hebraska said: I like to think that after that point he like enforces meditation for like an hour a day on the recruits as like a sort of quiet time for him where he just like stares off into the distance like he’s on the office

Lenalee observes happily and then realizes wait. Wait a minute. Kanda’s not meditating. He’s asleep. He is actually asleep omg these newbies wore him out that much and that’s…really cute.

So of course after the meditation hour ends and Kanda doesn’t stir, everyone snuggles up to him (Lavi draws on his face) until Kanda wakes up and all hell breaks loose.

probably what happened
  • luke:calum we can't make out i'm sick
  • calum, staring into the distance:i would take a thousand colds if it meant i got just one kiss from you
  • luke:bro...
INFJ Confession #2062

The best thing I know as an INFJ is when you have a cup of coffee in your hand and you are sitting alone, taking a little distance to the people so you can look at them and ponder what kind of lives do they have, where do they come from. I love cities when I can wander around there all alone and just get lost into my head. The worst I know is sensing someone who you dislike, trying to figure you out by staring at every damn move you make. Thats my job man, not yours.

When You Were Gone

Natsu and Lucy have been a unit since they met. It came as no surprise when one couldn’t function without the support of the other.

He couldn’t breathe. His breath was caught in his lungs and everything was crashing down around him. His world narrowed to a single point. He couldn’t move, couldn’t think as he stared at her. His mind couldn’t process what he was seeing. It couldn’t be real. There was too much blood, she was much too still.

He stumbled towards her. His tired legs gave out beneath him. So he crawled the remaining distance to her side.

She still hadn’t moved. He could vaguely hear shouts and screams all around him, but his ears were ringing. It was like everything was just beyond the edge of his senses.

Everything except how still her chest was.

A sob broke from his lips as he reached her. His hands were shaking uncontrollably.

That was different. He always had control of himself. His body was the tool he used to wield his magic and he had trained himself to have complete control. His power was too much for anything less.

But that was only a fleeting thought. There was no room in his mind for anything but her and how unnaturally pale her skin was.

His entire body shuddered as his fingers touched her cheek. Her skin was cold. He didn’t have much experience with cold. Sure, he was aware of changes in temperature, but they didn’t have much of an effect him. The chill of her skin was the coldest thing he had ever felt, and it seemed to spread from her to him, numbing his fingers, then his hand, creeping up his arm as he brushed a lock of hair out of her face.

It was wrong, he mused, as he pulled her into his lap. She was always warm. She hated being cold, even though it was inevitable that she would get chilly from time to time, given the clothes she loved to wear. He had always secretly enjoyed how she would walk closer to him when it was windy. He loved to tease her, pretended it was a chore, but he relished those times when he had an excuse to wrap an arm around her shoulders. If she was cold, well, he had plenty of heat to share.

But this time was different. The thought beat in his mind, that this wasn’t a chill that he could banish with a hug and laugh.

His heart stopped once she was in his arms, once he could see her face. It was wrong.

Her eyes were all wrong. Normally, he couldn’t find the words to describe the deep rich brown of her eyes, but he had no trouble now.

Dull, staring, unseeing. Lifeless. He tried to pretend she was staring off into the distance, gazing at something behind him, and when he said her name she would blink and return her focus to him.

But she didn’t. So he choked out her name again and gently shook her, desperately hoping she would come back.

Violent tremors shook through him as her face turned away from his, that awful gaze directed at nothing.

He finally noticed the tears steaming off his cheeks as his temperature rose higher and higher. He gently laid her back on the ground, setting her down softly and straightening her clothes, ignoring the ugly gashes in her side that were still leaking blood. Ignoring that his skin and clothes were covered with it. And none of it was his.

The calm before the storm. He had heard her use that phrase before, when she was brainstorming for her writing out loud, and he was quite certain it applied now. He was calm, feeling the heat burn hotter and hotter in his blood. He stood up and took several steps away from her, so she wouldn’t be caught in the blast when the fire manifested on his skin.

He scanned the battle field, eyes sharp and alert. But he knew they looked like hers. Not quite unseeing yet, but dull, no emotions but grief and agony left in him.

He locked onto a man wearing gloves fit with iron claws. He stared, and he saw the dark runes carved into the metal, the keen edge of the blades. The bright blood coating the man’s hands.

The fire was tight under his skin and he struggled to control it. He took one step toward his opponent, then another, and another, until he was closing the distance between them in an easy lope.

He heard the horrified shouts and agonized cries behind him as some of his teammates discovered his cold partner on the ground. His heart was torn further apart with every step he took away from her.

