Competitive!Mix blaming the interviewer despite getting the highest score  ≧◡≦ 

I’ve been thinking about Peeta’s bakery a lot post-mj and can you just imagine the amount of people that probably go there for so many reasons. I think the people of District 12 definitely were respectful of Katniss and Peeta but I’m sure people still wanted a glimpse of Peeta, to thank him and he was beloved. But what I’ve been thinking about the most is all the teenage girls that prob went to the bakery lol. Like imagine growing up and hearing about Katniss and Peeta and the revolution and you live in 12 and you’re like 6 and have you a innocent crush on Peeta and then before you know it you’re 14 and Peeta is a hot dad and your hormones are crazy and you like go to the bakery like everyday with your friends and just have bad thoughts and dream of having your own Peeta lol.