Zack’s jaw dropped. “I just said that out loud, didn’t I?” There was silence and a long, blank stare from the Ex-SOLDIER before he finally turned away and quickly proceeded to bring as much distance between himself and the gunman as possible.

    “I’m going to go jump off a cliff now. Bye!”

        “–!”  He reached out his gauntleted hand to stop Zack, but hesitated at the last moment, and dropped his arm instead.  What could he say to something like that?  Snark came to mind, something to the effect of ‘despite the hair and hips, I’m not a woman’, but somehow he felt that wouldn’t go over well.

        Silence probably wouldn’t help much either, but he was at a loss.  He lowered his head, hiding the lower part of his face in his collar, and watched the Ex-SOLDIER walk away.

on the one hand theres nothing i want more than to randomly meet my fav bands but then again i respect and love them so much i think i would freak out bc i dont wanna bother them and invade their private space and their precious time and i think id just stare at them from the distance and take an embarrassing undercover selfie and then cry myself to sleep because i didnt have the guts to say hi to them

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i hope the mechanic fixes your car soon but in the meantime i've been thinking more about 1d ace fic, esp because of you & di, and i thought i'd be super interesting to explore ace!harry? i'm just thinking of younger harry navigating the line where so many ppl wanted him and of course he loves the attention and the physical contact so it takes him a long time to realize maybe he doesn't like the sex part of it?? and trying to navigate being the "sexy/cute one" while also being ace

*stares off into the distance* *sighs dreamily*

I’m home now, and I’m eating leftover chinese food and drinking a beer and this message is just a LOT right now. 

Did you know that I actually have a whole zarry ace fic plotted out that I was planning on writing before I offered myself up to the neverending fic exchange perpetual motion machine? It was this whole deal where Zayn is getting over a break up and can’t really reconcile his feelings about physical intimacy with his desire for emotional intimacy and Harry lives downstairs and he’s like this charming social butterfly who always has a someone and is basically defined by his sexy cuteness but because he’s ace and hasn’t quite figured out how to navigate that, he has a reputation as a tease and a maneater and an ice queen? DID YOU KNOW? 

Also Harry walks Zayn’s dog a lot. And Niall wrote Fool’s Gold about Harry and Harry DJs at night on the radio and you know…just stuff. Just a lot of stuff. I have almost nothing written but this is a piece of it:

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buckyspanties asked:

CHERIK for the meme thing. (sorry if u dont ship it omg, also i hope ur cramps get better babe!!)

I ship it omg I SHIP IT LIKE HELL (and thanks aww, the cramps are over now. Sorry it took me so long to answer but I had to run away from the computer because they got so bad I, uh, had to throw up like twice and then I passed out and I just woke up ugh. I hate this)

immediately begins to shimmy when maroon 5 comes on: Charles. And not only that, but he also SCREAMS the lyrics trying to get all those weird Maroon 5 voice effects and he’s REALLY into it and Erik just stands in the background staring off into the distance because the only thing that he hates more than Sebastian Shaw is Maroon fucking 5.

wakes the other up at 3am demanding pancakes: Charles. He wakes up and then he keeps poking Erik in the shoulder and whispering “heeeeey Erik. Erik. Eeeerik. hEY” oN THE BED THEY’RE SHARING (YOU CAN’T TAKE THIS AWAY FROM ME) and poor sleepy Erik can only make out the word “pancakes” being said multiple times and then he mumbles something about Charles getting fat if he starts eating random things at 3am and goes back to sleep.

sends the other unsolicited nudes: Erik. He takes nudes in every given chance and he makes sure to send them to Charles when he’s in front of other people just to make him uncomfortable (while he’s teaching in a class, for example). Once he even sent him one when they were together on an important mission - and it was clear that this was a reaaally recent nude, in fact he had shoved his phone down his trousers and snapped a photo of his marvellous random hard-on. And then he kept staring at Charles as he looked at his phone screen and then avoided looking back at naughty Erik. 

brags about knowing karate even though they never made it past yellow belt: Charles. And it’s actually pretty convenient because Erik can’t really ask him to get up and show him that he really knows karate because, um. Charles is in a wheelchair oops.

