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no but he is creating it to tell a story and no matter how many times any one might say that it was FOR the people and an audience is everything, there's a line between criticism, negativity and plain hate. if you hate it so much, sTOP WATCHING. if you don't like what he says or his insights IGNORE HIM. honestly, how difficult is that? I don't like Marc, so I read his blog selectively. Everyone needs to really stop beating their chest about every Guggs says because we KNOW it's going to be BS

I don’t follow guggs on anything— but occasionally something he says winds up on my dash through someone else I follow.

Please do not tell me what to do on my own blog.

I’m not sure if you’re aware how the world works but intent in ANY situation only accounts for so much— it’s how your words and actions are perceived that matters.  

Lets make an example here shall we:  I have a still of Shirtless Oliver as my desktop on my work computer (I wouldn’t do this but for example we’re going to use it) and someone who works at this business walks into my office and sees it and is offended— my intent doesn’t matter, the fact that the person was offended does.  THAT’S HOW THE WORLD WORKS.

I’m allowed to throw shade at Guggs all I want.  I’ve sent him some very intellectual and well worded and polite asks.  I would genuinely LOVE to converse with him in a way that could actually give people a MUCH better insight into his thoughts and processes, but what we have is this.  I’m allowed to make judgements and i’m SURE AS HELL allowed to say whatever I want on my blog.

You know— two days ago I let people bully me about my opinions to the point I was in TEARS in my own office.  NO MORE.

re:THAT part in Kingsman

so i went to see Kingsman today with venvephe and traumachu for the first time (well, my first time, their 3rd + 4th times) and i was thoroughly enjoying myself throughout it. it has everything i look for in movies: cool fight scenes that utilize slo-mo, meaningful relationships between dudes with heavily homoerotic subtext, prominent-ass ladies, socioeconomic class conflict, jokes on jokes, suits, accents, umbrellas, etc etc. i couldn’t wait to show more pals and to enjoy this movie with them too… 

… until THAT part. you know. the one at the end. (pun un/intended)

at first, i was upset about it for all the obvious reasons - it was unnecessary, gratuitous, objectifying, and just… ugh. i was so upset about it that i couldn’t even enjoy the last otherwise-supremely-satisfying 2 minutes of the resolution. i was so upset that all the good feelings i had about the other 99% of the movie suddenly disintegrated and all i was left with was an unhappy, bitter, “blah”. 

(that’s not true. i was yelling about how upset i was about it at traumachu​ for a while.)

and the more i thought about THAT part, the more upset i got. i think what upset me the most about THAT part, aside from those obvious reasons, was that it said to me, “don’t forget who this movie was really made for.”

it said to me, “you know the past two hours you just enjoyed so much? well, it wasn’t really for you. you’re not the intended audience here.”

don’t get me wrong - i don’t have anything against lady butts. butts are beautiful/bootyful things to be celebrated. i welcome tastefully done nudie parts - pretty much always!

but in the context that THAT part was presented and the way that it was done was in no way tasteful - it was just pandering to its intended audience… which, as i was unsubtly reminded, did not include me.

i enjoyed the prominent-ass ladies, but not the prominent lady ass.

Hijack Week Day 1: Am I on the Naughty List?

Late as always; terribly sorry about that. My laptop is on repairs and I’ve been a bit down in the dumps lately. Thus, crack it is! Ah, I love dorky flirty Jack~
Why’s Hiccup there? Lad got turned into a spirit sometime at that age of his a few decades back. He had been found by North and works as his right hand man now. (Don’t worry, Phil likes him!)


Text AU: Knight In Shining Armor - Luke

Request: “Can you do a text with Luke finding out somedude asked you for nudes and is bothering you now and gets mad and jealous. Jealous Luke hml!” 

Character PSD #5 by kstewrpc ♚ LONELY HEARTS CLUB


  • FC Image should be around 540x300 with a white [or light] background. OR a PNG that has a height of at least 300px.
  • Font used: Xtreem Medium Demo
  • Color changed using the shape tool. Six colors are provided [pink, red, orange, green, blue, purple].
  • 10 symbols included (heart, sun, lightning bolt, crown, scissors, umbrella, music note, paw, and two keys.
  • If requested, a tutorial will be provided.
  • The matching admin note for this graphic is also available if requested [off anon].
  • Download this PSD here.


  • Please like or reblog this post before downloading. If the number of notes doesn’t match the number of downloads, this PSD will be taken down.
  • Do not claim as your own.
  • Credit on your page is not required, but appreciated.
  • If asked where you got the PSD, please refer them to this post.
Re: Moffat feels

Watching RTD’s ‘feely’ moments is like being in a car crash, not really able to stop it, your limbs flying everywhere and you’re experiencing every fucking thing. With Moffat it’s like reading a report on the accident in a news paper. There are some gory details provided and you know rationally that it’s all bad but you’re sitting on a toilet in your flat and really have more immediate problems to think about right now.