Earth is basically a fantasy world with an overzealous writer

Writer: “Hey, can I show you my new fantasy world?” 

Editor: “Sure, let me take a look…” 

Writer: “Thanks! I’d love to know what you think.” 

Editor: “Wait, I’m confused. Where’s the habitable zone? It looks like you’ve got lifeforms covering the entire planet.” 

Writer: “Oh right, so this is cool. The idea is that this world actually rotates as it orbits its nearby star, so instead of having a dark side and a light side with a habitable zone in the middle, both sides go through a constant light/dark cycle, making it so the whole planet is a habitable zone! Neat, huh?” 

Editor: “Huh, that’s… an interesting idea. But, it looks like you’ve got animals and cultures in different climates too. How does that work if the whole world is being evenly heated rotisserie-style?” 

Writer: “I’m glad you asked! See, the rotation of this world actually spins on a kind of tilted axis that oscillates back and forth. This makes the heating more even towards the middle, while the top and the bottom have more extreme climate fluctuations.” 

Editor: “I gotta be honest, this whole climate system seems needlessly complicated. Plus, you’ve got populations living thousands of miles inland. Do you realize that keeping everything hydrated would take an impossible amount of irrigation resources?” 

Writer: “Yeah, yeah! I thought of that too! It works because the air on this world is full of invisible dust particles, so when water evaporates there it condensates on the dust and accumulates into these HUGE floating bodies of water, which drift around everywhere and-” 

Editor: “Stop, just stop, OK? Look, using one or two of these ideas could be neat, but nobody’s going to take you seriously if you keep cramming in more and more crazy stuff like this. You need to tone it down a bit.” 

Writer: “…” 

Writer: “So can I tell you about the cool magnetic force field?” 

Editor: *sigh* 

Nasty Paladin (NSFW)

After a huge boss fight with a massive demon that stood 100 feet tall even though he was stuck in the group up to his waist. The final blow was done by the paladin who carved his way through the demons eye socket and into its brain.

DM: You killed it! You lady comes up and cheers for you, drawing her sword to start attacking its corpse.

Paladin: I join in, carving it apart.

Other members: (do random stuff for 10 minutes)

Paladin (ooc): So DM, would you say our blood is up and pumping?

DM: Yes?… why?…

Paladin (ooc): how large and concealed is the cave I’ve dug through the demons skull?

DM: Very? what are you…


Paladin: I take my lady…

Other player: You sick puppy…

Paladin: Inside the skull…

DM: OK just stop right there, i get what you mean. That’s nasty as fuck but she’s so into it if you are. roll con saves.

Both the paladin and the lady roll nat20’s

DM: oh god. its so wrong. But so, SO right. I don’t even know what to say about this.

SG Writers: Hi Katie, we’ve come talk about the script for season 3

Katie: Hi Stupid, have you guys finally come to terms with giving me more screen time with Supergirl?

SG Writers: Yes Katie, we’ve added more scenes with you and melissa in hopes to develop the Lena/Kara relationship. Have a look at the script

Katie: *thinking* (omg? chill, just fucking relax, read the damn thing and expect nothing ..omgomgomgwhatifIgettokissSupergirlomgomg ok just stop being such a homo and read tha thing)

Katie: 15 scenes and still no making out with Supergirl? this won’t do.


nope it won’t do.

Mr. No Name Kid (P2)

((this is a continued part for this, which I submitted to @connorxxmurphy! Enjoy~))

Since the first note, Evan had gotten some more, all of them were signed the same. ‘Sincerely, Mr. No Name Kid’. He was filled with warmth and appreciation for this guy, but who was he? 

“Chill, Evan. So this dude’s anonymous, you probably know him,” Jared commented as Evan paced.

“I mean, read it, it’s all just mushy gay stuff about your eyes, hair and personality.” The glasses- wearing teen snorted, and mimicked a Shakesperian actor’s grave voice.

“Your voice, is the clearest and the way you-” 

“Stop that!” Evan yelped and snatched back the note, he was blushing.

 Jared gave a small laugh, “OK, I’ll stop, you dork!” 

Evan continued with what he was saying before Jared’s antics, “I appreciate them so much! A-and, I wanna write them back and tell them they’re wonderful! but I don’t know who they are.”

Jared looked him over and decided he would help him, “Write them back, stick the note on your locker, and then stakeout to see who takes it! Easy as pie.” 

Evan nodded, “Alright, will you come with me…?”

“Yeah sure, gotta give whoever this is the Shovel talk, y’know?” 


That morning, between 4-5th period (literature and AP US history), the two boys staked out in the boys’ bathroom. It was a bit far from Evan’s Locke, but it’d have to do.

“I feel like I’m playing hide-and-seek and the seeker is coming close to my hideout.” Evan muttered quietly and wiped his sweaty palms on his jeans. Jared shushed him, signaling for Eva to come look.

Someone was by his locker. Someone with wavy brown hair. And that someone was Connor Murphy.

“What??” Evan slid down the wall, when he looked back at Connor one last time, he was smiling as he read the note Evan wrote. He slid a piece of paper between Evan’s locker slots. Connor shook his head and pocketed the note.

Evan felt the beginning of a smile push his mouth up. Connor Murphy liked him!

He heard amused laughter above him, Jared was hunched over, “Oh- oh wow- hahaha! I CAN’T BREATHE!” He stopped to look at Evan who was smiling at his locker, and burst into laughter again. 

“Look at you two dopes! All these smiles!” Jared clutched at his heart in exaggeration, he sniffed. “My baby boy, all grown up!”

