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I think jmo at the con last week gave a glimpse Into the recent wardrobe decisions. She said all Emma had when first coming to SB where a handful of clothes and now shops regularly in snow's closet/80's style thrift shops. plus she said Emma incorporates hair style from memories like the WishAu!. I think the no makeup is a JMO personal thing..IRL she doesn't wear much anymore either.

Thanks, Wardrobe!Anon, but then JMo is doing the character of Emma Swan a massive disservice because on TV, costumes send powerful messages about character. Emma’s foray into white lacey button-up high-collar shirts is coded as sexual repression– I’m pretty sure that’s not what’s intended. (Even the expression “buttoned-up” is shorthand for repressed.)

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And you get a button! And YOU get a button!

These kind of shirts are wildly impractical for sherrif-ing or savior-ing: they limit your arm movements, they don’t handle sweat well, the lace is scratchy, and the itty-bitty fastenings take ages to put off and on. Not to mention it would take Hook forever to unbutton her one-handed. They’re the type of shirts worn by women who DON’T have to swing broadswords down main street.

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That’s more like it!

In fact, if you want your wardrobe to say “open to love” you put the character in soft silks and cotton and open v-necks– open necks are a sign of vulnerability. You know, like Emma wore in S1:

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This is sexy and functional and very Emma

Coupled with Emma’s lack of makeup, these white starched high-collared shirts put her firmly in the “beginning” section of the Repressed Schoolmarm Who Has a Sexual Awakening trope. The only reason IN A ROMANCE for someone to have their hair pulled up that severely is for her lover to take it down; the only reason for a woman to have buttons up to her neck is for her lover to rip off said buttons later in a moment of passion. 

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*bow chicka wow– wait*

But “The Ravishment of Emma Swan” is not what we’re seeing, is it? On the contrary, the show goes out of its way to avoid any confirmation of consummation and has Hook hang back from Emma’s repeated invitations to come in for Netflix and chilling. The overall effect is weirdly re-virginizing. WHY?

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Freulein, defy your father and refuse to join the convent– your feelings must compel you!

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How could I give my heart to a man so blind to the concept of honor? 

And now Hook has to win Emma’s father’s approval AND Emma’s approval and regain his honor. This is now the story of a disgraced knight fighting for redemption through Brave Deeds and the woman waiting for her love to come home. Nothing wrong with this trope. I’m fine with this trope. I’ve read some lovely books on this trope … but S1-3 Emma WAS the brave knight! You can’t pull a switcheroo like this on the audience and not expect them to notice.

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When will he return? My lost, lost love!

It looks like I’m pouring salt all over CS, but I’m not– if you put Emma in her S1 wardrobe and keep the dialogue exactly the same the scenes in Emma’s house this season take on an ENTIRELY different feel. You lose the “virginal schoolmarm waiting for daddy’s approval” aspect completely. The tonal mismatch is all on the makeup and wardrobe– which are changing the reading of Emma’s entire character in a way I don’t think the show runners intended.

CONCLUSION: Someone take the costume choices away from JMo because she’s changing the entire feel of the CS romance unintentionally into something rather Victorian– and it doesn’t scan with the Emma Swan we signed up for.

Did anyone ask for...

…newlywed Fitzsimmons finally moving into their apartment and talking about babies? No? Well here it is anyway, with bonus discussion of Fitz’s craptastic father!

Written as a follow-up to this fic, but it’s not necessary to have read that one first. Takes place roughly a month after everyone escapes from the Framework. Enjoy!


“Well, that’s the last box,” Mack announced, setting the cardboard box down with a grunt. Though he’d carried it with relative ease, the muted thud it made as it settled onto the hardwood floor revealed its surprising weight.

“Thank you for getting the heavier ones,” Jemma said gratefully, patting Mack’s arm as she passed him, fluttering about the apartment to make sure all of the boxes had been placed in the rooms that matched their carefully written labels.

Mack shrugged off the praise as he slid his hands into the pockets of his jeans. “No problem. Hey, I’ve got to head back to the base to finish up those repairs for Coulson. Congratulations again, you two.”

“Thanks Mack,” Fitz said with a smile and nod. “See you soon.”

With a final wave, Mack headed out the door and out of the apartment building, where Elena was no doubt waiting impatiently for him. The only one left lingering after being wrangled into helping them move the last of their things from the Playground to their new apartment was Daisy. As Jemma roped Fitz into finally beginning the long process of unpacking, Daisy meandered through the apartment, studying the various paint samples Jemma had taped up whenever she’d found a spare moment throughout the past week.

