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funny story

one time I went to one of my friend’s funeral. I got there and wondered where everyone was because I didn’t know anyone there. still, I went into the chapel and sat down. they brought out a huge coffin and it was then things started to feel off because my friend was really short. the vicar then told us we were there to celebrate the life of Donald. Donald wasn’t my friend’s name. i couldn’t help but laugh, using a tissue to cover my mouth and nose to make it look like i was crying. the more I tried to stop laughing, the more i laughed. some people started looking at me, knowing i was laughing. then the vicar said to me “Just let it all out.” i don’t know how i didn’t rupture something.
an hour later, i was there crying at my friend’s funeral. i hope the vicar didn’t think I just went to funerals to laugh or something.

itsjustlientje  asked:

Hey smol cookie! I have a question, can you design a dark version of Felix? I already have a name! Xilef (I know, its not good, But its a name!)

⊹⋛⋋(◐⊝◑)⋌⋚⊹ Ah yea’, i already thought about it in a previous artwork

Also why xilef?  (Edit: ah and yea’ if ppl didn’t noticed ,it’s felix backwards O3O. )

If it’s antisepticeye, darkiplier ..it could be Pewdeathpie or Pewdarkpie ,or somethin’ like this hm ? (j-just mah opinion tho’. Tryin’ to keep somethin’ logic haha )

Dan And Phil Appreciation Song
  • Dan And Phil Appreciation Song
  • howellsphil

I just felt like writing another song and it took me like 10 retakes to get to this recording and now my fingers hurt from my guitar
Here are the lyrics:

Hey you you with the blue eyes
You with the black skinny jeans tight
Phil Lester you’re making me cry

Hey you you with the black shirts
The ironic yolos you blurt
Dan Howell how are you alive

I remember that day
When I searched up your names
And everything changed

Cuz it’s a better world now
With your faces in the crowd
See those things you post on YouTube
I feel like I’m a total noob
But you’re telling me it’s okay
To be socially awkward hey

Hey you you with my feelings
I’m dying cuz I don’t kno the meaning
Dan and phil don’t leave me screaming

I remember that day
When I searched up your names
And everything changed

Cuz it’s a better world now
With your faces in the crowd
See those things you post on YouTube
I feel like I’m a total noob
But you’re telling me it’s okay
To be socially awkward hey

I used to be so depressed
And now I’m so obsessed
I used to be so depressed
And now I’m just so obsessed

Cuz it’s a better world now
With your faces in the crowd
See those things you post on YouTube
I feel like I’m a total noob
But you’re telling me it’s okay
To be socially awkward hey
Okay okay

Just imagine.

Lance and Keith on date. They’ve been for like 5 years now, give or take. Lance is gonna propose to Keith but he’s super nervous like his heart is pounding in his ear and he checks his pocket every five minutes to make sure the ring is there. Okay so it’s climax of the date. Everything is perfect. It’s time for Lance to make his move. Picture this. Lance softly calling Keith’s name, telling him he has to ask him something. Lance getting down on one knee, taking out the box, his face on fire, his heart beating 200 beats per second. Finally he asks the big question. Then Keith is dumbfounded. He’s looking at Lance with wide eyes. He cannot believe this.

“Are you kidding me?”

Lance is hella surprised. He did not expect this answer.


Keith just puts his face in his hand, mumbling something about not believing this is happening. Lance is still confused and a little hurt like does Keith not want to marry him or ?????? Finally, Keith pulls out a little black velvet box and opens it to reveal a ring. Lance is just staring. Then he starts laughing. He is dying. He falls on the floor laughing his heart out. Keith turns tomato red.

“Lance! This isn’t funny!”

Lance lets out a giggle, wiping the tears from his eyes.

“No, this is hilarious. I was freaking out about this all week. Turns out I was worried for nothing.”

Keith just stops. Lance looks up at him, smiling.

“So what do you say? Marry me?”

Keith sits down next to Lance who sits up. He slides the ring onto Lance’s finger.

"Only if you marry me.”

Lance just smiles gently, putting his own ring on Keith’s finger.


Then forehead touch and fluff and cuteness and guys, I’m crying over fictional boys, help.