“J-just stop it, Jared!!” 

“OK, OK. Sorry.”

Evan walked up to his locker, smiling, he leaned against it. Mr. No Name Kid had a name now.

Instruments as flutes see them
  • Piccolo: annoying little sibling in instrument form
  • Flute: God's gift to band
  • Clarinet: squeaky lil wood sticks
  • Saxophone: sound good until you talk to the person playing them
  • Oboe: better when they're not there so we can play their solos
  • Bassoon: some sort of strange mythical creature
  • Trumpet: I guess they're ok but couldn't they just... Play quieter??
  • Horn: nearly perfect. restores our faith in the brass section
  • Trombone: just kidding about that faith in the brass section
  • Euphonium: smol tuba
  • Tuba: I don't know, they're too far back for me to see one
  • Percussion: just stop ok

I need some of y'all to calm tf down.

People have school, jobs, and, in general, LIVES. Not everyone has the time or ability to stream 24/7. Please gain some perspective.

I want MX to win as much as anyone, and I’ve been streaming on vacation and now back at work whenever I have a free minute. So let’s just chill with this fakeass drama about “lazy monbebes” or “fake monbebes.”

Worry about yourself. Stay in your lane. And calm down.

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I think it's disgusting how you write ABOUT TWO REAL PEOPLE! Jikook are not characters but real human beings! What's worst is that straight girls like you make them gay and have sex together! IT'S GROSS JUST STOP IT!

Ok, go pick up a fiction book. Like a hard copy fiction book you’d find in a book store. You see those names of the characters? Yeah those, guess what. THEY’RE GOING TO BE BASED ON A REAL PERSON, SAY WHAT??? The name is changed but the author barrow another person to create that character. Welcome to writing, welcome to the world of authors! As my teacher said “if you meet an author don’t be surprise if you end up in a story” cause that’s how characters are born BY REAL LIFE FUCKING PEOPLE. I could be as small as a ring you wear or your whole look. Now, yes, we are borrowing Jimin and Jungkook (and other members and other OTPS and other-) but they’re a character in a story. Even when it’s a non au they’re still characters and not the real Jimin and Jungkook. Characters based on real people is not new.

I am not straight, I am a Bisexual goddess thank you very much! Now, nothing wrong with being gay or sex, why do you hetro’s always get angsty over these things?

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dating baejin scenarios please??

Originally posted by winkdeep

shoutout to carina ( @imagineproduce101 ) for helping me w this u the real mvp bless u — aka please go follow her, thank u!! she also writes pd101 scenarios and they are really good!!

and also, combing boyfriend!baejin w this too!! 

- a cutie who loves to show a lot of affection!!

- constant hugs 

- especially back hugs

- once u tackled him into a back hug and jinyoung just,,,stopped functioning 

- ‘’are u ok???’’

- ‘’…’’

- ‘’ jinyoung?” 

- ‘’…you’re so cute stopmfeimflsndfndsl’’ 

- cue him covering his face in order to avoid eye contact w u lol 

- ok cuties anyways

- sometimes talks to u about the weirdest things that don’t even make sense LMFAO 

- but even if it doesn’t make sense, u enjoy listening to him anyways 

- bc he looks so cute and u don’t mind listening to him bc his voice is soothing too bless 

- matching phone charms!! 

- also giving u random gifts even if u tell him not too 

- ‘’i thought of you when i saw this so i had to buy it!” 

- buys u cute plushies and charms and probably little trinkets that are cute 

- likes crafting things so diy projects lmao 

- arcade dates 

- u two like to have a competition on who can win the most tickets

- but in the end, the two of u combine tickets to get random stuff at the ticket store whatever idk 

- also,,,

- did i hear karaoke dates??? 

- invites basically everyone LMAO 

- but when does happen, he clings onto jihoon more than u :(( 

- aka u pouting every time u see them together 

- eventually at the end, he would reassure u that it meant nothing and cuddles for the rest of the night!! 

- dating bae jinyoung would include:

-cuddling every time the two of u just want to relax

-  fingers running through each others hair bc u both like people playing with ur hair and it relaxes the two of you

- tons of aegyo that u have video recording of lMAO

-  cue baejin cringing right after doing aegyo bc he found it so embarrassing but u found it sO CUTE

- ‘’please do gwiyomi !!” 

- ‘’ no!” 

- ‘’please!!!’’ 

- ‘’…okay’’ 

- because he never could say no to u and seeing u fawn over him was worth it

-  cheesy jokes and pick up lines, 

- ‘’do you know what my shirt is made out of? boyfriend material.’’, 

- ‘’…’’ , 

- cue embarrassed jinyoung and u just laughing LMFAO 

- omg he does the dad jokes LOLOL

- ‘’jinyoung, im hungry’’ 

- ‘’hi hungry, im dad’’ 

- ‘’…’’

- ‘’HAHAHAHA- please stop hitting me,,,,’’ 

- ok anyways 

- going out on late night runs to get food

- basically buying out the whole store once the two of u go out at 4 am 

- ‘’should we make grilled cheese or brownies??” 

- ‘’why not both?? wb getting tomato soup and ice cream w the brownie?” 

- ‘’,,,u rite lets get both’’ 

- but its ok bc once u get home, u two make sm food to last the whole week 

- so u invite over the pd101 trainees to help u finish the food 

- but they just eat all of it, including food that u didnt make bc they r poor hungry boys pls feed them :((

- aka u guys going out on 4am runs again bc ur so hungry 

- and the store owner is just like ‘’u guys again???” 

