First Impressions // Barry x Reader

Request: Can there be a smut for you being a new intern at the police department and Barry takes a liking to you, soon you become his assistant and you guys end up having sex all around his lab?

Warnings: I got secondhand butterflies just writing this tbh. Flirty!Barry and steamy smut oooh

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Southside - Jughead X Reader

A/N: This is based off the latest/season finale episode. Don’t read if you haven’t watched as it contains spoilers!!! 

Warnings: Swears? A lil bitta smut ;) My usual warnings I guess

Word count: 4346 (my longest by far!!!)

As you walked towards the your two raven haired friends, Jughead and Veronica, you started to think about how Juggie’s life was turning upside down, he had to move back t the Southside, live with a foster family, and go to Southside high, the gang was worried about him having to attend Southside High, but you were from the southside, so you knew you could take care of your best friend no matter what, plus you already planned to sneak into Southside high every couple of days to check on him.

Your thoughts stopped when you reached the table, “Can I sit?” you asked Jughead and Veronica, “Y/N, of course, take a seat with the outcasts” V smiled as she gestured to the seat next to her.

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Beauty and the Lawyer

* John Laurens x Reader
* Modern Beauty and the Beast AU

    A/N: HERE IT IS! OK so…there’s no beast creature first of all, you’ll see the obvious change I made. This follows the new movie and CONTAINS SOME SPOILERS! If you haven’t seen the new movie then don’t read this yet as some plot points come directly from the new movie. It’s also really fucking long, so yeah. This took me about four days of writing every moment I could and listening to the movie soundtrack on repeat. (At least it’s pretty.) So I hope you guys enjoy!

    Word Count: 9,365 (barely 23 pages…)


    “You have a daughter, do you not Mr. L/N?” Henry Laurens asked the man across from him. Henry’s young son, John, sat aside merely watching the exchange.

    “Well yes. She’d be about the same age as your boy.”

    “You know, as a lawyer it’s hard to find a wife but it’s a good thing to have.” Henry mused as he stood and began circling the table, reminding his son of a hawk going in for a swooping kill.

    “What are you saying?” The other man asked.

    “I saved you in that lawsuit and I’m not even sure you were innocent.” Henry said with a soft laugh. “And now you say you can’t afford my prices. So I propose a deal. I’ll give you two years. Pay my fees, if not I’ll get the case reopened. If you haven’t raised the money, then your daughter and my son will be wed.”

    “That’s absurd!” The man shouted in outrage.

    “So was your case.” Henry snapped back. “You were warned that I have high prices. This is the fee.” Henry stopped at his side of the desk. “Go. You have two years.” The two men watched the other man go.

    “Why are you arranging a marriage?” John asked.

    “You know I’m not feeling well. This will be your firm soon. A wife makes a lawyer look more personable. And it’s hard to find one in this line of work.” Henry patted his son’s shoulder. “Come on, I have much more to teach you.”

    Two staffers, Alexander and Lafayette, stood by. “Monsieur Laurens is corrupting his young son. The John we used to know is slipping away.” Lafayette voiced.

    “You wanna stand up to Henry?” Alexander asked. He knew Lafayette was right. John was their friend at one point. It didn’t seem much that way anymore.

    “No, no one does. That’s the problem.”

    You walked through town. Your father would be back from meeting with the lawyer today and you wanted to make him a good dinner. There was a fresh marketplace and you knew your father preferred food from there. It was a bit more expensive but always tasted better. And definitely worth it to welcome your father home.

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    Run Boy Run- Steve x Reader(f)

    Authors Notes: Okay, I’m sorry. I can’t take complete credit for how terrible this is though. @oneshot-shit answered my ask for angst and they inspired me to write this. So, It’s not just me. I wasn’t able link to the post bc it was an ask :/ but I sent in a song headcanon ask for Run Boy Run by Woodkid.

    Notes/Warnings: Death, Angst, Fluff, mentions of blood. (Reader dies so please do not read this if it makes you uncomfortable!!)

    Originally posted by freakzter

    “Come on, Pal.” Bucky lifted Steve’s head and gave him a frown. “You’re bleeding on my new shirt.”

     Steve inhaled slowly and tried his best to hold his head up on his own. He gripped Bucky’s shirt near the shoulder and grunted as his friend helped him up off the ground. Bucky slapped him on the chest a couple of times and grinned to the people passing by.

     “He’s fine.” He smiled to a woman walking her poodle. “Have a lovely day, Ma'am.”

     “Thanks for pitching in, Buck.” Steve mumbled as he prodded at his busted lip.

     “Nah, I didn’t do much.” Bucky lied. “They deserved it.”

     “All your boxing lessons are payin’ off huh?”

     Bucky chuckled. “Yeah, that’s it, the boxing. Come on, let’s get you home.”

     Steve stopped and forced Bucky to back step from his arm being around Steve’s small frame. “I can’t go home, not like this. Mom’ll kill me.”

     Bucky sighed and surveyed his surroundings. “(Y/N)’s house it is then. Good thing you picked a fight a few blocks away.” Bucky smirked.

     “I didn’t pick a fight.”

     “Oh, that’s right, the fights always pick you.” Bucky laughed and helped his friend across the street.

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    Bad Boy!Vernon

    Word Count: 1192

    Genre: Fluff

    Vernon was just some teenage jerk and he didn’t have any values. He fully knew that skipping class and getting into trouble would lead him nowhere, but he fully didn’t care. He probably liked it. He must’ve thought it was cool to slack off and just drift through life without a care or a plan. He had the nerve to smile at you in the hallways at school. Disgusting.

