My Reasons for Losing Weight

For My Health

  • To have better skin
  • So I don’t sweat profusely
  • So I can walk up a flight of stairs and not feel out of breath
  • So my back won’t hurt
  • So my knee won’t hurt 
  • So my doctor will never say, “you really need to lose some weight” to me ever again
  • So I don’t have to worry about arthritis or other illnesses that accompany obesity

For Vanity

  • To feel better about myself
  • To look good in tight clothes
  • To be able to wear shorts in the summer
  • To be able to go into any store, and buy the clothes I like, not just the ones that fit
  • To not feel awkward about going clothes shopping or shoe shopping
  • To be able to order clothes from a catalogue without worrying if they will fit
  • To be able to wear something that doesn’t say PLUS on it
  • So my pants won’t wear out between my legs while the rest of them are still in good shape
  • So I can look in the mirror from the neck down and like what I see
  • So I can wear tight jeans
  • I want to wear underwear that looks sexy
  • So I can show off my legs
  • So I can go into public and not feel like people are judging me
  • So I can wear tops without worrying about the dents from my bra showing trough
  • So that my boobs stick out more than my stomach – not the other way around

For a Better Quality of Life

  • To be able to use a public toilets comfortably
  • I want to be able to read the scale by just looking down, straight down
  • So I don’t get those indents on my thighs from the arms of the chair I’m sitting in
  • So I can cross my legs
  • So I can get up from the floor in one smooth move and not a grab and hold on to something move
  • So I can sit on a bar stool and I’m actually sitting ON it, not on it and around it too
  • So a regular towel goes all the way around me 
  • So my socks pull all the way up
  • So I can hug my knees to my chest again, and it’s comfortable
  • So I can fit into the cinema/stadium/airplane seats comfortably
  • So I can bend over comfortably to tie my shoes

For My Self-esteem

  • So I can go swimming without being self-conscious
  • So I don’t worry about chairs breaking
  • So I don’t have to ask for the additional seat belt on an airplane
  • So I can dance without being self-conscious
  • So I can go on rides at amusement parks again and not have to experience the embarrassment of having to get off because I don’t fit
  • So I don’t have to worry about the maximum weight before I using things
  • So I don’t feel awkward when people start talking about losing weight
  • So no one can ever call me “a big girl” ever again
  • So I’m not embarrassed to have my picture taken
  • So I can say my weight out loud
  • So furniture doesn’t groan when I sit on it, or wear out long before it should because I’m too heavy

TItle: Baby girl

Pairing: Wincest / Weecest

Rating: Explicit

Word count: 3,380


Sam propped a foot up on the cold porcelain lip of the bathroom sink. He had considered the bathtub, and promptly dismissed it. The tiles were grimy and mildewed, and honestly it looked like it hadn’t been scrubbed in ages. Besides, he might get a better angle for this half standing on one foot with the other lifted up on the sink. He could use the mirror, too, although that seemed more difficult to coordinate than was worth it. 

He hoped Dean was going to be out for a while. Although this was kind of for Dean - ok mostly for himself - he still didn’t want his brother to see him actually doing it. The end result was what he would show Dean, but his brother didn’t need to see Sam wobbling on one foot for his balance while he soaped up his leg. 

Dean was probably just out for groceries. That’s what he had said. Although sometimes he staid out a little longer than was necessary. Their dad had been out of town for a few weeks. Sam wasn’t even sure when he was supposed to be getting back, much less when he actually would get back. 

It was a Saturday night. All the other boys in the high school Sam had been attending for a few  months were probably out at a party or a football game, maybe some of them were studying or playing D&D in a basement. Sam still wanted to be like them. He still wanted to be normal. He had tried - he had really, really tried - for a long time to be like the other kids. Sometimes it worked, he could go over to their house and meet their parents and watch shitty movies and eat pizza. But he was usually just the new kid, the poor kid, the nerd kid. 

The way his family lived, what his father did, that wasn’t even really the weirdest thing about him though. Sam knew he was a freak. As hard as he tried not to be on the outside, he was. He knew it. What other seventeen year old boys were shaving their legs in a motel bathroom to surprise their brother. 

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Don’t mind me, just being a casual advertisement for Advocare over here. When your parents sell it like mine do you get the hook up on the advo swag. My next thing I want is pink advocare sunnies!

So last night’s workout was the business. First, my mom came and watched which was ever so sweet. Then we worked on cleans (1 RM 95) and did a workout of rowing, pistols(scaled one legged squats) and deadlifts! I felt so strong after it was awesome. Like strong enough to kick down a brick wall it was just one of those great feeling workouts. James, the newest coach, taught us a stretch after to stretch our lower back and it was heavenly! After the workout I went to dinner with my parents and Kim followed by a trip to target. It was a great night.

I wanted to show you my full outfit but since my parents were asleep in my room with the full length mirror I had to improvise! This is a 7 dollar Target dress.

I had pulled pork and egg muffins for breakfast.

And I made coffee but the filter folded over and the coffee bits got all in it and it was gross so to save money I just had a spark in the place of my coffee. I’ll admit I feel awake and alert immediately but I did miss drinking my coffee on the way to work.

I’m a happy girl today.
And I have a lunch date with the ever so precious weightandwit!!

I hope you all have the loveliest of Friday Eves!

It’s almost the weekend y’all!

26/31, not much left.

I think Kix would be the kind of person to carry a hand mirror in his medpack. I guess Jesse’s pretending it’s a holocam.

I dunno, I just wanted to show this (as a proof that I’ve actually done something within 48h between the slacking and brain dead web browsing).

26 characters and I still don’t understand how the upper clone armour works. Or that crotch-thing. Legs are pretty much the only ones I know how to draw without browsing through 200 screenshots.

Emilia knew she looked good as she looked over herself in the floor length mirror on the inside of her closet. Her skirt was tight, just the right length, not too short but showing off enough of her perfectly sculpted legs at the same time. Cormac could see it, didn’t mean that he could have it, that’s what she was telling herself. Opening her lipstick she smoothed the creamy red across her lips and pressed them together before making a popping sound. Her black blouse was slightly sheer, again, not enough to show everything but enough to make someone want to see it. Was Emilia playing games? Maybe, but it was what Cormac deserved in her mind. To see what he’d lost just like she had to every time she closed her eyes. Or looked at him really. Hearing a knock on the door she took a deep breath, running her hands through her hair to make it tousled but shiny, and went through to the door, slipping her heels on as she went. “Coming.” The blonde called before pulling the door open to reveal her ex.