Batman v Superman // Supergirl

It did on my world. My world doesn’t exist anymore.
This is my world. You are my world.

I am that kind of girl that will randomly kiss you because your lips are unrealistically beautiful, I will randomly hug you, or kiss your hand, or do silly noises before kissing you, the kind of girl who will make you dinner and buy you flowers. Because I am that kind of girl who needs someone to love and to take care off cuz more than just having a girlfriend I love having someone to take care off, someone to love.
—  I need a girlfriend ASAP


she goes to his apartment instead of hers. newspaper tucked 
under her arm, she uses her spare key to get in and finds him
sitting at the counter on his laptop. 

flipping the newspaper open to the right page, she slides it to
him, taps at the headline. MUTANT ‘ACTIVIST’ MAKES BROAD
it reads, in bold, crisp news-

          “I guess I should be happy they used a nice photo,
           and not one where I look like Cruella.”

  • Riley and Maya:Lucas, we both like you and you have to choose between us to end this triangle. Oh, but make sure no one gets hurt. We can't decide, so you have to. Remember, no one should be hurt. Just pick one of us and not the other. K? Thanks.
  • Me:How have people been blaming Lucas for this mess?

So yesterday I officially watched Ski Lodge part one as the full episode.

People were all talking about how the Maya fantasy was all fiery and passion and “hot” and I just… don’t see it? Like they seemed bored with each other rather than the “world’s power couple.”

There were all these comments about how “hot” and “passionate” the fantasy was and so I went in bracing myself but it wasn’t. At all.

  • Who doesn't want to believe in true love? Whether it's between a superhero and his assistant,
  • Audience:*silence*
  • two shadowhunters,
  • Audience:*silence*
  • or an ex-stormtrooper and an X-wing pilot.
  • Audience:*cheers*