Heyo. I’ve been really damn absent for the past few months or so, not only from tumblr but a lot of just…the internet in general. I’ve been pretty busy with and (if I’m honest) overwhelmed by a lot of different things in my personal life, along with all sorts of external stuff which includes attending art school-which is great!! Seriously WOW. But it demands a lot of my time, energy and focus.

I have been finding it really difficult to enjoy digital illustration, and have been completely dissatisfied with almost all of my digital art work since early June for a whole barrage of reasons, so I apologise for not making anything new or taking part in all the exciting things that have been going on, especially in the RT world. 

I’ll be around again soon. Thanks to everyone for the messages and nice things (I can’t think of replies to everything right now but will try get back to those of you who have messaged soon), I really appreciate it all and again, am sorry for seemingly dropping off the face of the earth. I love internet culture and this community and everything it creates/makes possible, I just have a lot going on that takes priority. 

Hope you’re all doing well, I’ll try get back amongst everything soon! Looking forward to a whole bunch of catching up. 

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fuck if phan isnt real fuck everything that means they're two adult men just chilling and making videos wtf what if they WANTED to start a family but they're just busy being internet celebs shit thats some heavy stuff m8

eh if that’s the case at least we have the fic

Boredom and Dancing -Ryosuke Inui

(Originally I was going to sleep tonight, then my boy fell asleep next to me, and left me bored, and so here is Ryosuke Fanfiction, because Ryosuke would love me more than my boy!)

Ryosuke had been at work all day, that wasn’t unusual, but today, you found yourself more bored than usual, missing him more than you thought you normally did. 

You’d tried reading a book, then you’d tried just randomly searching the internet, then you’d tried watching random videos online, which moved to watching random television shows and movies, nothing seemed to rid you of this boredom. You even watched some things that would normally keep you very interested, but nothing had the power to keep your entertainment. 

And now, in your underwear unable to sleep on what could be considered a hot night, you just found yourself listening to music on the radio. 

Finally a song came on you knew, it was a run upbeat song, and then another in the same tone, and soon you found you were unable to just lay on the floor, and jumping onto your feet you find your feet moving, swaying your hips, dancing around the room. 

If anyone asked, you wouldn’t be able to tell them how many songs you’d danced to, you knew to most people it would seem as though you were drunk, but dancing around in little more than your underwear you were actually having fun and were very happy. 

You didn’t know that Ryosuke was blowing up your phone, wanting to know how you were, and with sweet messages of how he loves you, he even found himself worrying when you didn’t reply to any of his messages, all he wanted was to know you were safe. 

Ryosuke finally managed to get himself home at around one o'clock and expected you to have fallen asleep long ago, but upon opening the door to your room, he found you dancing in your underwear, eyes closed, hips swaying, you looked so perfect, and he didn’t know where to look as you continued acting as though he wasn’t there, but it was as though you had yet to notice him. 

As you continued dancing, you slowly felt eyes on your back, and then you twisted around, honestly just adding a spin to your moves and found Ryosuke standing there, watching you with a red gracing his cheeks. “Ryosuke, how long have you been there?” You asked, moving your hands to try and cover some of your body that was otherwise only covered by lacy underwear, but he still just stood there with a soft smile on his face, and a red on his cheeks.

“I just- just got back” He muttered, barely able to speak from your current appearance, realising what you were doing to him, you moved, to grab one of his shirts from the chair near you.

Before you could even think of flinging one over your body he had glided across the room, grabbing you and flinging you onto your bed, you found yourself smiling at him, moving to run your hand through his blonde hair as he laid above you,
“You look lovely Princess” You grinned at him, moving your hand from his hair to his cheek, enjoying the flushed look on his face, the mess of his hair, it was the perfect look for him,
“And you’ve got no idea how handsome you look Ryosuke” You replied, rubbing your thumb in circles on his cheek,
“Why aren’t you sleeping?” He asked in a soft voice, moving his hand over yours, and just holding your hand to his cheek, closing his eyes, so content.
“Too hot, too bored” You replied, leaning up and placing your lips briefly against his, you had to admit, it was much better having Ryosuke with you, even just talking quietly, having him close to you made you feel even better, he made life more interesting. 

