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INFP body language, please!

Hm, this one is difficult, because INFPs are so damn good at hiding their feelings (and they wonder why they feel misunderstood!) Even for a “mind reader” like me, some of their signals will go right under my radar.

A guide for INFP body language:

Downturned eyebrows with corner of mouth turned down = “I think what you just said is morally wrong, and whether I call you out on it or not depends on my mood. Either way it’s going to bite you in the ass later”

Glazed over eyes, staring into the distance = “I’m in my Fantasy World right now. You’re going to have to try a little harder to get my attention, because my world is certainly better than this one and I don’t want to come out”

Upraised eyebrows and wide, exasperated eyes = “I’m trying to tell you how I feel and you’re not getting it. What does it take to be understood?”

A smile and laughter, relaxed = “I like you, I can relate to how you feel, and that makes me feel safe and comfortable with speaking my mind”

Blank, neutral expression = “I’m either completely fine or spiraling in a pit of emotional inner turmoil, have fun guessing which one”

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Tell us about your headcanon for Johnlock's first kiss!

oh god so many, so so many. 

My favorite one is after a big fight. We’ve seen how Sherlock desperately wants John to make him react, realize that what he does is wrong, that he’s killing himself and that it breaks John, seeing him hurting himself and not being able to do anything about it, because they’re nothing. 

Well, that one time, John does. Mycroft died, Sherlock closed himself from the rest of the world, didn’t get out, didn’t talk to John, just sat in silence staring into distance, except when John walked out, he took those moments to use cocaine. He kept writing the list, even though now he had no one to give it to, yet he still wrote them all. 

John arrives home earlier and finds Sherlock deep asleep, he doesn’t say anything because it’s quite common, so he sits silently and stares at him. When he looks down, he realizes there’s something on the floor, he takes it and reads it: drug after drug after drug. He feels the rage building, growing. 

Sherlock wakes up like an hour or so later and John is staring at him with that terrifying smile he saves for when he’s furious and with his arms crossed, he throws the list at Sherlock, gets up, grabs his jacket and walks away.

But Sherlock needs John to talk to him, so he shouts, “John!”, and surprisingly enough, John comes back, almost yelling. “Do you want to kill yourself? Is that what you want?”

Sherlock shrugs. “I don’t mind.”

“Well I do. I’ve seen you die once, I won’t stand and watch you kill yourself one second time.”

“What do you even care?”

John laughs sarcastically while shaking his head “What do I care? What do I care? do you think it’s easy? seeing how you destroy yourself? Not being able to do anything about it? thinking that you’re beyond saving? yet still trying? but you’re right. It’s always your way. So go ahead, keep doing it. Just don’t make me watch it”, he said, turning towards the door.

“That’s all you’re going to do? Walk away? is that your answer to everything?”

John turned back, looking a bit shocked by Sherlock’s response. “My answer? excuse me, am I the one who’s left twice?”

“You’ve left, too”, Sherlock replied, his voice low.

“I thought you were dead, Sherlock!”, John replied, his voice breaking a bit.

“Good. Think the same this time and you’re free to leave.”

“Shut up, shut up!”


“Because I couldn’t handle it”, John said, matter-of-factly.

“Why not?”

“Because I love you!

Sherlock had said it once, just once, when John was hurt and it felt like it would be the last chance. They never talked about it. John had never said it, but he knew it was also his last chance. Sherlock blinked once, then twice, trying to react. “I- you- what?”

“I love you, you idiot. I care, I can’t stand to see you tearing your life apart, because it tears me apart, too.”

“I- I- I…”, Sherlock tried to say but his brain had apparenty stoopped working. 

Then, out of nowhere, John walked determinedly and placed a shy, chaste kiss on Sherlock’s lips. Sherlock couldn’t react.

John pulled away and felt terrified for a moment, until Sherlock finally, finally reacted, grabbed John by the neck of his shirt and kissed him, testing at first, deepening later.They held each other and tasted each other and all they could think about was finally, finally, after tearing each other apart, over and over, they’d be able to heal each other. 


This started as a headcanon and ended as a ficlet whoops! but seriously, this is how I imagine it would be, and I would probably die. Thank you so much for asking lovely! :3

Come and talk to me! :)

Ikora squints into the Darkness, past the firelight. If she narrows her eyes, she can just make out the clouds that scud across the young moon.

