"Look kid, I’m not sure if you’re the actual person that you say that you are, or just a really damn good impersonation of him. But, I know that Sammy had faith in you for some reason…and now that he’s caught up in a very unwanted social call with your King’s crazy bitch of a sister? Yeah, I *really* don’t have the time to stand here and babble to you about what he is to me when his life is on the line.

"Look, you don’t have to go out of your way to help me, or anything. But, all I’m saying is that—well, when *you* finally find someone that you’re willing to sacrifice everyone and everything for, just to make sure that he’s all right and that he’ll make it through another day… then *maybe* you’ll finally understand why finding Sam is my top priority, Merlin.”

"…I understand you, Dean. All too well, I’m afraid. Because you see, I too, have someone that I’m willing to risk everything for. And that is why I’ll do everything within my power to help you save him."

-SuperMerlin AU where Sam is taken captive by Morgana after both Winchesters are transported to Camelot accidentally. In desperation, Dean seeks the help from a rather unlikely source.


It has been hard at times, but never harder than today. To see all I have worked for perverted, discarded, forgotten. You would say I have described the whole of history, father. Are you smiling, then? Hoping I might speak the words you so longed to hear? To validate you? To say that all along you were right? I will not. Even now, faced as I am with the truth of your cold words, I refuse. Because I believe things can still change.”

Ratonhnhaké:ton / Connor Kenway
April 4th, 1756 - Unknown


Heateus meme: [2/2] minor characters » Marion Wendy Vega

"Let me tell you the story of a mild-mannered FBI instructor who was asked to create a psychological profile of a murderer."


Custom Video Game Challenge

└ seven characters —  E l i z a  C a s s a n D e u s  E x: H u m a n  R e v o l u t i o n  — [2/7]

also all the guys were being super nice and friendly and helpful today at work because I had my contacts in instead of glasses and make-up on plus my new hair

I mean this has happened before and it’s not like they even realise they’re doing it because they all KNOW I’m gay as heck so there’s no agenda there it’s just sort of…sad that it’s so noticeable?

real talk: the more conventionally attractive you are, the nicer people are to you :/

To everyone who doesn’t have arfid: don’t make fun of someone for ordering off the “kids” menu or for ordering something in a really specific way or for not being able to eat something. We didn’t choose to have this, and making fun of us is not going to make us eat whatever it is you want us to eat.

I just saw someone being rude to someone for not being able to eat certain things and literally I can’t stand it when people do that. My mom gets angry at me for having arfid because it’s such an inconvenience for her, even though I’m a lot better than I was years ago, but still the fact that I need to check what’s on the menu at a restaurant before I go at all is too much for her, not to mention that she likes to make fun of me for what I order at certain restaurants (forgive me for not being able to find anything on the menu at a Mexican restaurant that I can eat other than the chicken tenders from the kids menu). Whenever I see someone being rude to someone about their eating, it reminds me of my mother and the years of shame I’ve had for my ARFID because of the way she treated me for having it.

And since the rude person was specifically being rude about the person not being able to eat a salad, it’s another nice reminder of my mom, since she once tried to force me to eat a salad at a restaurant and thought that I’d be able to eat it if she put some special dressing on it, then scolded me for not eating it at all. As if the texture didn’t bother me enough, the smell of the dressing was even worse, so I basically got in trouble for not eating a panic attack in a bowl. Look, if someone can’t eat something because the texture would cause them to panic, putting something on it that has an anxiety-inducing smell is not going to help anything, and neither is treating them like a burden for it.

So stop treating people with arfid as if we’re making a big deal out of nothing, because while it may not be a problem for you to eat something, that doesn’t mean it’s not a problem for someone else.

im gonna put my essay in the washing machine so my teacher doesnt smell the pure bullshit

honestly? the story of esther is one of the best female-driven stories about keeping a coherent identity and surviving while in diaspora and in the face of persecution that i’ve ever heard 

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Take care of yourself, first. ♡ The words (and the fans) will be there when you’re ready. :)

Thank you, darlings.  The support is very much appreciated :D

polish people are so nasty sometimes bc they know theres 99% chance ppl in other countries wont find out what some random polish person does 

this is rly bad with author’s rights i think


I have never been so happy over a tiny little meal in my entire life TTwTT


Nick got a small tank upgrade. I just rearranged some stuff, added a hammock, background, and replaced the reptile carpet with paper towels. Although my friend told me that her bearded dragon started eating the paper towels when she used them. So I’ll be looking out for that and might put the reptile carpet back if I find Nick eating the paper towels.

I’ll soon be purchasing a light fixture that can go IN his tank, so he can get more UVB.


picture boom with more or less shitty, unedited pictures taken with a (probably broken) camera from the sprint (1-4), 15k/30k (5-6) and team sprint (7-9)

My friend is one of those people that if you mention an interest you have to her she gets really excited and says shes into it too (and kinda goes on on what shes done with it). Its not bad she’s just a very passionate person, but I am concerned that she can’t differentiate between what interest her and what pulls people in. I became secretary of the history club like 2 weeks ago and I’m in on planning things now, my friend is the president. We have three movie nights scheduled, Tomorrow we’re showing Glory and are having a professor talk about the accuracies and inaccuracies of the film, the historical significance of the 54th Massachusetts Volunteers Army, and the contributions of black soldiers during the American Civil War. I’m excited about this! But for the next two movies we’re showing two rather serious documentaries on women abuse, which is something she wants to deal with post graduation.

The problem is, the history club has had trouble getting people involved with things. I’ve had experience organizing and running events in girl scouts (actually that’s kinda all they had for older girl scouts to do in my council, which was a huge disappointment becasue they were totally targeting younger girls and ignoring and excluding older girls there’s a reason why barely anyone got the gold award) and while that was geared mainly at younger girls I feel like I have more experience with getting people involved. The clubs about getting people excited about history but the events planned …well they don’t sound fun and lack the pull. I asked her if they planned on any fun films and she said there wasn’t time. I’m concerned that she’s too focused on what her interest are that she’s ignoring what others might be interested in.


i didn’t want to do this but i guess i don’t have much choice :/ as you probably have been noticed i’m not posting that much, and when i do is just some small update… i have been kinda busy lately with personal stuff, and the last thing that i care at the moment is internet. sorry, this blog is important to me but my life needs my full attention right now ;;

it’s not an hiatus or something tho i’ll just slow down here, post new pictures that come out when i can, and that’s it. taeyeon is not doing anything at the moment so maybe there will 2, 3 days without updates… i’m sorry ;; but it won’t last long and this blog will go back to the way it was soon ^^

ok that’s all lol thanks! <3