    He knew you didn’t like him. He took note of the dirty looks you gave him and the way you’d roll your eyes if he tried to talk to you. He fully knew that acknowledging him would be the last thing you’d ever want to do, but he fully didn’t care. Every time you turned your nose up at him, he’d simply laugh it off.

    It was almost like he wanted to torture you, or get inside your head, one arrogant smirk at a time.

    Well, whatever his deal was, you knew one thing about Vernon: that there was no way in hell he was beating you out for the poetry scholarship.

    It’s been a tradition within your school for the poetry club to hold an annual scholarship contest for the seniors, with the winner receiving a check for 150 dollars. You’d been in the club all four years of high school, so you didn’t even break a sweat when they announced that the competition was starting. All your time in the poetry club was practically like training for the contest.

    You knew your own strengths and weaknesses as well as those of your competitors, so the whole thing was pretty much in the bag for you. Until you realized that you had a new competitor.

    You thought you could figure him out easily, but he wasn’t as simple as he seemed. He was unpredictable and hard to read. This came as quite a shock to you considering you’d always thought of him as just some teenage jerk.

    At first Vernon earned the suspicion of the entire club, but he soon proved very devout and steadfast. He showed up to every meeting without fail, taking notes whenever the teacher taught technique, and sometimes even staying behind to ask questions.

    But his golden boy act didn’t fool you one bit. It had been a rumor since freshman year that Vernon was actually a sensitive poet who wrote his own song lyrics. But the whole thing was so obviously just another stupid lie made up by his friends to help him woo some girl.

    Vernon technically didn’t even qualify to be in the poetry club, since it’s a school rule that you can’t be involved in any extra curricular activities if you’re failing a class.

    “Wait a second,” Your inner monologue screamed as you walked out of another poetry club meeting, “Vernon doesn’t even qualify for the contest! This is great!”

    Giddy from this development, you ran to the back of the school, where you were positive Vernon and his delinquent friends would be loitering. You pushed the double doors open confidently, thinking of something witty to say, but glad that you didn’t actually open your mouth; because, to your surprise, Vernon stood against the brick wall alone.

    He looked nonchalant as always, leisurely taking one of his earbuds out to acknowledge you, “Couldn’t get enough of me, huh?”

    Your face grew warm with a combination of embarrassment and anger, “Real funny, Mr. Poet. I actually just wanted to talk to you about something.”

    “You want me to drop out of the contest.” He gathered.

    “I suppose that’s not news to you,” You admitted, becoming more shy with each exchange, “I know you’re failing math. You shouldn’t even be in the contest in the first place.”

    He said nothing in return, instead he simply put his phone and earbuds in his pocket, turning to look at you straight-on.

    “Why did you enter?” You asked.

    “I like poetry.” He shrugged.

    “And that’s it?”

    He started towards you, coming much closer than he’d ever been before. Keeping one hand in his pocket, he reached out and lifted your chin up with his pointer finger, forcing you to look him in the eye.

    “I like you too, but it’s clear now that you’re harder to win than the scholarship.”

    He tilted his head, still looking deep into your eyes. It felt almost as if he was examining you, a kind of heat radiating from his gaze that made your cheeks flush red.

    “T-that’s impossible,” You stuttered, “We hate each other.”

    “Nothing is impossible, (Y/N). And I don’t hate you. I think you just made that up so you wouldn’t have to think about how much you like me back.”

    Finally snapping out of Vernon’s trance, you pushed his hand away from you, making sure it didn’t come near your face again by holding it with an iron grip.

    “Listen up, Choi. Are you going to tell me the real reason you entered the contest or are you just going to stand here and try to seduce me with fairy tales?”

    He let out a deep, airy chuckle. You had to take a long breath to distract yourself from how tempting it sounded.

    “I promise, I’m not lying to you. I really do like poetry and I write my own sometimes, but I would have never joined the club if I didn’t like you more.”

    He took advantage of the fact that your hand was gripping his, his fingers snaking through yours so that they intertwined.

    “So, you’re telling me that you joined the poetry club and the scholarship contest just to get my attention?” You asked, allowing Vernon to massage the back of your hand with his thumb.

    He slowly began leaning in, sensing that you’d stopped resisting him, “Did it work?”

    “What do you think?” You mumbled, right before your lips met with his.

    Vernon’s other hand came out from his pocket to position itself on your lower back. With one swift push, your bodies were fully pressed against each other, only a speck of daylight stood between you. You used this space to bring your hand up to hold his neck, your other hand still holding his.

    The kiss was intense, but it was cut short by the sound of double doors being plowed open.

    “What do we have here?” Teased the unmistakable voice of Boo Seungkwan.

    A junior named Chan stood behind him, mouth agape as you desperately tried to pry yourself out of Vernon’s hold.

    Vernon didn’t seem to be embarrassed though. He kept his hand sturdy on your back as he shooed his friends away.

    “Seungkwan, if you don’t mind, I’m doing something really important right now.”

    That was undoubtedly a strange day for you. You found yourself behind the school, kissing some teenage jerk you’d ignored for years. But Vernon was a sweet boyfriend and never failed to make you feel like royalty, as well as his partner in crime. He told you about all of his secrets and his values. So needless to say, the two of you spent quite a few more days behind the school again.

