It's okay to make mistakes...

You’ve done so much research but your furbaby/scale baby got sick or passed away. They needed different food. More hides. Different humidity. Everything went went wrong at once.
It’s okay. Breathe.
There is a lot of information out there, and it can take a while to figure out who can be trusted, and to take some advice with a grain of salt. There is always new information coming in
That being said, it is NOT OKAY to refuse to do research. To blatantly ignore advice as it is given to you. To rely on only one source of information.
Ignorance means that you are not willfully seeking the best care for your animals, and it is not an excuse.
So do your research, again and again, and share your experiences. The community will be here to guide those who are humble and caring, I’ve seen it first hand. We protect because we care.

  • what he says: i'm fine
  • what he means: you know not everything has to be a joke. sometimes you can just be honest about your feelings, and that's how i see myself, you know? i may not be the most threatening silhouette, but i like to think of myself as somebody who can stand up for-- you know it doesn't always have to be "goof goof dildo machines" over here, okay? i'm traveling around with the Boner Squad and i never get to just say... what i'm feeling, i have emotions! it's not all abra-ca-fuckyou and what have you!! i have a beating heart!!! i'm multi-dimensional! i'm a fully-realized creation... fUCK!!!!!

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So, I had this idea of a werewolf au with Dark, Anti, and the reader, but that's about as far as my brain would go with it. Would you be interested in thinking something up for it? If not, that's totally fine.

Hmm, I’m sure I can come up with something. I feel like a bulleted list would help better in organizing ideas. Perhaps if this AU is in high demand, I might actually write something for it.

