The signs when they see someone they know in public
  • Aries:turns the other way and runs
  • Taurus:Would say hi for a second then walk away with unwanted plans
  • Gemini:shouts across to say hi or walks up to them like a civil human being
  • Cancer:would approach them and talk to them for a little while
  • Leo:tries to act cool and popular but ends up tripping or pulling it off
  • Virgo:Avoids them at all costs
  • Libra:waves to them and either talks to them from a distance or walks away quickly
  • Scorpio:stares at them until they either make eye contact with them or walk away
  • Sagittarius:wait for them to talk to them or just awkwardly stand there wondering what to do
  • Capricorn:do capricorns even go in public???
  • Aquarius:pretends they don't exist and continues to walk
  • Pisces:flips the fuck out and hides behind a group of people

One time, my mom and I were going to the store and she was driving and we were stopped at a stop light. At the time she was asking me about that character I always cosplay (Armin Arlert) so I was giving her a brief summary of the series and the character, etc etc. I quit talking but we were just sitting there, I was staring at the road until a car honked and that’s when I noticed it… My mother was just staring longingly into the distance while the light had already been green for a while. “MOM!” I cried out, making her snap out of it and see that it was time to go. That’s when it happened… She turned to me, I swear tears were welled up in her eyes, and that’s when she said it, “…I’m sorry.. I was just.. Thinking about Armin…”

Love me harder. | Thomas Brodie- Sangster Imagine

Y/n P.O.V

Sighing, you rested your chin against your clenched fist and stared into the distance. You couldn’t hide your feelings anymore. No one knew about your stupid secret and you just wanted to blurt it out to anyone and everyone. Just keeping it locked away frustrates the living daylights, especially when it’s extremely worse than a crush. Even you couldn’t deny these feelings that you were in love wi-

“Hey Y/n! What’s with the long face?” Your thoughts were interrupted by your best friend, who looked at you with a confused expression. His dirty blonde hair dishevelled by the wind, with his cheeks rosy and flustered from the cool summer breeze. You then gazed down to his outfit and you swear you felt yourself drool as he wore a navy suit, hugging his body slightly.


“I- uh- I’m fine Thomas, why wouldn’t I be?” You stuttered, looking anywhere but him, trying your best to avoid eyeing your best friend again.

Thomas took a seat next to you on the wooden bench in his back garden, and wrapped an arm around your shoulders. “Well, can’t have my best friend sad for the party tonight, can we?” He replied, chuckling and you couldn’t help but laugh with him. “Do you have a dress for tonight?”

You nodded and looked up at him who gave you a smug grin. “Well, do I not get any details or are you going to leave me hanging?” He teased.

Letting out a gasp, you nudged his shoulder slightly and muttered, “Idiot.”

“Well, I take that I will see you tonight, Y/n.” He said, placing a light kiss to the side of your head and stalking off back to his house, leaving you dazed and flustered.

Yes, you were definitely without a doubt in love with Thomas Brodie-Sangster.

“Thank you ever so much Bruno.” You said to your driver, who grinned at you through the review mirror.

“No problem Y/n and you look absolutely stunning as always.” He replied, smiling. You quickly thanked him before exiting the car and gazing up at the building, which was all glammed up with red carpets, fancy decorations and paparazzi. Tucking a loose curl behind your ear, you hiked up your dress slightly as you made your way up the steps.

As you entered the building, you couldn’t help but gasp. Extravagant chandeliers, giant staircases, rows of tables and a fancy dance floor.

Thomas really did well this time, you thought.

Speaking of the devil, you spotted your best friend making his way over towards you almost tauntingly as he wore a light smirk. He looked dashing, with his grey suit and his hair sleek but messy. Thomas’ eyes trained to your long, red silk dress which hugged your curves tightly and flowed straight to the floor. With his stare heating you up, you shuffled slightly in your heels.

“You look beautiful, Y/n.” Thomas finally said, giving you a hug.

“Thank you, you don’t look bad yourself Sangster.” You replied, smiling.

