i just want to take a second to address all of the Posey fans out there:

What he did was not ok. Defending what he did is not ok.

You can continue to be fans of the guy while acknowledging that he screwed up, but trying to justify or explain away this incident, starting a crusade to defend him over those actions, is an insult to all of the people his post hurt. To all the people who admired him, got excited yesterday, and were knocked down by his insensitivity, and to everyone who has ever struggled with the decision to come out. Please don’t feel like being a Posey fan means you have to defend him over this.

Your fav messed up.

It was not ok.

Dating James Potter Would Include...

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Masterlist || Request Here

  • becoming his number one fan
  • “Did you see your boyfriend win the match?”
  • “Yes, James for the thousandth time, I did.”
  • constant teasing
  • becoming super close with all the Marauders, but especially Sirius
  • James getting mad about this
  • “Eyes off my girlfriend, Padfoot.”
  • getting him to leave Snape alone
  • he isn’t too keen on nicknames, he usually just calls you by your last name, but there’s the occasional “babe”
  • constantly trying to talk him out of his pranks
  • “Y/N stop it, I’ll be fine.”
  • eventually giving up and helping him plan them
  • meeting his parents, them loving you
  • laughing at his corny jokes
  • him wanting to cuddle after he loses a match
  • “please, I’ll die if we don’t, it’s been a hard day.”
  • sneaking into the kitchens for midnight snacks
  • lowkey he just loves attacking your face with kisses
  • “Are you still mad?” *kiss* “James get off!” *kiss* “What about now?” *kiss*
  • he acts like he hates when you play with his hair
  • but he loves it, really. 
  • getting worried when he leaves for full moons
  • “c’mon, you know I can handle a big bad wolf”
  • so much flirting
  • cheesy pick up lines
  • “We should date”
  • “James, it’s been 2 years???”
  • him teasing you when he takes off his shirt and you’re speechless
  • “they can cut glass, you know.”
  • discovering his invisibility cloak
  • “did you ever use this to spy on me?”
  • *smirks “no”
  • piggy back rides, everywhere
  • calling him dear and winking 
  • him rolling his eyes at you “nice”
  • covering for him when he gets caught pranking
  • “Professor! I uh, look Y/N! Isn’t she lovely?”
  • catching him staring at your during classes
  • he’s just a huge goofy cheese ball but when you really need it, he’d be serious.
  • “I can be serious”
  • “uh, no you can’t,  cause I am”
  • him kicking his friends out of the dorm when he wants to be alone with you
  • low-key him being the type of guy to tickle your nose with a feather when you’re sleeping just to watch your nose scrunch up
If you could read my mind,
Oh all the things you would see.
Like what you call my beauty,
Will be the death of me.
“Oh you have a great smile”
But it’s forced for days on end
Trying to be the perfect someone
But there’s too much wrong to mend.
You claim your love for me
Day after day
But I can’t think it true
For the things people say.
Attentions not my goal,
Nor pity what I crave.
Just waiting for that blissful day,
I find my home a grave.
“You have so much to live for”
You’re not the first to plea
I just want the monsters gone,
The ones no one can see.
I do not like this side of me,
Because I’m out there all alone,
Fighting invisible demons,
In what’s supposed to be my home.

askshinydeerling  asked:

Risa@Emi: I think I may know how you feel, not having the same kind of connection to your home as everyone else around you.Or even, not being able to do something everyone expects you should be able to do.. In that sense, a social sense, what does being "wilted" mean to you?

It’s… always being an outsider, no matter what you do, or how hard you try. Feeling… locked out, knowing they’ll never understand you and you’ll never understand them. Knowing that you’re just a stranger in their lives they’ll just forget. 

It’s knowing their Deity can’t help you not because he doesn’t want to…


Just wanted your opinion of Marvin’s new crib as resident internet hog expert! It’s a 4ft long/ 1.5ft wide viv with heat mat if necessary + hog safe bedding (I can’t remember the name) + foil and bell balls. Can I make any improvements? He’s my first hog so really trying to learn! Thanks, really impressed with your natural habitat vivs- wish I could give Marv that kind of luxury!