He was fighting the fire now, something he hadn’t done since he was very young and first learning the art of the flame. His pulse beat loudly in his ears, drowning out every other sound as he stepped towards the man who had just destroyed his life with a single blow of rotten magic.

His adversary turned and glanced at him. All thoughts suddenly cleared from his mind. Everything was simple. He could hear shouts coming from behind him as his teammates finally noticed him. But it didn’t matter. 

Fire erupted from his skin, flickering with the tempo of his racing pulse.

The storm broke.

Man oh man. This is the first thing I’ve posted in over a year and it’s angst. I’m ecstatic right now. This is great :D

punnifullife asked:

let's roleplay: Terry sat in the office, gazing off in the distance, when, suddenly, out from the door came a large and handsome ogre. Terry felt his face flush as he stammered, "w-who are you?"

The ogre was tall, his stature prideful as he looked down onto the flustered man. His ogre stench was strong, just like his own personality as his cheeks beamed the flush of green. The monster came closer, kneeling down to stare into Terry’s eyes, the dark-chocolate depths from which showed nothing but fear…and desire. His green hand reached out to the man, tilting his chin up as he inspected his blushing expression thoroughly, a shiver trailing down Terry’s spine upon catching the dark whiff of onion and mud. There was a husky chuckle from the ogre at this reaction, his hand dropping as he scratched the back of his fat, bulbous neck. He slowly licked his lips, his eyes scanning down the British man, a lustful glint in his gaze.

“Shrek. The name’s Shrek.”

Oh my god. 

I am not equipped to deal with this page. 


So, Fai. He gets praised for his cooking and his response is to STARE WISTFULLY OFF INTO THE DISTANCE AND THINK ABOUT KUROGANE. 



And then Kurogane, where like. It’s implied that someone could potentially be talking about him (and like, this is Mokona. Mokona will just say things) AND IMMEDIATELY HE BLAMES FAI. 

STOP IT YOU TWO. I AM NOT READY FOR THIS. But also never actually stop. 

Let’s not even go into the fact that whichever universal principle it is that governs the “when someone talks about you, you sneeze” rule has openly accepted that Kurogane is named “Big Puppy” now. That’s just your name now, Kurogane. It’s legal. Even the laws of the universe agree on this. 

I am dying for the day where they run into some badass characters who knows of their reputation from Outo and is just immediately like “Ah yes! Big Puppy-san. I have heard so much about you.” And Kurogane just breaks down screaming. 







Certain Feelings for Certain People

Cas x Reader

Summary: Cas and reader go on a case together and Castiel ends up telling the reader about his feelings.

A/N: I hope you guys like it! It’s short and probably not that good, but I needed to get something out before Bobby’s House part 2. Send me some feedback! Thank you so much!

Sitting down in your designated chair, you gaze off and stare into the blue eyes that belonged to the man you loved, Castiel. He had just entered the room, looking through various books. Dean slid a plate with a burger in front of you.

“You alright there (Y/N)?” Dean spoke as he waved his hand in front of you. Snapping out of your trance, you looked at him and nodded, then down at the burger and began to eat. Sam smirked off in the distance.

Both of the Winchester’s knew you loved Castiel. Sam liked to talk to you about it, and Dean just joked about it and made gestures at Cas that he didn’t understand.

Cas looked over at you, hearing Dean talk to you and Sam smirk. His eyes locked onto yours, but you broke off feeling a blush creep on your face.

He cleared his throat and squinted his eyes, “I found a case up in northern Utah. I think it is a rouge angel, but I am not certain. I would like your help, (Y/N).”

You nearly spit out your food, but you somehow managed to keep it in. Dean and Sam tried to contain their laughter, but failed miserably.

“Is everything okay (Y/N)? Your face is red?” You looked down quickly and the Winchester’s continued their laughter.

“I’m fine Cas. Let me finish my food and pack, then we can leave.” Quickly, you grabbed your plate and ran off to your room.

Somewhat ten minutes later you were in the car with Castiel.

“Are you ready?” He questioned, eyes full of concern. You nodded your head and the journey began.

As you drove to Utah, Cas constantly asked you random questions like, “Why is the word spooky altered to ‘spoopy’?”, and so forth. There was one question that you did find odd.

Both of you were at a restaurant, ordering food when Cas asked, “Why does your heart rate pick up when I look at you Y/N? Is something wrong?” Blood rushed to your cheeks and you put your head down.

“I’m fine Cas. It’s nothing.”

