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I feel like something that no one talks about with mental illness is that you challenge everyone. You get paranoid that they’ll leave so you push them, asking them for favors, purposely making them angry just to see if they’ll stay. You keep on pushing them until they snap because you want them to prove to you how much they care about you, and how much they would do for you. Then before you realize it you’ve pushed them to their limit without even realizing it. You do this all because you want reassurance that they won’t leave, or that they care, or that they’re not working for The Organization, or that you can trust them. It’s an awful thing that you don’t even realize you’re doing.

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I know this isn't really a question but... Thank you, Wily! Thank you so much for sharing your art and just bothering to make it in general; it's amazing and I love it! I am sure many other people like it too and I just feel so grateful that you share and put so much effort into it. I really like your Papyrus design too and how you draw things. The sketchy feel is what makes it recognizable in my opinion. Anyways, just needed to make sure you knew how much people enjoy your art. Stay determined!

Thank you so much!

You know..
I’ve never really understood how can someone delete their blog and start anew from zero after working so much on it and gaining so many followers, it always seemed like a waste to me in a way 
but damn sometimes I just understand the feeling! just wanting to be more free, not feeling that everyone is judging you and not being stressed over a discourse that might start whenever you state an opinion 

on the other hand, having a lot of followers is having a bigger platform to talk about things, allows you to reach more people, having influence in a way
which if you consider some situations, is really needed sometimes 

so like lol, you can’t profit from something unless you sacrifice or suffer from it too I guess  

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Top five TSLP moments

1. All of the Miracle Aligner music video

2. This Milex moment X (it’s hard to pick from all of them but this one has a special place in my heart)

3. The interviews from the eycte era especially this one

4. Alex’s stage antics like X and X oh and X

5. The eycte outfits for good X X, for bad X X, and um X 

Thank you, this was a really fun one to do!! :)

Ask Me Top 5 Anything

sometimes i want to reblog a meme but then killian is like -whispers- no

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Your comic gives me live. I really love it. Also, you're a beautiful potato (I like potatos and I'm bad with words, sry) and deserve a lot of hugs *hug hug*

Awww sweetiepie, sugarplum, honeybuns….<u have a sleepy icon, so covers you with blankets and smooches on the head> Thank you so much for liking them, knowing that gives me life as well. And strenght to draw more!

<gasps> I was hugged by another potato! A potato can hug another potato? A new world has opened to me! <hugs back>

Sometimes I’m afraid I’ll run out of words to describe this: I love you. It’s all I only yearn for to picture in your head. Maybe because I’m hoping it will be enough to make you stay. Or just make you feel as if this was just the beginning; where we couldn’t contain our blaring chests, our hands stung at momentary accidental contacts, shy eyes looking down at our feet instead of at each other, scared one didn’t ignite the same spark. Because now, it’s feeling a lot like I’m skimming on the pages leading more closely to the back cover where the summary of our story is printed. Unlike my words which have a chance of chapping my lips dry, where my mind might have a shortage of production when my creativity decides to go on a vacation, I don’t want us to have a chance at all of writing our ending. Let me have you, here, right now, for always, with feelings the same intensity, sturdy without a sign of breaking the promises and dreams we’ve already built. Unlike words that I can lose, I don’t want to lose you.

- s.c

“Aren’t the outfits overdoing it?”

“one of Oculus’ insipid rules. “make a good first impression when leaving Viridian” and yes, i can say that Oculus’ rules are in fact stupid, they can’t smite or shovel me outside realm borders.”

“D-do you think he’s here yet?”

“I don’t know, I’m not psychic, well actually, i am, but not that kind of psychic…Just make sure you stay with me until Kaylei comes to you first. You will get lost with all the people here.” 

>>Orion and Radiance are available for stargazing interactions, Radi seems to be waiting for Kaylei ~

Gossamer: a JJ Project Request

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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I think the hardest part of letting go is that you never really just let go. Maybe you can’t hold it in your hands anymore, but it’s still with you. The feelings. The pain. The memories.

You hold onto the pain because it’s the easy thing to do. Sometimes it’s all that’s left, but if you let it stay with you, then it just makes forgetting that much easier. 

And if you stay mad, you forget the person who made letting go so hard in the first place.

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okay but Im so excited for the American Gods movie. for real its actually super important to me and I hope it turns out as great as the book is. when my brother died a few years ago I spent literal months in shock, doing everything on autopilot. it hadn’t sunk in.

what helped me to even start to come to terms with my grief was reading American Gods. Shadow’s expression of grief completely struck me and it was then that I realized what I was experiencing. it triggered a breakdown that lasted a couple weeks, it made me cry for the first time since the funeral, and it is so important to me that the movie conveys the same intentions as the book. someone else might be going through similar circumstances and it could help them like it did me.

I don’t know how it was perceived to others but for me it gave so much. even after your world changes and you lose everything, you’re still part of life. and life moves on with or without you, not in a malicious way, but as a rule of nature that you can always depend on, even for the gods that are considered so important. you exist to other people but its still up to you how much you let other people exist to you. stagnation is a curse.

anyways the book is important to me so I hope the movie turns out great

i just wanted to say i got into honours specialization and i’m so happy

BTS + Changkyun Reaction

YO sweetie~ how would bts + changkyun from monsta x react to a random asshole blowing cigarette smoke in your face as the two of you were walking, and you have asthma, so you almost have an attack. This happened to me once so ya (T-T) Thanks <3

Ugh. I know how that feels. I’ve got asthma too, and my mom had to quit smoking  because of it. But, here ya go! 

Jin: Jin would be upset that this random guy blew smoke into your face, but his main priority would be you. He’d get you away from the smoke and try to keep you from having an attack.

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Yoongi: Yoongi would be beyond angry. You would be able to tell this, but he would be doing his best to not give that other guy a piece of his mind. The fact that he just stayed with you would make you love him even more.

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Hoseok: Hoseok would be more worried about you than anything. He would quickly get you away from the smoke and make sure you were alright.

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Namjoon: While around you Namjoon would be calm and helpful, making sure you were okay. But, after the fact, when he would be alone, he’d be a mix of worried and angry, because he loves you and doesn’t want you hurt.

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Jimin: Jimin would be kinda like Namjoon. He’d be a mixture of anger and worry, but he wouldn’t be able to keep it away from you. But, at that, I don’t think he’d care if you knew he was worried. He would just tell you it’s because he loves you.

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Taehyung: Taehyung would be upset that you almost had an attack, and you’d be able to tell it. He’d keep you close to him for a while after, just to make sure you were safe.

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Jungkook: Honestly, Jungkook might not realize what was happening at first, but once he did, he would be helping you as best he could. He might even call one of the others, just to make sure he did everything to help you.

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Changkyun: Changkyun would be more calm than angry. He would still be upset, but he would make sure you were alright before anything else. He would personally make sure you got home safe and were relaxing.

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There is no such thing as being non-political. Just by making a decision to stay out of politics you are making the decision to allow others to shape politics and exert power over you. And if you are alienated from the current political system, then just by staying out of it you do nothing to change it, you simply entrench it.
—  Joan Kirner - first female Premier of Victoria, Australia - 1990 - 1992