- lol save ur guys

- and support baejin pls my fav 

I have one question, and it is a big one: why on earth does Sneville exist? I mean, it’s more dysfunctional than Bellatrix and Voldemort, ok? Just stop. And I get it, people ship who they want to ship, and people can change and all that, but Stinking Snivellus and Neville? Stop right there. I refuse! That greaseball is not going near our pure Nev. Keep Snape away from him, Sneville fanatics!

take this burden - part 16

[ defeated - bad suns ]


Mo Guan Shan woke first.

He was momentarily surprised to see He Tian sleeping a foot or so away.

And momentarily confused by the wall of pillows between them that He Tian must of constructed before falling asleep.

He really didn’t trust himself, did he?

Mo Guan Shan couldn’t help but wonder how much of this was for his own benefit.

He could have just gone back to his own bed after Mo Guan Shan fell asleep.

But he’d been asked to stay.

So he did.

Mo Guan Shan sat up, careful not to disturb He Tian or the precarious barrier.

He grabbed his phone and slid off the bed, hijacking one of his cigarettes and quietly stepping out onto the balcony.

He dialed his mom, feeling guilty when she picked up the phone in a panic.

He hadn’t told any of the new people in his life that he’d been ignoring her texts and phone calls for nearly two months.

And his dad’s.

And, to an extent, his sister’s.

Several minutes of apologizing and a half assed explanation that he’d made some changes, and she began to calm down.

He told her he was headed that way and he’d explain later.

Moments after he hung up, he got a text from his sister.

‘Are you bringing that fuckface with you?’



She was a woman of few words.

He knew he should have said he wasn’t coming alone, but explaining that would lead to explaining the rest of it and he hadn’t figured out how he was going to do that yet.

The two of them had several hours to talk about it in the car.


He Tian woke to a bed occupied by himself and the pile of pillows.

He spotted Mo Guan Shan on the balcony, leaning against the wall, talking on the phone.
Swiping his phone from the table, he watched it light up and turn on.

Two texts from Lucy, explaining with an apology that she’d figured out the schedule.

He thanked her, telling her not to apologize.

One from Zhengxi, asking him if they’d fucked.

He told him to shut up.

Two from Jian Yi, asking how things were going and apologizing for Zhengxi.

He said things were just fine and to tell Zhengxi to shut up again.

Almost immediately Jian Yi responded.

‘But…did you?’

He Tian sighed.


If he listened hard enough, he could practically hear Jian Yi sigh in relief.


He stood and joined Mo Guan Shan on the balcony.

‘Wanna head out in a few?’

Mo Guan Shan nodded, following He Tian back into the room.

They packed in silence.

Left the room.

Turned the key in at the front desk, and asked the valet to get the car.

Mo Guan Shan didn’t ask for the keys this time.

He Tian entered the address Mo Guan Shan gave him into the gps and followed the directions back onto the highway.

‘Did you tell your parents we were coming?’


‘How do you kinda tell someone something?’

‘I told them I was coming.’

He Tian felt a stab of…rejection? Regret?

‘Should I have stayed home?’

Mo Guan Shan looked panicked for a moment.

More so than that exchange could have caused.

‘No, no that’s not what I meant. Shit. I…’

He Tian saw the panic build. Zero to sixty in seconds.

He knew that feeling.

‘Stop. Take a deep breath.’ He Tian instructed.

He did.



‘One more.’

One more.

‘Ok.’ He Tian said softly, prompting him to continue.

‘If I’d told them you were coming they’d have had so many questions and I’m still not sure what I’m going to tell them.’

‘That’s fine.’ He Tian assured him gently.

He reached into the backseat, pulling a small orange bottle from his bag and shaking a small white pill into his palm, embarrassed but silent.

He Tian told him there were drinks in his bag.

He washed the pill down with a sip of cool water, realizing he hadn’t taken anything in front of He Tian since they’d met.

‘You ok?’ He Tian asked after a few minutes.

‘Yeah, I’m fine.’

‘I didn’t mean to upset you.’

‘It’s not you. It’s…all of this. Seeing my family, dealing with it all the sudden.’

‘Are you not close with them?’

‘No, I am. That’s the issue. I left very suddenly, ignoring their warnings and haven’t talked to them in over a month.’

‘Are they angry?’

‘My sister is furious, my parents are mostly just sad and worried. Really it was just a dick move on my part. If I’d given them some warning and explained myself they would have been completely supportive.’

‘But you didn’t?’

Mo Guan Shan shook his head, looking out the window.

‘Not even a day.’

‘Do you want to talk about it?’ He Tian asked.

‘Not right now.’ Mo Guan Shan answered quietly.

Before he could stop himself-

‘Do you think they’ll like me?’

Mo Guan Shan turned to look at him, eyes soft.


He Tian nodded, unsure of how to respond.

‘I take it you don’t meet many parents?’ Mo Guan Shan teased lightly.

‘Never.’ He admitted.



‘You don’t have to. You can stay at a hotel or-’

‘I want to.’ He Tian told him, finding he meant it.

‘Can I ask if you’re sure?’

‘No. No you can’t. You also can’t tell me to just be myself.’

‘Well, that’s all I had.’

He Tian laughed, turning up the music and placing his hand on Mo Guan Shan’s knee, giving it a squeeze.

Mo Guan Shan covered He Tian’s hand with his own, sliding it farther up his thigh.

