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massachusetts gothic

-The snowbanks are melting, revealing what has been sleeping beneath them all winter. They are hungry. 

-Western Mass is a myth, they laugh. Their eyes are wide. Western Mass is a myth, they repeat. You cannot go there. No one can. 

-Why is that field red? The children ask. It’s a cranberry bog, the adults repeat. Just a cranberry bog. The eyes in the bog do not blink. 

-The screaming at night is the fisher cats, we promise. 

-The beaches are rocky. They are pointed, and jagged. They have teeth. Do not go swimming alone. 

-”They’re not safe to eat unless you boil them alive.” The old fisherman tells you. You think, you hope, he means the lobster. But he never specifies, and you never ask. 

-There is a reason everyone says “wicked.” 


Text AU: Knight In Shining Armor - Luke

Request: “Can you do a text with Luke finding out somedude asked you for nudes and is bothering you now and gets mad and jealous. Jealous Luke hml!" 

re:THAT part in Kingsman

so i went to see Kingsman today with venvephe and traumachu for the first time (well, my first time, their 3rd + 4th times) and i was thoroughly enjoying myself throughout it. it has everything i look for in movies: cool fight scenes that utilize slo-mo, meaningful relationships between dudes with heavily homoerotic subtext, prominent-ass ladies, socioeconomic class conflict, jokes on jokes, suits, accents, umbrellas, etc etc. i couldn’t wait to show more pals and to enjoy this movie with them too… 

… until THAT part. you know. the one at the end. (pun un/intended)

at first, i was upset about it for all the obvious reasons - it was unnecessary, gratuitous, objectifying, and just… ugh. i was so upset about it that i couldn’t even enjoy the last otherwise-supremely-satisfying 2 minutes of the resolution. i was so upset that all the good feelings i had about the other 99% of the movie suddenly disintegrated and all i was left with was an unhappy, bitter, “blah”. 

(that’s not true. i was yelling about how upset i was about it at traumachu​ for a while.)

and the more i thought about THAT part, the more upset i got. i think what upset me the most about THAT part, aside from those obvious reasons, was that it said to me, “don’t forget who this movie was really made for.”

it said to me, “you know the past two hours you just enjoyed so much? well, it wasn’t really for you. you’re not the intended audience here.”

don’t get me wrong - i don’t have anything against lady butts. butts are beautiful/bootyful things to be celebrated. i welcome tastefully done nudie parts - pretty much always!

but in the context that THAT part was presented and the way that it was done was in no way tasteful - it was just pandering to its intended audience… which, as i was unsubtly reminded, did not include me.

i enjoyed the prominent-ass ladies, but not the prominent lady ass.

Why does everyone think that Ba/mon’s a certainty for next season?  Now that we know that Nina/Elena is leaving, isn’t it kind of telling that Ian was still complaining about The Powers That Be not wanting BD to happen?  I never thought BD would go romantic, and I still don’t.  

Anyway, I just can’t fathom why they’d set up Bonkai if they didn’t intend to do something with it.  Kai was supposed to be an irredeemable sociopath.  Clearly, they changed their plan at some point because they gave him proper feelings in the merge.  What did that serve to the story, or his character?  All it really did was turn Kai’s fixation on Bonnie into an actual crush.  Kai is now not only redeemable, but he’s falling hard for Bonnie.  Why show him risk his life to try and save her, when she ended up saving herself anyway?  Why have him care so much when they could’ve used another witch in his place?  Why even keep him around after the merge if they planned on writing him off?  There were other Gemini witches around to answer Damon’s questions about Lily, so he wasn’t necessary for that.  I mean, his focus has been on Bonnie, and nothing else.  Even in 6x11, pre-merge, he was the only one to even mention her name. 

Then they had Bonnie get her revenge.  It wouldn’t surprise me if this was their way of saying that Bonnie overcame her PTSD.  They clearly don’t take PTSD too seriously, even for their main characters (all Stefan had to do was sleep with Katherine, remember?) so let’s not expect them to explore this too deeply with Bonnie.  And on the Bonkai front, this made them even.  Furthermore, Bonnie told Damon that he couldn’t understand how she felt when Kai betrayed her, stabbed her, and left her alone in the prison world.  The very next episode, she did this to Kai!  It’s not just revenge–it’s a way for Kai to understand how she felt in a way that no one else will.

And why all this talk about Bonnie and Kai both being “different people”?  I know some Ba/mon shippers think this means that Bonnie won’t hesitate to make a move on her bff’s One True Love or whatever, but the fact is that this change in her character parallels Kai’s narrative this season, and not Damon’s.

On a related note… Bonnie said that there was hope for Damon because he felt remorse.  Let’s be real, this was painfully old news.  We knew that Damon felt remorse as far back as mid season 1.  Bonnie has know this for seasons, too.  This wasn’t actually about Damon.  This was to make it noteworthy when Kai actually did end up feeling remorse.  I believe that Bonnie’s own words are going to come back soon.