The rest of the trip was smooth sailing. Occasionally a detour would have to made, but nothing you both couldn’t handle.

Two days of research and interogation took place before Cas located the angel. Throughout those days, though, Cas glanced at you more and more.

The rouge angel was nothing compared to its brothers and sisters. You and Castiel took no time at all the rid of the berserk angel.

Once again, Cas kept looking at you, but finally said something.

“Y/N?” He tilted his head and squinted his eyes.

“Hmm?” Was the only response you could get out as you packed your belongings.

“Why does my vessel become awkward around you? His heart rate picks up, as yours does, and he doesn’t seem to think properly.” Jaw hanging open, you slowly turned around to face him.

“Umm, what your vessel is feeling usually happens when you develop certain feelings for certain people.” He advanced, and stood almost to where your bodies touched.

“What kind of feeling is this?” A blue sky was all you could see as you stared into his eyes.

“The feeling is passion. Love.” A silent breathe escaped your mouth before Cas dipped his head down and took his lips into yours. It was simple and only lasted a few seconds, but it was more than amazing and glorious. It was indescribable.

“I like that feeling very much Y/N. I would like to continue this.” Your whole face was now red.

what-matters-is-i-helped started following you || Unusual Spirits


Bel found herself staring at the spirit that took the form of a young boy. It was a spirit, but it wasn’t just that. It was… unique. She watched from a distance as it went about it’s job. Healing the hurts of people from the shadows. She had quickly come to the decision to talk to this unique spirit. She had wanted to learn more about him. She quickly walked towards him, hoping to grab his attention before he disappeared as he was prone to do, Bel decided to call out to him, not really caring that people saw her yelling at thin air.

“Hello! Sprit! Please wait a moment, I’d like to speak with you if you don’t mind.”

Bedelia is FLIRTING with Hannibal in that clip.

She is saying “We should totally kill this guy. That’s what you’re like into, right?” and he says no and she’s like “Oh, well, we could…do other stuff” Like, she’s literally trying to flirt with him. She’s kind of smiling and gets up and moves closer, SUPER CLOSE, to him.

And she won’t stop staring at his mouth while she’s talking. But Hannibal’s staring off in the distance and Bedelia’s just like “I am a real woman who’s right in front of you. Can you look at me please? I didn’t put on this dress for the pizza guy. I am finally ready to hammer this shit out and you’re…you’re thinking about Will, aren’t you? Christ.”

I just finished watching Batman ‘66 and I’m laughing so hard I have tears. Favorite things/parts:

“Holy heartbreak!”
*Batman stares off into the distance as dramatic opera music plays*

*a dolphin just happened to jump in front of the torpedo (as if that would stop it)* “That noble creature gave its life for us!”

*the Batcopter goes down and in a one-in-a-million chance lands in a pile of rubber and foam* “I happened to see it out of the corner of my eye!”

Robin in the side-car good grief I can’t breathe

The fact that you can see the green screen behind them because of wrinkles in the fabric

“I’ve got a stitch!” Robin suck it up and keep running gosh don’t be so pathetic

“Some days, you just can’t get rid of a bomb.”

Good Girl

lol this sucks but whatever haha, i hope you like it!! (:
btw, i didn’t read over this so there could be mistakes or spelling errors. ________________

You couldn’t get him out of your head. You were laying in your bed thinking of how he talked and moved and everything about him. He wouldn’t talk to you though. He was considered the school’s bad boy. I mean, why would he anyways, you weren’t the type to put yourself out there. He would talk to a bunch of girls but they would always be all over him. And you just kinda stared from a distance, I guess.

Well, you were walking and you accidentally bumped into him. You couldn’t stop saying sorry, but all he did was stare into your eyes. You quickly broke contact because you were embarrassed and kind of scared. You finished up with school that day and went home.

You were doing your homework when you heard the door bell ring, you got scared because you were home alone and your parents would never leave you alone because they thought of you as there little 3 year old good girl. You got up from your bed and went to see who was at the door. To your surprise, you saw him on the other side of the door.

“Ashton, what are you doing here?” You asked nervously.
“Well, I wanted to stop by and say hi.” He said.
You looked at him in confusion, wondering how he got your address. He eyed you up and down from the door. You just stood there silently as he looked all around you, scanning you from head to toe. You were wearing a white skirt and a black crop top and knee high socks.

“Can I come in?” He asked not taking his eyes away from yours.
“Um I don’t know if that’s a good idea, Ashton.” You told him worried about what he wanted and your parents coming back with a boy in the house.
“Why not, babygirl?” He asked you but kind of knowing why.
Him calling you babygirl made you feel something you have never felt before.
“Um okay, come in.” You told him looking down.