He released you and led you down the stair case and introduced you to his friends. Thomas suddenly leaned down and you felt his warm breath fanning the side of your face, almost making your heart leap out of chest. “Save me a dance later?” He whispered.

Of course.”

The party was going on full blast downstairs but you stood alone on the balcony and stared into the night sky. The nights breeze kissed your skin letting the goosebumps rise and making you shiver slightly.

“Y/n, my dear what are you doing up here?” A voice startled you making you turn around, seeing Thomas’ mother eyeing you curiously.

“I decided that i needed a little fresh air.” You replied, with a smile as she stood next you.

“Well Y/n, I never got to thank you.” Thomas’ mother began but you looked at her with furrowed brows.

For what?

“For taming my little boy.” She answered, chuckling. “You see, I’ve never seen him look at a lady the way he looks at you. And even if you can’t see it, He’s in love with you Y/n and i know that you’re good for him.”

You stared at her, shocked.

Thomas is in love with me?

You quickly shook your head, “It can’t be true, surely it cant.”

She gave you a small smile and placed a hand on your shoulder, “I see that you’re in love with him too.” She whispered, as if i was the only one who was supposed to hear it and with that, she trotted back inside the house leaving my emotions completely messed up.

With you trying to catch your breath as if you’ve ran a marathon, you held the railings tightly and closed your eyes, until a voice one again interrupted your thoughts.


You swiftly turned around to see Thomas, looking at you but strangely with a faraway look in his dark orbs. He slid his hands into his pockets, making his way over to you whilst looking into the darkness with only the moon as the source of light. “It’s beautiful isn’t it?”

You nodded, feeling your cheeks flare up by his close proximity. “It is.”

Thomas then let out a sigh and ran his fingers through his hair and gazed down at you. “Look about what my Mother said-”

You let out a cough and stared up at him with wide eyes, “You heard?”

He nodded, “Everything.” He paused before capturing his bottom lip with his front teeth. “You see Y/n. What my Mum said- i-it’s not true. I’m not in love with you.”

Your heart sunk and you teared your eyes away from him. Tears threatened to spill but you began to blink rapidly, trying your best to stop them. Thomas then wrapped his hand around your wrist and hauled you away from the edge of the balcony. You gave him a questionable look.

“I don’t want the paps to see us together because you’re an ordinary girl and I’m a-”

“A celebrity, i get it. You’re embarrassed to be seen with me.” You interrupted, gulping, feeling your heart being torn open by his words.

Thomas cleared his throat, “Well, I’ll be downstairs if you need me. Will you stay for my speech later on?” He asked, and you could feel his gaze on you but you continued to stare into the distance.

Of course I will.” You replied, giving him a quick look.

“Great! See you in a bit.” And with that he left you alone.Completely oblivious to what he has done to you. He broke you and he didn’t even notice.

Biting your trembling lip, you rubbed your arm as you thought back at what he said.

I’m not in love with you.

Not being able to take it anymore, you allowed the warm tears to roll down your cheeks as you sniffed quietly to yourself. He doesn’t love you, never have and never will. Why would he anyways? He even said you were too normal for him, you thought.

Wiping your tears, you began to make your way down the stairs with Thomas saying his special speech with everyone laughing at his jokes. Quickly and quietly, you headed straight towards the front door and whilst giving one last look back, you noticed Thomas’ frown as he watched you.

“Y/n, is everything alright?” Bruno asked, concern written all over his face.

You shook your head as you entered the car. “No Bruno, everything is not alright.”


So if you want a part two then let me know! 

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This Is Who We Are ((Ramona/Eve))

Dusk fell upon the troupe’s wagons, and most people were either in the circle or in their own boxcars to rest and prepare. They were getting ready to leave the city and hit the road once again. Charlie was settling in well with the troupe, and had gotten close to several of the members in just the short time he’d been a member.

Ramona was outside of the wagon circle, staring at the sky. She squinted, trying to make out the clouds, but they blended in with the orange hues. It was picturesque even from her perspective, albeit it dreadfully blurry. As she glanced down, she saw a blue-haired figure in the distance. She couldn’t tell who it was, as the hair was too light to be Meredith’s and the figured appeared too short to be Bastien.