I love it, it looks great! Definitely one of the nicest cages I’ve seen in a while (I hope mine will turn out that nice)!
I’d recommend getting a ceramic heat emitter instead of a heat mat, as heat mats can more easily overheat and they only heat one spot/the floor instead of the air of the entire cage, which is what hedgehogs need. With large enclosures like this it’s best to use 2 lamps to spread out the heat (make sure they’re heat lamps which don’t emit any light).
Other than that it looks really nice and cosy, I love what you did with the fake plants in the back and on the walls. I can’t see it that well but is that a dig box on the left or just his food/water bowls? Maybe he’d enjoy a dig box with some other materials like river pebbles or dried leaves, if you put live insects between them he can dig and hunt for them himself. It’s a big hit with most hogs.

Marvin is adorable and he’s lucky to have such a caring owner!

anonymous asked:

What about a post-orgasm Harry?

Post-orgasm Harry is a little off kilter.  He’s trying to regain his senses but he’s never come that hard before coupled with the emotional avalanche that came with it.  

So he’s a little quiet.  He doesn’t move much, just clutches you like the world is about to end and he wants to make sure you’re the last thing he touches.

His eyes stay closed while his mind races with everything he wants to say but is too scared to say at the moment for fear it will come out wrong because he’s still so emotional.

He stays inside you because he doesn’t wanna break the connection yet.  He wants to make sure you are comfortable though so he’d push himself up onto his elbows and look down at you,

“I’m not too heavy am I?”

And of course you’d say no because Harry’s weight on you is a welcome occurrence whether he feels heavy or not.  So you’d lift your head off the pillow to press your mouth to his and shake your head.  

My first art raffle??

This will be my first art raffle ever so I hope this will be good. I’m bored and I want to try doing something like this

I plan to maybe have this raffle done around the 17th of August if I don’t have plans. I may be slow with the prizes as well so please be patient with me ^^ If you are going to be rude then I will have to kick you out of the raffle.


-You have to be following me and you can’t just unfollow me after you win. That would be rude.

-I’ll be doing the entry for the raffle a little differently just because I want to. Send me “ 🎨 “ in my ask box only once and I’ll add your username to a numbered list so I can then generate the winners.

-like and reblog so others can join in as well.


-Do not get upset if you do not win and please don’t be upset with my art if you win a prize. I’m trying my best here.

-I have a right to refuse to draw a certain thing if it is too hard to draw. You can suggest something else.

-Winners have 24 hours to reply to me or else the prize will go to someone else.


First place: Line art and color, full body, one character,


Second place: Lineart and color, half body, one character.


Third place: Lineart and color, headshot, one character


Fourth place: Sketch and color, half body, one character.


Fifth place and sixth place: Sketch, half body, one character


The most fucked up part about it is that he didn't even sound remotely sorry. What I got from it is that he likes cheating and wants her to except it because "every man" does it! What I got from it is that he's not actually sorry...he's just sorry he got caught. He didn't sound like it was tearing him up inside to know that he hurt her...he just wants to control her with his sex while he smashes everything in sight smdh. His intentions didn't seem pure. It doesn't give the feel that he did this out of love it feels like he did it out of spite at the fact that she dared to leave him and not put up with the disrespect. It's actually raising a lot of different questions. Tons of questions. Is he deliberately trying to hurt her? Is he trying to publicly humiliate her? Is he trying to get her to be ok with getting cheated on because "he's just a man" so that she will go back to him and he can continue cheating without consequence? Is he trying to get brownie points with other females? Is he trying to keep her on lock so nobody else gets her but still be a cheater? Or is he just trying to capitalize off of her celebrity? Either way I didn't hear anything about love. Missing her yes...but not love. Sex yes...but not love. What a fuckboy!😞

This is kinda personal but i guess you guys still remember this mama totty so….. i’ve been really absent lately, and im sorry for that… but i’m “trying” to get out of school early. I can’t stand it anymore, it sounds stupid, but everyday i go i start panicking, and i get anxious as heck.