He’d done it so he could lean back against the seat and comfortably hold He Tian’s hand at the same time.

He Tian jerked his hand back in surprise.

Mo Guan Shan had to lean over and grab the wheel when He Tian nearly swerved off the road.

He Tian corrected the car.

‘Fuck, I’m sorry.’

‘It’s ok…’ Mo Guan Shan touched He Tian’s arm softly in an attempt to be comforting.

He Tian pulled his arm away, gently this time.

Mo Guan Shan quickly jumped to the wrong conclusion.

‘I didn’t mean to, um… I think I misread the situation.’

He Tian huffed out a laugh through gritted teeth.

‘You most certainly did not. That’s what I was trying to say last night. You just… Your skin is so soft, you’re so…’ He trailed off, desperately searching for the right way to say this.

Mo Guan Shan waited for him to continue, worrying his bottom lip with his teeth.

He Tian looked away quickly.

‘He Tian, I’m sorry, but I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.’

He took a deep, calming breath, tightening his hands on the steering wheel.

‘I am trying SO hard here, but every time you touch me, I feel like I’m going to fucking lose it.

‘Oh.’ Mo Guan Shan said softly, catching on.

‘I can take care of that for you, if-’

‘Oh my god. Don’t finish that sentence. I’m about to meet your parents!’

Mo Guan Shan tried to suppress a smile.

‘Don’t even look at me. Turn around. Sit quietly and think about what you’ve done.’

Mo Guan Shan obediently turned away with a soft laugh.

‘This is NOT funny. What did you take, ecstasy?!’

Gps said they’d be there in less than an hour.

He pulled up a text Jian Yi had sent him this morning.

‘Mo Guan Shan, call Jian Yi. Tell him it’s a code blue.’


‘Just do it.’

Shrugging, Mo Guan Shan pulled up his recent contacts and selected Jian Yi’s name.

He picked up on the third ring.

‘What’s up? Is everything ok?’

‘He Tian told me to call you and tell you it’s a code blue. Whatever that means.’

Jian Yi chuckled.

‘Am I on speaker?’


‘Can He Tian hear me?’

‘I don’t think so…’

‘Cool. Whatever you’re doing, stop it.’


‘Stop it.’

‘What am I doing?’

‘I don’t know, but stop it.’

‘Is…is this code blue?’

‘Yes. And don’t tell him what I said. I told him code blue was a mild emergency and to have you call me.’

‘I am so confused.’

‘It’s a distraction tactic. Whatever you were doing was overwhelming somehow. So stop it. Do you understand.’


‘Say you understand.’

‘I understand.’

‘Alright. He should composed himself by now. Act like you’ve been put in your place somehow and just…stop it.’


‘Alright. Now if he calls for a code red we’re going to have to involve Zhengxi.’

With that, he hung up.

Mo Guan Shan put the phone in his lap.

He Tian did seem to have calmed down a bit.

Code blue was beginning to make just the tiniest amount sense.

‘So…what is it?’ He Tian asked after a few minutes.’

‘I don’t think anyone but Jian Yi knows that.’

He Tian shrugged and they left it at that.

Reality Bites Me - Veronica Lodge x Reader

Warnings: Really light swearing

Request by @riverdalexoxo : Hey, can you do a Veronica x reader where Veronica is angry at the reader bc she forgot an anniversary and she makes the reader sleep on the couch but they make up at the end with a lot of ~kisses~ thank you ur awesome ilu

I really hope you like this :) ilu2

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Phantom thieves and hogwarts houses GO

YOU JUST MADE MY DAY. HERE WE GO FAM (I’m not finished with the game so since I don’t know much about Haru we’re just gonna go through Futaba)

Starting with my best boy Ryuji Sakamoto IS A HUFFLEPUFF AND THERE IS NO ARGUMENT AGAINST IT. I will accept that Ryuji has Gryffindor qualities (bravery, not afraid of confrontation, risk-taker, etc) but that boy is NOTHING if not LOYAL. Ryuji is sunlight incarnate I will accept no other metaphor. He cares about literally everyone before he cares about himself. He literally offers to be beat up if it would make his old team feel better (pls). He is relationship-driven and his risk-taking behaviors, his confrontations, his passion for justice all come from helping out someone else. Definitely the kinda dude that would consider the house elves in a dire situation. He’s so aggressively selfless that it’s almost like “pls care about yourself first just once.” Ryuji time and time again puts other people before his personal needs and safety without a single second of hesitation. He just DOES it. And he’ll do it fifty times if you need him to. If you call him at 3am crying he’s showing up in your room, sneaking you into the Hufflepuff common room for snacks.  If you don’t have a pencil in class, he’s giving you his without mentioning it’s his only one (s’not like he was gonna do nothin’ with it anyway). You about to head into a fight he’s got no stake in? Doesn’t matter, he’s got your back. He once punched a student for making snide comments about another student’s sexuality and he has no ragrets about it. A blushin’ fool whenever someone is tender towards him cause he’s so busy being that/doing that to everyone else he doesn’t think about being on the receiving end. He’s just happy to make someone else smile, ya know? HE IS KIND. HE IS TRUE. HE IS A HUFFLEPUFF.