“Hello?” she called out curiously. “Can I help you?”

She clings in the days after Emma returns. She holds on for a few extra minutes in the morning, keeping her in an embrace for as long as she can manage. She lingers with every kiss. She shows up for lunches dragging them out until she absolutely has to drag herself away. 

She clings. 

She waits and she lets fear consume her. Emma is back but for how long? How long until something else comes along to snatch their happy ending away? 

She clings and yet she distances herself and Emma wonders how she’s walking this line so well. It’s one night four weeks after she’s come back that Emma finds Regina sitting on the chair by the windowsill staring straight ahead. 

She knew she’d be there. She’s there every night, just after midnight before she sneaks back into Emma’s arms. 

Emma slips out of bed and sits so she can face Regina. “What’s going on?” 

“What?” Regina asks evasively chewing her bottom lip anxiously. 

“Don’t hide from me,” Emma says, “One minute you’re clingy, the next it feels like you’re trying to run away from me.”

Regina sighs, “Emma..”

“No,” Emma says tersely, “Don’t avoid the question. Regina come on, you can tell me.”

There’s a pause before Regina admits, “I don’t want to lose you.”

“You won’t. I’m back.” 

“But what about next time?” Regina asks, “I…I don’t want to let you go, I don’t want to lose you yet I can’t help but feel like I should just be waiting for the next big thing that will take it all away.”

Emma sighs nodding in understanding before scooting closer, placing her hands on Regina’s knees, “I’m not planning to go anywhere. I know you’re scared. Sometimes I am too but we can’t live afraid of what’s around the next corner. I’m scared to lose you too, but if something happened and we’d never had the chance to be happy then I’d hate it even more. I don’t want to lose you without having been able to let you know how much I love you. I want us to be happy. I know it’s terrifying Regina but just try, just be happy with me and our son okay?”

Regina smiles at her, a light flickering in the dark, “I’ll try. Emma, I love you.” 

“I love you too,” Emma replies before taking her hand softly and leading them both back to bed. 

Best Dream Ever (kid!Meryl) (Furia, Tiff)

Even through her dizziness and general confusion, Meryl could tell that she was in danger. She had no memory of how she’d ended up in this purple apartment she’d never seen before, with a redhaired ponytailed man she’d never met. She backed away, her voice gasping meekly, “Mooom? Dad?”, but there was no sign of her parents nearby. With two long steps, the grown-up had closed the distance and grabbed her shoulder and head as he stared at her with wide eyes.

“My god… Meryl, my love?” he asked almost pleading as he looked her up and down.

Meryl didn’t like him, not one bit. He was touching her, creeping her out and she felt afraid, but through the fear surfaced her parents’ stern advice.

Stranger danger!” she screamed, the loudness of her own voice empowering the girl, and punched her fist right where his legs met, just as she’d been taught to. With a pained grunt he let go and doubled over, and she used the opportunity to run through the door into a hallway of some sort, down and down the stairs, into a foyer and out into the street. She thought she’d heard his footsteps following her down the stairs, so she picked a direction and bolted along the street, weaving through a small alley and back along another busy street. Her legs tired eventually and she stopped behind a vending machine, whimpering.

Where was she? And how had she gotten here? This wasn’t Stilwater, and it definitely wasn’t her small hometown. The skyline of neon skyscrapers was unfamiliar, and the longer she looked around, the weirder her surroundings seemed. Look at all those weird futuristic cars! TV screens the size of billboards! People were walking by and talking into little plastic boxes like they were communicators from that sci-fi show her brother Adam liked! She watched one of the TV screens show a trailer for some kind of upcoming kids movie, but instead of looking flat and like they were drawn, all the characters looked so real.

‘Am I in the future?’ she wondered, but then shook her head. That was so silly. You couldn’t travel in time, not in real life, and even if she had, she should have at least remembered it happening. Instead all she could remember was her dad congratulating her for an A in English, then playing soccer with her brothers and watching Tom play Wing Commander. He hadn’t let her play because she was ‘too little’, even though he was only three years older than her. But all those things had only just happened, so how had she all of a sudden gotten here?