The man in front of her bends his head, scrunches his shoulders. Obeisance, taught by the Wilds. A shock pistol rests on his hip. Scavengers, then. Others stand to either side of him. Bearded, flea-bitten; patch-worked with bits of Fallen metal and scraps stolen from the ruins.

In the distance, a row of huts crouches beneath the dark sky. A stream cuts between her campfire and the town. When she arrived in the grey light of morning a washer-woman stared at her with wide, white eyes. She would not speak. Her lip was split.

“There is room in the City for all of you,” she tells them again, but the shadows eat her words and she knows that they will never leave the kingdom that they have inherited, small and mean as it is. Power is difficult to give up.

“We like it here jes’ fine,” says one.

“All we’s askin’ is a little of the Tower’s bounty,” the man wheedles. “All we’s askin’ is-”

“Too much,” she whispers. “Too much.”

He straightens. Gone is the sniveling. Cold hunger stares back across the fire at her. The men beside him shift from foot to foot. One of them smiles, a broken yellow grin. Eager. She turns away, and he chuckles - proud. She does not say it is because he reminds her of the things that scream at her from the shattered corners of the Cosmodrome.

“Reckon yer pretty important, then. Reckon you’d be missed. Reckon someone might pay a pretty penny t’get you back.”

These are not Barons that stand before her. They are not Hive-Knights or Cabal Centurions or even avatars of the Vex. They look like men and they speak like men, but if they are human she cannot see it.

She shakes her head. She wonders what the Rangers would have thought. The Speaker sees worth in everyone - or claims to.

“Are you list’nin, girl?”

He is not the first to make the mistake. She knows that she has not cleaned her robes in weeks, knows that she is young and beautiful.  She has seen everything, heard everything; the abuse and the reprimands, the curses of a thousand men like these. Make a weapon of what scares you, they told her: so she did. 

She stands. Her Ghost whispers. It sounds like “Mercy.”

In the morning, the washer-woman thanks her. Ikora presses the battered shock pistol into her hand, points her to the West. The clouds have not lifted. Grey drizzle begins to fall.

She stares at the sky. Dawn will not come, no matter how hard she wills it.

Dandelion AU Part 2

Ayyy an update. Sorry it took so long! Weekdays are a lil’ busy. I really wanted to continue this I promise >.>.

Pt. 1

Marinette found herself sighing as a small, adorkable cat rubbed against her leg as she cooked. She and Adrien had had a long conversation over everything. And now he was begging to have ‘human’ food again.

“None of that lame kebble that you fed me!” Adrien had said, wagging his finger.

As she cooked she organized her thoughts, the past couple of hours had been something completely weird and different for her. Life changing, really.

“So up until now you just couldn’t figure out how to revert back?” Marinette had asked, keeping an awkward distance from the catboy as she asked him questions. He sat cross legged, staring at his fingers like they were brand new to him. Which was semi-true considering he hadn’t had any for roughly 2 months.

“Yes,” Adrien had replied simply.

“And why do I find that hard to believe?” Marinette asked, glaring at Adrien.

Adrien put his hands up in surrender. “Would I ever lie to you, my Lady?” He got back a still very suspicious and doubtful glare from Marinette. “Well I haven’t yet, and I definitely won’t start now.” Adrien promised.

“So now you can just freely shift between cat and catboy?” Marinette asked, testing out the name.

Adrien had responded by turning into the cat the Marinette had grown to, now almost regrettably, like. Adrien the cat then jumped off of his designated seat across from Marinette and leapt onto her lap, sitting down and looking at her with his bright green eyes. “Meow!”

Marinette had picked him up by his front paws, putting him level with her eyes. “Well aren’t you just the most adorable thing?” Adrien responded by hissing and attempting to get out of her hands, but in such a small cat form there really wasn’t much he could do, but paw useless at the air. Marinette laughed and set him down on the floor, where he promptly returned to catboy form and brushed himself off, although his clothes showed no sign of being dirtied or wrinkled.

“I think I’ll have to make some clothing for you later. If you’re going to go out into public, we can’t have you wearing that.”

“Why not?” Adrien had asked, pulling the collar of his black jacket upwards. “Personally I think this looks stunning.”

