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Not a confession- how long does it usually take to get a confession posted? I'm not trying to be annoying I was just wondering.

if you submit a pre-made one, a week or so. if i have to make it, then it can take six weeks or two months or forever even it seems ~Taiga

Okay so far for this POC Spellbook, we’ll definitely be using google docs to submit things, because that’s just easy for everyone. But if you don’t have google and would like to submit something, I can provide you with my email address or you can just submit through the blog!

We’ll have a table of contents that divides everything. So far, I’m thinking we’ll have spells, hexes, charms, curses, sigils, and crystals.

If you have any other suggestions, let me know, and we can add that to the table of contents as well. When the idea gets a bit more solidified, I’ll start asking for submissions.

Also, I was talking to my friend about publishing books a while ago, and I’ve decided that we can have it as a free ebook. I’m leaning more towards the latter because it makes it easier for everyone to access and read! Because I myself am short on cash.

Also—art! I think we should have an entire section dedicated to art if you have any, regarding your witchcraft of course.

Anyway, here’s where we stand so far. Any suggestions you have, feel free to add.

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Heyy! I'm also an aspiring writer and I can't say how much your blog has inspired me! How long did it take you to pursue your dreams as an author?

Aww thank you so much! I’m actually still pursing them at the moment as far as my novel, but with my short stories it was actually pretty easy. Just have to submit to magazines and keep at it. But I encourage you to only apply to places that pay you, even if its a bit tougher, your work is worth it. Freedom with Writing is a great resource for magazines that are open for submissions as well as pay you. For me I got lucky–the first place I submitted accepted my work

Humans are huge scary nerds

So as humanity progresses we have all these ideas of what space travel might be like. What if we just mash everything we have made up in science fiction into space armadas. I guarantee one person will put their own body in an exact replica of General Grievous’ body and be the captain of a Super Star destroyer with several other human space crafts like the USS Enterprise and fighter jet style craft. And then what if Humans are the only ones to come up with the idea of a Death Star? Humans become known as the Cyborg death people who can’t die and literally have the power to destroy planets with their moon size super weapons.

At the same time we want to literally befriend everything so the aliens kinda just submit like “yeah ok don’t anger the chill world ending nerds”.

TL;DR Humans shove a clusterfuck of science fiction into real life