“So, you threw your own little party my princess” He whispered, again moving so his lips pressed briefly against yours,
“I had to Ryosuke, my entertainer was working” You whispered back to him, a soft smile on your face, and chuckling at your own response, you could feel Ryosuke’s chest rumble at your statement,
“Well, my lovely little entertainer, are you going to entertain me?” You whispered to him, with a soft flush on your cheeks, he moved again, placing his lips onto yours again. His lips moved away from yours, pressing his lips against your neck, immediately knowing the spots that makes you moan out passionately. Enjoying every kiss from him while he enjoyed every moan from you. Ryosuke was about to provide the entertainment you’d been waiting for, it was lovely,
“Thanks Ryosuke” You moaned out, as he held you close to him, he could really do anything to you. But every kiss was stunning, it made you fall harder for him. 

Because this was no longer a one man party. 

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Thoughts on leftist rhetoric

[Epistemic status: Endorsed in content, but not necessarily in tone]

Okay, so you know how some people are really really squicked out by fascist rhetoric, even when it’s just impotent internet people? And they say things like “the nazis were actually bad, you guys!”?

I feel that way about Communist Revolution, Burn Down The System type shit. For whatever reason, it terrifies me. I just want to shout at these people:

Revolution is not good! Revolution is not beautiful!! Revolution is the guillotine! Revolution is the firing squad! Revolution is blood running in the streets! Revolution is shrapnel bombs and collapsing buildings and hundreds of thousands of innocent deaths! Revolution is the ruined temple, the burning library!

That’s why my blood runs cold when I hear some fucking internet person saying “We should just burn the system to the ground! The hippies were so awesome, lol. Death to rich capitalists, amirite? Hahahaha.”. I suppose it’s nice that they are so upfront about the fact that, if given the opportunity, they would destroy civilization and kill for pleasure. But for some reason, it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Rationally, of course, internet communist edgelords are about as likely to start a revolution as internet fascist edgelords are to successfully stage a coup. I think that the reason the would-be anarchist/communist revolutionaries bother me more is that they are completely within my local Overton Window. If my parents met someone at a party who said that we should destroy capitalism, burn the system to the ground and live like the Paris Commune, my parents would nod sagely and afterwards talk about how invigorating the person’s idealism was. That kind of thing terrifies me. My System 1 really does not feel like being around people who are cheerfully agnostic about the merits of a violent revolution.

Honestly, I think I am gonna take another Tumblr hiatus and try to stop being on this site so much again. I’m not gonna close my blog like before but I’m gonna try to blog less and be more productive yet in real life. I just think that internet culture isn’t great for me. I like Tumblr because it’s kinda like multitasking and helps with my bad attention span but I need to stop relying on it as a source of entertainment or comfort for me. I don’t know. I’m going to try to blog less though.

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Yeah I'm a freshman in high school, and I'm bi. I haven't told anyone yet, but that's not my concern rn. Lately I've been feeling really lonely, like not lack of friends but lack of a relationship. I'm mostly into guys and I don't know how I'd ask one out or even know if they're gay or whatever. I just don't know what to do 😔

It*s not easy to meet other gay/bi guys when you’re in high school. Most of the guys aren’t out just like you. The internet is a great platform to get to know some new people in your age. Maybe you should try that first? 

Let's be real thinkers here

I know I’m serious about the YouTube video series. I wanted to start as soon as possible.
Just remembered what kind of internet I have and it ain’t shit compared to actual internet.

So… I’m gonna have to approach this a bit differently.

That and it’s taking a longer time trying to get the game.
Secondly, I don’t have a great recording system to capture the window/desktop screen anymore.

I guess I better find a way somehow.

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lmao i-actually-dont-rly-care is mad about down with cis jokes but defends their transphobia with "it's just a harmless internet joke" what a stupid hypocrite

they wanna insult the oppressed without the oppressed fighting back in any way, classic anti sjs

My ASK will be OFF

for most days over the next 2 weeks

please save up your questions to ask me on my return. 

i am turning it off so that asks dont get lost in my inbox, and in case things are too late by the time i answer them. 

i won’t have internet, just sporadically.

posts are queued. 

remember to donate if you can, i really appreciate it when people do. and  my little man cat will have to go to the vet soon which i just can not afford. which upsets me a lot because i brought him up from 7 weeks and hand reared him. my little boy. 

pay pal link 

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I tried to follow your insta chloessun but i couldnt find???? :(

that’s weird I was on my instagram just then, maybe it’s just your internet x