comes to a complete halt outside bakeries/candy shops: Charles. He has quite a sweet tooth and sometimes when they’re walking down the street together (well Charles isN’T REALLY WALKING but you get my point) Erik doesn’t realize that Charles has stopped in front of yet another candy shop to stare at the sweets in awe and he just keeps walking and talking alone and when he realizes that Charles is missing he stops, stares off into the distance like his in The Office for a couple of seconds and then turns around and goes back to find his boyfriend and buy him a lollipop or something.

blows sarcastic kisses after doing ridiculous shit: Erik. Erik’s “sarcastic kiss” face consists of furrowing his eyebrows together with one of them raised as far up as possible, half closed eyes and an amazing duckface and it makes Charles laugh a lot and he loves it when Erik does it.

killed the guy (also, which hid the body): Erik killed the guy and Erik hid the body. There’s not really an explanation to this, I think we can all agree that Erik is the murder baby and Charles would probably win the peace Nobel prize.

wears the least clothing around the house: Erik. Charles always complains “Jesus Erik, put some clothes on” but deep down they both know that Charles is not bothered in the slightest at the sight of a half-naked Erik. 

has icky sentimental moments for no apparent reason: Charles. And when that happens Erik is worried and he makes him all the pancakes in the world and goes out and raids all candy and bakery shops he can find and showers him in sweets and hopes that the breakdown will pass soon.


Send me your ship!

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Careful: Is prone to make unplaned jokes at times!


so I was making a graph for something and drawing on a peice of paper and I was really messing up and my boss says “I guess from a distance it looks straight” and I just blurted out “yeah, so do I.”

And he just stares at me then sighs and whispers “I can’t even argue with that.” And slowly walks aways.

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Eyyy can u write a headcanon on what it'd be like to date our lovely maknae, Jungkook? Thank yeu~~ Unni Fighting! ♥

Jeon Jungkook is the kind of guy who has no idea what he’s doing half the time but he does it anyway and it always works out because he’s Jeon Jungkook and with you, he is invincible.

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Don’t think so deeply.

Chin rested on the heel of his palm, lips curled upward as he started out over the field. Only a few months and he’d be back out there, just a few more months and he’d be able to stand beside the other. 

He’d be able to hear that cackling laughter shot directly into his ear and not from this distance, sat as he was in dugout during their practice. 

“What’s with that smile?” Kuramochi asked, brows pinched, ah so Miyuki had been caught staring.

“Can’t I smile, captain?” Miyuki murmured, really he was enjoying that soft blush far too much. 

Kuramochi blinked furiously for a moment before turning his face away.

“I’m only here until you’re ready to come back,” he muttered.

“Is that your way of saying that you’re waiting for me, ‘Mochi-chan,” Miyuki said, smiling slyly watching Kuramochi’s face darken. 

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"Hey, are you okay there?"

“…I’m fine… just…” Vincent shook his head a little bit. “Kuja I… I’m starting to take a real liking to someone…” He looked away from him to the setting sun. Staring off in the distance to space out a little before returning his attention to him. “What I’m trying to say is that… well… I think I’m in love but… should I just… kiss that person and be done with it, or keep that hidden?”

Hannigram Drabble - Digestivo

So, this takes place right after the break-up and I haven’t written anything in years, but I just had to get this out of my system because those two are absolutely killing me.
Dedicated to the wonderful wackeldackelchen and buchereiausweis, you two are definitely the single best thing I gained from going back to uni! <3 And also to thorininmypants, for being super nice and having a wonderful blog! ^-^


For as long as he physically could, he just sat there in silence, not daring to move an inch. Long after Hannibal’s steps had faded in the distance, he was still staring at the door, afraid and hopeful at the same time that Hannibal would ignore his pleas and step right back into what was left of his life. But the door didn’t move, and no footsteps could be heard from outside. As the daylight started to fade and snowflakes began their dance outside his windows, the realization set in that his fears and hopes were nothing but deceptive and useless. He was not coming back. Suddenly, the silence became too heavy.

Hannibal sat in silence as well. Crouched against the wall on Will’s back porch, breathing slowly and soundlessly, he tried his best to preserve his body heat while he contemplated his options. He did not flinch when he heard the first cup smash to pieces inside, and he barely blinked when the wall that separated them resonated with the impact of Will’s punch. When he heard Will slouch down against that wall, could almost feel the other’s body tremble, feel him biting down hard on his lower arm in a futile attempt to stifle the sobs, he had to close his eyes. The path was clear now.

casually avoids drawing feet also can’t do backgrounds

The otp that dramatically stare off in the distance~

Nalu Steven Universe AU!!! Yeah I was really excited about drawing this!!