    -Written by Admin Cali 

    anonymous asked:

    Solangelo where Will is a senior hall monitor and Nico doesn't abide by dress codes or class schedules

    this list is probably going to be a lot less story-like than a lot of the others were hope thats ok

    • nico wears a lot of hats and tank tops (stupid things to get dress coded for) and most of the time for those things will’s like “i get it they’re stupid rules but dude you gotta stop”
      • at first he thinks that nico’s totally just some jerk who refuses to listen but the little punk starts to grow on him
    • there have been times that nico has skipped class and will kept him in the middle of the hallway for literally the entire class period lecturing him
    • ((nico honestly doesnt skip his classes all that often, it’s just the one period bc he knows that’s the cute boy’s shift and he actively searches will out))
    • sometimes during passing time between classes will sees nico wearing a hat or something and he’ll take it from nico for the rest of the day just so nico doesnt get in trouble, and he’s let nico borrow jackets and sweatshirts whenever he’s wearing a shirt that’s against dress code
    • (((i can totally see nico borrowing one of hazel’s skirts and either wearing it to school or changing into it during the one period he always skips just to ask will if it’s against dress code and watch him get flustered)))
    • on increasingly frequent occasions will has to take nico to the detention room and they literally just sit on the desks and talk until that class period is over and will insists that nico go to his next class
    • one time will actually asks nico why he skips class all the time and nico’s like “It’s fun you should try it sometime. we could go get breakfast or coffee or something, what do you think?”

    this is kind of short compared to some others but i hope you still like it!!! thanks for the suggestion!!!

    drop an au in my ask and get a list of headcanons!

    Taking Chances

    Summary: During a brief moment alone you learn something new about JB and his feelings towards you, but do you feel the same way towards him?

    Genre: Fluff/Romance

    Pairing: You + JB

    Word Count: 2934

    You were cleaning up after one of your Friday night hangouts with your friends and had just thrown some takeout boxes into the trash when there was a knock at your door. You opened it to find Jaebum standing there.

    “Um, I think I left my phone here,” he said with an apologetic grin.

    “Ah. Come in,” you said, letting him in.

    He looked around the sofa but didn’t seem to see it. “Have you seen it lying around anywhere?” he asked you.

    “Ahhh no,” you said, but you were unsure what else to say so you started to look around for it, too. 

    Truthfully, you just had to do something, you couldn’t just stand around. JB was the only one of your friends that you weren’t very close to, so you felt awkward being alone in your apartment with him.

    It wasn’t that you didn’t like JB, it was just that his presence was intense and he was often very quiet around you, so he just made you nervous.

    You weren’t the type to be clumsy but whenever JB was around bad things always seemed to happen to you. Your umbrella turned inside out, your heel broke off your shoe, you spilled your coffee or tripped going up the stairs. One time a pigeon pooped on you and JB laughed so hard he cried. He kept crowing “your face” as he doubled over in laughter. You still hadn’t forgiven him for that.

    “Maybe I left it in the kitchen,” he said and started heading towards the kitchen, which sent him right past you.

    He passed you so closely that you got startled and stepped back, knocking a vase off the table behind you, sending it crashing to the floor.

    “Crap!” you cried, and stooped down to start picking up the mess, but a sharp pain shot through your hand and made you yelp. “Ow!” You had cut your index finger.

    JB had already turned around when he heard the crash and now he knelt by you. “What happened? Did I do that? Did you cut yourself?”

    “Just go away JB,” you mumbled sulkily. “This is all your fault. I’m only like this when you’re around. You’re bad luck.”

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    anonymous asked:

    People always refer to that part as Chichi's worst moment but seriously. Her son was there, badly Injured, completly unconscious, laying in the ground, with blood all over his body and worst of all completly naked. Like HOLLY SHIT that the worst state you can be find your son after not seeing him for an entire year, only second to being actually death. Goku was at least semi-conscious.

    I really don’t know what else anyone could expect from Chi-Chi.  Was she supposed to start making out with Goku right then and there?  Was she supposed to praise him for his performance in an epic battle she never really got to see? 

    I’d be a lot more upset than she was if I were in her shoes. She’s incredibly resilient, but the haters can’t step outside of the audience POV long enough to appreciate that.  They think she’s just some jerk who hates superhero fun, like J. Jonah Jameson.

    I just watched some jerk shove a shopping cart across the aisle into a handicapped space rather that walk it two spaces to his right and park it in the proper cart return.

    I fixed it, of course.



    Wouldn’t plan on it.(Grant Gustin Imagine)

    Summary:  Could you do a grant gustin imagine were the reader is also apart of the flash cast and is dating grant and she has a daughter from a previous relationship who visits the set and likes grant a lot (the whole cast loves the readers daughter but grant does especially)

    PSA: Okay something happened to my drafts and my inbox and all the works I’ve worked on are gone… I guess I didn’t save it properly or something. So I’m sorry if I didn’t do your request! I know there were some Eobard Thawne imagines, Snart, and a couple Barry Allen imagines. Please request them again if you still want them!


    Again I’m sorry if yours weren’t done.

    I hope you enjoy!

    (I know this isn’t Grant but I couldn’t help myself)

    Originally posted by everyhtingslove

    Grant was the best boyfriend you’ve ever had. Many boys you’ve dated have been complete tools, pricks, and ass hats. Don’t even get started on the boys you dated when you were in high school. Grant was sweet, caring, thoughtful, and loving. And after a year of dating, that never changed and if it did, he got better and better.

    The whole cast was hanging out at a restaurant and your phone rang. “Sorry I have to get this.” You told your friends and gave your boyfriend a quick peck on the cheek, in which Carlos yelled out ‘ew.’ 

    You answered the phone, noticing how it was an unknown number. “Hello, is this Miss (Y/N) (Y/L)?” The lady on the other side of the phone sounded very kind. 

    You nodded until you realized she was on the phone. “Um.. yes. Who is this?” 