Amd well, my parents don’t really understand and they think i just want to stay at home and be lazy, when its actually i dont like getting up at 5am to take the bus, and then take another bus to finally end up walking a few minutes to get to school.
Its…really lame.

My depression and anxiety are like out of control right now, i can'teven take dinner with my family for too long or else i panic. I…im so scared of death, but i crave it at the same time and hjnjkgjfhnmk what a shitty vent, sorry…

I know you guys are too smart to care about me, so i don’t really mind if you don’t read this, but…. i will be back as soon as i can! With more cutesy karatodo! Because it’s one of the only things that make me feel better as long with sontails and so…

So yeah, babies… mama totty is not okay but he will, soon…

Kisses, bye bye!

does anyone have any recs for relatively ‘cheap’ (maybe $200 or less) noise cancelling headphones? or should i just drop all my money on bose

Dolce Revisited

//a prompt fill for @jadegreenworks who asked for: prompt 621, “I miss the person you never were.” I hope you enjoy it.

The looks exchanged at the gallery lead to more. Will wanted to understand. Maybe that’s how he would rationalize ending up like this. At the moment, there wasn’t much conscious thought.

It was all about sensation.

Will stretched his arms over his head. Hannibal’s weight pressing down was the anchor he needed. An oasis to stop analyzing and just be.

Hannibal wanted him. It was in his eyes. Will realized some time ago it always had been.

What was it like to be the object of such consuming passion. He was still trying to figure that out. What part was selfish. The chase. Hannibal’s desire for conquest and control.

He spoke of butterflies and metamorphoses.

Will Graham was no one’s project. A work in process, yes. But authorship belonged to him.

This decision belonged to him.

He was tired. Tired of fighting the war. A seduction was inevitable. In the end, it was a bottle of chianti that tipped the scales.

Trite. The kind of encounter one might easily forget with time.

If time ever moved again.

Will arched. His hips lifted into the heat between Hannibal’s legs. Separated only by thin fabric.

Hannibal inched down to kiss the hollow of his throat. His heart beat moved through Will, stealing what was left of his reason.

So lost, it took a moment for the words to sink in.

Did you miss me?

A groan lifted on Will’s breath.

“I missed the man you never were.”

The words hung. Heavy silence filled the space between them. Will’s heart stuttered as Hannibal pulled back. The molecules around them charged.

Will braced for one of Hannibal’s wry and poignant soliloquies.  


He stared as Hannibal turned his legs off the bed. Still winded, he pushed himself up.

“What did you say?”

It was too surreal.

Hannibal narrowed his eyes, enunciating. “Bullshit. You can lie to yourself, Will. But you can’t lie to me. Not here. Not like this.”

This couldn’t be happening. But it was.

Indignance was probably the wrong choice.

“What exactly am I lying about?”

Hannibal’s hands moved sharply to tie a shoe.

“Everything. Me. You.”

The edge of his voice was honed to inflict maximum pain.

Or express it.


A moment of panic. The look in Hannibal’s eyes bore through him. Will steadied himself as Hannibal leaned over.

“What am I to you?”

There was no way to answer, so Will didn’t.

“You want to believe that you were mislead. You want to believe you didn’t see.”

A swallow scraped down Will’s throat like broken glass.

Hannibal refused to let him look away. His shadow caged Will just as firmly as his body had.

“This narrative that I deceived you. I thought you were past that.”

Will fumbled. “I didn’t say -”

“You can’t accept the truth, Will. You chose this. Your eyes were wide open.”

The lies lined up. Will fought against every instinct to fire back.

