Just watched…

Coffee Town (2013)

Written and Directed by Brad Copeland

Starring Glenn Howerton, Ben Schwartz, and Steve Little

Breezed by in a mere 87 minutes and had me laughing out loud several times. Sure, I guess there’s a loose plot, but this is really more of a film based on conversational humor. The dialogue is pretty realistic and I could easily see my friends and I talking in the same manner. Most of the scenes play like little vignettes up until the climax. Also, it was good to see Glenn Howerton playing a decent human being and a non-sociopath.

Ben Schwartz did his usual thing (which isn’t a bad thing at all) and Steve Little was hilarious. I was surprised to see Josh Groban in a comedy film, or any film at all really, and even though his role was a bit small he had a couple of the funniest parts. I guess he’s supposed to appear in an episode of Sunny this season. Honestly, I’d much rather see him act than listen to his music.

We’re in a sort of a golden era of comedy right now, seeing all these talented writer/performers collaborating on varied projects and this is a nice little slice of entertainment for anyone who’s a fan of Sunny, College Humor, etc. Apparently the writer/director of this film, Brad Copeland wrote Wild Hogs which is funny in itself because this is a movie I’d recommend to people…Without irony, I mean.