Good god this update is horrendous. Like…What were they eve thinking? ‘How can we absolutely screw over as many of our consumers as physically possible whilst pretending this is a good thing?’

I’d guess you’d call this “illustration fan art.”  

I’m a huge fan of all of maruti-bitamin‘s paintings, and to get back into doing color work again I made a little study of this piece of hers but in my own drawing style.  Sometimes I find it helpful to explore how other artists far better than me have solved artistic problems, just to play and test things out.  I use watered down gouache instead of true watercolor though, so hers was a hard technique to emulate and mine looks nothing like the original (which is gorgeous!) but that’s okay.  :)  This was just to play around.

Anyway, I hope you don’t mind me copying one of your pictures, maruti-bitamin​!  I just love your work!  And for everyone else, if you’re not familiar with her art, do yourself a favor and click her name.  You won’t be disappointed!

anonymous asked:

LadyKay, do you know any good tips on how to choose a specialty? I've searched through the internet and it's either quizzes/tests or vague self-assesment. I've used these tools but I still don't know what to choose. :(

I don’t believe in those tests or flow charts. 

The biggest thing is to just figure out what it is that makes you happy! I think there are a couple ways to do this. 

Answer the following questions as you work in a specialty as a med student. 

1) Could I do the worst part of this specialty every day for the rest of my life?

2) Could I go WITHOUT the best part of this specialty every day for the rest of my life if I picked something else?

3) Do I work well with the other people in this specialty? Do I see some characteristics of myself in them? 

4) Is this fulfilling? Is it challenging?

5) Am I good at it? 

6) If I do this every day for 50 years will I get bored of it? 

7) How do I feel at the end of the day? Tired? Proud? Or just dying to leave work? 

8) Does this specialty fit into the other things I want in my life? (Family, hobbies, etc) 

9) Do I like to go home and read about things I saw in my patients during this specialty, or was I not interested? 

10) AM I HAPPY? 

I think if you go through and answer each of those questions in every specialty you’ll see what you want to do. 

I know for me, I would be incredibly unhappy if I had to go into a specialty where I never got to be in an OR again. I would miss it too much! 

A fun idea to try

Hide and seek. Think about it.

In a private match (or if you can somehow manage it in a squad or regular idk) the hiders are on one team and are given a good amount of time to hide (to cover up any unwanted ink trails and such) 

on the other team is a seeker or seeker team and they try and find the fellow squids by shooting around. If not all the squids are found (by found i mean splatted) by the time limit’s end, then the hiders win. If they are all found then the seekers win. 

Rules: hiders arent allowed to splat seekers, seekers arent allowed to use special seeking specials, theres probably a lot more to revise on this.