    “This is Linda from child protective services…” You were a little taken back. Your ex boyfriend from a five years ago had taken your child and ran off, but you never saw your baby girl, Hailey, ever again. 

    “Why are you calling?“ You questioned, but it came out harshly. “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude. It’s just my-”

    “Ma’am, there have been reports that your husban-”

    “Not my husband. He’s just some jerk that got me pregnant.” You sighed. “But what happened? Sorry I keep interrupting.” 

    “It’s alright ma’am… Well, there were reports that he isn’t taking care of your daughter, Hailey, and it’s been decided to take Hailey out of his custody.” Linda explained. “She’s in our offices right now and in your city. We would like it if you would come pick her up before tonight is over, or else we’ll have to send her to a temporary foster home” 

    “I’ll come get her now. What’s the address?” You were given the address and you went back to the table. “Hey, guys there’s an emergency. I’m needed somewhere else.” 

    Grant looked immediately worried. “Do you need me to come along? Do you-”

    “Baby,” you interrupted. “I’ll be fine. I’ll see you guys on set tomorrow.” He stood up and gave you a kiss on the lips.

    “I love you, babe.” He whispered with a smile.

    “Love you too.” 

    When you arrived at the CPS office, you signed in and a couple minutes later, a girl that stood about to your knees was brought to you. You knew it was Hailey as soon as you saw her, she had a birthmark on her neck. It seemed as if she recognized you as well. 

    “Mommy?” She inquired and your tears welled up as you nodded. She ran to you and clung to your legs. “Don’t leave me mommy.”

    “Wouldn’t plan on it.” You told her firmly. 

    The next morning, you got her dressed up and told her that you were going to work and she was going to meet your friends. The whole time you two were walking through set, she clung onto your leg as if you’d disappear again. 

    “Aw, who’s this lil’ baby?” Candice cooed, startling Hailey and made her hide behind your legs. 

    “This is my daughter, Hailey. Baby, this is Candice. She’s mommy’s friend.” Hailey peeked out from behind you and Candice made a funny face, causing your daughter to giggle. 

    Throughout the morning, your friends were surprised to find out about your daughter but welcomed Hailey with laughs and smiles. Especially Grant. By the time she met him, she had gained more confidence in talking to new people. He introduced himself and then attacked her in a bear hug, making her giggle and laugh so hard. He even lifted her up and sprayed her face with kisses. 

    “You’re so good with kids.” You laughed. “Baby, this is mommy’s boyfriend.” 

    As the day went on, Hailey was either holding your hand or in Grant’s arms. You could tell she instantly took a liking to him. His sweet and kind demeanor just seemed to charm her. She even told you while you were prepping to film a scene that she thought he was like a real life prince. 

    When the day ended, Grant and Hailey begged you for him to stay the night. And you couldn’t say no to either of them. That night Grant and you put her to bed, him singing her lullabies. When she finally settled down into a sweet slumber, Grant had pulled you into a passionate kiss. 

    “You don’t care that I have a daughter?” You asked and he answered by shaking his head. “You won’t leave me because I have a daughter, right?” Every time you’ve asked a past boyfriend if they’ll leave you, they’d lie and tell you no or at least some variation of it.

    Wouldn’t plan on it.” He smiled, pecking your lips one more time. And this time, you believed it. 

    anonymous asked:

    dear aphobes, i think if it was just you hurting us, i could handle it. just some random jerks yelling on the internet. but it's not, is it? that's the insidious part. you find sweet and kind people, and you dress up your words all nice, and thus you teach them to spread your cancer for you. you whisper to them that "oh of COURSE these people are VALID, but they just don't belong with US." you take good people and twist them around with your lies until they're filled with hate. good job, i guess

    Small Parasites - Adoribull

    Most kids bring home stray cats and dogs, even the occasional injured squirrel or rabbit. But as Bull blinks in confusion on the park bench he’s occupied while the kids mess around the park, he finds himself completely surprised.

    Krem isn’t really the type to pick up strays.

    The kid has a heart. He’ll take them to a vet or a no-kill shelter, but he knows better than to get attached and bring them home. (It’s honestly a little bit heartbreaking, but they’re working on that.)

    The really mind-boggling thing here is that Krem has somehow picked up a preschooler. The kid is all bronze skin and dark, curly hair with truly massive hazel eyes staring right back up at Bull.

    “Avanna.” The kid says.

    Tevene. Oh, boy.

    “Hey.” Bull smiles. “Where’d you come from?”

    “The playground,” Krem says. “He latched on to me at the playground and now he won’t let go.

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    Dark Heart, Chapter I (JuminxReader)

    Author’s notes:

    1. This is the first time I write fanfic that will appear in parts ( two or three parts, I think). And I think this will be my last Jumin’s fanfic for a long time, because then I want to focus on my comics project. But now you do not have to worry, there are still few more chapters awaits you!
    2. No nswf this time. I mean, for now, lol. It will appear in last chapter.
    3. Sorry for the cheesy title, as always I have no freaking idea how I should name my fic.
    4. Again, big thanks to @pansexualtrash, she edited my writing. Check her fanfictions as well here! And visit her blog, she’s also talented at drawing.
    5. This is an AU, so here are some useful facts:
    • you still taking care of finding and inviting guests,
    • but RFA was founded by Seven, not by Rika, so it’s called SFA (Seven’s Fundraising Association),
    • Rika and V lives happily somewhere (I want to believe it) and never met with SFA members,
    • which means that Seven and Saeran have only themselves to deal with their problems, with the result that at some time they parted ways (it isn’t known where Saeran is staying now),
    • it also means that Jumin never meet V and Rika and doesn’t have Elizabeth (so he’s even more lonely),
    • but Jumin is still a “cat person”, lol. He just never allowed himself having a cat, because he thinks he’d be a bad owner,
    • Jaehee still working at C&R International together with Jumin, as his assistant of course (he found her application without no one help),
    • and she has a little crush on you,
    • SFA meeting held in the buildings of Jumin’s company, sometimes SFA members also work there,
    • SFA still organizes charity events,
    • you join them after Seven found your application on the Internet.