He knew what he looked like. Half-wrecked. Stinking of lust.

“Why are you here?”

Blood swirled in Will’s head. He clutched for regret only to pull back an empty hand. There was nowhere else he could imagine being. Not now. Maybe not ever.

He searched Hannibal’s eyes. The anchor was gone.

It was up to him.

A small voice climbed out.

“I missed you.”

A seed of courage rooted in his chest.

“I missed you, Hannibal.” Stronger.

The seconds pressed down. Will’s lips trembled. His eyes fell to Hannibal’s hand.

“I missed us.”

A tear broke free. Will held his breath as Hannibal wiped it away. Closing his eyes at the tenderness of the touch.

“The truth is more beautiful than the lie.”

Will nodded softly.

Hannibal lifted his chin.

“Will you lay with me awhile?”

More tears. Relief threaded through a fragile voice.


It was the first night Will fell asleep in Hannibal’s arms. He dreamed of monsters dancing around a bonfire of lies.

They were happy.

anonymous asked:

Hey so I've been trying for the last entirety of my life to actually become the person I want to be- eat better, socialize more, be more expressive about my passions, work out- but I'm so undisciplined I don't know how. Any suggestions?

hey!! I totally get what you mean!! here are some tips that might help:

-for eating better just start by eliminating processed foods. you feel so much better when you keep all those preservatives and things out! more energy + happiness!!

-start a journal! just write, draw, put favorite quotes in it, cut it pictures from magazines, make it look pretty and reflect who you are.

-go out with friends and instead of them usually deciding what to do, you propose something instead. it’s small but will make you happier and more in tune with what you want!!

-make playlists for your different moods; make playlists that motivate you

-exercise!! is it annoying? hell yes. but you feel so so good afterwards. just go for a walk outside, or a jog. I promise you that stress will be lifted and if you keep at it everyday you will feel stronger and happier

-above all, don’t give up on yourself. it takes forever for people to discover who they truly are so don’t give up hope just yet.

hello ! earlier today i saw a post about your thoughts on the galra!keith theory and how you don’t think it has enough evidence! my friend is OBSESSED with that theory and has,, so much evidence and points to back up the theory! i’m not rlly trying to change ur mind but i think it’s all really interesting and wanted 2 share!
(my friend is @radioactivesupersonic btw!!! and all of this is ripped from out skype convo so yea)

Evidence for Galra Keith theory:
in no particular order

> Most pressing, Keith is able to operate the hand scanners that lock much Galra technology. The only other times we’ve seen characters do this is Shiro, using his Galra-made prosthetic, and Allura, using her galran form. Keith just put his hand on it and made it work, which was called attention to

> In the first episode when Keith is on the ship, he stops and stares at a Galra symbol for an extended period of time with an odd expression. This would imply that he recognizes the symbol even though formally this is his first interaction with the Galra.

> Also in the first episode, Keith appears riding a strange vehicle that Pidge refers to as a “thing” and which is aesthetically far more similar to alien technology than the futuristic Earth technology we see in episode 1- Keith’s vehicle has antigravity/hovering when none of the others do, and it also has little glowing insets

> The knife. Keith is featured prominently and repeatedly with a knife with a wrapped hilt; in the second episode he’s sitting in bed staring at it intently. In the finale, a Galra soldier, Thace, stabs a drone and retrieves his knife from its back- the screen prominently focuses on the shape of the hilt and the glowing purple symbol on it. While Keith’s knife and Thace’s have very different blades, the shape of the hilt and pommel is virtually identical.

> The “burn”. When Keith fights the Galra druid, he’s thrown into a vat of quintessence which spills onto his hand. The affected skin turns a distinct shade of purple, the color associated with the galra, and when Pidge bails Keith out, the burn disappears before any of the other members of the cast have seen it.

