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There's this guy in military history club at my school who is the living embodiment of Percy Jackson I swear to the gods. Deep set blue green eyes, black hair, hot as hell, and a hell of a swordsman, it's weird, and I almost want to point it out to him because he's read the book and he doesn't know! (Like he fights exactly like Percy, all wild and quick and bright eyed it's disarming)

h o l y moley are you kidding me, i think you have found actual percy jackson. for the sake of all of us, befriend him and tell us all of his secrets

“Trust your training and do all the workouts but most importantly, trust yourself. You can do it. It’s a mental sport and you need to break out of those shackles that are holding you back from being the runner you want to be. You have the power, you have the form, you have the heart now all you need to do is set yourself free.”

linguistics academia au where Tarvek is very prescriptivist and Gil is very not and they’re only grad students but they’re already up to like six degrees of “Response to Response to…” essays in some minor journal, which mostly keeps accepting their submissions because this is hilarious. (the journal is The Castle, managed and edited since its founding by Agatha’s family.)


Hello VS Arashi staff! I would really much like to apply to the “catching Arashi’s balls” job pun intended Throwing myself at Arashi’s members feet is the dream best view, no need to pay me, thank you very much!

Girls Just Wanna Read (1/2)

@pirateprincesemma requested: “You’re overdue on this book and I want it so I’m tracking u the fuck down.” – And because I took forever working on it, I decided two kinda drabbles isn’t bad, yes? 

summary: Jones made a very bad mistake when he decided not to turn his book in on time. It’s not just her duty as sheriff – it’s her duty as a fan. 

Rated T / 1700 words 

The Princess Bride is one of those books where you know what’s going to happen. Everyone and their mother – or at least, Emma Swan hoped her mother had read it – knew what it was and what it was about and thus the library had about six copies of it.

And all of them were checked out right when Emma wanted to read it. No big deal though, right? She could just wait it out and get it when one came back – or buy it off the internet like everybody else, right?


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Why dating in Autumn is the best
  1. halloween is around the corner and that means you can go to halloween fairs and be cute
  2. holding hands as you watch horror movies
  3. kissing at the scary parts 
  4. couple costumes
  5. aesthetic pictures kissing under colourful leaves
  6. jumping in leaf piles together
  7. autumn clothes are cute af and you can look cute af together
  8. pumpkin carving together
  9. trick-or-treating together
  10. the weather starts to get hold so you can cuddle to keep warm

Look. I am a bisexual. Have been for many years. I know what they are like. I am familiar with their ways. And I know that Riley Matthews is one. And she’s not just kind of bi, no–she’s a HUGE bisexual. Flaming. One of the biggest little bis to ever bi.

So tell me–how long will this poor blatantly bisexual girl be forced to keep pretending she’s straight? Come on, Disney. This is cruel.


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petition to stop editing out plus size models’ cellulite and stretch marks 2k16

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What are your honest thoughts on Nick & Reagan as a couple? I'm not a Reagan hater but personally, I don't think she fits well with him.

Okay, this may get to be a long response, just to prepare you.  So first I’d like to say that I’m not a Reagan hater either, nor do I dislike Megan Fox.  In fact, I actually have really enjoyed her in some other roles, but I knew from the moment they cast her, it would be to “shake things up” or in other words, have her and Nick become a thing which in turn would inevitably create drama. Now I’m not the type of viewer who enjoys watching drama for drama’s sake.  If it makes sense and it adds to the storyline rather than seems like it’s just there as a plot-filler, then great.  I just don’t feel like that was the case when they first added Reagan as a character/love interest for Nick.  Now back to your original question, in terms of what I think of them as a couple, I just don’t see a lot of chemistry there.  If you guys will recall my preview for “Heat Wave” last season, I said the same thing then.  When Nick and Jess are in a scene together, there’s just an automatic chemistry between them, whether as friends or more.  I just don’t see that with Nick and Reagan, especially as a couple. So while I don’t mind Reagan as a character by herself, I don’t enjoy her and Nick together. The only thing I will say, is while I don’t really enjoy “drama for drama’s sake”, if her being a part of the show and being Nick’s girlfriend leads to Nick and Jess getting back together, then I’m for it.  As long as they balance Nick’s feelings for Reagan with his feelings for Jess that seem to be simmering just under the surface.