Jemma happened upon her while she was speculatively eyeing the spare bedroom, which was empty of both boxes and paint samples – she and Fitz weren’t quite decided on what to do with it yet. As Jemma came to stand beside her, Daisy threw a wry smirk at her and said mischievously, “Well, you’ve got a ring, you’ve got a cozy little apartment – I think I know what comes next.”

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Anyway, this is your daily reminder that Emma Swan is a lesbian. Regina Mills is bisexual and Mal is whatever the word is for cross-species same-gender attraction. Any combination of these three ladies loving each other is awesome.

Don’t worry about Hook. He’s gay and will find his true happiness in a polyamorous relationship with several members of his crew. (And Rumple, if you’re @mathildia)

I’m not with room service

I just needed drunk, flirty gratsu, and for Natsu to be naked for no real reason at all.


“Come on,” Sting says, smile plastered on his face, “one more round.”

“I can’t.” Natsu shakes his head, a bad idea with how blurry the world is. “I’m so drunk.”

Rogue clicks his tongue. “After all that bragging you did about drinking us under the table, you’re gonna give up so easily?”

“First of all,” Natsu hiccups, “first of all. We’ve been drinking since breakfast and it’s-” he one eyes the clock behind the bar. “-it’s 4:30!”

“So?” Sting hums, nuzzling his nose into Rogue’s hair.

Natsu jabs a finger in their direction. “So second of all, fuck you! You guys have been sharing these goddamn fishbowls of long island iced tea.”

“So?” Sting repeats. “What’s the problem?”

Natsu snorts. “There wouldn’t be one if I hadn’t matched you fishbowl for fishbowl,” he says.

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have you seen the snapchat picture with proof that matt holt is alive and a badass??? bc i just found out and i am sCREAMING




… (can u tell i’m way too far down into voltron hell to ever come back bc damn)

Things I overheard in the playground today...

(And before I tell you, let’s remember that I live in a country with approx 7.5 people who have ever seen OUAT)

A group of 6 year old boys belting out “Revenge, revenge, revenge is gonna be mine.” Just that line, over and over.

The captain of this particular ship may share some DNA with me . Apparently the pirate alarm clock is working in ways I hadn’t expected.

He also sings it at his sister when she annoys him. In context and everything.

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thoughts on the spoiler cover chapter? I'm not the only one disappointed, am I? He could have shown Laxus and the Thunder Legion (minus Evergreen b/c Elfever is canon af) or Laxus and Freed but no I guess he's still a people pleaser...

No no, you’re not the only one disappointed dear anon! I’m a) upset that Freed and Bixlow aren’t on there (but at least Ever is!) and b) yea I thought that, too.

But don’t fret, my friend. Mashima IS a people pleaser indeed and I’m almost 100% certain that he’s only wishing to give the Mira.xus fandom something here bc a) it’s convenient to put them there, they’re two of the most present side characters and of course they were going to be on the cover page in some way and b) Mira and Laxus have… two mutual interactions in the entire 500+ chapters and both of these were hateful (it was back then in the Galuna Island ARC and the Phantom Lord ARC and that’s years ago), one one-sided interaction in the Tartarus ARC and one chapter cover. That’s almost… nothing, and Mashima definitely has not given any clear romantic hints. So he gives the Mir.axus fandom something like this because he can’t/doesn’t want to have them interact in a romantic way in the manga chapters. This, and the color page wasn’t about romantic ships only.

I’m convinced that IF he was really planning to make them canon then he would have made it muuuuch clearer already or would have let them interact or talk at least, but he did not. And it’s most definitely not comparable to Nalu, Gruvia, Jerza, Gajevy and Elfgreen. He could have done the same thing he did with Elfman and Evergreen with Mir.axus but again, he did not.

I’m not saying that Fraxus is more comparable to the main ships (although judging by interaction and the bond they have, they come definitely much closer and have a canon basis than Mir.axus does) and I still believe Mashima won’t actually end up making a Laxus ship canon but anyway.

Fraxus still has the canonly safer and more developed basis, so we’ll always have that!

And if Mashima really ends up making Mir.axus canon for whatever reason…  (probably because he wants to please again and it’s straight) then yes, it would definitely be the most forced ship ever, a ship with like almost no interactions and almost zero development and yes I WOULD be disappointed as fuck. But we’ll see soon enough.

Until then, keep contributing to the Fraxus tag/fandom! They’ve come a long way and by now the fraxus tag is one of the most popular tags related to Freed Justine and Laxus Dreyar what definitely shows that it’s become a real active and popular ship! <3