    Chapter I (You are here) | Chapter II | Chapter III | Chapter IV | Chapter V |

    Have a nice reading!

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    This is me getting needy and mushy lying wide awake on my bed at two in the morning, dreaming about drunk Harry. Not proofread.

    “So it’s not true”

    “You know me better than that” he states it wincing at the idea that you would even ask him that.

    You turn to stare at the coffee table in front of you trying to clear your head from your drunken haze and the recent pictures of him with some skinny model flooding all over your phone. You were close to him, close enough to spend nights talking non sense over phone when he felt lonely in some faraway place, close enough to give him comfort when he is getting fidgety about his new track, close enough to hold his hand when he reads the response in Twitter(even though you have told him a thousand times that he cannot please everyone) and surely close enough for him to take time out and have lazy evenings with you whenever he was in town, like this one. But between his hectic schedule and your not-so-relaxed life, at times all you heard about him was from these tabloids. You knew they weren’t reliable but you couldn’t help it when he was away meeting these high profile people, attending parties, doing shows and whatever else the Harry Styles do, and all you wanted to do is snuggle up beside him watching some rom-com but not actually paying attention because you both are too busy playing footsie, and listening to his terrible jokes as his face lights up with pride. He was your friend, a close, old, good friend. But you couldn’t help falling for him when he acted like this big man child throwing tantrums or when he would get upset over something like world hunger and feel completely helpless. He was your friend, but also the man you were in deeply love with.

    “Why? Are yeh jealous?” You turned in time to see his smirk as his lips curved on the rim of his glass. You blinked at him processing his words. And winced immediately when you caught them.

    “Of her? She looked like she didn’t have anything to eat for weeks” you let out a nervous laugh denying the jealousy pitting in your chest. He snorted at your remark with mouth still full with wine.

    “That’s not very nice, pet” You narrowed your eyes at him deciding what triggered that, him defending her or his choice of word to address you.

    You take your glass again to your lip trying to let the topic be for now. But Harry had other plans as he nudged you with his big feet that were sprawled on the couch beside you.

    “Oh C'mon. You were!” He says with a smug grin knowing that it’s getting on your nerves now.

    “Why would I be?” You protest with arms throwing in the air and eyes flaring at him as he took another sip.

    “You tell me” there was a playfulness in his voice and you knew you were in trouble.

    “Styles, I think you had enough to drink for tonight” you said extending your hand trying to take the glass away from him but he leans the other way showing you his back.

    “Oh please, you’re the one drunk here. Couldn’t even keep your ass in place” you straighten up realising that you were indeed leaning on him. But as soon as you leaned back to get to your spot one of his lean but strong arms snakes behind you, pulling you into him. You fall back against his chest looking above in his green eyes now dilated into black staring down at you, lips spread in a lazy smile showing off those dimples that always got to you.

    “So tell me, yeh found someone worth keeping?” He frowns a bit on his own question but he does not break the eye contact.

    You are lost in the black of his eyes, breathing in his smell, intoxicating you more than the alcohol in your veins.

    “Hmm” you hum shifting your head a bit to fit better on his chest. You see his crinkle deepening and lips pout out a bit.

    “Yeah? May I know who dared to steal your heart?” He says trying to be playful though the wine makes him loosen his guard a bit.

    You let out a hearty laugh sitting up pushing on his chest.

    “Steal my heart? What’s it, the lyrics of your new song?” You shake your head at your own joke. But he is in no mood for jokes when he pulls you by your elbow and you fall on him again.

    “So yeh’re not gonna tell me?” He asks raising his eyebrow and the clarity in his speech makes you think maybe he is not that drunk at last.

    You settle on his chest again, depositing your glasses on the coffee table, looking up at your ceiling as you frown to collect your thoughts.

    “He is a guy”

    “Oh! I didn’t know you were straight”.

    You hit his hand that has settled over your stomach.

    “Let me complete” you slur as you resume with your mumbles.

    “And he is good. He likes to make others happy and loves his family and loves his job and…”

    “You? Doesn’t he love you?” You turn to him to see his frown and the spark in his still dark eyes.

    “Umm… I don’t know” you whine not wanting to give away already.

    “He ought to” Harry states in a serious but drunken voice.

    You look at him and blink for a few seconds trying to take in everything.

    “What do you mean?” You ask sounding more sober than you feel.

    “Any guy you love ought to love you back” he shrugs. And you know it is just him being the protective friend that he is but your silly drunken brain thinks that maybe, just maybe it is more than that.

    He looks at you, still staring at him, blinking blankly and he takes it on himself as a request to elaborate.

    “You deserve someone who loves you and care for you, someone who can tolerate you when you’re all moody and someone who will pamper you when you’re all needy. It is not just about having a guy, it’s about having the right guy” he looks at you and you think you see something in his eyes, something beyond that drunken shine and that mischievous sparkle, you look into his eyes and you think that maybe, just maybe, you see love.

    You lean in, your face inches away from his. Your eyes travelling from his eyes to his lips.


    “And?” He asks looking at you confused.