Akira Kurusu is 3000% a Slytherin. Dark, mysterious, smug ass mofo. A leader of his in-group (teenagers being the in-group, adults being the out-group) and thus inclusive in the sense that anyone who joins the cause can be a Phantom Thief. Where a Hufflepuff (Ryuji) might do anything for anyone they care about impulsively, a Slytherin pauses for a second, calculating–instead of diving headfirst to save Ryuji in the first palace and ending up with nothing, he hesitates and that’s when Aresene is like “so u gonna let the boy die??” and akira is like “no gimme a second there’s a fucking mask on my face.” His persona is all about MAGIC and DARKNESS if that’s not obvious enough for ya. This boy is snakey sneaky, all cunning eyes and cocky smiles and deep, mocking laughs. He knows he’s powerful and he’s not afraid to show you that he knows it. What’s wrong with knowing your own strength? Let’s not forget he is a master of interrogation. The ultimate trickster, he’s not above pulling dumb pranks on you and blaming it on a Gryffindor for its lack of complexity. He a good dude, tho, because obviously Slytherins aren’t bad. He gives his plant nutrients to make it stronger bc he likes building something up to be more than it started (most ppl would just water it but aiight dude). He’ll casually walk up behind you while you’re getting bullied, sling his arm around your shoulders, and be like “something the matter?” Totally threatening without a single verbal threat. Secretly loves bubble baths, will give you a scathing look if you even try to tease him about it tho. 

Ann Takamaki, Gryffindor extraordinaire. She starts out kinda timid but she’s actually daring af. She keeps a relationship with Kamoshida who is the worst man alive just for her friend’s sake, but she also isn’t afraid to ignore Kamoshida’s calls (hesitant =/= afraid, ok). Fiery af, Ann is liable to go off on you at any time for a bunch of really good reasons (and some just ok). Ryuji, stop being a dick. Akira, enough brooding. Morgana, shut up for once. Just as spirited as Ryuji, but his light is like warmth and hers is like scorching. Like…literally, her specialty is fire these things write themselves i swear to god. Extremely passionate, especially for the things she believes in like The Phantom Thieves, Shiho (obviously), and giving people courage to stand up for themselves. She really wants to prove herself, seen esp in her social link, and be strong for herself and others. She’s headstrong, kind to the little guy, scathing to the big guy. She’s incredibly competitive and gets into eating contests all the time in the Gryf common room (she also wins every time, especially if the food of choice is crepes). She knows she is beautiful, and is thus confident, but avoids being vain by reminding herself how each person she comes across is also beautiful (”pretty eyes, biggest heart”). Feeling insecure? Call Ann, she’ll hype you up in under ten seconds. Spend an hour with her in a crowded room and you’ll swear it was just you two the whole time. Ann is giving, courageous, and ready to fly off the handle if need be. 

Yusuke Kitagawa, my darling painter boy, is a Ravenclaw. Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back!!!!! Yusuke is a Ravenclaw through and through. He wants to know more, wants to expand his understanding. He’s not afraid of doing whatever it takes to achieve these things: he’ll spend hours watching the river, waiting for something to come to him, or he’ll awkwardly approach a couple in love and ask them what their love life is like (he needs to know for a painting ok it’s not a sexual thing). He is elegant and fluid and his definition of “the finer things in life” EDIT i’m dying i accidentally wrote “finger things in life” the first time depends on how much he knows about it and how much value he sees in it (for example, a cup of coffee brewed by Akira is one of the most delicious things he’s ever known, much finer than any rich person food, purely for the effort it takes to think of the beans, to make sure the water is the right temperature, etc). Gets lost in his head all the time. Has an understated air of haughty in certain situations, like he’s fully aware he’s better than u but only mentions it to remind you when it seems you’ve forgotten. Uses way too many words to describe a sneeze just because he can.  Yusuke doesn’t give a shit who you are: if you came out to him, he’d nod solemnly and then ask if he could interpret your emotions into an abstract painting (that he would then gift to you, of course). He’d ask you on museum dates, historical bus tour dates (why yusuke why), planetarium dates *cough*, even if things between you two were totally platonic. He just likes discovering, especially with someone he can bounce ideas off of. 

Makoto Nijima is, brace yourself, a Gryffindor. WHAT. yes. trust. Dis girl is POWERFUL. And you can be Ravenclaw and powerful too, no doubts about it, but just because she’s top of her class doesn’t mean she’s Ravenclaw. She studies cause she’s competitive. She’s student council president because she likes the status, the power associated with it (power to protect, to serve, not corrupt power). Makoto is also fiery like Ann, but in a different way. She doesn’t fly off the handle like Ann can; Makoto calculates first, strategizes, and then fuckin’ GOES FOR THE KILL. She’s a headshot kinda girl–take em out simply, easily, quickly (metaphorically speaking obvs she doesn’t go around killing ppl). Queen is a very apt codename because Makoto’s path is a fiery blaze of ambition and strength. She’s gonna get what she wants because she’s been working very hard for it and don’t u take that away from her u piece of shit. She’s not terribly confident though, and this sometimes makes her feel uncomfortable in the Gryf common room when everyone is talking about their achievements. She’d rather just show than tell. Not really a master of stealth (lol), Makoto is your big sister in the hallways always looking out for you. If someone breaks your heart she will literally punch them in the face (and apologize profusely afterwards, but you know she’s secretly p pleased with herself). She likes learning new things about the world, always turns it into a competition with you even if it pushes her boundaries (you two went to a strip club once and even though you put a dollar on the stage, she one-upped you by putting it in a thong, face blushing so hard but determined to overcome). Her drive and determination are her biggest, most redeemable, wonderful qualities. The rest is just the happy byproduct. 