  • Dark and Anti have been competing with each other so much that they’ve recognized and actually look out for each others’ smells. They also get unreasonably angry when they smell the other on you.
  • “What have you been doing with him?” “Just hanging out.” “Well, don’t. The mangy mutt will ruin you.”
  • “̨̰̮̲̲͈W̦͙̱̘̗̱o̙w͇̜̜̜̦,͖̲̝ ̲̙͠ỵ͇͔͔̖o҉̼͓̦̝̟̤u̺̪̩̺̱͚͜ͅ ͇̪̣͇͠ͅs̬m̙̰̀e̴̟̺l̡̝̭͈̻̠̳͍l̟ ̮͡a̲w̩̫̯̖̗f̫͓̺̳̣̱u̘̯͚̪l̥.̖̤̕ ̨̗̪͓D̶̯̤͈̼̗á͕̭͖̳͎͓̻r̨͉̮͚ḵ̶̩̭̯̹̭y͎͓͎̬̼ ̴̬b͖e͕e͓͖̻̯̘͘n̺͔̠͔ ̦͉͓a̧r̗̟̗͎̳̮͔ou̦̯̭̺n̻͈̦̹̻̠̝d̦ ̰̱͇͓̀a̠̹g͙̮̺a̝͘i͢n̵̯͙̰?͚̗͖̼͎̮̘"̱̼͙̫ͅͅ “What’s it to you?”  “̤̞̕W̫͚̩ḥ̩͝a̰̜̞̺̯͙t̜͇͙͕ ͔̗ç̗̦̦ͅa͏n͕͖̘͚̘̩͔ ̭̝̀I̼̗̖̟̖̟̠ ͢s̀a̭y̨͎̰͕, ̷̞͓͔͙̪̳ͅĮ͓͉̮͙'̤̰̖͎ͅm̱̱̘͇̖ ̦t͔̹̯̣́e̘̮͔̙̻͝r̛͚͍̩̗r̦̪̫͈̥̤̖it̥͇̫̞͈̼o̝̩r̶ia͕͈̝̳l̺͢.͚̠ ̤̭͘ͅDơ̘n̩̭̼'̵t͇̲̯̳̖̦ ͖̭̱̖̟̺ͅĺ̥̤̬̫i͠k͕͖͠ẹ̺̪̝̖ ̸̪̮̫̱̤̙̝h҉̦i̵̦̠̫̭͚̜m̘̫̯̯̹ͅ.̴̫ͅ"̺̱̙͕̪̰
  • Those two have been in more scraps than you could imagine. Anti’s probably got a chip missing from his ear, and Dark’s got scars on him that he tries to keep hidden.
  • They could just move on, but that’s basically losing, and neither of them wanna admit defeat.
  • Dark as a wolf tends to have more fur on him, but Anti’s actually warmer.
  • Dark is also the bigger of the two. He’s bulkier.
  • Anti is the faster of them, probably because he’s more lean and agile.
  • Anti also smells like blood a lot. Dark tends to keep himself clean to mask any sort of unpleasant scent.
  • Anti nuzzles. A lot. That’s his affection, and he’s certainly more affectionate than Dark.
  • Dark shows his affection through gifts. He’s a more refined hunter than Anti is so he pulls this off better anyway.
  • Anti is more likely to howl.
  • Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, he’s more in tune to his canine habits than Dark, who tries to hold on to his more “human” side. Not that he was ever really human in the first place. He just prefers sophistication.
  • Lance: You know... you know not everything has to be a joke.
  • Dreamsworks: *starts laughing*
  • Lance: Sometimes you can just be honest about your feelings and that's how I see myself, you know?
  • Dreamworks: *laughing harder*
  • Lance: I may not be the most threatening silhouette but I like to think of myself as somebody who can stand up for- You know it doesn't always have to be joke-flirt-quiznack the whole time, okay?
  • Dreamworks: *still laughing*
  • Lance: You know, I'm flying through space with the hero squad and I never just get to say what I'm feeling! I have emotions!
  • Dreamworks: *making fun of him*
  • Lance: It's not all pew pew fuck you and what have you! I have a beating heart!
  • Dreamworks: *bursts out laughing even harder*
  • Lance: I'm-I'm multidimensional! I'm a fully realized creation! .... Fuck!
Animal Symbolism, GO!
  • Hurley: I whipped these up based on your guys' requests.
  • Griffin: She cracks the first one open and tosses it to you, Magnus, it is the head of a roaring brown grizzly bear.
  • Travis: Yeahhh!
  • Griffin: It looks really really intimidating, you guys can see his eyes through the grizzly bear's open mouth.
  • ----------
  • Hurley: Taako this one's yours!
  • Griffin: She slides the box across the table to you. As you open it you see two adorable beady eyes looking back at you. You see a long snout with a black nose and it's kind of a cute furry face but in its mouth you can see a row of surprisingly sharp unadorable teeth.
  • Hurley: I'm not 100% sure why you requested the mongoose but um here it is!
  • Taako: It fits perfectly!
  • Magnus: It makes a lot of sense!
  • Hurley: Can I ask... grizzly bear I get for this big beefy... man beef here but why the mongoose?
  • Taako: Because the mongoose has specialized acetylcholine receptors that make it impervious to venom so they're known for killing snakes. Very surprisingly dangerous. You know, like Riki-Tiki-Tavi? You know? You know not everything has to be a joke. Sometimes you just be honest about your feelings and that's how I see myself, you know? I may not be the most threatening silhouette but I like to think of myself as somebody who can stand up for... you know it doesn't always have to be goof goof dildo over here. I'm traveling around with the boner squad and I never just get to say what I'm FEELING. I have emotions! It's not all abra-ca-fuck-you and what have you! I have a beating heart! I'm multidimensional! I'm a fully realized creation! FUCK!
  • Griffin: This whole speech is coming from inside this mongoose mask which really intensifies how dramatic it is.
  • ----------
  • Hurley: Merle here's yours!
  • Griffin: You open it up and you see two giant yellow eyes inside looking back at you, surrounded by white feathers and a rugged looking cracked yellow beak.
  • Hurley: The owl! A symbol of wisdom and also they can barf up whole mice skeletons.
  • Magnus: Just like you!
  • Hurley: Listen you're not the only one who knows about animal stuff TAAKO.
  • Taako: Ok?
  • Magnus: It's called a bolus.
  • Hurley: I KNOW it's called a BOLUS. MAGNUS.

Even tho I’m sad that Johnny and Hansol hasn’t debuted in the new unit and they’ve separated WinKun, I’m still very happy WinWin, Yuta and Donghyuck are debuting. Also I’m very happy that Taeyong, Mark, Taeil and Jaehyun are in the new unit too. Because I love every single one of them, and I’ll always going to be happy to see them and I’ll always going to support them. I’m really excited for NCT 127 and I can’t wait to hear the new music.

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do you think rory would tell logan?

I honestly don’t think she would be physically able to not tell him. Logan is her “guy”, she calls him when she’s stressed or has a problem or just needs to talk. However, if she didn’t she would be so fit from all the stress tap dancing.