    “Hmm.. and what else do you want in the guy for me?” You say biting your lips as you stare at his pink ones.

    “And he should know you, your likes, your dislikes and the fact that you are allergic to raspberries and hate peanuts. And the fact that you cannot keep yourself from dancing when there’s Beyonce playing” he looks down at you, eyes drooping, dreamily staring into yours, lips stretched in a lazy smile. And you don’t even realise how close you are to him.


    “And he should make sure that you know he is thinking about you, even if that means he’ll have to stay up all night after a long day and talk to you from halfway across the world.” You lean in further, your head resting on the crook of his neck, lips so close that one wrong angle and they would be smashed together.


    “He should be the one telling you that you shouldn’t fall for some jerk just because he was around. And even if he’s not always beside you, he’ll always come back to you, because you’re his home.”

    At the last word you tilt your head in that one wrong angle where your lips are pressed against his, hands sliding in his long locks tangling in the curls pulling him nearer as his palms cradle your head, rubbing over your neck trying to soak in all the warmth of your skin. You caress his lips, sucking on his bottom lip as your nose bumps with each movement. Just your lips hungrily pulling on his. And after some minutes you pull out reluctantly and stare into his eyes which still hold traces of black.

    “Then, I think I found the right guy” you smile at him as his dimples pop.

    Thank you for reading! All feedback are always appreciated. Here are my other work. xx

    64 Floors-Part 5

    CEO!Luke AU

    Summary: You were here to work not to be treated like an accessory. Some understand that, and some don’t. But perhaps Mr. Luke Hemmings understands a little more than you give him credit for. 

    A/N: There were so many requests for this that I powered through and finished it in two days for you guys!! Usually it takes me a week so I’m quite proud tbh. Of course a lot of that is thanks to sierra, @ivegotashothough. Anyway, enough of me, and onto the story! Happy reading :)

    |Part One| |Part Two| |Part Three| Part Four|

    ~Approx. 3.2k Words~
    ~Warnings: Brief violence and language~


    You could feel the water behind your eyes threatening to spill over as you sat at your computer, typing away. You didn’t want to quit but the way you were feeling right now was clouding your judgement. You liked Luke. In fact, you liked him a lot, but you also needed an atmosphere where you didn’t have to read into every little detail of the things your boss said. You needed to worry about working for Mr. Hemmings, not Luke. You needed to keep the two separate but that was getting harder and harder.

    You wiped your eyes, the screen in front of you becoming blurry. You couldn’t believe you were crying at work. The levels of unprofessionalism were becoming far too much and you hated yourself for acting this way and letting him get to you.

    Suddenly, your phone dinged. You had set a special ringtone for him so you would know that your boss needed you. You checked the message. He was asking you to bring some his charts into his business meeting. Of course he hadn’t asked you to accompany him, even though you’d earned it. With a deep sigh you wiped your eyes again, reapplied your makeup to hide the redness and gathered all the things that Luke needed before making your way over to the board meeting.

    Cautiously, you stepped inside the boardroom. Luke was instructing his board through some procedure changes and they all looked to be listening quite intently. What shocked you however, was that the one person Luke had threatened to fire you over occupied a seat at the conference table, listening to your boss speak in an office you assumed he was no longer welcome in. Luke looked up, acknowledging your presence and reaching his hand out for you to place his paperwork in. You could feel John’s eyes on you as you walked past, your eyes skirting around the room. You felt out of place and you hated that. You had as much right to be here as John did, if not more. You were Luke’s assistant for crying out loud! You heard a low whistle as you left the room, obviously coming from the direction of Mr. Riley. You ignored it as you left, exiting the room with your head held high. You would not be made a fool of. Not here. Not by him. And certainly not in front of Luke.

    The meeting took approximately another hour and in the meantime you had completely immersed yourself in your work. There were a few papers that needed Luke’s signature however before you could send them out, meaning you needed to track him down before you could go home for the evening. You decided to wait for him as he wrapped up his meeting and you watched as the conference room emptied before sliding in and handing him the papers.

    “These require a signature before I can do anything with them.”

    “Just leave them there. I’ll take care of it.”

    “If you’d just sign them, I can finish it up no problem. It just takes a moment.”

    “I said I’d take care of it Miss. Y/L.” He replied, not looking up from his papers. He handed you a copy of his handwritten notes. “Get these formally typed up and deliver them to the rest of the board.” He instructed before leaving the conference room in two swift steps, leaving you alone with a pile of paperwork. You sighed, picking up the papers and going through them and deciding which you were going to take care of now and which you would take care of later. Just as you were finishing the sorting, you heard the door to the conference room open and shut quietly.

    “Luke I’m taking care of the papers, I’ll be out of here and back in my office in just a moment so you can start the next meeting.” You spoke without looking up.

    “Luke huh? So you two are on a first name basis?”

    Your head shot up to see John standing there, his hands in his pockets as he pushed off the wall to come closer to you.

    “Oh, I’m sorry I thought you were, uh, Mr. Hemmings.” You spoke shyly, suddenly very aware of the little amount of space between you and John.

    “You never called me back you know. And you blew me off for dinner. You love making a guy work for it don’t you, doll?” He mused. It was like he was toying with you. He seemed to enjoy how uncomfortable he was making you feel and the smile on his face as you shied away from him proved that.

    “I never gave you my number.” You mumbled, subtly inching away from him.

    “Which is why I called your work phone. And aren’t you required to call back anyone who leave a message on there? That’s what the last assistant said.”

    “Well I’m not the last assistant.”