You went upstairs without saying anything to him and went to your room as he followed you. You sat on your homework filled bed and looked at Ashton. You were confused and puzzled by the way he looked at you. You took his eyes off you and looked around your room. Your room was all white with a little pink. It pretty much looked like a kids room. Stuffed animals everywhere. Ashton looked at you again. You didn’t look back at him because you were nervous to look into his eyes.

“You’re so adorable and innocent.” Ashton said smirking.
“Innocent? What do you mean?” You asked Ashton.
“I mean you’re such a good girl.” Ashton said while walking towards you and sitting on your bed.
“No I’m not! I can be a bad girl.” You told Ashton grabbing onto his leg. Ashton just laughed.
“Okay okay, calm down. But if you can be a bad girl, then what have you done that could be bad?” Ashton said looking into your eyes.
“Well.” You said looking down, embarrassed.
“Well, what?” Ashton says looking at you like he just won an Oscar.
“Ugh fine. I’ve done nothing bad before.” You pouted.
“See that, you’re such a good good girl.” Ashton said to you as he took you by your tiny waist and pulled you onto his lap.
You yelped from the sudden movement of his hands on you. You both stared into each other’s eyes again. Thoughts were racing through your head. You for sure didn’t know what was going to happen next, this has never happened to you before anyways.

“You wanna show me what a bad naughty girl you can be?” Ashton whispered into your ear.

You felt a puddle of wetness in your panties. You wiggles in his lap because it was cold on your heat. You bit your lip from the nervousness of the question Ashton just asked you.

“Ashton, I’ve never done this before. I don’t know what to do.” You told Ashton very innocently with big eyes.

“Okay let’s start with this, have you given pleasure to yourself?” Ashton asked you as he started to slowing move his legs up and down.

“No. I mean I don’t know how too.” You told him as you had your hands on his chest.

“Okay, do you want to do this?” Ashton asked you sincerely.

You nodded your head but still questioning if you should do it or not.

“I need a yes or a no, babygirl, I want to make sure that this is okay with you.” Ashton said.

“Yes Ashton, I want it, please.” You told him.

“Okay, darling, I’ll help you through this. Okay?” Ashton was being extremely sweet. You didn’t expect him to be like this.

You nodded your head, but you were still very nervous. Ashton started guiding you through everything. He lifted you off his legs and laid you on your bed, moving all the homework pages on the floor carefully. He slowly started to undress you. He started with you knee-high socks. He then went to take off your skirt. After that he went to your top and took that off also. You were slowly losing the nervousness you had before.

He started kissing in between your thighs slowly. He kissed all up your body, giving you so much care. You moaned from the pleasure he was giving you. You felt him smile against your skin.

You moved under Ashton wanting more. “More.” You told him in a small voice.

Strangers (Modern!AU) Part 9

Cullen/Female Lavellan
This part:
~ 4700 words, SFW

I need you to kiss me because of reasons. Modern!AU

Activist!Lavellan and Ex-Cop!Cullen fall in love and fight the establishment.

[AO3 Link]

Part 9: In which the truth comes out and plans are made.

Warning: Mentions of addiction and drug use. 

He didn’t know what he expected. Perhaps that she would recoil from him in fear or disgust. Or that she would run again. Grab her things and flee. He was ready for that as well. After everything, she deserved the truth - with all the horrible consequences if necessary.

But she did not run. She did not even move an inch, no further distance between them. She just turned her head and looked back out of window, her face unreadable. He could not look away, stared at her profile. Her straight nose, the delicate lines of the vallaslin on her cheeks. Even with the wound on her forehead and blood crusted in her hair, she was beautiful. He had not seen it before. Not like this, in such an abstract way.

He wanted to take her hand. He wanted her to look at him like she had before. With that inexplicable trust. With hope. But the truth hung in the air between them like a heavy palpable thing. Insurmountable and unavoidable.

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of-that-unseen asked:

Send ✯ for a starter of our muses watching fireworks together

Riven was sitting out in a field, quite a distance away from the popping of the fireworks that were going off in the distance. They were in the city just a little ways away from where she was. 

She did think about going down there, being with the people.. But at last minute she decided against it, despite the invitation. 

She didn’t feel like she belonged down there with those people. 

And so where she was, laying on the side of a hill with her hands behind her head, staring up at the sky, watching the fireworks make art in the night sky.

She was too intrigued by the colors that she didn’t notice someone else step out from the bushes. 