“Yes and it’s also completely abnormal in the city streets.” Marinette said, shaking her head. “I’ll have to take some measurements later. What do you think about a tail pocket? Or maybe I could disguise your tail as a belt…”

Marinette turned off the stove, picking up the small pan and pouring the mix of vegetables and chicken into a plate, before setting the pan down in the sink for later. She sensed Adrien turn into catboy form again behind her and she could almost sense his excitement at the prospect of eating her food. Before setting down the plate she grabbed a fork turned around, holding it up in front of Adrien’s face.

“You do know how to use these right?” Marinette asked, being completely serious.

“Of course, my lady. You just…” Adrien grabbed the fork from her hands. “Stab the food with the pointy ends!” Adrien lightly poked Marinette’s hand with the fork, mimicking the motion that one would use to eat with a fork

“Ow!” Marinette exclaimed, pulling back her hand and glaring at Adrien. Adrien smiled back sheepishly before sitting down at the seat in front of the plate of food she had prepared.

“Just some really quick stir fry. Nothing too fancy.”

Adrien took a bite of slice of carrot. Instantly his eyes lit up brightly. Had she drawn them she would’ve drawn them as bright yellow stars. “NOTHING FANCY!? THIS IS INCREDIBLE!” Adrien quickly ate the food, happily chomping away at the food.

Marinette grinned over his enthusiasm over the basic food. She walked away, thinking over some designs for basic clothing for Adrien.

* * *

Adrien’s transformation had actually come at an odd time for Marinette. After living alone and living off of the pay of her parents and their bakery for so long, both her parents, although more their parents, were pressuring her to go to college, get a degree and do something with her life.

And so, for quite a while Marinette had been studying for a very important test that she would have to take.

Adrien was not helping her out in doing this. For about two weeks he constantly bothered her, annoyed her and just did catty things. Not even to mention how much time she spent making his clothes and she still wasn’t completely done with it.

Test day, she had grabbed all of her stuff and said goodbye to Adrien. She’d be gone for about three to four hours so he’d be left home alone to do whatever. It’s not like she hadn’t left him before, but she’d never left for such a long period of time. Even when she went to work, she took him with her in cat form, her parents absolutely adored him, who knew what was going to happen now that he’d be alone for a while.

What’s the worst that could happen? Marinette thought. He knows what he’s doing.

* * *

No he didn’t.

Marinette finished the test relatively happy with her answers to the questions and she felt confident on her essay. She was planning on making something special for both her and Adrien when she got home. And maybe she would bake something.

Unfortunately, she came home to find Adrien completely freaking out, the smell of smoke coming from the kitchen and a complete mess made of the laundry.

Adrien was wearing a grey oversized sweater and sweatpants, his hair was in a mess, his ears were at different angles, his tail was frantically waving back and forth and his face was frozen in one of panic as he noticed her walking back inside. He was in the middle of trying to clean up a huge mess of food on the floor and, Are those cookies!?

He did not sneak into my secret stash of cookies! And he better not be chewing on them right now!

But he was.

And he was about to be in huge trouble.

“ADRIEN!” Marinette yelled.

* * *

Marinette had spent most of the rest of the day cleaning up, picking up her laundry which had been half shoved into the washing machine and was covered in black fur.

“It was soft!” Adrien said, as though that explained everything.

Adrien had also apparently tried cooking stir fry for her before she came back, thinking that it couldn’t be that difficult. Marinette had grabbed the smoking pan, Adrien keeping a large distance away for fear of… who knew, and Marinette threw it into the sky, quickly turning on quick water.

Then the fire alarm went off and Adrien had turned into a cat and jumped multiple feet into the air at the same time before running off and hiding behind a couch. To that Marinette broke out laughing until she heard the knock at the door to her apartment.

And then ensued the awkward conversation of her explaining that she had accidentally burned some food… a lot. To which her neighbor was confused considering that they knew how good of a cook she was. Marinette sighed as she closed the door, walking away. Adrien, still a cat, peeked out from around the couch, the fire alarm dying down. Marinette shot him a glare, before continuing to clean up.

* * *

Marinette was working late into the night, trying to finish the casual clothing that she was making. He’d been stuck wearing either oversized clothing that Marinette had bought, not knowing his clothing size or clothes that Marinette had previously made which was usually too small or too wide for his tall and thin frame.

She’d go shopping with him later when she finished the clothing, but she made it her project to finish.

Adrien constantly pestered her, even more than he usually did, ‘murring’ in her ear, brushing against her leg or getting in her face or on the clothing. At first she just smiled and pet him, but eventually she got annoyed and began pushing him away. After a while, he just lied down on the table, watching her while keeping a distance as to not anger her further.

