I finally got myself a wacom cintiq and I’m looooving it! ;O; I’ve been using my faithful wacom bamboo for about 8 years and it was pretty much falling apart at this point (the pen buttons didn’t work anymore and the pen just fell apart in use). Hopefully this one will last as long, or at least to the point where I can afford a bigger and better one. u v u;; 

I will probably open my commissions soon (after I’ve gotten used to this tablet), so I can gain some of the money back so I can actually eat.. and stuff. So keep an eye out for that~

Anon Prompt: Shower

((Loose interpretation time! I probably stayed up way too late to write this properly.))

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okay, but imagine a malydia au where lydia gets so used to having malia over cause she needs to catch up so much that she gets used to malia always invading her personal space or just braiding malia’s hair cause that’s what they do when they take study breaks or lydia being bored and coming up with new methods to try and teach malia things and malia just sitting there silently watching lydia draw or put her makeup on and it calms her and like-

why don’t more people talk about malydia