would be at your door at 8 in the morning. “Sebastian?” Your boyfriend’s smiling face greeted you.

“Happy birthday, Y/N,” he brought his hidden hands from around his back and produced a small box of donuts and a bouquet of your favorite flowers.

“What are you doing here? I thought we weren’t meeting up until lunch,” you exclaimed.

“I wanted to see my beautiful girlfriend a little earlier on her special day,” he walked inside and passed you a donut. “Eat up and go get ready. We’ve got something fun to do,” you told you.

Hair and makeup was done. Putting on a simple sundress and some sandals you grabbed your purse and went back downstairs. “Ready when you are,” you smiled.

“Your chariot awaits,” he grabbed your hand and led you to his car. Even though you asked where you were going he quickly replied, “I don’t think so. This is a surprise, missy.”

“Fine,” you pretended to be upset. You two quickly got preoccupied with jamming out to the songs on the radio. So preoccupied that you didn’t realize the sign as you turned into a large parking lot. “Where are we?”

“Just wait,” he teased. You saw the large sign overhead as you neared the ticket booth.

“The zoo! I’ve been asking you to go here for months!” You couldn’t help but smile.

“I know. And since I’m done with my movies and tours for now I thought it would be the perfect time to take you here.” You two parked and took your time walking around the zoo, especially when you got to your favorite animal. “One last stop before we leave,” he told you and led you into the gift shop. “How does this little guy look,” he asked holding up a stuffed replica of your favorite little animal.


“Then we better give him a home,” he smiled and went to the cashier.

“Thanks babe,” you gratefully took the little plush toy and walked back to the car with Sebastian.

“Where to now,” you buckled up.

“Time for a little grub. I’m hungry, aren’t you?”

“Starving,” you took Sebastian’s extra hand in yours as he drove. “Remember this place,” he asked as you pulled in the restaurant’s parking lot.

“I certainly do,”you smiled shyly. “This is where we had our first date.”

“You said you wanted something “low key.” And I gave you low key,” you two laughed hysterically at the Applebee’s in front of you. “Come on. If we tell them it’s your birthday you get a free oreo shake,” he giddily said.

One appetizer, two meals, and two oreo shakes later you two were full. “Oh,” he said remembering something, “there’s one last thing…” You sat up towards the table. “This, my love, is for you.” He slid a box across the table to you.

“Sebastian, you didn’t have to get me anything. You already took me out.”

“Please,” he exasperated with a smile, “just open it.”

You unwrapped the box and saw a jewelry store’s logo on the front. You met his eager eyes and continued. “It’s beautiful.” A silver necklace with a little diamond  ‘S’ on it. “I love it. Thank you so much,” you leaned over the table and kissed him.

“It’s so you always remember me when I’m away. And,” he jokingly added, “so guys know not to mess with you. Happy birthday beautiful.”

Day 17: Future (Jikook)

Wow, I’m sorry it’s been so long guys. I feel so bad (literally, I’m sick) so here’s a fic to make it up to you. I promise when I get better and the work load slows down a bit I’ll post fics more frequently. Side note: I think I’m getting better at this angst thing. There’s a hint. Anyways, please enjoy!

Jeongguk doesn’t see it coming. He should have, but it’s not like Jimin just stopped. It was gradual, his pulling away. At first, Jeongguk thought he was just backing off a little, maturing, you know? And Jeongguk was fine with that! In fact, he was happy about it. He could finally breathe. But Jimin just kept pulling further and further away, until one day, there were no more overt, over-the-top proposals, no more touches, no more late night two am conversations, no more flirtatious looks, hardly any looks at all. Everything stopped.

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Sucker Punch || Jimin

A/N: I was writing a story for class and I suddenly remembered that I’ve been meaning to write a Jimin boxing scenario pretty much since the MV for Danger came out because boxing scenarios are a favorite of mine. So yes, this is reaalllllyyy late, but hey. Hope ya love it. 

Originally posted by izico

Show me how to fight for now,

And I’ll tell you baby,

It was easy, coming back here to you once I figured it out

You were right here all along. x

           It’s crazy what love could make you do.

           It’s crazy to think about the lengths a person would go to just to make the person they love happy, even if it means risking his or her health, just as long as that person is safe and smiling at the end of the day.

           The thought always crossed Jimin’s mind either as he practiced, or right when he stepped into the ring. When he practiced, he tended to dwell a little longer on it, and he kept asking himself why out of all the ways in the world, he chose this way to make you happy.

           But when Jimin stepped into the ring, and he heard the crowd cheers, and he looked right into the eyes of his competitor, and most importantly, he looked to the side and saw what the prize would be, he knew.

           He knew he had to pay the bills. He knew he had to support the two of you. He knew he had to make some sort of living. He knew he had to take care of you. He knew he had to make you happy.

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