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Emma, Hi. Can you please post this message? So your followers can read it, too? There is this ANTI blog, obsessed with Larries (obviously) the name is "failedlarrypredictions" They have posts/messages like "Larries believe something was happening on Feb 1st, because the bears said so. But Nothing happened. LMAO" Also, they send anons/insidery messages like "Watch out for tomorrow. Something big will happen. Watch out for Feb 27" Just to make fun of larries, so they can say "larries failed again"

It’s honestly like antis are trying to stroke our egos. Their lives revolve around us like we’re the sun. It’s very bizarre, but I do appreciate the ego boost.

Hollywood U Orientation

Oh my god… This is a request that I had like a month ago and I just finished. It was about the MC going to an orientation at Hollywood U with her friends from HSS. Now, I wasn’t playing HSS when I had the request (I started it again after a year and half a few days ago, I am obsessed) haha anyways… I tried. It might not be very good but I am finally getting my inspiration back so here you go!

The excited chatter filled the hallway next to the auditorium and Ashley couldn’t believe her luck. Standing in the hallway of Hollywood U. A conversation that she had with her mom a few years ago came back to her memories,

“You just watch mom! I’ll be an actress. I will make it happen! I want to tell stories and make people fall in love with the stories and the characters. I want to bring that magic of movies to them. I WILL make it happen!”

And, now here she was. The first step to fulfilling her dream and she couldn’t help the smile that spread across her face. Her best friends were there with her and it made the experience even more exciting.

“Can you believe we’re here!? I mean it’s Hollywood U! The best of the best have studied here!” Payton was squealing and jumping slightly on the spot. Ashley laughed at Payton’s excited self but she couldn’t deny she was feeling the same way.

“It’s crazy! I mean look around you… Like you said, the best of the best have come out of here! And now we are here. It’s just so surreal.” Ashley smiled to herself, she felt like it was all a dream and time was just waiting for her to wake up.

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nobody thought something like babygate would ever happen and it did, we need to consider that harry and louis are not the same person with the same public image. things are looking very, very different for louis now than they did 11 months ago, and there is a lot to be undone. harry coming out does not mean their relationship is any less valid, just like louis going through with a big permanent het stunt does not mean anything harry's priorities have changed. harry will come out soon.

It’s none of my business and I am not going to speculate about it, it’s their relationship and their lives and what is to happen will happen and I will just have to watch it play out. But they have waited for almost six years and I still believe they will come out together. And that is my opinion and there is no need to talk about it more. 

Dean proposes to Cas in the barn where they first really met.

It starts with coaxing Cas into taking a road trip. Okay, well truth be told Cas was more than willing to go. It’s just that he’s more concerned about their new house being left alone (like it’s a creature or something) and their mail and the yard- frankly it’s all adorable but a little distracting from Dean’s mental narration of ‘oh fuck I’m really doing this’. So in the end he settles for bringing Sam in to watch the house.

And Sam just seems to know.

But suddenly it happens and they’re on the road. Just easy driving and Cas grinning every time Dean sings with the radio. Sunsets. Slow, soft sex in hotel rooms- so so much unlike how hurried, frantic, and desperate it used to be in these kinds of places.

Long long miles of road. Easy conversations and peaceful silence. Cas falling asleep against the window or on Dean’s own shoulder. The morning Cas insists on driving so the ex-hunter can keep sleeping.

Cas’ easy trust and lack of questions about their destination.

The ex-Angel knows what it is when they arrive. 'Dean’ he says and that’s all. He just keeps searching dean’s face with a look of confusion.

'Come on,’ he says. Outside the car he laces his fingers through Cas’ own. 'Won’t stab you this time, I promise.’

Inside Dean watches the stunned look on his partner’s face as he looks around. He lets him keep looking.

'Dean, w-“ when he turns to look he stops.

It’s then that he looks down to see Dean on one knee.


I’m sorry about what happened that night.’

Yokai Watch 2 fixes pretty much everything with Yokai Watch 1

-Befriending is improved so muchhhh, an app to help befriending is added to your watch, among it just being easier

-Oni Time still happens, but you get rewarded for completing via EXP. and Items, there’s still items to collect but you still get rewarded no matter what

-While there’s a few, there’s a lot lot less recolors (i think only about 8 and they mostly exist to get the ability to summon the ultimate legendary yokai)


-Also important: komasan’s design has a purse and noko gets a bowtie

-There’s a new type of Yokai called “Classic Yokai” based on real classic yokai, and if ur into that you’ll love this

only one flaw, you have to choose between 3 sons, it’s hard:

Hayley Atwell, on Daniel Sousa’s character:

Then you have Sousa in Season 1, who has this disability from the war, this wound which creates a physical limitation in him, and yet he’s probably the greatest man in that office, because he has integrity. And it’s because of his adversity that I think… That’s where his identity stems from.  x

pssssst @mtv… if ur ratings for Shannara are lower than you’d like, i promise you there is one definite way to raise them….


just look at The 100′s Clexa as an example. when you make a f/f ship canon, or at least make the main females canonically… not-straight, an entire wave of gay girls flocks to watch your tv show. im really not lying, i promise you.

When it was you who broke my heart for the first time, it was different. Before I would feel so harshly, be completely torn apart, but soon my heart would mend. The long tear would be repaired by the one who came next. But this time, this time was different. I knew it was coming and when it finally done, I just sat there and watched it happen. And when it was over I looked around, expecting to see that familiar tear in my heart. But this time, I couldn’t find it. You still had it. I felt drained and lost, felt the ache of your absence. And you kept it, and I couldn’t stand to try to take it back to give it away. I loved you with an honesty that couldn’t be undone.
—  for the loved and the lost.