I’ve been wanting to do a Memento Mori series for Supernatural for a while, and tabling at Ladies of Supernatural Con this year has been an excellent excuse. Here’s the hunter suit. Please pardon the watermark, that won’t be on the cards themselves!

Monsters - AngelsDemons

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The wind snarls her blonde hair miles above the Arizona desert and she figures there’s no real point of contention here: Rachel was an angel, not just a voice, this was really happening.

“Okay, you make a good argument,” she says, “but I still don’t understand what you want me for. I’m just a clerk, I never even finished my degree–”

<You are not ‘just’ anything,> Rachel replies, and xyr voice is weathered leather and the deep boom of cannonfire and it leaves the taste of burnt sugar in the back of her mouth. <You are meant for greater things.

“Yeah, sure,” she snorts, “and I’m the Chosen One, destined to bring balance to the Force, right?”

<No,> the answer startles her. <I am no longer bound by destiny, and neither are you. But you do have a choice: you can go home to your little apartment, or you can come with me to Heaven and see things no other mortal eye has seen while we change the course of history.>

She’s silent for a moment.

“Yeah, alright, what the hell,” she says, “Let’s do it.”


I really wasn’t supposed to spend three days on this.

I really like the theory that Naomi is actually one of the Fates; I picked Lachesis because she’s the one who measures the length of a soul’s life, and is said to choose a person’s destiny after a thread is measured. That’s why her lowered right hand is made of sewing, crocheting, and leatherworking tools. The gold threads she’s manipulating are the puppet-strings of heaven. The albatross head is a reference to the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner, and the shadows on the human face are in the shape of a spade in reference to the Queen of Spades in French tarot. 

There’s an omega sign in her ribcage to indicate she’s sort of the last resort of heaven; the upside down cross is St. Peter’s Cross, to show her reluctance to claim true divinity. Her raised left hand is decked out in surgical tools that she uses as a physician of angels, in Castiel’s “recovery” in particular. Her wings are a shattered mirror as a reflection of Heaven’s poor condition and also her own enigmatic duplicity.

TL;DR: I just have a lot of Naomi feels okay



(play the game here!)

Nothing can really damage Leviathan or Beloved–but they CAN be separated.

The two major obstacles pushing Leviathan and Beloved apart were originally the Supernova and the Unfolding, both of which are God’s tools for Creation. 

The Supernova is a violent and explosive form of Creation. Originally, the detritus left behind by the explosion was a power boost that would drive Beloved to the veil faster. Ultimately, we decided to go with a cluster of new stars instead. Either way, there needed to be incentive for the player to stick around and risk being blown off-course. The animation also ended up being greatly simplified because I don’t enjoy animating enough to have been able to pull the original concept off.

The Unfolding is an ambitious element that relies on the “paper map blueprint” nature of the universe in order to work. The theory was that a new seam would appear on the paper, and then a new stretch of space would push open and drive apart whatever was on opposite sides of the seam. I really liked this idea because it most clearly conveyed God’s huge influence on the universe. Unfortunately, it proved just too difficult to program, so it didn’t make it into the final version of the game, but I still like the concept.