Imagine Woozi hogging all the blankets when you two sleep together.


I did the what-dog.net thing. Looks like I am forever destined to be a poodle.

@people who sell stuff in LFG / Trade channel, why would we buy from you if you sell at the same price from broker?

@people who put 10%-30% more expensive on private store, are you either showing off or dumb or u put it there without checking broker?I’m really tired of checking private stores to see overpriced merch like stop wasting my time please 

also hi im just trying to find something to complain about tbh.

oxynora asked:


嘿~ 好久沒回答… whoops. 我還沒找到我最喜歡的成語,可是現在碰到一個我覺得很好的:

(I’ve been saving this ask forever so u kno what here’s just a great chengyu I ran into today:)

按图索骥/按圖索驥 àn tú suǒ jì
literally: to look for a horse using only a picture. 
trying to find something using a mechanical way, not fully thinking it through. Or can be just to try to find something with a clue. 

I ran into this looking for 成語 similar to 刻舟求劍. fun times. 

guy’s credit/debit card won’t swipe, I ask if it’s a chip card and if I can see his card for a moment (so I can see if it’s a chip card, or ifit’s just worn out and I need to try the plastic bag trick)

“I think so.”

I see his card and there’s no chip so I’m like “oh, no, you don’t have a chip card yet. can I have your card for a second?” (with a small plastic bag in my hand)

guy, pointing to the hologram on his card that like 99% of major cards have: “that’s my chip”

me: “oh, no, that’s just the hologram. can I–”

guy: puts his card into the chip reader

chip reader: CHIP MALFUNCTION (because you don’t have a goddamn chip please give me your card)

me: “here let me try something, just gimme your card for a second” 

him, watching me put the bag over the mag strip: “I’m pretty sure I have a chip though.”

me, swiping his card successfully: “No, trust me, I have a chip card myself and your card doesn’t have the chip.” 

him: “Trust me, I work for the bank.”

if… you work for a bank… and your bank has been working with and issuing chip cards… then you would know… that your fucking hologram isn’t a chip you banana