At least until she felt a pair of hands go on her shoulders. Marinette yelped and tilted her heads upwards, but relaxed when she saw the long blonde hair and bright green eyes. Adrien tilted his head downwards, next to her ear.

“My Lady,” He whispered, “Please, rest. You have been working all day because of me.” Marinette felt herself blushing at the soft sound of his voice.

“I have to finish this…” Marinette said softly.

“You can finish it later my Lady. For now, you can rest.” And Marinette blushed further she felt the hands go lower, just below her neck, the chair turned slightly so the back was no longer in the way. They pulled slightly, urging her to stand up and she did, her back leaning on Adrien’s chest, his hands holding her in a semi-awkward hug. She felt his warm breath as he pulled her slightly, more as a suggestion rather than forcing her, and they both stepped backwards until Adrien was at her bed.

He sat down, letting go of her and she turned towards Adrien, his face slightly illuminated from the lamp from across the room. He looked at her with some kind of emotion that she couldn’t recognize, staring up at her before lightly squeezing her hand. “Rest.” He said.

Marinette complied, sitting down next to him before moving backwards and lying down onto the bed. She felt the weight of a small cat moving across the bed before she felt cat-Adrien’s presence in front of her and there was a slight rustling as he lied down. Marinette smiled, feeling herself grow weary as she reached a hand up to softly pet his black fur.

She woke up the next morning, well rested, her hand still on Adrien’s black fur, his bright green eyes right in front of hers. She smiled as he purred.

“Thank you.” She said.

God that last bit was so trashy. Sorry if it sucked, but (SPOILERS) romantic subplots.  


Sorry about updating so late, weekdays are a bit busy so :/. I hope you liked it and I’m glad you read it :D. 


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(I’m Feeding Adrien (cookies)!!! #LetAdrienEat2k16)

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what kind of body language do INTj's have?

Very reserved. They’re not going to make grand gestures and body movements like some of the more extroverted types. Their face isn’t going to be as expressive, and will likely have a look of apathy the majority of the time, even if they’re actively listening to you (Read: resting bitch face).

For the few facial expressions that they make, here is a small guide.

Squinting eyes, with downturned eyebrows = “You just said something really stupid, but I am obligated by social norms not to call you out on it”

Widened exasperated eyes with pursed lips, coupled with a sigh = “What you just said was REALLY stupid, and it’s taking self control not to be sarcastic”

Widened exasperated eyes coupled with pursed lips, with their hand pressed against their head = “I can’t take it anymore, I want to go home”

Staring off in the distance inquisitively = “I’m still listening to you, I’m just working out what you have said”

One eyebrow raised, with a smile = “What you just did was so endearing, that I’ll look past the stupidity”

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companions react to sole meeting a exact copy of themselves with the exact same memories and such. after a minute or two of silent awe at the situation they slowly close the distance and then make out with themselves.

Idgdfjh same 

Piper: Her eyes widen and she just stares, unsure of what to make of this situation. Why Sole felt the need to do that is beyond her. It’s..it’s appealing to look at but..are they related? What’s going on here?

Preston: He opens his mouth to speak and then closes it again. Why..? He really has no idea how he’s supposed to respond. It’s just ?? Who makes out with their clone or whatever this is. 

Danse: He’s so awkward, just kind of trying to look anywhere but at them. Why in the world…? The effect that it’s having on him is even more disturbing to him. Why is he..aroused.

Maxson: He just stares, squinting a bit as if he’s not quite sure he’s seeing things correctly. He’s not sure if this should be arousing to him or not. Either way it is. 

Curie: “oh, how interesting!” She just wants to know why Sole did it. She’s genuinely fascinated by their attraction to their look a like. 

Maccready: “o..kay then, boss..” He looks at his feet but can’t help but keep looking up every once in a while. He hates himself for being turned on. 

Nick: He just stands there in confusion and then makes a wry comment “Ah, yes..Narcissus falls in love with his own reflection.” then he averts his gaze and stands there awkwardly. Should he leave or..? 

Hancock: “Nice..so..need a third member?” He really, really wants a threesome with the two Sole’s. Please let the ghoul live out his dreams. 

Deacon: “Uh…so, is this incest or masturbation?” Honestly he’s just curious about what the answer to that question would be. 