And then a funny feeling came over the eight-year-old, one that she’d experienced a few times before. Of course, she realized, this was all just a dream! No wonder she couldn’t remember how it had all begun. Dreams were funny like that. But even better was that because she now knew she was dreaming, she could start controlling it. Do whatever she wanted!

Right now she really wanted an ice cream. She would figure what other stuff to do afterwards. She started walking down the street, pointedly looking away from where she was going and just focusing on the thought of ice cream. She knew that if you looked away for a moment, things could appear. When she finally looked back again, she saw an ice cream parlour up ahead. Score!

She ran to the guy at the counter. “Gimme the biggest ice cream cone you can! With all of the different sprinkles!”

The guy raised an eyebrow at her and asked, “Have you got money, kid?”

Oh. Sometimes dreams still followed real-world logic. No matter. She pushed her hand into her pocket, feeling around, and pulled out five hundred-dollar bills. Wow.

Three minutes later she walked back onto the street, licking a towering cone of five different scoops of ice cream smothered in a rainbow of sprinkles. “I’m the Queen of the world!” she exclaimed with a fistpump, causing the topmost ball to fall off and land on a passerby’s shoe.

Around the same time Meryl was waiting for her scoops, a message was sent out into the Bossville networks.

“URGENT! Something happened with the Rift. It de-aged Meryl into a girl, 7-9 years of age. Dark brown hair, bowl cut, red T-shirt, light blue jeans. Ran off somewhere in Sunset Park neighborhood ~10 mins ago. Any help with locating her and changing her back would be greatly appreciated. -Colin A.”

A Heart Palpitation; Sherlock X Reader

Requested by maccabecca: Hello! Your blog is lovely. I love your writing, pleasing to read. Anyhow, I had a one shot in mind, where Sherlock falls for the reader, but he can’t figure out the feeling in his chest whenever he sees her, despite being a know-all. So he conducts experiments such as avoiding her. He then consults John and finds himself in a difficult place when he has been diagnosed with being in love. I just wrote a summary, didn’t I…? 

John sat in his chair working on a new blog post when he felt Sherlock’s cold stare. John looked up at his companion to see him completely zoned out with a rather frightened expression on his face. He sighed, not really sure what he was going to get himself into.

“What’s the matter Sherlock?” John asked hesitantly.

The flat was still filled with an awkward silence as Sherlock was still staring off into the distance.

“Sherlock?” John tried again, this time grabbing Sherlock’s attention.

“John?” Sherlock asked, slightly annoyed at being yanked out of his thoughts.

“… You just seem to have something on your mind… Do you want to-“

“No,” Sherlock told him simply.

John rolled his eyes picked up his laptop again to resume his writing. “Actually…” he heard after a moment of blissful silence. “I’ve found myself in a rather difficult situation…”

Two Weeks Earlier

Sherlock was sitting in his arm chair reading a newspaper when he heard the door open. He set the newspaper down and looked at the doorway. With one single glance he felt his heart jump and then take off running at the sight of Y/N.

“Oh hello Sherlock,” you briefly said to him.

“Um… Hell… Hi… Hey Y/N,” he stuttered nervously.

You sent him a weird glimpse at his uncomfortable stammering. “Are you feeling okay Sherlock?” you asked while sorting through the mail you picked up from the flat.

“Yeah… feeling great actually,” he told you, trying to get his nerves under control.

“Well alright… I’m going to head to my bedroom and get some work done.”

Sherlock watched you as you retreated from the living room, taking a calming breath. “What was all that about?” he said to himself.

One Week Ago

Sherlock was standing in the kitchen preparing tea for himself and getting ready to put his plan into action. Earlier he decided to conduct a couple of experiments to test what he felt towards you. The first- simply ignoring you.

The sound of the door opening made him focus his attention back onto his tea. He could hear the banter between you and John as you entered the kitchen.

