STAN: Hey, real quick, just thought you guys might want to know how we’re doing.
STAN: Craig and Clyde are doing. Kind of a good job of keeping this thing active, right?
KYLE: Yeah, it was fun to see Clyde get slapped.
KYLE: But our holidays went pretty okay, too.
KYLE: As you can see, Stan shaved his beard.
STAN: My Hanukkah present to Kyle, because he hated it.
KYLE: I did not hate it. It just got in the way a lot.
STAN: Uh huh.
KYLE: And my mom got me a sweater vest. Surprisingly, I really like it.
STAN: Yeah, dude, it looks nice on you.
STAN: My parents actually decided not to fight this year.
STAN: Truly, a Christmas miracle.
KYLE: But we’ve been alright so far, in case anyone was wondering.
KYLE: We’re going to let Clyde and Craig keep going until after finals.
KYLE: Which should still be late January, I believe?
STAN: Yep, sounds about right.
STAN: So thanks for sticking with us, dudes! We’ll be back in action by February.
KYLE: For sure.

a thought

I just want you guys to know how short and fragile life truly is. I want you to know that at any moment, any stupid mistake can alter or take the life of you or anyone you love. Death is one of those things that you look at as something so far away until it happens before your eyes. Until you realize that you may never hear someone’s voice, or laugh again. It’s the inevitable though. Life is a sick clockwork of life and death. It takes death in order to make room for life. But sometimes I can’t help but feel the ones that are going don’t deserve it. I feel like as you mature you begin to taste more and more the bitterness of the simple fact that life isn’t fair. And in cases like this, unfair doesn’t even begin to describe that feeling in the pit of my stomach. And as nauseating as that feeling can be, the only thing that comes of this that I want to upchuck is the mere thought of the fragility of life itself. Is that any moment the words you’re saying to someone could be the very last. Every single time you hear someone fill with laughter, it could be the last time. Every exchange is apart of a greater plan, yet all throughout it each exchange could be life altering. it could also be the last. I don’t even mean that in the sense of just other people; any moment could be your last as well. Every single word that trickles out of your mouth could be the last drop. Every thought you ever think could be the last one. Remember the last time you hugged your best friend? That could very well be what they remember you by. Please don’t think I’m saying this in a morbid way. I’m simply saying to seize every moment. Don’t take this life for granted. Don’t take breathing on your own and the ability to conjure thoughts and see beautiful sights for granted. Don’t take those late nights staying up laughing with friends for granted. Those moments of pure happiness. Because at any moment they could be stripped and be nothing but a tear provoking memory imprinted in your brain. Every meaningless sentence that someone utters could be the one you remember forever because it was the last thing they said to you. Don’t argue with the ones you love and cherish. Don’t take them for granted. Because at any moment you might be finding yourself on your knees in your room drenched in your own tears begging God for a miracle….. begging for one last talk with whoever they are. Begging for those simple things you took for granted back. Because life is unfair. And vice versa. So that’s why I leave you with this: life is as fragile as a feather. It can be broken like glass and never repaired. Live in the moment and relish in the good times. Let go of the bad. Make every sentence bursting with positivity. If you love someone, fill every empty silence with your reasons why. Be someone you’d want people to remember you as, and remember those that inspire you to be that way. Because; you never know when a moment is the last one and that’s just life.

I just thought you guys would want to know that Jack definitely pronounces Guy’s name the French way, which is like the first half of the word geese. Also, we know he grew up calling hockey legends his “uncles”, like Mario and Wayne and… Guy Lafleur, who played for the Habs and won the Stanley Cup with Bad Bob in 1978. 

My headcanon is that Baby Jack looked up to Guy Lafleur, who was one smooth motherfucker on the ice. Seriously, look him up, dude was nicknamed “Le Démon Blond” (The Blond Demon) for a reason.

 And now there’s a Guy on his team, and “apparently Guy likes me”, and I’m headcanoning that he’s French Canadian too, and bonding, and how am I getting more feels JACK LAURENT ZIMMERMANN SON YOU STOP HURTING ME LIKE THAT.

Also, imagine Bitty pronouncing it the French way too, and everyone else in the Haus, who most likely know the names as they’re pronounced by American media, and THAT’S how they find out about Jack and Bitty.

So guys, I must be the WORST Kaylor shipper EVER cause I’m only talking about this now. But thought you guys might want to know that Tay changed some of the pronouns of You’re In Love to “she” during her 2nd show in Singapore as well.

She was in a fantastic mood that day. I went for the show on the first night as well and I can tell you that there was a stark difference in energy levels from Tay (she didn’t sing you’re in love the first night). The first night was still incredible though.

Big News Regarding Front Porch Step

Allison Weiss, has decided not to go tour the UK with Front Porch Step due to all of the recent sexual accusations against Jake McElfresh(FPS). Whether these shows will happen or not is up in the air, but I just thought you guys would want to know. All of this is really sad, and I hope Jake didn’t do all of this stuff, but only time can tell. Thanks for reading.