Cait: “Holy shit.” She can’t help but laugh because what the hell, man? But honestly she thinks it’s really hot and probably tries to get in on the action. 

X-6: He just walks away. He just fucking walks away. He doesn’t understand what he’s seeing and he doesn’t want to. 

Codsworth: *scandalized* MUM/SIR?!? Not in front of the robot son you sinners. 

Strong: “Why two of human?”


The Most Beautiful Moment in Life // Kim Namjoon


Day 1, 1:30am.

At this unusual hour and unusual night, you sat on one of the seats by the window provided by the convenience store for the ‘ramen eaters’, you unclipped the wooden chopstick of your own and placed them on top of the round noodle pot. 

Staring across the road as you waited for your food to be ready, your eyes travelled to the eerily, grey lights coming from the petrol station. You squinted your eyes when you saw a shadowed figure resting against the fence at the back, a white stick was hanging loosely in between his lips, and from your distance, you could just make out that it was a lollipop. 

And the figure, it was a boy, probably not much older than you. 

You unknowingly observed his movements, the way he was wearing his hat and the way his hands were in his pockets, you immediately knew he wasn’t someone you should mess with. 

You focused back onto your ramen when the steam and the smell of pepper flakes escaped the corners of the lid. Taking the chopstick with one of you hands, you ripped the lid open with the other. Twirling your chopstick around the noodles trying to make them stay on, you looked back up, persuading yourself that you were only interested in knowing what he was doing there and nothing more. 

And your curiosity was answered when you saw a black car pull up by one of the filling stations. The boy walked towards the car and you could see a few exchanges were made. 

Ah, he works there. 

You continued to watch and saw how the boy was now standing closer, a little something fluttered around the pit of your stomach when you saw his features-


That’s not a lollipop. 

It’s a cigarette

Day 3, 1:30am.

You ran into the convenience store, drenched from head to toe, as you cursed yourself for being stupid for not bring an umbrella, even though you had everything else in your bag. 

Why were you even here again anyway, you weren’t even that hungry. 

Running your fingers through your wet hairs, you tried to comb them into something presentable as you walked towards your usual seat. 

You were planning to place your bag down first before buying the food, but when you saw someone familiar sitting next to your spot, you stopped and your index finger unknowingly made its appearance, “uh…?”

He turned around to your voice and stared at you up and down. He looked at the finger that was pointing to him,

“Uh…”, he mimicked you. 


Day 10, 1:30am. 

You were here again, for the tenth night in a roll. 

In this usual hour and usual place, you continued with your usual routine; unclipping your chopstick and placing them on top of your food, then unclipping his chopstick and placing them on top of his. 

You sat back and waited; for the food to be ready, and for him to have his break. 

Moving around in your seat, you tried to catch a glimpse of Kim Namjoon who was currently talking to a customer. From someone who was nothing but a stranger across the street, to someone who you now share your midnight meals and deep thoughts with, a forbidden high was running through your veins.

And you knew the exact reason why you were like this, 

you just hoped the feelings were reciprocated. 


Day 15, 1:48am

A frown was immediately brought upon your face when the smell of cancer surrounded your nose. 

“Did you smoke again?” you asked as you swirled your noodles around, Namjoon shrugged beside you as he opened a can of drink while chewing his mouthful of food. 

“Isn’t that a bit dangerous?” you asked again, sincerely worried about the consequences, “you are working at a petrol station, pet-rol.

Namjoon smirked and passed you the drink, “well I’m still alive aren’t I?”

You glared at him, he had always been like this whenever you brought up the cigarette topic, he made it sound like it was nothing serious. You suddenly lost your appetite as you stared down at your ramen, you were getting pretty tired for eating the same thing for the 15th time in a roll.  

“Don’t worry, I won’t let myself die,” 

you heard him chuckled as if it was a joke,

“…at least not until we go on a proper date,” 

and then he patted your head. 


Day 18, 9:15am. 

A petrol station, just 20 minutes away from the city centre and opposite the 7/11 convenience store, exploded into flames during the early hours of this morning. 

At 3:32am, the fire brigade was called to the scene,

It is still unclear what the cause of the fire was, and whether anyone was hurt during the incident,

but the police are currently looking for a man in his early 20s, who, they were told, were taking his night shift,

if anyone has any information on his whereabouts,

please call the number below.”


