so i got my thigh holsters today for my black widow costume and the leg straps are super tight

i have average thighs as far as i’m aware (??? how does one know what kind of thighs you have??)

why would you design thigh holsters with tiny straps

what is this, a thigh holster for ants?

The E n v e s t Lessons;

- Envest’s don’t ‘break’ their enemies, they destroy them.

Lessons were always the same; same places, same people, same routines. Tedious. Lessons wore him out in ways that lessons at Hogwarts never could, the endless hours spent in the company of his cousins while they all memorised every tiny, insignificant detail that would define their whole lives; every action, every word, every breath would depend on the pointless topics they covered in these sessions that always left him with a mixture of feelings. He didn’t mind the active lessons. Tyler found that spending hours upon hours dancing, or reading sheets of music and performing, or even getting to his feet- over and over and over again- during duelling lessons were more entertaining than the hours he spent simply listening. Now and again he’d chip in, each of them would, but the majority of the time they sat and listened to one tutor or another recite the expectations placed upon them as members of the infamous Envest family. No, they did not just learn all the subjects already covered at Hogwarts- though they often tested them of such areas- but they learnt the ‘life lessons’ that every Envest before them had sat through. The defining terms and conditions of submerging yourself into the family. All of it, tedious.

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yes please and thank you to all the positive things and people in my life

Like even the kindness of people I do not often talk to/have not even ever much talked to has really really amazes me and meant so so much

Like I’ve had/have been having a really rough time, especially these last few days, and honestly like, a lot of it has just felt like everything trying its hardest to push me down

But then there are people who just go out of their way to just do some really amazing stuff, even if it seems small, just kindness

Thank you.

I wanna say Roy speaks without slang but thaT WOULD BE WRONG? Like
They say stuff like wee for little and just!! Some small things like that yeyee!! Tea for dinner
so I guess it’s not really “slang” so much as it is scottish dialect?? SO I GUEss Roy is pretty calm with the scottish dialect
Like they dONT SAY stuff like aye for yes, or bairn for child
at least not ofTEN BUT SOMETIMES ROY DOES SAY AYE AND OTHER MORE SCOTTISH THINGs NOW AND THEn and it really throws people that know them off
Some people Roy knows just say wOW THAT WAS VERY SCOTTISH OF YOU

To my autistic followers: if you can, buy l
Little Inferno. It’s a great game for having something calm and pretty to focus on and if you like fire, it’s extra great. You just burn stuff and you can play it for hours trying to find combos and get points.
Just a small warning though, there’s some disturbing between the lines stuff so if your easily unsettled, I would watch out for that.

drips-and-drops asked:

Hi!! Its Drip/lunar-strife n.n .Rita told me about the number card situation going on, and I was wondering if i could request to join in..? Im not sure if this is an exclusive thing, so sorry. Thanks!!


Aww, it’s not exclusive at all, really. Just some small plot thing to get stuff moving. And it’s fine if you wanna join in! I’ll need to know if you wanna be one of the people getting corrupted, or just get involved another way, like saving the others aha <3

If you wanna be corrupted then! - You’ll need to pick a numbers for me to use on you! They are about half way down this page here: http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Number I hope that’s alright ;A; Some are taken. I think right now - 5, 6, 15, 33, 65, 66, 87, 88 are spoken for/being used by something else already. Also the over hundred ones like 104, 107 - But we shouldn’t use them for this anyway, plus numbers 100 since we should prob save that for something else haha.

Any of the ones not listed are fine to claim for this ;A;/

Also if I have missed anyone’s claimed card there let me know, gosh.

2015 ZL1 Camaro (1K miles + Recaros) eBay $57,950 - LPE 700HP Upgrade $11,950 - Rollcage & Harness + mounts $3,200 - Two sets of tires, one for drag the other for track/autoX - $3,000 - updated Helmet (just found out mine is out of date) $350 + some small stuff - fuel and tuner/laptop….and for about $80,000 I’m happy, really happy….now, where do I get the $80,000? #carguydennis


i’d say i have plenty of content for a like minute and a half long video