Snarky is as Slytherin does for Futaba Sakura. This girl is a nightmare in all the best ways. Somehow she figures out your weakness just by looking at you and has the ability to absolutely destroy you in just a few words. What she doesn’t show is the literal hours of research she did on you beforehand: she bugged your robe, your wand, set up a camera in your common room…a girl’s gotta have intel, alright? Futaba is an actual mastermind of everything, but the Hat settled on Slytherin because of how Futaba intended to utilize such knowledge. She doesn’t love it for the sake of knowing it, she loves it for what power it gives her. Futuba loves the upper hand and having full view of the whole picture, so Slytherin’s innate ability to lead a situation and turn tables was a huge calling point for her. If Akira is the dark mysterious Slytherin, Futaba is the loud and out of control Slytherin who nobody messes with because she’s got dirt on everyone and the means to release it widely. She prefers to stay in her room than gather with her house or other classmates, often completing assignments from there, but no one minds because it’s not like she’s really gone. She conjures up stand ins for her and speaks through them, engaging without really engaging. Watch out for when Akira and Futaba team up tho–they’re the Slytherin version of Fred and George, conniving and ruthless when it comes to playing tricks on you. Like Akira, she’s still a good girl: she understands anxiety better than anyone and is well known for comforting students who fall into a panic attack. She struggles with social situations sometimes and no one makes mention of it, this time not because they’re afraid of her but because they care about her and they know she’d never cross a line with them, so why cross one with her? She just likes to wield information like a weapon. That’s all. >:)

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I hate you Kim Namjoon

He was Jekyll and Hyde, but you loved them both, like fire your reletionship was dangerous but you couldn’t leave him..

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Sitting on the couch, alone..again

Nothing surprised you anymore, Joon was always so absent that it was becoming an habit.

You heard the front door open and he appeared in front of your eyes, looking bad..dark circles under his eyes, an annoyed stares.

He wasn’t lke that at the beginning, he was sweet and caring..romantic and loving.

He was a completely different person now, he was stronger..in all the ways possible. He was really jealous too and in those last months he had the worst temper ever. Like Jekill and Hyde, Joon had 2 personalities..but you loved them both.

You knew it wasn’t ok..your relationship wasn’t like others..it was like fire but you couldn’t let him go.

-Hei Joon, how was your day?

-Can’t you see?

-Mmm..ok, what do you want for dinner?

He took of his shoes and throw them aside, while he sat on the couch, far from you

-Whatever..I am not really hungry

-I know but you should eat

You looked at him, was he even Joon?

-Don’t talk to me like me mum

-I am just saying tha..


-Ya Kim Namjoon, I get it..but don’t to me like that



Again? Another fight?




Wow, that was strong.

You bared all those months because you knew he had an important comeback and he was stressed, but he crossed the line.

You took your purse without saying a world and started walking to the door



Glasses on the floor, you saw Joon breaking the glass table next to the couch and walking  to you. You just stood there, didn’t move a single muscle, was he out of his mind?

He faced you, a few cm away from your face and with a deep voice he said

-Don’t even try to fucking leave

-I hate you

You turned around and left the apartment, hearing his screams you almost run out of the building, the cold hair hitting your skin, you truly hated him right now.. couldn’t he see how much you were worried about him?

Fuck that

That was enough

You heard your phone ringing, it was him..you ignored the call and kept walking


So stubborn, it was past 2 am and he was screaming in the streets, like a crazy person.

-Kim Namjoon what the fuck?

He run to you

-Y/N come home

He grabbed your wrist, and dragged you back to the building, when he finally let you go you were back in the apartment.

-I. Told. You. Not. to. Leave

-You realize how crazy you look right now right?




-Are you sure?

You looked at him and he lost his words

-Are you really sure? You sounded pretty convinced and it’s been months since we’ve been together without fighting so…are you sure you don’t really want me to leave? Cause I think it’s better to do it that way

He looked at you confused, you just took your purse again and walked back out

-Bye Namjoon

But before you could reach the door he placed himself in front of it

-Please Namjoon I am hella tired ok?

You felt his eyes on you but you couldn’t look up to him, just trying to get him out of the way, taking his white shirt and trying to move him, actually not trying that hard.

He held your hands and you murmured a powerless “stop” but he didn’t seems to care

-Stop fighting, I won’t let you go

-Ya..ya Y/N I told you to stop

You wanted to cry, but you were to proud.

-I hate you

-And I love you

He lifted your head and looked into your eyes

-I didn’t mean it..and you know that. Do I deserve to be punished to be a fucking asshole? Yes. But I won’t let you go ok? So stop fighting back

He grabbed your hand and took you to the couch

-I am sorry Y/N, I swear I’ll make it up for this months ok?

-Talk to me Y/N

-I don’t want to


-Because I fucking hate you Kim Namjoon

-And I fucking love you Y/N, with all my heart. And I am a selfish asshole so I won’t let you brae up with me

-You’re creepy


-So stubborn

-I am, I probably am the worst person in the world but I became a bit better with you

He’s so funny..he doesn’t even know how good he is..he just has a bad temper. You looked at his dark eyes, you should just leave him..stop loving him..it would be better for the both  of you but how?

He got closer to you, placing a hand on your shoulder, cupping your face with the other. He kissed you slowly, softly.

-Y/N let me show you how much I love you

-I don’t want to

He kissed your neck, your shoulder and then back to your face

-Then why aren’t you stopping me?