> Legacy: in a prior continuity, Keith was revealed to be of Altean ancestry- technically “Arusian” but this was a continuity where this meant Allura’s people, not tiny salamander friends

> Abilities: Keith has been juxtaposed twice with the galra druids. First in that he was the first to be pitted against one, and second, in the first episode, two people sense the Blue Lion- Keith initially, and then Haggar later in the episode.

Keith is stated to be an excellent pilot who works largely by intuition, which would very easily be foreshadowing that he might have some form of expanded awareness or magic-based perceptions.
Keith was also able to intuitively sense the location of the Red Lion by focusing, while everyone else followed glowing markings that guided them there.

> Symbolism: Keith pilots the right arm of Voltron- Shiro, who pilots Voltron’s head and torso, has a galra-made right arm. Also, while the other Lions besides Black were in locations thematically fitting for their element, Keith’s lion was on a Galra ship.

> Zarkon’s comment in the finale that Keith fights like a Galra soldier.

And, while it’s not the only explanation, most people consider it a motivation for why Thace is betraying his own people.

tldr; There are at least 9 points on why keith could possibly be a galra, based on what “hints” have been presented in the show.
(thank you for reading if u did you don’t gotta post this my dude ;v; it’s cool tho (ovo)b )


I should also probably mention, in the second episode, Keith, Hunk, and Lance are gathered together while (I believe Lance) one of them states that he feels like there’s no secrets between them; Shiro and Pidge are sorted off to the side, and we see both of them having trouble with the mind-opening exercise beforehand.
Someone could use this to suggest Keith could not be deliberately hiding something, which I agree with- but Keith’s official bio also states he was orphaned at a young age and as far as we can tell the only real person in his life before becoming a paladin was Shiro, so he could very easily be effectively a sci-fi changeling and not know it.
(That would also be supported by the Legacy anecdote, because Voltron Force’s Keith was also unaware of his alien heritage, made easier in that verse because the Alteans/Arusians looked identical to humans)

okay so that’S it sorry for not adding it in the last thing i sent you ;v; <3

oh wow i didnt know about a lot of that! thats a really cool theory :0

hi friends! i’m trying this out because people say they want to help me out with things but don’t have that much $$ to spare. so i got this neat little thing called a ko-fi!

it’s similar to paypal but it’s only micro donations - just $3! and it’s a nice way to show your appreciation/support if you enjoy my content. every bit helps me out with food & school. here’s the link, or you can go on my blog and click on the button there! (https://ko-fi.com/A2636DQ)

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So I have been trying to think of the best way for the clique to thank Tyler and Josh and I've realized that I just really want the clique to sing Truce at the end of the ERS set. I want Trees to fade out, all the screaming suddenly die down, and for us to all join together and sing them on their way. They, at least for me, have been everything. I am here today largely thanks to Tyler's voice pleading "stay alive" like he's speaking just to me. I want to give that back to them.

Aww thats so cool i love that. I would totally love to do this but my show has already passed. But definitely spread the word and try to get people to do it cause i think its a really great idea

usagiipantsu  asked:

Cause I feel like you'd have a good opinion on this, do you think it's disrespectful if the boy/girl you're dating is always calling other girls/boys hot and liking pictures of naked girls/boys all the time even if you've expressed a dislike toward it to them?

ok so i dont think its a problem to find other people attractive when you’re in a relationship with someone, but for them to go out of their way to like nude pics of other people when you told them it bothers you is really rude. if they really cared about you you would respect how you feel and I feel like they’re not respecting that? I would try talking to them again because this is something important to you and you don’t want to throw away a relationship just cuz of that if everything else is good.

butttttt if they continue to do these things that bother you id say screw them. you are young and you can find someone else who respects you and how you feel.

anonymous asked:

a concept: gender fluid gang leader michael showing up at luke's gang's hangout wearing a pink leather jacket and pink lipstick to match as well as some smokey eyeshadow and they're even wearing heels.