Natsu’s gem is on his right shoulder, where his guildmark would be, and his gem is Coral! His weapon are fire gloves (if that makes sense)

Lucy’s gem is on her right hand, where her guildmark would be, and her gem is yellow apatite! Her weapon is a whip.

Also, happy NaLu day!!

folie à deux (part 2 of 2)


Pairing: Kuramochi/Miyuki

Word count: 3, 391

“I’m powerless. But―

‘I need you.’”

Kuramochi couldn’t believe his eyes, he just stood there stunned staring at the other sat on the opposite platform. He was only brought back to life as the train shuddered into motion, he watched Miyuki jump up as the distance between them grew wider.

He span around to see where the next stop was, what side the doors would open. When the train came to a stop at the next station, Kuramochi bolted out and ran for the other platform, he made it just in time to catch the next train back.

Struggling through the crowd of people filtering off the train, Kuramochi strained to see Miyuki, jumping up and almost crushing a small woman’s feet as he flailed when he caught sight of the other.

“Miyuki!” He yelled, tearing through the crowd and really he couldn’t  help the stumbling way that he slammed into the other’s body. Arms wrapped tight around Miyuki, holding the other’s arms to their body.

Miyuki withdrew his arms from Kuramochi’s hold and pressed his hand to the other’s shoulder, pressing the leather against Kuramochi’s back.

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Tales of Dikuda - ep.22 Mirror | Mirror

Krrah paced back and forth in her room. It’s her habit. She does that when she’s trying to sort things out in her mind. She always wanted to meet up with Uuzoo for a while, but the snake seemed to ignore her whenever she passed the gates and waved to her. It hurt the bird’s feelings, but it’s just something she has to deal with. Krrah still wants to start over with the snake though. At least have some closure of some sort.

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Thinking Out Loud.

Summary of the request: Jax and the reader both really like each other but he won’t act on it. Eventually the girl just grabs him and kisses him first after she’s tired if waiting for him to do it.

Type: Fluff (+ A little bit angsty idk??)

Character: Jax.

Author: Johannah.

You stared at him.
Him and his stupid swoony hair and his stupid little smirk that had you weak at the knees; His stupid husky voice that made you blush like an idiot when he called you ‘darlin’.
His stupid need for distance had only brought you closer, or you tried to at least; He was doing his very hardest to keep pushing you away, and failing.

He’s leaning against the wall opposite you. You both look at each other, gazes unmoving, and silence hangs over you heavy and unwanted.
“Why did you come here?” He asks finally. The click of a lighter comes next, and then the burst of a flame, and his cigarette is lit. Then, the lighter is snapped closed, and he’s all black leather and shadows again. It’s late. Later than you’d expected, but you knew you’d find him at the clubhouse even after he’d told you not to come. (You knew just as well as he did that he didn’t really mean that.)

‘Because when I sit alone in my flat all I can think about is you and your stupid swoony hair, and your stupid little smirk, and your stupid voice, and your stupid efforts to try and push me away because you’re scared that your life will change me or hurt me even though that’s stupid and you know I care about you, but you won’t even bloody kiss me.’

You don’t say that though.

Instead, you just shrug and lean back against the wall, staring up at the Californian night sky. Jax blows his smoke out slowly and you watch the silver wisps curl in the air before you turn to look at him; He’s trying not to look at you, and when he sees you glance over he looks away.

Your jaw tightens.

“What are you afraid of?” You say finally, your tone a little sharp.

Jax looks at you, slightly taken aback by the bluntness of your question, but he stuffs his hands in his pockets and looks down. He thinks about what you said for a few moments: He’s been stabbed, shot and beaten. He’s seen bombs, explosions and the ruin they leave behind. He’s seen murder, arson - Committed those things even. All the fears that normal people have, he’s seen a hundred times over, and that was why he was trying so desperately to push you away, and failing miserably.

“Losing you.” Jax answers finally, stubbing out his cigarette beneath the toe of his boot, his voice quiet as he finally meets your gaze with those unreadable steely-blue eyes.

“How can you lose me if you won’t have me in the first place?” You asked in frustration, and Jax threw his hands up in exasperation.
“I don’t know! I just don’t want to do it wrong again this time! Not with you.”