-Cause I am an asshole like you

He smiled and you kissed him back, realizing you were stuck in that crazy relationship

-I hate you so fucking much Joon

He took of your shirt making you stand up and leading you to the bedroom

-I love you too

-I shouldn’t

-I love you

-You’ll ruin me

-You’ll save me Y/N

Behind closed doors


Alex wants to share a part of himself with his BDSM vanilla girlfriend after they get home from the season 5 wrap party. this imagine was inspired by the song ride by chase rice


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I’ve spent a lot of heated nights with Alex but, nothing could have prepared me for last night. the things he did to me made me feel things I didn’t know where possible. my skin is still moaning with euphoria and the sun just started peeking through the curtains. Alex is still sleeping naked on his stomach, the blankets hanging loosely just below his waist showing the top of his ass. showing every single scratch mark down his back, and I’m positive there’s even more on his perfectly sculpted chest. I truly am the luckiest girl in the entire universe, to have a boyfriend that knows how to be sweet and slow but can also be rough and dominate.

“stop staring at me babe it’s kind of creepy” Alex said in his sexy sleepy voice. while rolling on his side facing me “what are you thinking about” he continued while sliding his hand up the inside of my thighs, making me sigh. he just smirks at me. I closed my eyes without answering him.

“Don’t make me ask again baby girl” he said while squeezing my thigh.

“last night. the way you make me feel things I will remember till I’m gray and old,” I said looking him in the eyes.

Last night

Alex and I walked through the door of his apartment, after taking a cab from the wrap party. he wanted me to come with him. he loves showing me off so he asked me to get dressed to the nines. I had on a little black dress with thigh high stockings and black high heeled ankle boots. we walked into his bedroom and he slipped his jacket off and pulled the hair tie from his hair, causing his perfect dark brown locks to fall to his broad shoulders. I pulled the zipper on my dress down letting it fall to the floor. I kicked off my boots then lifted my leg and put my foot on the bed. I slipped my finger inside the garter band of my stocking and slid it down my leg. I feel Alex’s shirtless chest press against my back. his hands grab my hips pulling me against his and whispered in my ear.

“I thought that dress looked good on you but it looks amazing on the floor” his warm breath sent shivers down my spine. he backed away from me reaching into his pocket and pulling out his cigarettes and lighter, then walked to the side of his bed and lit a candle then walked back and stood in front of me.

“do you trust me,” he said

“implicitly,” I said looking him in the eyes

“I want to show you I side of me that not many people have seen but if at anytime you want to stop just tell me ok,” he said

“Ok,” I replied. he leaned down to kiss me but it was different than any other kiss. it was very dominant it enveloped me he lead me to the bed while still kissing me, I laid down then he got up and left the room for a moment. he returned with a few things. he had a couple of his ties a bucket of ice one of my bottles of body oil and few other things. he set everything down by the candle and sat next to me on the bed, he started to run his fingers up and down my body ever so lightly.

“before I touch you I want you to know what will happen,” he said without looking up from my body. “it’s called sensual domination. and it does involve your submission and later your domination. so not only will you submit to me but also dominate me,” he continued, then looked up at me “are you comfortable with that” he added. I nodded my head and he stood up and grabbed the ties and with one word I knew I was in for a long night.

“Strip” is all he said. so I did and lied back on the bed he crawled up my body, then grabbed my wrists and tied them to the bedposts. then stood up unzipping his jeans and letting them fall to the ground in a pool at his feet. I’ve seen Alex naked before but I will never get used to it. he is just the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen inside and out. he walked over to the nightstand and grabbed an ice cube out of the bucket and began running it on my stomach. I sucked in a sharp breath at the sudden temperature change and he smirked at me.

“you alright baby girl,” he said with a chuckle. I just smiled

nodded my head and said, “yes it was just cold”. then he leaned down and to blow warm air on the trail of melted ice that now laid on my naked torso. causing me so sigh at the feeling of his breath on my skin. he knows what it does to me, to feel the soft movement of his breath. I close my eyes and just enjoy what he is doing. then he kicks it up a notch and licks the water off my now goosebumped skin. I moan because I know what that tongue is capable of. and as if he read my mind he started moving further and further down my body. he spread my legs but he didn’t lower his head. he took his hand and started rubbing me, but what I didn’t know is he had been holding the ice cube in his hand but surprisingly I liked the cold stimulation. it was different and definitely arousing then he slid his middle finger into me and began to curl it. that was even better and I arched my back slightly.

“Well well I didn’t know you would be this enthusiastic” and he added another finger, and used his still chilled thumb to rub circles on the most sensitive part of my body. while his fingers were still performing he came up and started whispering in my ear.

“Baby girl I’ve been wanting to do this to you for a very long time, I just didn’t know if you would enjoy it as much as I do. but seeing you in that dress tonight with the garter stockings. seeing you wear it because I wanted you to, I couldn’t take it anymore. it took everything I had in me to not pull you into the bathroom and push you up against that wall and make you feel better then and man ever has” he pulled his fingers from me and settled himself between my legs. he looked at me as if to ask if I wanted him inside of me, and the answer will forever be yes. I whispered, “please make me feel that good make me never want to leave this bed” that mad him grunt.

“Ok but just remember you asked for it” and he slid inside me. once he was buried inside me to the hilt. he pulls back out and trusted inside me harder than he ever had before. and I pulled on the ties around my wrists. it was an amazing feeling he was giving me. I wanted more my head flew back and he licked up my neck as he kept thrusting. then he stopped and grabbed the candle blew it out and started blowing on the wax cooling it down a bit. then dripped the wax in the valley of my breasts, and if I thought the ice felt good the wax is astronomically better. the heat from the wax plus the tightening feeling it caused on my skin. it made my senses heighten. I pulled on my restraints again and Alex knew exactly what I wanted. he knew that the ache between my legs was getting to be too much for me to handle. just everything seemed to be more sensitive my skin was humming and I loved it. the feeling was euphoric he reached up and untied my wrists. I went to straddle his lap so I could ride him, but he wrapped his hand about my neck squeezing lightly pushing me back down on the bed.

