okay but now I can’t stop thinking about the ramifications of the Arima and Rize sibling theory???

Like, emotionally. For Arima. Because I’ve maybe been thinking a lot about Arima lately.

Because right now, that would mean that Arima is following out orders to exterminate the man who took in, raised, and clearly loved his sister. A man who was a father to her.

And Arima probably never had a father. Probably never had anyone like that at all in his life.

And Rize came to take that so much for granted. She ignored Shachi’s rules. Disregarded his warnings and decided to eat as much as she wanted wherever she wanted and that caught the attention of basically everyone, including the CCG, V, Aogiri, and any other group Furuta is part of.

If Arima knows all of this… this fight, which he will no doubt carry out with the same mechanical, empty efficiency, is intensely personal for him. This is the man who gave his sister what he could never have. The man she discarded despite him being someone that Arima could only ever dream of having.

Or has the CCG and V successfully squashed that dream in Arima?

Sasaki told him that he thought of Arima as his father. Arima probably never had a father. But his sister did. And now he is tasked with killing that man in the name of the organization that deprived him of everything a child is supposed to have.

Gosh, I’m so emotional about this character. I’m so emotional over what is basically a crack theory at this point.


massachusetts gothic

-The snowbanks are melting, revealing what has been sleeping beneath them all winter. They are hungry. 

-Western Mass is a myth, they laugh. Their eyes are wide. Western Mass is a myth, they repeat. You cannot go there. No one can. 

-Why is that field red? The children ask. It’s a cranberry bog, the adults repeat. Just a cranberry bog. The eyes in the bog do not blink. 

-The screaming at night is the fisher cats, we promise. 

-The beaches are rocky. They are pointed, and jagged. They have teeth. Do not go swimming alone. 

-”They’re not safe to eat unless you boil them alive.” The old fisherman tells you. You think, you hope, he means the lobster. But he never specifies, and you never ask. 

-There is a reason everyone says “wicked.” 

Got your nose


(^し^)               へ([6]ω[6]へ)

(^し^)           へ([6]ω[6]へ)

(^し^)     へ([6]ω[6]へ)

(^し^) へ([6]ω[6]へ)


(^_^) し へ([6]ω[6]へ)

( ゚ o ゚)(ノ [∂]ω[∂])- し

( ゚ ︿ ゚)       (ノ [∂]ω[∂])- し

( ゚ ~  ゚)            (ノ [∂]ω[∂])- し

( ゚ _ ゚)                    (ノ [∂]ω[∂])- し

( 。◕‿◕。)▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一               し -([6] д [6] )/


re:THAT part in Kingsman

so i went to see Kingsman today with venvephe and traumachu for the first time (well, my first time, their 3rd + 4th times) and i was thoroughly enjoying myself throughout it. it has everything i look for in movies: cool fight scenes that utilize slo-mo, meaningful relationships between dudes with heavily homoerotic subtext, prominent-ass ladies, socioeconomic class conflict, jokes on jokes, suits, accents, umbrellas, etc etc. i couldn’t wait to show more pals and to enjoy this movie with them too… 

… until THAT part. you know. the one at the end. (pun un/intended)

at first, i was upset about it for all the obvious reasons - it was unnecessary, gratuitous, objectifying, and just… ugh. i was so upset about it that i couldn’t even enjoy the last otherwise-supremely-satisfying 2 minutes of the resolution. i was so upset that all the good feelings i had about the other 99% of the movie suddenly disintegrated and all i was left with was an unhappy, bitter, “blah”. 

(that’s not true. i was yelling about how upset i was about it at traumachu​ for a while.)

and the more i thought about THAT part, the more upset i got. i think what upset me the most about THAT part, aside from those obvious reasons, was that it said to me, “don’t forget who this movie was really made for.”

it said to me, “you know the past two hours you just enjoyed so much? well, it wasn’t really for you. you’re not the intended audience here.”

don’t get me wrong - i don’t have anything against lady butts. butts are beautiful/bootyful things to be celebrated. i welcome tastefully done nudie parts - pretty much always!

but in the context that THAT part was presented and the way that it was done was in no way tasteful - it was just pandering to its intended audience… which, as i was unsubtly reminded, did not include me.

i enjoyed the prominent-ass ladies, but not the prominent lady ass.


Fair warning, you may cry.

CRAIG: Holy shit. You know what, I’m not even surprised we got these.”
CLYDE: “Well Anon—“

CRAIG: “Don’t you dare.”
CRAIG: “I’ll push your damn wheelchair down the stairs Donovan.”
CLYDE: “You would not!”

CLYDE: “Sorry anon, I am under difficult circumstances and cannot give you the deet’s.”
CRAIG: “That’s what I thought.”
CLYDE: “…”

CLYDE: “We fucked and from what I remember it was pretty great. Craig’s a real—“

CRAIG: “We are done with the sick questions, got it you freaks.”
CLYDE: “mhm!”
CRAIG: “I wasn’t talking to you dumbass.”
CRAIG: "Also before you sicko’s assume anything—we are NOT an item. Friends and friends only.”