luke stares at michael intensely because holy fuck he’s beautiful and who is he and why has he never seen this gorgeous person in heels that could crush people and baby pink accented clothes and a strikingly beautiful face, 

and  michael makes his way through, not needing confrontation because michael is there for another reason and not to pick a fight with another gang, but he gets teasing / repulsive remarks and wolf whistles and someone pinches his ass, and luke immediately stands up and stalks over, pulling out his switch blade and he stands in front of michael and takes the guy by the collar and yanks him in “don’t you fucking touch him ever again, s’just trying to make his way through he doesn’t need your grimy hands on his body.” even though he doesnt know michael he DOESNT want his gang’s hands on him, if Luke has control over who his gang touches, he says they can’t touch michael.

and michael shoves past luke but he isn’t holding a knife he’s holding a gun at this dude’s neck and luke sputters because holy fuck this kid doesnt mess around, he’s in heels and has acrylic nails and is holding a fully loaded gun at a guy who’s shitting himself right now and luke is so god damn turned on. “not only will you not touch me but you don’t even look in my direction or i’ll smoke you on the spot” and the guy nods and michael shoves him to the street and clicks away on his heels and tucks the gun in his tights jeans, steps on the dudes hand along the way and the dude cries out.

michael turns around last minute “oh, and blondie, i’m not a damsel in distress but thanks for your effort, it was cute” and he rolls his eyes and he turns away again and luke is ROCK HARD and he comes that night thinking of michael, thinking about how good his ass looked as he strutted away, promising himself the next time he sees the boy with the makeup that he’ll try to get to know him better, understand why he’s such a terrifyingly fearless leader who wears name brand pumps

sofieo-o  asked:

How would you have felt if the show went with the alternative ending to jasper where he shoots himself after he gets out of the CoL?

Personally? Relieved. Jasper was supposed to die so many times. I understand they were trying to focus on his PTSD but they’ve done really a shitty job. They decided to make Jasper the most unbearable character. I’m just tired of irrelevant characters surviving everything. He has literally 0 significance to the overall plot. 

Also, they’re just using him whenever they need someone to “accidentally” mess things up but they don’t want us to hate him for it because “oh poor Jasper, he suffers from PTSD.” Newsflash, literally everyone in the show has it but they all (mostly women tho, just women) suck it up and move on instead of wallowing in self pity and blaming everyone else for their pain.

Plus, LGBT characters get to die, women get to die, poc get to die, it’s only fair, right? So yeah, relieved. 

Please stop

I WON’T share what I’m into or explain myself further on this topic that is already becoming deeper than my initial goofy post. 

Leave it alone and stop sending me messages on “Well this person does this”, “what is the kink?”  or “do it anyway”. Stop trying to push me to do something I’ve already had a solution to and said I won’t share. I SAID I would rather find like minded people and share with them but it seems everyone is ignoring what I want to do. :( 

Not to be mean but goodness. This is exactly what I’m talking about with tumblr. People get so pushy and you can’t just make a silly post without people taking it so dang far. =__= Imagine if I DID draw all my kinks. People can’t even take a simple silly post in stride and are trying to force more information out of me.

This is becoming more and more like peer pressure. Stop it and leave me alone. 

I can’t even joke or be light hearted  on here >n< jeezus. 


(Late af, been trying to upload it on Tumblr for ages to avoid any copyright infringement problem on Youtube but, you know, nothing works properly when you want it to… Also, LQ rip, sorry: couldn’t manage to bypass the source code :( )

Just Hanging Out In A Bathroom, Ya Know? 

Angus recently got the oppurtunity to interview with one of the worlds biggest stars Ellie Goulding after her Delirium Tour performance in the world famous Madison Square Garden in New York City!

Chatting with Ellie in her GREENROOM BATHROOM! Angus got the chance to ask some questions about her current tour and what she plans on doing after she’s finished! And from what it sounds like, she’s pretty keen to go sailing!

She talks about Beautifully Numb, too! ^^

(Source: 2dayfm.com.au)