“Hey Sherlock,” you called.

Sherlock felt his heart rush again and the nerves beginning to come on. “Mhmmm,” he mumbled before grabbing his tea and making an awkward mad dash to his bedroom.

You and John both stared at the doorway utterly confused. “What was that all about?” you asked John.

“I’ve learned to stop questioning Sherlock’s behavior.”

A Couple Days Before

Sherlock sat in the dining room chair with a dinner for two set before him. In this experiment he decided to have a dinner between just you and him. Not only will he be able to determine if he liked you but also deduce if you felt the same way.

After reading a plethora of WikiHow’s on how to act on a date and what questions to ask he felt confident that this experiment couldn’t possibly fail him.

The creaking sound of the door opening signaled to Sherlock to straighten his tie and put the moves on. “I’m really glad you’re home. I made a dinner for us and I think you’ll really enjoy the-“

“Oh! Chicken alfredo, nice touch Sherlock,” John’s voice came from the kitchen entryway. Sherlock sighed and John sat down across from him and began to eat. “Thanks for the meal Sherlock,” he told him excitedly.

Sherlock discreetly rolled his eyes and questioned what to do now. He looked down at his lap and saw the questions still sitting there. “So,” he said, clearing his throat. “What would you take to a desert island?”


“Am I really that big of a cock-block?” John questioned after hearing Sherlock’s story.

“Not the point John.”

“Right, sorry. Anyways so you think you like Y/N?”

“Well actually I think I have a heart palpitation but what do you think?” Sherlock asked.

“Sherlock this isn’t an issue with your health. This is an issue of the heart.”

“That’s exactly what I’m afraid of John. Would it be possible for me to have an overactive thyroid?”

John sighed. “No Sherlock. Your metaphorical heart. You have a crush.”

“Well what am I supposed to do about that?”

“I’m going to have to do everything aren’t I?” John thought to himself. “Why don’t you try talking to her, Sherlock? Tell her how you feel.” John told him but before he could say more you walked through the door and began to take off your coat. “I think I’ll leave you two alone,” he whispered to Sherlock before heading to his bedroom.

Sherlock stood up to look at you before beginning. “So… Y/N…”


Bear with me okay?

I want you. Not just some lust-filled one night romp with monkey sex and sore bodies the next morning (though that’s nice too). I simply want you. I want to know your fears and your dreams. What makes you tick, what makes you cry. I want to know what drives you, what keeps you up at night. Why you seem to go away when you stare out into the distance, why those bags under your eyes even exist. I just want you. That’s it.

anonymous asked:

It's summer so you'd be at the beach almost everyday sitting on the shore, looking at the waves and lifeguard!ashton didn't understand why you'd stare at them for hours perfectly content, until lifeguard!luke points out he's been staring at you the same way this whole time and then he realizes that when you see something beautiful sometimes you don't need words, you just want to take it all in and appreciate the raw beauty of things which is why he'd continue to admire you from a distance

this is *sobs* so beautiful

Post-finale mini-fic

Regina stood on the shiny asphalt on the street at Granny’s. Robin grabbed at her shoulder, speaking frantically “What happened? Are you okay!? Say something!” Robin said to Henry “I think she’s hurt. She won’t say anything.”

Henry nodded as he took in his mother’s blank expression. 

She stood, still staring at the spot where Emma stood.

Henry put his hand on her shoulder, but Regina still didn’t react, gaze fixed somewhere in the distance. “Why don’t we go sit down on the curb? Okay, mom?”

Regina didn’t answer. Just followed Henry’s guiding arm.

Even though Regina was no longer looking at the patch of asphalt, her expression remained the same.

Henry put one arm around his mother’s shoulder and waited.

The sun had just begun to peek over the buildings in Storybrooke when Henry felt his mother choking out soft sobs.

“Emma…..” Regina brushed at the tears running down her cheek. “You…. absolute… idiot…”

Levi working out at a gym when he sees Mikasa for the first time, and this is at a nearby distance. He just stares her working out with weights and his glance is wrongly interpreted by her as one that says ‘you are inferior to me’ and she takes heavier weights in the casual manner and glaces over him like 'eat my shit, shorty.”

