One Step At A Time Draco x reader

Rating: Fluff
Request?: Yes,  Hey I would like to request a draco x reader. Only of you still take them of course😊. It plays in hbp and the reader is dracos girlfriend/boyfriend(idc) and also a forced deatheater(you know what I mean?😅) And like all this stuff happening with Voldemort and now school and their mission really affects her. And many of her friends are worried about her, even ppl who don’t like her, and draco notices it too and talks to her. So it’s like fluff and stuff. And thank you of you have the time to write it 🤗
Warnings: NONE 0:)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          I was made to stand in the dining hall at my house with my mother and father, Lord Voldemort entered the room followed by roads of thick black smoke signalling his arrival. I looked over to my father who reached over to place his hand over my shoulder. “ Ahh Miss y/l/n, so nice to meet you again” his smudged smile being directed to me, I looked down to my feet avoiding eye contact with him at all costs. “It’s time for you to join us… officially” he raised a hand to his wand which was immediately pointed at me “come forward child” his voice had deepened immensely. I turned to my father who wasn’t daring to look in my direction “Dad? I don’t understand, what’s going to happen” my dad still refused to maintain any form of eye contact with me.“It’s time for you to become… a death eater-”“one of us” Voldemort interrupted my Father as my Mother walked out of the room with her head hung low.

 A collection of long bone like fingers crept over my shoulder pushing me against the wall as long black ink ran along my arm creating a dark skull shaped stain.My mind went black as Voldemort kept talking to me. When I got to the Slytherin common room it was almost completely deserted; all except for Draco. he was sat in the large leather armchair closest to the fireplace, with a potions book in his hands.

 It was fairly late now so it was understandable to hear his small snores echo throughout the room. I glanced back at him as I left to go to my bed, it was so quiet I could hear the lake rushing past the windows but my thoughts were loud and corrupted, trying to get to sleep tonight would prove to be a travesty…

 ——It’s only been two days. Two whole days, I can’t cope it stresses me out too much. I forced my way out of bed, looking into the mirror only to see my swollen puffy eyes and my skin turning grey from the lack of sleep. I just can’t sleep no matter what I do. It was only at dinner people started to question me; I was holding hands with Draco under the table when he looked over at me and frowned he saw I wasn’t eating any food just poking it around the plate. “Y/n, are you alright. You look a bit ti-”“yes Draco I’m fine…"I reached over for my cup when my sleeve pushed its way up my arm exposing my inked flesh only to Draco he was the only one paying attention to me fully, he was the only one who had truly cared. throughout my day people have asked if I’m okay or told me that I look tired and that I should get and early night tonight.Draco’s looked deep into my eyes as soon as he saw the ink etched into my forearm, withdrawing my arm from the table and tugging down my sleeve, I got up and ran to my dorm, I couldn’t let anyone see my weakness. not even Draco. When I reached my room so many tears had fallen, whilst I was running down the hall crying in distress multiple students had witnessed me cry, thinking about that embarrasses me even more. I buried my head deep into my pillow to allow my tears to fall freely.

 A rough set of hands latched over my shoulders pulling me to their chest upon realising it was Draco I instantly tried to pull myself together, hoping that my tears would just magically disappear, but it was hopeless he seen too much if my weak side that I just gave it all to him. I gripped helplessly at his robes wanting nothing more than for him to hold me close until it was all okay, I leant closer into his chest he smelt like lemon grass and home.

 A familiar scent that made me feel so at home because I belonged to him and him only."y/n, shh shh its going to be alright soon” he hushed me repeatedly.“No Draco, it’s not I can’t kill anyone, please this already hurts too much I don’t know how much longer I can live with myself knowing my parents subjected me to this and I let them, Draco I gave in.” my sobs came harder than I had expected my body trembling so much that Draco’s hand which had remained on my shoulder shook with my body.“This is all my fault, y/n I’m so sorry I got you involved…” His voice lowered to a whisper holding me close to his chest and tugging me lightly into his lap.“Draco, I come from a pureblood family, who are massively involved with Voldemort. It was bound to happen anyway, don’t place the blame on yourself it’s not fair” My crying had quietened by this time and Draco was placing small butterfly kisses across my neck.“Y/n it will all be fine soon I’ll do Whatever I Can to save you” and I already knew he was telling the truth we would stand together and protect each other through thick and thin. Sleep gently pulled me into its reigns and soon enough It was a brand new day.

 I was happy to inside my comfy bed sheets with a large tuft of dishevelled platinum blond hair next to me, and piercing grey eyes darting around all my features. “oh, babe you eyes are all puffy” Draco reached over to stroke my cheek carefully. “It’s fine Draco…” I smiled up and him lightly. His hand dropped from my face to grip my own hand.“Today let’s face the rest of the world together”                                                                                                                            

[x] sorry that this short, it was a really good request that I tried to do justice but my next image is going to a lot more descriptive just to test out different styles of writing just to see which one works best. In other new tonight, I’m performing a dance cover of J hopes boy meets evil dance, I’m so nervous and yet so excited. xx