[+563, -113] I remember a long time ago I watched a rookie group member on some variety show literally doing anything she was asked to try to get her group’d name out there. Despite it all, her efforts never came to fruition… Then O started to notice a group start to get popular with Twinkle Twinkle and grow to win #1 now… Find out that girl group member was Minah. She worked so hard, to the point where people would accuse her of overreacting to everything. That was so many years ago.. time really flies fast.

I really tried my best to get Girl’s Day acknowledged, but it was so hard. To others, my image was just some other silly girl. After all, I’m a girl group member too… - Minah on Star Gazing

How to (generally) care for your cacti and other succulents

 *please bear in mind that this is very general advice and the internet is a great great tool, so don’t be afraid to look up your specific species for more apt advice

This is a question I receive fairly often so I figured why now make a nifty little post for everyone (though this is fairly bland and intuitive advice)

Cacti and other succulents are great because they’re super low maintenance. And as a general rule, they’re pretty forgiving too.

Again, I really recommend looking up your particular plant so you can give it the best care possible but here are so general guidelines for potted cacti.

Food: You should definitely repot the little sucker as soon as you get it because it’s probably drained all the little nutrients out of the soil it’s been in. As for the rest of the time, feeding your cactus a dilute (DILUTE!) solution of plant food with the changing of each season (so around 3-4 times a year) is super great.

Water: Water really depends on what kind of succulent you have (and it’s growing season) and the environment you’re putting him in. With indoor cacti, it could range from every few weeks to every month whereas outdoor cacti can be thirsty little buggers (again depending on the environment) and can need watering every few days. The soil should be somewhat moist (ew that word) and shouldn’t ever be bone-dry (cmon he’s low maintenance but he’s is still alive). Please please please don’t drown the lil baby though, overwatering is a bigger threat than underwatering.

Light: If he’s a houseplant, station him near a window that’ll get decent sunlight throughout the day. If he’s more of an outdoor plant, get him under some shade (never never never in direct sunlight) until he’s accustomed to the sun or else your lil baby could get a bad case of sun burn.

That’s basically it, and again, every plant varies here and there so it’s pretty touch and go, but they’re a pretty forgiving family so don’t forget to have fun with it :)


Picking up where we left off yesterday. We take a moment to reflect back on the girls, watching this unfold, and I love that the episode did that. They’re completely at the back of all this. Usagi is the eye of the storm that’s centered on the Outers, this is all between them while the Inners simply watch.

But for a moment, we pull back (literally the camera focuses on them, which is the second time that’s happened this episode; it’s effective, but I’m wondering if the animation studio got a new camera and were excited to play with it). The girls are watching, and they’re stunned. Their reactions give that little extra boost to Usagi’s extreme response. She’s upset. She’s SO UPSET at the Outers that even her best friends are shocked by her reaction.

Even REI is shocked by Usagi’s reaction.

Rei, who’s had Usagi up in her face more than anyone. That means though that Rei knows intimately when it’s serious. When she and Usagi have a go at each other, there’s always that level of understanding and trust between them. (UGH AGAIN A POST I CAN’T LINK TO THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING) They’ve come to learn where the lines are. how to read between them, how not to step over them. So I love using the girls, with Rei specifically showing the most worry about this, as a means of further highlighting that this isn’t just Usagi being overly dramatic and disproportionately reacting. She is meaning every single thing she says.

What I’d love to see come out of this is the others suspecting that something else is going on here. Usagi’s reaction is intense, and while I feel part of it is indeed exactly what it appears to be, I believe it’s being fed by so much stress and worry that she’s been repressing for months now. I don’t know how the Mamoru situation is going to be revealed (less how it’ll be resolved) but I’d very much love for this to be the moment the girls recognize there’s more going on here than they thought.


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