??? ??, ?:??am

You stared at the steam rushing out from the kimchi-flavoured soup, 

your hand wrapped around the can of drink, 

the 5 minutes of waiting for the noodles to be cooked had already past a long time ago, 

but if only you could still wait


and I have to thank @omo-bangtan for giving me ideas!! 

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While I do agree with you about EDI's weird cameltoe (it makes me so uncomfortable) I do have to say Miranda and Samara have male counters, namely Jacob and Thane. Jacob is a soldier, yet he wears skin-tight clothing that offers minimum protection. And let's be honest, Thane's neckline might even be deeper than Samara's. Sure, some of the design are a little ridiculous considering the context I'm not as bothered by them

I’m not so easily able to dismiss the type of exploitation that goes on in those games simply because they made men look “sexy” too. You don’t have dialogue calling Jacob a bitch. You don’t have gratuitous shots of Jacob leaning seductively against his desk with ¾ of the screen being taken up by his ass with shepard in the distance staring.

Thane’s neckline may be deeper than Samara’s but its not accentuating something classically sexualized. it just doesn’t carry the same connotations. 

trying to justify the exploitation of women by claiming to even out the sexualiation between male and female characters changes absolutely nothing. it doesn’t change what they did to characters like Miranda and Samara. No character should be unnecessarily sexualized. the sexualization of certain male characters in the series doesn’t give bioware any excuses. 

sexualization of women, fictional or not, carries real world problems.. it perpetuates violence and can turn women into objects. i cannot tell you how many times i’ve read male players claiming to have only kept ashley alive because “kaidan didn’t have a vagina” or saying that they withstood miranda’s “bitchiness” because of her ass. creeps don’t make blogs literally worshipping jacobs body. people don’t make porn manips centered on thane’s chest. 

its just not the same

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"M-Mordecai...." The demon hiccuped, still a teary eyed mess from earlier in the day. He stopped a distance away, tears still streaming down his face. "Y-You.... You don't just pity me.... Right?" He sniffed, head falling low as he bit his lower lip. "Y-You love me, right...?"

Mordecai looked up and couldn’t help staring. Crying Bill was super duper rare so to suddenly see his lover with tears falling so freely down his face was… new… and, damn, if the bully in the tall male didn’t wanna come out but he resisted… for now.

“P-Pity?? Of course not, babe. I completely love you.” The cerulean male replied, walking up as he smiled warmly at the blonde. “Where did this come from?? Are you alright??”

New Kid In School | Open

Goldie was new at Grimm Creek academy, she had already gotten her class list and was waiting for a room in the dorms. She sat on a swing in the school yard and just stared out into the distance trying to memorize her schedule which was in her hand, when she was starting to think about how she wished that the academy had a special hall for the ageplayers. But she figured maybe this was the worlds way of tell her she had to at least grow up a little bit if not all the way.

Herbs were not Hero’s specialty. He knew that, no matter how much he tried to decipher what they all were so that he could do something helpful when the Boys weren’t getting themselves hurt. But it was a pointless attempt. He couldn’t do so much as tell basil from sage, nevermind the more dangerous stuff. He just knelt there by these strange plants, picking a few and making them into a strange bouquet of who-knows-what. Honestly, he wasn’t even trying anymore. He was just looking for an excuse to explore for a little while.

The one plant he was staring at now was just so bizarre looking, he couldn’t possibly figure out what it was. “The hell are you?” he muttered to himself, unaware of the presence within hearing distance.

I love that moment in Fallout 4.

You know. 

The one where you’re walking along on a bridge or raised walkway and you suddenly hear the THUMP. You turn to stare at where your companion used to be as you realize that they have once again spontaneously clipped through the surface and fallen below. 

Bonus laughter if you’re over some water and the sound is SPLOOSH.

Bonus laughter v.2 if your companion is the tin can man and the sound is CRASH/SLAM/BOOM.

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Companions reacting to sole starting to lose their Sanity. I mean in a fucked up world like that he could break mentaly at any moments

Hmm, a reaction for that one? I got something even better. 
I’m going to group all of them together because it’ll mostly be the same. 
They see Sole about to break. Sole is staring out into the distance and muttering Shaun repeatedly. And their body is always tensing up with they see a raider, deathclaw, ghoul, or some sort of abomination. This wasn’t there world anymore. Not their home anymore! They wanted to go home! They couldn’t live with themselves, knowing all the good people they’d known, died. Vanished from their life. So when the companions see them breaking down in a corner, they don’t say anything, they just sit by sole and hold them close. They steady their breathing, then they count. “1….2….3…Shhh…” 
Strong would allow Sole to sit on his lap and repeat “Human is strong!Human always strong!” 
Dogmeat would lie on their lap and pant, licking their tears away.  
Codsworth is making sure Sole is doing a breathing exercise, making them count backwards.  
And X6, he’ll hold Sole close to him. Not uttering a single word. 