Levi is like 'what??? okay??!??’ and he takes heavier weights and they continue to wordlessly compete against each other until Mikasa drops everything and shamelessly paces up to him. So close that her chest bumps against his.

She glares down at him with a look of death before saying, “What’s your issue with me, mosquito boy? I can break you where you stand.”

And Mikasa just looks so hot to him, dripping with sweat, taut abs, killer ass in them workout shorts. He just stares straight up at her with a dead-ass face unflinching, “Break me. While you’re at it step all over me.” 

Mikasa just looks back all confused.

          ——  ➢ His eyes trailed away from the document for a moment longer than he’d planned, looking out the window to simply watch people pass to and fro outside his office. Aaron should’ve really closed the shades and focused on his work, but he needed a distraction–there was far too much on his mind at the moment. 

   …And one if those things on his mind just happened to walk by. He stopped at JJ’s desk to talk to the agent, and Hotch found himself staring from where he sat, quite distanced from the two behind an entire wall, but nonetheless, it frustrated him all the same. Reid had no trouble talking to everyone else in the bureau–but when it came to Hotch, the doctor would stare like a deer in the headlights, and flee in the opposite direction. With quite a poor excuse, at that, and it infuriated the unit chief–how could he possibly protect his team when he was the one they were afraid of? 

         Aaron stood from his seat at the desk, breathing a sigh. This had been going on for at least a week, and he still had no idea what he’d done to make Spencer avoid him. Firmly deciding to resolve it now, he made his way across the room, opening the door and hesitating just a moment before he took a few steps out of his office, putting his arms on the railing that bordered the area where the rest of the desks were. 

         “Reid,” he looked over to JJ’s workspace, and wasn’t very surprised when Reid looked suddenly uncomfortable upon realizing who was addressing him, “would you come into my office for a moment?”


Yes, yes, from a distance and in the shadows this looks like a perfectly normal loop of bulbous metal in the vague shape of a heart. Abstract public sculpture that’s a bit confusing, nothing unusual in the city. Then you get closer and see the many contorted, writhing faces that make up the loops of the sculpture as if metallic bodies had somehow been twisted together like rope and drawn out into a cruel and endless loop forever merged into a hellish half-life of empty-eyed lifeless stares.

I’m just saying this is a really weird sculpture to put next to a playground, okay?

Her body woke up before her brain did. When Angie first realized that she was asleep in a bed, she fully expected it to be at home, but it was in a hospital room. Oh, she thought, remembering what had happened the day before. The thoughts, the pills. Oh god, that actually happened. She cringed even though her eyes were still closed. She didn’t want to open them and see her dad or brother, or both, sitting there and staring at her like she was a fragile china doll, so she just kept pretending to be asleep for a minute, mostly to try and remember everything that had happened the day before. They’d given her a sleeping pill and it had knocked her out cold, so some things were still somewhat foggy. Skylar knew, and he told Axel… fuck. She was trying to distance herself from him so it would be easier for him since he was so far away, and having him worry about her and her well being. Rolling over to face the music, she opened her eyes and squinted when she saw the shape sitting in the chair across from her. It was probably her brother, but it kinda looked like- it was- “Axel?”


Today this random guy suddenly appeared and started standing all alone on top of the swimming pool roof in school, just looking out into the distance and everyone in the studio just turned around and started staring out the window at this guy who I believe is probably a superhero