In search of answers 1

“What’s been up with Yemir lately?” Baozhai asked the small Mismagius as she stared off into the distance from the confines of the cabin porch. “She’s been acting more moody than usual. As if I haven’t enough trouble dealing with one Hal as it is, last thing I need is another one roaming around here.” The ancient ghost hummed with annoyance. The ghostly Gallade had been huddled near a tree for quite some time now. Sitting down, arms crossed around her legs with her chin placed upon on her knees. Yemir’s eyes were narrowed and heavy, a shroud of sorrow lingering over her face as she seemed distant, in thought.

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Nobody-Part 2

When I woke up Chad was knocking on my door and I grabbed my stuff after changing into sweats and piled into the filled van as everyone turned silent. I was just waiting for the insults but i decided to surprise them and put in my ear buds as I sat by myself. Everyone looked confused and Chad made his way back to me sitting next to me making me smile as he shook his head in disbelief and disappointment at everyone there.

I dozed off and fell asleep only to be woken and handed my ticket, as u go through routine airport security and got on along with first class with Chad. Usually Hayes sat with him and I think everyone noticed that I was distancing myself from them, they tried to be nice but I just stared out my window, hurt, alone, and scared. Chad handed me the set list and I wrote down all the songs I would do covers of, 7 things, Rolling in the Deep, New Bitch, Bring Me To Life, English Love Affair and finally Something in the Water. He was very surprised but I knew it was going to be my last and best show. As we were steady in the air I was services with a water and surprised when I received a text from Johnson.

J:you ok?

Y: yea why do you care though?

J:I’m sorry just forgive us. We’ve never seen you so broken.

Y:yea only Chad has seen the effects of what you all have done. You created me like this. I’m nothing. I’m nobody. Let’s just get this next show done.

I turned off my phone and I knew everyone was crowded around his phone but looked defeated. Good. They deserved that. I silently cried looking out the window but wiped them.

We had stopped at another airport and Chad was about to hand me the other first class ticket but I shook my head and he gave it to Carter. I sighed as Johnson came over and raised his hands. I flinched thinking he might hit me and he noticed as he shook his head and looked at me defeated and broken. I sighed as Johnson and I were given seats next to each other so i decided to talk to him.

When we boarded he let me have the window knowing that it calms me. “I’m sorry!” We both said at the same time and laughed, I finally had my first genuine laugh and cuddled up next to him. He was the second to last friend I lost and I loved this feeling, even if wasn’t forever. “I got a movie part.” I told him, letting him besides Chad and my best friend, Abigail, know first before anyone else. “You’re an actress? Since when?” I giggled at his cluelessness. “Since I decided I was done with….many things.” I sighed almost letting my truth of leaving Digi come out.

We talked for hours and he apologized many times but eventually landed much to my dismay. Luckily Johnson and I sat infront of the others so I knew they heard everything and giggled when JJ and I were best friends again. “Hey J?” I asked nervous. “What’s up buttercup?” I smiled remembering my best friend. “You don’t have a girl right?” He blush and scratched the back of his neck. “We’re good friends and all but I’m not into you….” I laughed sonars remembering his messy breakup last week with ‘the one’ and shook my head. “My best friend.” I giggled and he blushed as he remembered the fiery redhead he could never stop thinking about with big doe eyes that made him smile and weak in the knees. Even though JJ hurt me I wanted him happy, especially with Abigail. I tapped him as we walked out to Cleveland, signs everywhere along with one sign a very beautiful fiery redhead.

I ran to her giggling as Johnson waited and the most wonderful thing happened, he picked her up kissing her earning shouts from everyone and I smiled as I pulled her away. “You can eat each other later but I need I know what’s been happening and tell you some….interesting news.” We ran onto the bus taking the back so the boys were forced to be in the front.

“What’s happening?” She giggled and I smiled sadly and she stopped and hugged me knowing that smile. She whispered in my ear “your leaving aren’t you?” I nodded. “Leaving them.” I said even quieter. Unfortunately I should have known someone was listening. A bit with blonde locks and a love for a fiery redhead.

Day/Night 3

// Oh, nothing. Just the secret OTP gettin’ things done. //

// Trist and Yip are being dumb. Beware, Trist, Kalista will her her revenge… //

// Same. //

// LAUGHS. The Sej x Ashe shippers stare on in horror //

// Two ghosts, a barbarian, and LB tell ghost stories. Meanwhile, Satan dies quietly off in the distance. //

// Pull yourself together GEEZ //

// Nobody is surprised. //