His tone snapped something in you, and you looked up at him for a second, your jaw tight, before you grabbed him by the leather of his jacket and pushed him up against the wall he’d been leaning against. You pressed your open lips to his, your heartbeat loud in your ears, and for a second everything was still. Then Jax’s lips parted around yours. That was it for him; He stopped trying to fight it. He cradled your head with both of his hands and you grabbed the lapels of his kutte in your fists to press yourself further into his firm chest. Your mouths moved in synchronization and you bite gently on his lower lip, swiping the tip of your tongue over it. You could feel him shiver slightly before he gave a low growl and pulled you in closer, his arms looped around your waist.

The need for oxygen finally pulled you apart, and then you stayed just like that for a while: Jax holding your head, your arms around his neck and your foreheads pressed together.

“I just think you to be sure that this is what you-”
“Shh.” You whispered, cutting him off by pressing your thumb to his lips. “You think too much. Stop talking.” You said, looking up into his eyes with a grin before you pulled his lips back down onto yours.

This time, he didn’t even try to resist.

In all honesty Tessa was hardly thrilled about the idea of having a visitor, but the fact that she’d been able to text Brodie with the help of Marina had her in a decent mood– and on top of that she wanted to invite someone in first before the nurses started forcing her to see people she didn’t want to. She was sitting up in bed when Brodie arrived, staring out the window and into the distance until the sound of his footsteps caught her attention. For a moment his name slipped her mind, so she just gave him a small lopsided smile; the right side of her face having recovered brilliantly, but it was still a little less responsive than the left.

penpenonvirgilsbed gordonssquidy

MY HAND HURTS. Like it’s literally cramping and having spasms because I’ve done so much drawing in the last 5 hours.

I finally got this finished to a point where I’m happy with it and can’t be bothered to draw anymore lol. So, say hello to Marcus Aloysius Tracy, an O/C of mine in a story (possible series) that I’m writing in my free time! Staring off into the distance with PenPen and Squidy. [There’ll be more info coming along soon, I just need to get a few kinks out of my other O/C’s descriptions first.]

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i'm so with u on the fact that niall is high in that snap haha i'm literally the same when i smoke weed like zoning out and stuff staring into the distance kind of and just chillin. it looks so cute tbh

he is literally chillin hsi ass off in that vid, i love him

Scott: He cheats on you and you leave [last part 5]

“Y/N…. could we talk in private?” Scott’s voice sounded awkward.

“Yeah sure,” I motioned towards the door and started walking into that direction.

“I threw Kira out of the pack.” Scott announced after a moment of silence between the two of us. I looked back shocked to hear that. I never wanted Kira thrown out of the pack, wtf.

“What?” I narrowed my eyes at him. It’s not that I didn’t believe him, I was just surprised.

“Yeah after I found out you left, I couldn’t stand seeing her.” Scott said, looking at me with his puppy brown eyes that I loved-love.

I nodded, not saying anything else, just staring into the distance. “I want you back, Y/N.” Scott gently grabbed my jaw with one of his hands and turned me to face him.

I sighed, looking down. “I don’t know Scott. We were even talking about children, and you go and cheat on me. I don’t know if I could take another heartbreak.” 

I felt Scott shake his head, “You won’t have too, Y/N. There’s no one in this world that I love more than you.” 

I smiled softly, looking up. “I forgive you Scott, but you have to promise to never let it happen again.” The look on Scott’s face told me he wasn’t expecting me to forgive him so easily, which made me chuckle on the inside.

“I promise.” He stated, before capturing my lips with his.

Humming, I pulled away. “I want Kira back in the pack.” I said my eyes still shut close. “What?” Scott’s voice was surprised.

“Yeah, she deserves a second chance. But if she tries it again, I won’t hold back that time.” I chuckled. “I won’t let it happen again, Y/N.” Before kissing me once again.

That was pretty short and I’m sorry. I had written something else beforehand and had it on draft somewhere in my computer, but my sister deleted it -.- So I just posted this quick one because I’ve been holding you guys back too long.

I made Kira the bad guy here because I needed one, but in reality I love her on the show.

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that pic of harry in sweatpants and those lil slippers.. he look so comfy i wanna cuddle him forever

why is it so easy to imagine just lyin around in a hotel room with him and youre both feelin tired and lazy as balls and hes in sweats and youre in sweats and its that artificial silence that comes with quality hotel rooms and youre just making out with no effort or intent *stares into the distance*