What Is and What should never be Should Have Been

(Unfavorable contrasts in 11.12)

There’s already a lot of meta on parallels in 11.12. So many people have analyzed how Claire’s brokenness is reflected in Dean’s obsession with hunting and how Alex and Claire are blatantly obvious Sam and Dean parallels (with, admittedly, some distinctions as well as some overlap). People discuss the kitchen scene with Dean admitting that he would have benefited from the kind of talks Jody thinks about giving her girls. Those are all important, of course. 

What I haven’t seen, however, are analyses of how Jody/Claire (as surrogate mother and sister figures) and John/Dean stack up in their treatment of Alex and Sam. I’m not surprised that I haven’t seen meta like this, because these parallels and contrasts do not reflect favorably on the two oldest Winchesters.

Dean and John (unable or unwilling to support Sam out of fear for him or of him) helped to isolate Sam with unfair ultimatums and impossible standards, feeding his shame and perpetuating his feelings of inferiority in an desperate bid to do what they thought they had to. In contrast, Jody and Claire offered Alex a support system and acceptance of her past, acknowledging her as an individual with the right to choose for herself.

The parallels and contrasts are unflattering at best, but they are also important. This is how Sam should have been treated. Let’s take a look at Sam and Alex’s startlingly similar actions and experiences and compare the shockingly different responses.

The bullet points below contain as much inevitable negativity as you might expect from a meta on this topic. Potential Dean and John criticism beyond this point. **  Proceed with caution.

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Based on this post of headcanons, and dedicated to all the Solavellans who are quietly hurting with me right now. 

It took a while, but once she had made her feelings clear to him that day on the balcony, Lavellan never went long without his touch. 

He held her hand as he walked beside her through the forests and plains of the Dales, squeezing gently to get her attention, pointing out interesting landmarks and ruins with his staff and telling her their stories. 

He laced his fingers with hers when they took the rare quiet evening to themselves at Skyhold, lounging together on her couch as he read to her in front of a crackling fire. He was still holding her hand when she woke later, after they had both fallen into dreaming together.

He rubbed his thumb in small circles over the back of her hand under the table as they sat together at dinner, quietly sharing a moment together as they listened to their friends’ boisterous laughter at another of Varric’s tall tales. 

He cradled her marked hand in his palms, fingers deft and delicate as he inspected the glowing wound. “What is it?” she would ask. “Nothing, Inquisitor,” he would answer, a small smile that was somehow sad touching his lips, gone before she had even known she’d seen it. 

So, like I said, I spent the last months reading a lot of Swan Queen fanfic, watching a lot of fanvids and being amazed by the fanart. So I decided to make some posts both to recommend fanfic writers and fanvideo/fanart creators and to show some love to all these amazing people! I’ll try to make one of these every few days… you can see the other posts with the fanfic/fanart recs here

Another one of my favorite fanfic writers is @coalitiongirl

One of my favorite SQ fanfics ever is so does this make us both the other woman?. It’s post 3b and Regina is in a relationship with Robin, and Emma with Hook. So if you like CS or OQ you probably won’t like this… But I love the way the relationships are handled, I think it makes a lot of sense how both of them deal with things. There’s so much wonderful angst and it’s so frustrating how they just don’t get their shit together and just be with each other already. Ugh! It’s awesome! Seriously, I really love this fic and I think it’s hard to find a fic that deals with the current CS/OQ situation as well as this one. And here’s the amazing trailer for this fic made by the awesome @bnaz

Beyond the Walls is just beautiful. I see it as mainly a Regal Believer fic and I think that’s perfect. It’s post 3x11, Henry doesn’t remember Regina and their relationship is beautifully built. And to make it even better there’s Swan Queen from Henry’s point of view… again, beautiful. read it.

Freefall is a great take on Dark Emma (that was written before the Dark Swan arc) where she has to deal with all the horrible things happening in her life. Something she doesn’t do on the show. It’s a great character study of Emma.

And Send Up a Signal (that everything’s fine) is a wonderful meta AU that is a WIP.  I’ve only read the first chapters because I don’t like to read one chapter at a time so I’m patiently waiting for the fic to be finished for me read the whole thing from the start. But from what I read I was loving it, all the meta is really fun and it’s kind of an analysis of the show and how they deal with the fandom. It’s very interesting and well written.

There’s much more. I know the Swan Hood and the Evil Queen series is great, but I don’t usually like fics in Enchanted Forest, so I haven’t read it, and post tenebras lux is an awesome, very dark, Dark Swan fic. But anyway, I could just list all of coalitiongirl’s fics because they’re all amazing. Read them all. I still have plans to read some of her Buffy fics, but I need to get over my obsession with Swan Queen before I’m able to do that ;)