I also believe that Luke (particularly), Lorelai, and Emily would be on the “you have to tell him” train. I can’t imagine Luke would want Logan to feel like he did when April showed up, because he knows he missed so many milestones.

this might all be a mess of rumors but it is still scary??? not scary, that’s not the right word. it’s eerie. all these “warnings” and “stories” people have gotten today and in the past.. they are like clues. it feels like we are in a mystery novel. maybe like we are all stuck in a building together and we can’t leave because it’s been storming so horribly for a whole week. 

When the room around you is silent, you can hear the echo of your own breath, the loud thumping of your heart beating ever so slowly against your chest. If the room is silent enough, you can hear the blink of your eyelashes and the slow stream of blood running through your veins. You can hear each strand of hair slowly moving and you can sometimes hear your own thoughts. The louder the silence is, the louder you can hear yourself. The more you know who you are. 

If/Then inspired Sentence Starter Meme
  • "What if I fall off a cliff?"
  • "Each choice that you make is kind of a loss."
  • "But tell me what if I'm meant for disaster?"
  • "This is gonna sound like a line, but I feel like I've seen you before."
  • "You've always had the right dream, we've always made a tight team."
  • "You never know how badly this could go."
  • "I'm the one who has to live this life."
  • "Another day of saving the planet, one more night of nothing but tears."
  • "What the fuck?"
  • "Can't I ever just feel what I feel."
  • "I'm accomplished and I'm funny. I've got wisdom and wit. And a taste for certain men who'll treat me like shit."
  • "I don't believe in moderates like I don't believe in bisexuals, pick a side!"
  • "I'm not one for fortunes, or wishing on a star."
  • "Still here I go."
  • "Why I don't know."
  • "You're not some romantic, you know that's no surprise."
  • "You're no good at small talk or little loving lies."
  • "I'm awkward, ungrateful, and sometimes I'm hateful as you know. Still here I go."
  • "No more wasted time."
  • "No more standing still."
  • "I've dreamed of building cities and now I think I will."
  • "We need a new attack."
  • "You don't need to love me."
  • "Don't make me any promises, just promise we're not through."
  • "If both of us can walk away, it doesn't matter that I won't."
  • "Move in with me."
  • "It just seems so traditional."
  • "Hey babe, you're in a real life couple, try that on for size."
  • "Sorry I missed the surprise."
  • "Not entirely, I'm pregnant."
  • "You're teeny tiny swimmers, they're determined little guys."
  • "What do you want right now?"
  • "All the time that I'll adore you is how I know we're not too late."
  • "Hey kid."
  • "We're both delighted though that may not seem so clear."
  • "So I'm fine with all the doubts."
  • "It's not that I don't love you. Cause I do despite my fears."
  • "We don't know what we missed. Or don't know yet."
  • "I didn't go to Vassar but to Smith or Yale or Brown."
  • "Those lives are lived somewhere by some other me."
  • "Some other me is homeless. Some other me is queen."
  • "If I met her I would ask her that one question we both fear."
  • "How do we end up here?"
  • "I didn't chase my glory days long after they were done."
  • "Now we're old enough to know that one road ends where one begins."
  • "The moment where the what might bes turn into might have beens."
  • "We forgive but don't forget."
  • "I'll be the best worst mistake you've ever made."
  • "I hate you....I love you....Don't go.....I know."
  • "Don't say that you love me cause what does it matter?"
  • "You're going to leave me so leave me whatever."
  • "It's not like I need you. I need you don't leave me."
  • "You know I'm not selfish but me me me I I I need you to stay. Okay?"
  • "Lets look at this calmly, discuss how I hate you."
  • "You're making me crazy so go!........ Wait, no!"
  • "You learn to take your coffee black, you learn to drink your whiskey neat."
  • "You tell yourself your rich at last in money and in time."
  • "You sit a spell, a queen upon her throne, you go to bed alone."
  • "You see him in the faces of the boys he left behind."
  • "Die a bit with every tiny smile but only for a while."
  • "You learn to count the quite winds an hour with no unprompted tears."
  • "You learn to live without."
  • "Yes essentially I am saying have you thought about how your personal heartbreak will affect me?"
  • "Love while you can."
  • "Our love belongs to everyone who loves us so it's not just you and me."
  • "Love doesn't make us perfect. It just makes us want to be."
  • "I can't let you go."
  • "I still love you so."
  • "Love wherever and whenever and however you feel."
  • "It's fear that hides the heart away. It's love that forgives."
  • "Thank you for finding me and thank you for the care. And fuck you for making me think that this life might be fair."
  • "You promised to love me, a promise you kept."
  • "Am I always starting over every brand new morning?"
  • "My new life starts right now."
  • "What if?"