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Sorry for the crappy photo quality, it’s just me and my iPhone today. 8/

Anyway, I made Piper this morning! Nico was lookin’ lonely. She’s only a little taller than him, so just over 6 inches. And you can’t really tell in the picture but the kitty on her shirt is glittery. B) Because I’m totally cool and have a bunch of glitter gel pens like all the other popular 5th graders.

I’m not too happy with her face shape, but I’m learning. I’m thinking of making all the HoO characters (or the main ones, at least,) and selling them?? You guys expressed interest when I asked last time so maybe… HM

It’s always fun when this classic piece of television airs and I get a million tweets like “hey what are you doing on Boy Meets World”??? This was the Singled Out crossover episode, one of the main premises being that Will Freidle and I look similar in that white guy sorta way. I tagged myself so you’d know which white guy is me. The hair drapes I can explain: the 90s. The “I just murdered a hobo clown behind Circus Circus and took his pants” I have no fucking excuse for. It still cracks me up when people say, “I been watching you since the old days–G4!!!” Not realized that in Paleozoic times I hosted a dating show on Mtv, a channel that at one time actually played popular songs set to quirky short films. #1900s

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You know whats so much fun about the Moon Lovers fandom? 

its like the first time (or rather one of the very few ocassions) a drama feels like it has a separate fandom to the kdrama fandom as a whole.

what with AUs, headcanons, discussions, arguments, theories, different faves, characters outside the main trio being popular, fanfiction and not just from one or two people, a section on ff.net, fan playlists, GFX, icons, loads of gifsets of the same scenes (which i think is really nice), gifsets with songs and quotes …you get my point 

you guys are just so much fun to be watching this drama with !!! 

“It disturbes me how many people find purple guy attractive and that this is the main source of his popularity tbh. I mean it’d be one thing if he was so popular more because he’s potentially a very complex character and there’s lots of room for theories and stuff but like the one thing we know about this guy is that he’s killed children, Why the fuck has he become the "attractive” character why the fuck dont people seem to acknowledge that more just Why The Fuck"

Recognize this awesome little guy? You should. He’s one of the main characters of the enormously popular Captain Underpants book series and he just came out as bisexual

In the 12th installment of the Captain Underpants series, “Captain Underpants and the Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot”, the two main characters are given the chance to see what their lives will be like later on in life. Harold Hutchins is shown that he will be married to a man and will have two twin children. 

Harold has canonically voiced interest in girls in previous installments of the series. This glimpse into the future reveals that Harold may be bisexual, and this was confirmed by the books’ author, Dav Pilkey. 

The full story can be found at BiMagazine.org

anonymous asked:

So as an asexual, I find it really hard to get into popular media these days because there always tends to be a romance or sex shoehorned in and it just...well, makes me really uncomfortable. As a result I haven't really been able to find a movie or book I enjoy that doesn't have romance, or at least has a well developed one/one with no sex. Do you guys happen to have any recommendations for books or movies that star asexual characters or doesn't feature sex as a main point? Thanks so much!


I strongly recommend the Old Kingdom series, by Garth Nix. There is a dabble of romance and the most realistic talk about sex I have ever seen on the printed page in Sabriel, but Lirael and Abhorsen are pretty much completely free of romance and sex. Also, lots and lots of amazing women being awesome. These books have the most gender equality and disregard for gender roles I’ve ever seen in a book series. I have read these books well over 20 times in the past 10 years and I get something new out of them every single time. The prequel Clariel (which just came out recently), but the protagonist is aro ace and she is awesome so you should totally read these four books. I’d also recommend The Seventh Tower series, also by Garth Nix - it’s been a while since I read them, but I recall zero sex and zero romance. 

Another great series is the Bartimaeus Trilogy, by Jonathan Stroud - zero romance, zero sex. The primary protagonist is only 12 in the first book, and the other protagonist is a djinni so… all magic and fun, no icky romance or sex. 