“Uh uh uh I didn’t say you could ride me did I,” he said.

“There are rules when I’m dominating you and the most important is asking for permission and do as you’re told. and you broke that rule do you know what happens when a sub brakes a rule” he continued.

“They get punished” I answered.

“Good girl” he praised “now bend over” I did as I was told. a wooden spoon landed across my ass. it hurt but it wasn’t unbearable I kind of liked it, then another smack then another and one more. he put the spoon up and he turned me around and pinned me to the bed.

“Does my baby girl want me inside her does she miss the feeling of me sliding out of her then thrusting into her” I didn’t answer him I just nodded my head.

“That is not an answer do I need to get the spoon” he warned.

“No I do miss you inside of me,” I said breathlessly.

“Tell me why you miss me” he demanded.

“Because you are the only one that has ever made me see stars when your inside me. the only one to ever fit inside so perfectly it feels like I was made for you. like a sword and it’s sheath you make me want you all the time it’s like I need you to survive” I whispered in his ear.

“Roll over I’m going to reward you a little bit,” he said letting me go. he grabbed the body oil and started massaging my back and legs. then hard glass clink and saw him with what looked like little glass fish bowls and cotton balls. “I want to try something with you, it’s called fire cupping. don’t worry I’ve don’t this before and it shouldn’t hurt all that much” he explained I nodded my head. he began lighting cotton balls and heating the air inside the cups. he placed them on my back and legs and it’s felt better than any massage I’ve ever gotten. I actually started moaning softly unaware of the effect I was having on Alex. when he was done he popped the cups off. that stung quite a bit but it was worth it. there were giant hickeys on my back and legs that were I little sore. he pulled me on top of him to straddle his waist. “do you want me to ride you Alex” I said asking for permission. “good girl your learning yes I want you to ride me but you do not finish till I say. so do you understand?” he stated.

“Yes I do” I answered.

“Good,” he said and I grab ahold of him and lowered myself onto him, and oh my god it felt so fucking good to finally have him where I needed him most. he looked like he was enjoying himself just as much as I was. his hands were fists in the sheets. his head tilted back as I drag my nails down his chest.

“Alex can I ask for something,” I said wanting him to do something.

“Yes baby girl tell me what you want,” he said breathlessly.

“I want you to choke me like earlier. I liked that more than I thought I would” his hand came up to my throat and wrapped around it. I don’t know why I like these things. I always thought that pain was meant to be unpleasant, yet Alex has shown me otherwise. the feeling of being controlled and told what to do, but also knowing I am completely safe with him and that it would stop immediately if I wanted it to. is one of the most empowering things I’ve experienced, and I get to experience it with a man that truly cares about me and I him. the feeling of his hand around my throat was intense. it was a small jester but when his hand reached my neck all hell broke lose.

“Alex please baby I’m so close” I whined on the verge of ecstasy.

“NO I want you to hold back as long as you can,” he said. he flipped us over so he was on top my nails dug into his back, and I tried my hardest to hold back “Alex I can’t hold it anymore I’m gonna c……..oh Alex yes” I screamed as my back arched, my toes curled and my whole body shook. that caused Alex to cum with a grunt as he released inside of me. he rolled off of me and pulled me to his chest spooning me holding me close to him.

“You didn’t listen to me baby girl” Alex whispered “I’ll let it go this time, but just remember bad girls have to learn their lessons” he continued.

“but what if I like being bad” I replied Alex just chuckled.

“Are you ok babe did I hurt you too much?” he asked me quickly.

“No, I’ve never been better” I hummed.

“Good because I wouldn’t want to hurt the woman I love,” he said in my ear. I turned around to face him he had never said that to me before so I was caught off guard.

“You love me” I whispered.

“Yea why do you think I let you experience this part of me. at the end of the night when we kiss good night and you go home. it’s getting harder for me to let to walk away. I want to wake up with you in my bed every morning, preferably naked. I hate sleeping alone without you. the only time I get good sleep is when you stay the night” he said

“ I love you too,” I told him.

“Move in with me so I don’t have to miss you, and just have the smell of your perfume on my sheets”

“Of course I will” I retorted I fell asleep in his arms that night. we spent a most of the next day in bed together. till he got a call from Marco and Jordan asking if we wanted to go to dinner with then and have a few drinks. we knew then that it was time to get out of bed. we got to the bar and sat in the booth with our friends. I had a few drinks and was pretty sloppy drunk. I was at the bar ordering another whiskey and coke. when Alex came up behind me and pinned me to the counter with one and on each side of me his chest against my back. he leaned into my ear and whispered “now I’m not going to tell you what to do right now because we are not in the middle of a scene but don’t think you can git away with misbehaving just because we are with our friends I will still bend you over my knee” he said

“nothing about that statement scares me, if anything its a tease” I said turning my head to face him and when I turned back forward I saw a bartender holding my drink and Marco next to use with a dropped jaws. I grabbed my drink and walked back to the booth where Jordan was sitting “ you’ve got one hell of a woman” Marco said. “Don’t I fucking know it” Alex retorted