I’d guess you’d call this “illustration fan art.”  

I’m a huge fan of all of maruti-bitamin‘s paintings, and to get back into doing color work again I made a little study of this piece of hers but in my own drawing style.  Sometimes I find it helpful to explore how other artists far better than me have solved artistic problems, just to play and test things out.  I use watered down gouache instead of true watercolor though, so hers was a hard technique to emulate and mine looks nothing like the original (which is gorgeous!) but that’s okay.  :)  This was just to play around.

Anyway, I hope you don’t mind me copying one of your pictures, maruti-bitamin​!  I just love your work!  And for everyone else, if you’re not familiar with her art, do yourself a favor and click her name.  You won’t be disappointed!

Got an article I need to read by 6 for a grade?
Got a design project due tomorrow?

Nah let’s draw this shit instead.


Alpha had picked up on some time abnormalities. While there were many people who decided to time travel, he had to be the one to make sure nothing went wrong when it happened. This one wasn’t to bad, just a person being out of place a little too much for his superiors liking. So, he had to be the one to find them and stop them, at least from jumping far too much. When he did find the culprit, he just stared at the girl, remembering that she had helped him fight alongside him against Feida.

“Kinako Nanobana, correct?”


Chris, where are you…?

-The thought raced through her head, repeated as if on infinite loop, threatening to drive her crazy.  How many times had she had that exact same thought throughout her life?  How many times had she over-reacted, only to find out that Chris was completely safe and unharmed?-

Too many times to count, that’s how many.

-But she didn’t care.  Knowing her brother’s occupation had always been a cause for worry, even more so now.  And when she couldn’t get in touch with him, a niggling little thought wormed its way into her head, increasing her doubt and making her anxious.-

It’s not like he’s going to go off and die or anything, Claire!  Come on, you know your brother better than this!

-And yet she had driven all the way to Raccoon City just because she couldn’t get Chris to answer his phone.  Granted, she had been trying for a while, but still; it had seemed excessive at the time.  And that whole night had decided the rest of her life…-

Damn, voice mail again.  When are you gonna learn to tell me when you’re going places, Chris?  You know how I worry!

-She sighed heavily and flopped down on her couch, tossing the phone onto the coffee table to keep herself from staring at the screen.  Obsessing over his whereabouts was a bad idea, as the past had clearly proven.  When Chris was ready, he’d call her.-

He’s fine.  Besides, you have plenty here to keep you busy, right?

-Thank god her inner voice was capable of being calm.  It was true she had some reports to go through for Terra Save.  The paper work kinda sucked, but she loved what she was doing.  Pulling an all nighter once in a while was worth it.-

All right.  I’ll make some tea and get to work.  That should keep me calm.