I unfortunately can’t think of any good movies off the top of my head… if you have Netflix, though, I’d get into the TV show Leverage. It’s 5 seasons, and it’s been cancelled (sob), but one of the main characters can easily be interpreted as asexual and, depending on how you interpret her actions, demiromantic. Romance and sex are players in some episodes, but not all of them. The show is about five criminals who work together to help innocent people get leverage against the powerful people who have done bad things to them.

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Another way I think SS serves to positively add value to Sakura:

People look at SS and Kishi and they usually say that it’s a sexist ship written by a sexist guy. Just think about it. Sakura chose Sasuke. She never gave up on him and she never strayed. She fell in love with him and she never gave up to go for the good guy, the hero, the main character. She is a girl woman who knew who she loved, what she wanted and never gave up on her love.

She wasn’t swayed, influenced or pressured to follow any other path. She didn’t follow shounen law, she didn’t make the popular choice, she just followed her heart. It was either Sasuke or no one. If this doesn’t show a strong,confident and inspirational female then I don’t know what will. 


“Who is your favorite guy from ‘Free!’?” might be one of the hardest question for fangirls to answer. In a polling done by NIJIMEN to 1396 Japanese fans, however, one character has proven to be the most favorite among all eight male characters from this popular swimming anime.

Guess who it is?

Yeap, just as the picture and title suggest, Saint Tachibana— I mean, Tachibana Makoto ranked first in the polling “Free! Character Japanese Fans Want to Spend Valentine’s Day with”. He scored 581 votes, more than twice of Second Place, Matsuoka Rin, with 243 votes. The main character, Nanase Haruka, ranked third with 184 votes.

Below are several comments from the voters:

“I want to go to a haunted house at an amusement park and get scared together.”

“He is so kind and makes me want to be spoiled by him.”

“He will probably lead me gently at the date. Even if he messes up, it will be fun to watch him not knowing what to do.”

“His gentle escort will be perfect.”

“I just want to go for a relaxing stroll with him, have a nice conversation at a bench in a park and watch his gentle smile really close.”

“I want to stroll around Iwatobi town and listen to him talk about Haruka all day.”

“Cat Cafe with Makoto would be heaven.”

You can see the rest of the votes and comments in this link.

Can I just say that one of the main reasons I love Karma Ashcroft so much (besides the fact that she is more interesting and complex character than people give her credit for) is because she is such an honest portrayal of that sort of ‘typical teenager girl’ who believes that once you find yourself with a hot boy, or in the popular crowds, that is when you are finally validated as someone who exists.

Karma is a very important character because they’re actually a lot of ‘Karmas’ in life. It may just be a tv show, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t accurate. So as that stereotype is broken down on the show and her character becomes more developed and pronounced hopefully people in real life can maybe start to realize that the only person that needs to be accepting of themselves, is themselves.

This is Michael Boatman, who portrayed the character Carter Heywood on the sitcom Spin City.

The character is notable for being one of the first openly gay main characters on a popular, long-running sitcom. He might actualy be the first openly gay black main character on a sitcom, but I’m not sure though. He was before Will and Jack; he was even before Ellen.

Interesting tidbits about the character of Carter Heywood:

  • He was never “in the closet” or had a “coming out episode.” (Which was common for TV shows). He was just a guy who worked in the mayor’s office who happened to be gay, and was such from the first episode.
  • He was well-adjusted, and didn’t fall into common gay stereotypes found on TV. He wasn’t conflicted about his sexuality; in fact one of the most notable plot points of the sitcom was the contrast between Heywood and his co-worker Stuart Bondek, who is a sex-crazed womanizer that is terrible at maintaining relationships. Carter and Stuart have an “odd couple” relationship and eventually become best friends.
  • In the final episode of Spin City, Heywood adopts a child. Again, this might be a first on American sitcoms? Someone can correct me if I’m wrong.

it’s like there are so many canon ships or popular ships with characters i roleplay i hate and i state this and yet people still try and push that shit onto me—it’s like bitch i have that ship more than likely blacklisted for a reason. like are there any popular ships that you guys hate from any fandom? and everyone else seems to love and you just go ew no leave please tell me, i enjoy hearing these things.