I am reliably informed by the internet that these are the main characters from Dukylon, which actually fits perfectly with the little bit I know of it so far. Dukylon is like ¾ of Clamp’s favourite work, so Outo would be the perfect place to make use of all the things they like the best. It’s the longest world we’ll have in a while, it’s plot important, and it’s kind of the best thing to ever happen, so there’s a lot of fun to have with everything that goes down. The perfect example of this is Fai, and… well, pretty much everything that has come out of his mouth since we’ve arrived here. Clamp is enjoying themselves, so Dukylon is the natural choice here. 

And they seem like neat characters so far, so A+ on that regard, but I have so many questions about their methods already it’s not even funny. 

The whole “attack people to test their abilities” thing comes up all over the place in fiction, so I’m not criticising that at all, but I’m definitely curious about the way Erii justified it. Testing them? Sure. Fine. That seems entirely in line with your avenue of work. But implying that you wouldn’t give them information if they failed the test? Not so much. 

My thought immediately go to characters who are excellent fighters but who are also clumsy and not always aware of surprise attacks. CCS!Sakura, for example. Not everyone is 100% aware at all times, and I imagine this would especially apply during the day when they have no reason to expect an attack. And, okay, maybe that’s exactly what Erii is trying to do. She wants to test their awareness of potential attacks at any given time, but I seriously want to know if she still gives people consideration if they just scream and fall over, because I’m adamant you can be a great fighter and still have terrible reflexes sometimes. 

Because on that note it sounds like the people who fail her test would be the ones who need her information the most. People with perfect reflexes can handle themselves, after all. People who are struggling and might need help to actually survive in the fight of their lives should actually get this help. 

anonymous asked:

How do you have such flawless skin? Make up? Products?!

I don’t wear make up, truth be told. It’s actually just a trick of light. I like to use natural lighting so I open the blinds and do this:

It doesn’t work all the time, especially if you got zitzilla, but if you have rosy red cheeks and light blemishes like me, it’ll do the trick.