Text AU: Knight In Shining Armor - Luke

Request: “Can you do a text with Luke finding out somedude asked you for nudes and is bothering you now and gets mad and jealous. Jealous Luke hml!” 

Hijack Week Day 1: Am I on the Naughty List?

Late as always; terribly sorry about that. My laptop is on repairs and I’ve been a bit down in the dumps lately. Thus, crack it is! Ah, I love dorky flirty Jack~
Why’s Hiccup there? Lad got turned into a spirit sometime at that age of his a few decades back. He had been found by North and works as his right hand man now. (Don’t worry, Phil likes him!)

Re: Moffat feels

Watching RTD’s ‘feely’ moments is like being in a car crash, not really able to stop it, your limbs flying everywhere and you’re experiencing every fucking thing. With Moffat it’s like reading a report on the accident in a news paper. There are some gory details provided and you know rationally that it’s all bad but you’re sitting on a toilet in your flat and really have more immediate problems to think about right now.

vampire!michael eating you out

He would be wild. He would crave your taste and would forcefully spread your legs. He would be kissing up your legs, nipping your skin every so often. When he bit too hard on your inner thigh and drew blood he would move back and watch the blood form for a moment then wrap his lips around the puncture mark and suck. When he finally got to your center he wouldn’t tease you, but make sure you’d last as long as possible, wanting to enjoy your taste and take his time. His rough fingers would dig painfully into your skin, shoving his face further and further into you. He would love to make you squirm, he would hum at your sweetness.You couldn’t speak, only pant and moan. You would try to form words, but fail miserably. Your moans would get louder and when you finally released with a moany sigh, your legs trembling and your hands clutching the sheets, -maybe even ripping them apart. He would smirk at the effect he had on you, loving to see you flushed and trying to catch your breath. He moved up so his face was in the crook of your neck. His fangs appear and he mumbles, “Now it’s time for dessert…”