Wanted to show off my amazing cup I got from a local artist at Wintergreen on Saturday.

This artist made a bunch of similar clay cups, all using medicinal herb leaves relief pressed into the clay. I hadn’t been planning on spending any money at the fair but came to a screeching halt when I saw these, and when I saw Bloodroot (one of my favorite local herbs) it was love at first sight. The artist was donating a portion of their proceeds to both the Standing Rock Tribe as well as Planned Parenthood. It’s so perfect for warming my chronically cold hands with hot tea. ❤

I would link the artist but unfortunately they don’t appear to have a site available.

just a small montage of some of my favorite jokes and stuff from the show

(requested by thejournalsaregone)


i’ve been studying a lot for my upcoming exam week and i really needed a break, so i drew lance pining for keith and keith being oblivious af

  i’m physically and mentally exhausted from today i could use some casual/fluffy stuff 

  either just plain asks or maybe a small thread

  preferably mainverse ( myosotis )

  hmu if u wanna i’m too tired to go to anyone myself rn sorry

  i’m also willing to do stuff on @vxrgil or on the messenger at @rnainframe or stuff in discord or skype idk i’m just.. really tired i was not ready to be 100% responsible for a small puppy