    “Oh I know that.” He chuckled, stepping closer to you. “The last one practically got on her knees at the sight of me. But you? You like playing hard to get. You…like making me beg for you.” He towered over you, standing close enough so that you could feel his sticky breath on your face. It made you scrunch your nose in disgust, but he continued his advances. “Why do you have to be like that sweetheart? You know I could show you a good time.” He took hold of your arm, holding you in place while his other hand tilted your chin up to look at him. The scent of his cologne washed over you and you turned your head away from him. It smelled similar to Luke’s in that it was expensive, but Luke’s was warm and drew you in. John’s was spicy and reeked of someone trying a little too hard to play a game they just weren’t good at.

    “Please stop.” You mumbled, trying to wiggle out of his grasp but he held you tightly, his fingerprints blossoming on your skin.

    “C’mon princess, I know you’re just playing. You want this as bad as I do, I can feel it.”

    “No. Stop. Let go of me.” You spoke firmly, taking his hand off you and taking a step back.

    “What? Are you already fucking someone around here? Whoever it is I can guarantee you I can satisfy your needs much better than he can.” His arm slithered around your waist, pulling you against him, his fingers attempting to work at the zipper of your black pencil skirt. You pressed your palms against his chest, creating as much space between you and him as you could, pushing him back.

    You heard the door open, distracting you for just long enough that what little strength you had faltered for a moment, allowing Mr. Riley to do what he came here for. His lips were on yours, holding you tight as you tried to wiggle away, a whimper leaving your abused mouth. All of a sudden, the weight of his hold wasn’t there anymore and instead, he was on the floor, blood pouring from his nose. Luke stood over him, his knuckles matching John’s nose and his chest heaving as he shot daggers at the man on the ground.

    “Are you alright?” Luke asked, diverting his gaze to you, looking for any signs of harm. You nodded, holding back tears as Luke turned back to John, who had since collected himself from the floor. “Get out. Now.” He growled. John looked back and forth between you and Luke as he shook his head and chuckled. “Enjoy your little fucktoy Hemmings. Or assistant, or whatever it is you call your whores these days.” He spat. Luke made another move towards him, but you stopped him.

    “Let him go Luke. He’s not worth causing a scene over.” You whispered, placing a hand on his shoulder to hold him back. John just laughed as he left the conference room, leaving you alone with Luke. He was silent for a minute, his hands on his hips as he stared at you.

    “Before you say anything you have to know that wasn’t what I wanted. He came onto me and I tried to stop him but he wouldn’t and I know you said you’d fire me if I talked to him again but I tried to do what you said because I know how upset you were last time and I’m trying to be professional, I mean, I know you know how hard I’m trying to stay professional but you’re making it so hard and I don’t know what’s okay and what’s not and I’m so sorry that you had to see that and that I cause so many problems for you but I am damn good at anything else you ask me to do and I don’t deserve to be fired just because some jerk couldn’t take no for an answer.” You rushed to get the words out of your mouth as he stared at you, his blue eyes boring into yours as he mulled over what you had just said. He continued staring at you for a few moments as you stood there, awaiting his response. He opened his mouth, but instead of yelling at you he let out a hearty laugh, his smile lines prominent on his clean shaven face. He ran his fingers through his blond hair as he laughed, but you only stood there, dumbfounded.

    “I have a few things to go over with you tonight. All work related, I promise.” He laughed at your surprised expression as he placed a hand on your shoulder. “I’m glad you’re okay. I’ll see you at my place tonight at eight.”

    “At your place? But I can’t-”

    “It’s just for work Y/N. I need you there to go over the scheduling for next month but I have been in this office for the last fourteen hours and if I stay here any longer I think I might explode.”

    “That’s fair. I’ll see you at eight.” You chirped, trying your best to compose yourself again after that little meltdown you just had.

    “See you at eight.”


    He sent a car for you to take you over to his place. It picked you up right on time, the driver knowing exactly the route to go before you even told him. You weren’t exactly sure how to dress for the occasion, so you opted to stay in your work clothes, just in case he got any ideas about what you coming over to his house meant. It only took a few minutes to get all the way across town to where he lived. You could tell the large apartment building was lavish from the moment you walked into it. The lobby alone was decorated nicer than your own small, one bedroom apartment located on the dodgy side of town. You shot a quick text to tell Luke you were almost there so that he could let you into the elevator that would take you up to his penthouse suite. Once you were in the elevator you took a deep breath, fluffing your hair and swiping on another coat of lipstick just in case. The elevator doors dinged open and you walked into his apartment, your bag full of the work things he had requested over your shoulder.

    “Mr. Hemmings?” You called out. Slowly walking into the foyer of his apartment. There were pictures of him and what looked to be his family all over the suite. They were hung on the walls and set in frames on the coffee table, capturing moments from his life before he was head of one of the most successful companies in the world. You picked up one of the framed pictures. Luke looked young, maybe 16 or 17, standing next to a boy with bright purple hair. They had their arms around each other and looked to be like they were at a music festival, the one with the colorful hair holding a guitar case in the hand that wasn’t around Luke. They had huge smiles on their faces, making a similar one appear on your own face.

    “That was a good day.” Luke’s voice sounded from behind you. You turned around to see Luke leaning against the wall in a pair of grey sweatpants and a white tee shirt, a small smile on his face and a cup of tea in his hand.

    “You look…casual.” You said slowly, placing the frame back in its rightful place. He looked different like this, without his three piece suit and his hair styled perfectly. He looked like any other guy that you might pass on the street, not a CEO worth millions of dollars you were used to servicing everyday.