Chapter 7  part 2


It had been hours since Nastacia had removed herself from the premises and I was still staring out into the distance from the seclusion of my balcony. There was going to be hell to pay with this scandal, but I suppose I couldn’t blame her. One of us deserved to be free, to be loved uncoditionally, and break away from the ties that bound us to this life. I had too much too lose, not just for myself, but for all of my people. The fact that she had dared to dream and carried out her plan to be happy no matter what, deserved my respect at the very least. I wondered who the lucky bastard worth all the trouble actually was. I made my way to my dresser drawer, but didn’t have the heart to look. I grabbed the pile of picture and threw them in the fire place the first chance I got.
After a few months had passed, I was now on a probationary period. I felt like a damn adolescent, I even had a curfew that father had refused to extend. All the other princes and myself had gathered at Nobel Michel for Lord Michels birthday. Everyone had attended the celebration with an escort, except for myself. I wanted to distance myself from women for a while after realizing how dangerous a creature like that could be when scorned. Wilfred had apparently become deeply smitten with his personal fashion designer, but refused to heed my warning. I eventually slipped out as the night had progressed and Lord Michel had already retired for the night, so I could take a walk down the garden. I began to hear laughter and a pair of hushed voices the further away I got from the castle and the closer I got to the lake.
I took a peak around expecting to find a couple in the middle of fooling around. Instead, the view before my eyes, forced a pain to hit me dead in the middle of my chest. There she was, Nastacia was half laying across the lawn. The upper half of her body was resting against his chest between his legs. He was tickling her ear with a small flower and running the petals along the side of her neck. She had the most beautiful smile splayed across her lips as she turned to look him in the eyes.
“I love you so much Stací.”
I had only seen that smile before she was forced to move overseas. Something about it made me remembered how many times I had made her cry for no reason whatsoever and the pain grew more imtense inside my chest. She wrapped her hand along the side of his jaw and continued to kiss him. That smile of hers never once left her lips.
“I…I love you too Zain.”
I couldn’t bring myself to interrupt or watch them any further after she lay down with her head resting on his lap. They really did love seem to each other.
“So…thats what love loooks like.”
I muttered to myself as I made my way back to the castle. Taking a deep breath, I felt releaved that all of this had not been in vain. I may never in a million years find what she has with Zain, but maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a page from her book and hope. That is how dreams begin to take form after all.

Eleanor had spent enough time going out of her mind, even walking to see if his motorcylce was at any places she knew he used to visit, the woman took out her phone and searched for a particular name. As expected, a familiar voice told to bother with a voicemail if it was an emergency; “Mason. It’s Eleanor. Please, call me back and tell me you’re alright. I know you haven’t just left town so… Please be alright.”. She hung up the phone only after leaving her words hanging by silence. A deep sigh led her exhale, only then she realized somebody was staring at her by a close distance, her gaze raising to meet theirs.

Ooookay…something reeeeally weird just happened… 
I was staring at a particular spot in the distance and just concentrating on that spot and a flash of lightning appeared RIGHT AT THAT SPOT. Okay, probably just a coincidence right? I concentrated on another spot in the distance and it happened again…twice…IN EXACTLY THE SAME PLACE I WAS STARING AT. 

…I’m a wizard or some shit is2g…

darkmagyk asked:

I want to know everything about suitless Vader, I find the concept fascinating.

sorry for the late reply, just got out of school n all that. firstly i would like to direct you to this tag and this post, which started it all. what a mess. 

OKAY. what we know about vader (in canon and in this au) is that he fell in order to protect padme (mainly, that is. he was on the edge for some time before finally falling). she was more or less the last thing keeping him sane. she was like a red thread in the sense that she was something stable and consistent in his life and, in both canon and this au, padme dies. 

so. let’s just say vader is really unbalanced in this au. not more than in canon, perhaps, but he’s unbalanced in a completely different way for completely different reasons. 

in canon, obi-wan manages to cripple vader to a point where he can’t take care of himself and has to rely on a life-support system. he also has severe trauma from burning alive for an unknown amount of time and really, post-rots he probably spends months and months trying to figure out how his new body works. he’s a twenty-three year old adrenaline junkie trapped in a limiting life-support system and it sucks. and he knows it sucks. 

(he definitely blames obi-wan. for everything. for twenty years. even after he kills him in ahn. possibly even in the afterlife. like, you know how in the fairly oddparents timmy’s dad hates dinkleberg with a fiery, burning passion and every time something goes wrong he’s just like. DINKLEBERG. 

that’s vader about obi-wan, basically.)

more under the cut because i have a lot of feelings 

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