I wasn’t sure how to do this so, I tried! 

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"It's your fault the Warden is dead." (why yes I do enjoy having my heart ripped out of my chest, too)

For the “RIP OUT MY MUSE’S HEART IN 1 ASK” writing prompt.

This one was rather difficult, as the Warden’s death has very little to do with Zev in the grand scheme of things. I decided to use this particular scenario where the Warden doesn’t accept Zevran’s earrings when he offers them to her: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPXw0_NUgWM

Also…forgive the lack of originality in the last sentence. It just felt right to put there. 

Night descended upon the horizon, painting the earth a lustrous shade of onyx. Sleep kissed at the corners of his mind, beckoning the elf to find solace in dreams, but he ignored the night’s song to stare out at the walls of the city-state. In the far distance torchlights from the guard’s watch danced back and forth as the soldiers made their daily rounds, robbed of the slumber the Antivan so carelessly tossed aside.

The gentle crinkle of a tent reached tipped ears, announcing another who could not find rest. He bothered not to incline his head when footsteps inched closer, hesitant in their approach, as if merely closing the distance might send the elf sprinting into the abyss.

“I could use some company tonight.” Came a voice, a whisper almost as subtle as the passing wind. Minae had always been soft spoken, a trait he once mistook for timidity; but where others might bark to display their power, the Tabris, when provoked, would bite. “Care to keep me warm?”

The wind trembled the space between them, and though he dared not look, in his thoughts raven curls danced in tune to the breeze. Damn his weakness for her beauty. “I don’t think that would be wise, Grey Warden.” Somehow the elf maintained his composure.

“Please. The nightmares…they won’t stop.” Her voice breaks. How the sound tore at the poorly stitched seams of his heart. “The hum grows louder when everyone’s asleep.” He felt fingertips twist golden ropes between delicate fingers, breaching the space the Antivan silently demanded. A pointed chin nestled against his shoulder, nails digging pleading, wanting. “They’re worse when you’re not there…Please.”

Zevran took in an agonized breath. She smelled of honeysuckle and jasmine, and the scent was painful as he was reminded of twilight hours with her back nestled against him like a piece he never realized was missing. How the scent of her flooded his dreams and the hours long after their bodies entangled. His resolve was weak, always weak around Minae, and so he spun and claimed her lips before his mind could object.

She kissed him as if she could not live if their lips so much as parted, desperate hands tearing at his leathers, hands that should not be so feroce for an elf from the alienage. Minae pulled him towards her tent and the rogue almost followed, till the pressure of her hands dug a small, solid prick into his abdomen, reminding him of what lay hidden there.

“My gift,” he breathed out between kisses, prompting her to take the earring from him, “won’t you accept it?” It’s the third time he asked, and this last attempt no longer hid how much he needed her to say yes.

Yet she stiffened against his touch. “No.” She replied firmly, pushing the trinket back into the crevice of his palm, “No, I can’t.” Minae paused, gathering the strength to meet his wounded gaze. “I can’t promise a future with you.”

Zevran was never been one to make demands. But this sensation that hammered against his chest was like a wound that won’t heal. If this is love then it is a wicked, terrible thing, and he wished to be rid of it. Fingertips coiled around the earring as he parted from her warmth, a mask slowly forming onto the face of the assassin. A smile sharp like his blades was offered, closing the heart that was hers if she would only take it. “Then I’m afraid we have nothing more to say, no?” He asked, leaving before she can muster a reply.

In the quiet hours, when his eyes at last are lidded by sleep, her voice called out one more time.

“I’m scared.”

The words flashed through his mind on the day the Archdemon was slain. Years later, he learned of the ritual that might have saved her. His arms had not been there to quiet the hum. Perhaps, in death’s embrace, she sought solace from the Calling.

The Warden died because of you, the wind whispered through the forests of Ferelden, and after a time he found reasons to ignore King Alistair’s letters. The haunt followed him through the desert canyons of the Western Approach, through the wide stretch of decay in the Exalted Plains. His feet carried him over rivers and hills, fleeing from the sad song of the wind until the day there was nowhere left to run.

