A Wincest comic, because reasons. :3 

So, usually when I ship, I choose just one favorite and stick with it. But with SPN, I’m kinda guilty of having multiple favorite pairings. Sastiel, Hanstiel, and yes, even Wincest. What can I say? Those dorks are adorable. Not even Hell itself can keep them apart for long! ^-^ 

This is my terrible first attempt at making a comic on the computer. Haha It’s just a very short and simple thing to test out the comic-making part of my computer program so it’s nothing special. XD

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Krisho puleaseuh ;;

krisho - vampire!kris & human!suho au

kris glances around the sparse apartment, fingers tracing the discoloured walls where frames once hung. suho probably had them in boxes right now, carefully labelled ‘fragile’. he had told suho that there was no need for him to pack, that he was able to provide anything that suho needed when he moved in, only to be rejected because “these aren’t just things, kris. they’re meaningful to me”. his response of “sentimental humans” made suho chuckle and pat him on the shoulder. “you were human once too, kris.”

the vampire had long gotten over attachment to material things, they hardly ever lasted for as long as he wanted them too. in fact, there wasn’t a lot of anything that held much meaning to him (with certain exceptions such as the ties and other gifts that suho found joy in giving him) after having lived over centuries.

“you don’t have to help me pack, you know,” suho, neatly lining a new box with the books that he insisted on bringing along, looks over at kris. “i can handle it.”

the vampire settles down next to him. “i know,” kris doesn’t mention how suho would never have shifted that oversized armchair downstairs without his help. he wonders if humans ever knew how fragile they were.

“but…?” suho prompts.

“but i want to,” he hunches slightly. “i like spending time with you.”

suho chuckles, fingers pulling the vampire down by his collar to bring their lips together. “sentimental vampire.”