I JUST MET KARLIE AND I AM SO SO HAPPY!!! she said “is that a Taylor swift shirt?” and I said “yeah! taylor actually followed me on tumblr a week or two ago!” and then we talked about how i share a name with taylors cat, then we discussed how SVU is both me and taylors favorite show, and then she told mE THAT SHES GOING TO TELL TAYLOR THAT SHE MET ME AND THAT SHES GOING TO MAKE A TUMBLR SOON AND IM GOING TO CRY ALL OVER AGAIN I LOVE HER SO MUCH SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL

Person: Why are you crying?

Me: I just *sniffle* …. I just really love Bernie Sanders, man. He’s just so great, ya know? He’s been fighting for the same things for so long, and he’s so determined to make them a reality for us. He cares… He really cares *sniffle* 

Person: ………

Me: [chanting softly, but with feeling] Bernie! Bernie! Bernie! 

Because of Supernatural, almost all of my life is different.

Because of Supernatural, the words “Sam” and “Dean” aren’t just arbitrary names to me anymore. Or even just characters. In fact, when I hear their names, I see real people in my mind. People with lives and stories. People that make me laugh and cry and want to tear my heart out over and over again. people that deserve love and happiness but can never seem to reach it. People that understand pain and suffering more than anyone else in the world. people that value family over everything and are willing to do anything for the people that are important to them.

Because of Supernatural, when I think of heaven I no longer think of one huge place of lightness and happiness and good, but instead, i think of a million tiny places of everything, everything from gardens to war zones to thanksgiving dinners to battle grounds.

Because of Supernatural, the devil seems more compassionate and misunderstood than angels, because most angels are dicks and demons are sarcastic little shits.

And the angels that aren’t dicks don’t bring me feelings of joy and relief, but instead of sadness and pain and abandonment.

Because of Supernatural, no car is ever going to be my dream car, because my dream car is a stupid black impala with army men shoved into inconvenient places and theres a rattling sound in the heater and some dumb kids initials carved permanently into her.

Because of Supernatural, when I picture god, i dont see a man with a beard in a white robe. I see an alcoholic hitting a man over the head with a plunger.

Because of Supernatural, when the lights flicker the first thing i think about isn’t, “oh, the lights are flickering.” Instead, i wonder wear the salt is.

Because of Supernatural, i understand the importance of friendship, and family, and honor. I have learned about not only the importance, but also the consequences of putting others before myself.

Because of Supernatural I’m not scared of the dark. Only whats in it.

Because of Supernatural i have made friends and found relationships in the strangest of places, ones that i wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

Because of Supernatural I have heroes and heroines, people i can look up too no matter what. People that don’t always make the best decisions but always did so with the intent on doing good. on being good.

Because of Supernatural I have a family that doesn’t end with blood.

Because of Supernatural I have a universe I can escape into when the real world becomes to shitty of a place to stay in anymore.

So don’t ever tell me that Supernatural is just a television show, because to me, it is a way of life.

It is home.

“I always loved acting, singing, dancing, debate; but it never occurred to me that fame coincided with these things. I was never one of those kids that want everyone to know your name. To cry, you get a competition to aim the wall. Seys keep eyes open until they begin to be filled with water. To smile: you just have to think of something happy. A mixture of Brad Pitt and chocolate usually makes me smile.”

I’m really sad. Not the type of sad that people get when a relative or their dog dies or when they don’t get accepted to the college of their dreams or whatever else in the world there is to get sad about. Nothing is below me and I am better than no one but this is the type of sad I don’t think anyone ever gets. The kind where waking up makes you want to dig your nails into your skin and instead of carving his name into trees you want to carve it into your thighs. Your arms. Your stomach. When the first letter of his name appears in every word you ever write and his smile doesn’t escape the inside of your eyes when you write down the word “molecule.” His smile doesn’t make you happy anymore, it just makes you cry. My mom comes in my room sometimes and asks me if I’m okay and I yell at her to leave. I can’t help but snap at those around me when all I want to do is be alone. All I ever want to do now is sleep and cry and I don’t want to play or go to school or see sunlight. It’s the kind of sad that makes you think you have cancer, some kind of terminal illness or something because your chest starts hurting all the time and you can’t breathe as well as you could before and your throat closes up when you ask for notes from the boy in class that sits next to you who has his same name. It’s not his fault you’re sad, but he triggers it. Just like the smell of Dentyne Ice or Polo cologne. Just like when you see boys with long hair and dark eyebrows. I bought his cologne last month and sometimes I spray it on my bedspread when I miss him and want to feel like I’m in his arms again. I’m almost out. I miss him a lot. I check our texts from time to time. I sent the last 4 messages. “I miss you.” “I don’t know what I did.” “I miss kissing you and holding your hand while you drive us to your place.” “Why don’t you ever text me back? I miss you so much baby.” He probably found someone else. He probably didn’t like me calling him baby. He’s not my baby anymore. He’s probably hers. He probably kisses her neck now and not mine. They probably hold hands and I bet he touches her thighs too. He used to do that to me. God, I’m so sad.