She glimmered gold in a world that was only ever grey.

But, alas. Nothing gold can stay.

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Yoonmin #62 fluff? <3

62: It’s raining and you forgot your umbrella so come over and stand under mine while we wait for the bus.

A/N: They’re in a fight in this because I just felt it’d be fitting, enjoy.

“Why are you being so stubborn?” Yoongi yelled out, his tone obviously irritated as he stared at Jimin who had been walking down the street in means of distancing himself from Yoongi. “Because I don’t want to have to share an umbrella with you.” Jimin huffed, crossing his arms across his chest despite the rain droplets that were beginning to pelt at his skin. “You’re gonna get soaked…” Yoongi trailed off, taking in the way that Jimin had stopped in his tracks, his ears tuning in to whatever Yoongi had to say. “It’s still better than being trapped under and umbrella with you.” Jimin tried his best to remain his firm tone but his voice faltered and Yoongi knew he was winning.

“It’ll just be a few minutes, the bus will be here, and you can go home and curse me out all you want.” Yoongi was an expert in getting what he wanted out of Jimin; he knew every which way to get him to do just about anything. He watched as Jimin pouted, his eyes wandering down as the rain started to pour down, his hair now taking in the effect of the rain, his fringe flopping against his forehead uncomfortably. “Fine.” Jimin breathed out, shifting until he was standing directly next to Yoongi. He huffed and continued to cross his arms, refusing to look at Yoongi.


It had been a good 8 minutes since one of them last spoke, the silence would be unbearable if it weren’t for the rain that was pounding down around them. All Yoongi could do was focus on Jimin, taking in his facial expressions, the way that he nervously bit at his lip, the way his nose crinkled up a bit every time he seemed to get lost in thought. The way his lips looked so soft and pink and kissable to Yoongi but he had to restrain himself because he knew Jimin was already in a bad mood.

“J-Jimin?” Yoongi’s voice shook, something that was very unlike him and in-fact it seemed to startle Jimin as well, seeing as he finally looked up at the blonde male who’s height was only slightly taller than his own. “Do you hate me?” Yoongi felt as if he was throwing his heart on the line with those words as Jimin’s eyes widened for a moment, almost shocked at the words he heard escape from Yoongi’s mouth. “Yoongi…” Jimin trailed off, one of his hands reaching up to cup at Yoongi’s cheek, caressing it lightly with his thumb before continuing. “I would never hate you.” Yoongi felt all the tension that had been building up inside of him finally cease at these words.

“I just get mad sometimes and can’t really control myself…” Jimin seemed to get a bit flustered, his cheeks tinting a rosy pink as his eyes stared at Yoongi’s chest. “And I love that about you.” Jimin froze, his eyes wandering upwards again and meeting Yoongi’s loving gaze and he felt it; that these words, were more than just a simple remark, he loved him, more than Jimin could even imagine. Jimin couldn’t stop himself from smiling, the biggest grin making its way upon his lips as every single tooth in his mouth was revealed to Yoongi who hovered above him.

Yoongi’s eyes moved to Jimin’s lips; a place he had wanted to be able to kiss again for quite some time. Jimin wasn’t clueless, he knew exactly what Yoongi was thinking as he stepped onto his tip-toes, lightly pressing his lips against Yoongi’s. Yoongi was so startled he nearly dropped the umbrella, which wouldn’t have been good for either of them, yet instead, he melted into the kiss, taking in everything that it was about Jimin that caused his heart to swell. The two pulled apart as they heard the bus pull up next to them, the rain beginning to soften as they made their way onto the bus, hand in hand.

AU Game (Make sure you read the rules.)

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Nine/Rose, long-distance relationship AU

“I hate this,” Rose murmured as she settled in to sleep, staring sadly at her laptop screen.

“I know,” John agreed quietly. “It’s only for a few more months though. I’ll be home before you know it, just you wait.”

“Not soon enough.” Rose’s words were punctuated by a yawn. “I’m makin’ you get up every night with Ali.”

“Lookin’ forward to it.” John smiled sadly. “Good night Rose.”

“Good mornin’ John,” she murmured as her eyes fluttered shut. He watched her sleep for a moment before looking out the window at the shining sun.

Time to get ready for another day.

Give me a pairing. Give me an AU setting. I will write you a three-sentence fic