I’m making a rhysand defense squad because he is a sweet little bat who needs protecting.


hey taylorswift this is me and my selfie spam for you <3333 my name is millie and I love you SO much, (great amounts) you have done sooooo much for me I don’t think you can imagine (I hope I get to tell you in person about 2013 soon and how it was a bad year for both of us I just don’t wanna make you cry cause im gonna cry on your shoulder! look forward to it, whenever it may be)
I’m seeing you twice in june! (24th and 27th, just a heads up see u there)
well I also love sam claflin and I think you guys should meet. just saying. I HAVE A QUESTION HAVE YOU SEEN LOVE, ROSIE?! if you haven’t you NEED to its my favourite movie in the world and the book is spectacular ok alright bye


I always loved acting, singing, dancing, debate; but it never occurred to me that fame coincided with these things. I was never one of those kids that want everyone to know your name. To cry, you get a competition to aim the wall. Seys keep eyes open until they begin to be filled with water. To smile: you just have to think of something happy. A mixture of Brad Pitt and chocolate usually makes me smile.

Title: The Terracotta Bride
Author: Zen Cho
Rating: Highly Recommended
Genre/Category: Fantasy, Mythology (Buddhist), Romance, Lesbian Fiction. Steampunk,
Release Date: March 10, 2016

I really enjoy Zen Cho’s writing style.

Her novel Sorcerer to the Crown was one of the books I spent most of 2015 waiting for and believe me, it was worth the wait. She’s just a fantastic writer who can make me ugly cry with just a few lines and her characters almost seem to leap off the page.

The Terracotta Bride was a novelette originally published in Torquere Press’s 2011’s steampunk anthology Steam-Powered 2, but Zen Cho has now self-published an ebook reprint for it with a brand new (and beautiful) cover from artist Likhain.

Siew Tsin is the second wife to Jungshen, the richest man in hell. One day her husband brings home a third wife, the beautiful and enigmatic terracotta bride that he names Yonghua. Yonghua is beautiful, elegant, and clever.

By the time I was finished reading The Terracotta Bride, I was halfway in love with her myself because she was just the ideal. It doesn’t hurt that the book, which largely looks at things from Siew Tsin’s point of view, shows you Yonghua through the eyes of someone that grows to love her. You seriously can’t help but feel the way that Siew Tsin does (or at least, you can’t help but understand her feelings).

There are so many moments that made me have to put down my kindle so I could sigh longingly or sadly and what should’ve taken me a half hour or so to read took me well over an hour. I won’t give any more serious spoilers (because y’all really need to read this story), but the ending actually made me cry. I mean, I don’t know if I’ve ever ugly cried while happy before this book, but it sure was an experience.

The Terracotta Bride ends on a note that I think is very hopeful, but even if it hadn’t, I’d still recommend it to basically everyone. It was such a treasure to read and I spent much of the day flipping through the pages on my kindle and savoring Zen Cho’s literary mastery. I love a good story about first love and this story, with its steampunk-y feel and deep female characters, left me feeling so darn happy that it existed.


What a good story!

Before She Died, Joan Rivers Laid Out a Very Specific Vision For Her Funeral

“When I die (and yes, Melissa, that day will come; and yes, Melissa, everything’s in your name), I want my funeral to be a huge showbiz affair with lights, cameras, action…I want Craft services, I want paparazzi and I want publicists making a scene! I want it to be Hollywood all the way. I don’t want some rabbi rambling on; I want Meryl Streep crying, in five different accents. […] I want to be buried in a Valentino gown and I want Harry Winston to make me a toe tag. And I want a wind machine so that even in the casket my hair is blowing just like Beyoncé’s.”

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idk why but i find the word “cummies” so incredibly hilarious, like it makes me laugh so much. one time me and my friends were playing smash and i made my custom name “cummies” and i lost horribly because i just spent the whole match laughing so hard i was crying and i couldnt see the screen through my tears