    “That’s because I’m at home.” He chuckled. “Did you bring what I asked?”

    “Of course.” You held up your shoulder bag.

    “Great, let’s get started.


    “No, that’s not going to work we can’t just put all our eggs in one basket.” Luke explained, rubbing his tired eyes. The clock read eleven-forty-two PM. You had been at this for hours and still you had a long way to go before finishing.

    “It’ll work if we put all of our effort into pursuing this project. If we don’t we’re going to lose out on the biggest deal of the year and we can’t afford to do that. Not with the numbers we’re seeing this year.”

    “But if we pursue one big deal, we’ll let all the others slip through our fingers and our biggest investors will start questioning us.” He argued, staring at the charts in front of him, fingers running through his flattened hair.

    “With all due respect sir, who gives a shit what they think? Hemmings and Co hasn’t failed them before, what reason do they have to think that we’ll let them down now? If they’re going to be that fickle then we don’t need them on our bankroll.”

    You could see him contemplating what you had just said before a small smile formed on his face. “I love it when you prove your worth Miss Y/L. Makes me remember why I hired you.”

    You could feel a blush rising in your cheeks as he complimented you, happy that you were finally working together in harmony instead of in the state of tension you had been in for the past few days.

    “I think we deserve a break.” He said, getting up from the floor and heading over to the bar. “You want a drink?” Usually you would decline, but it had been a long day and you had been kissed by a gross man and right now a drink sounded amazing.

    “Sure.” You replied as he went to pour you a drink. You took it greedily, swallowing the whole thing in three long gulps.

    “Wow, you must have a boss who overworks you if you’re drinking like that.” Luke chuckled, taking a sip of his own drink. “You want another.?”

    “Yes please.”

    You never would have been able to foresee yourself at your boss’ penthouse apartment, drinking alcohol with him as he lounged in sweats and a plain tee. But under no circumstances were you complaining. You deserved this. Or at least that’s the excuse you allowed yourself to believe as you hastily downed your second, third and fourth drink of the evening.

    A few drinks later and you were seeing double. You swayed back and forth as you tried to stand and Luke stuck out his hand to balance you.

    “You okay?” He asked, setting his drink down. He had downed a few as well, opting to put on his favorite Good Charlotte record instead of pulling up charts after his second drink and he had been singing along to the melodies at the top of his lungs by his third, but he was nowhere near as intoxicated at you were.

    You nodded, and then shook you head, “No. I feel,” you searched for the right word, “Icky.”

    “Icky?” Luke questioned.

    You nodded, “Yeah. John had his hands on me and my arms feel dirty and my lips feel gross from when he kissed me and I feel…icky.” You pouted, putting all your weight into his chest and letting out a loud sob. “He was so gross!” You cried, “And he smelled…wrong and I didn’t like it..” You whined

    Luke chuckled, rubbing your arms up and down to sooth you in your drunk stupor. He guided you down the hall and into a large, professionally decorated, room. “I thought you were gonna fire me today.” You confessed.

    “Why’s that?” Luke asked, sitting you down on the large, comfortable bed.

    “Well,” you started, “you told me never to talk to him again or else I’d be fired. Dick move, by the way.” You scolded, “And then he talked to me and I didn’t want to say anything back but he kept talking and saying all this stuff about me and I didn’t know what to do because I’ve never been put in that situation before and then he came onto me and I couldn’t push him away, as hard as I tried. He’s really strong you know?” You hiccuped and watched Luke shuffle around the room, opening and closing different drawers. “And then bam!” You exclaimed, making Luke jump, “You were there! You were kinda like a superhero you know? Because you were all like… Not there, and then you were. It was crazy. Like Batman.” You giggled as Luke’s lips turned upwards into a soft, adoring, smile. “And he was bleeding and you were all like, “take that!” And then he was gone.” Luke looked at you curiously before shaking his head, his smile still ever present.

    “Here.” He handed you a pair of sweats and a big shirt with a logo you didn’t recognize. “You’re sleeping in my room tonight. Put these on. The bathroom is through that door, there’s an extra toothbrush in there. I’m going to go get you some water.”

    “I don’t want to sleep Luke. I want to stay up all night!” You hummed, getting up and twirling around the grand bedroom, your drink still in your hand.

    “I think that’s enough for you tonight.” Luke gently took the glass from you, setting it down on his dresser a few feet away. Though almost as if the crystal cup was the only thing keeping you steady, you suddenly fell forward, your two feet unable to hold this uncoordinated version of yourself. Lightening fast, Luke reach out and caught you before he, quite literally, swept you off your feet. He hooked one arm under the bend in your knees and the other at the middle of your back, lifting you off the floor before placing you gently back on his bed. He stayed silent as he moved to take off your shoes, placing them at the foot of the bed. He then unbuttoned your blouse, leaving you in your much more comfortable tank top. Once he was finished, he took a momentous to look at you, analyzing every feature upon what to him, was your flawless face. He took the time to stare at every blemish, every misplaced hair and and every mark on your skin. You were perfect and it made his chest hurt.

    “How do you manage to do this to me?” He whispered, his eyes still studying your face. “How have you made me incapable of doing anything less than adoring you?” He knit his eyebrows, the pads of his fingers aching to trace over your skin as you laid on his sheets.

    You only laughed, your filter unobstructed with the blurriness of your head. “You have to know why.” You spread yourself out on his bed, the mattress feeling softer than anything you had ever felt. Luke cocked his head as he sat on the bed next to you, waiting for you to go on. “It’s because I can’t stay away from you either. I can’t stop thinking about you and no matter what bullshit I tell you about needing to further my career, I want you so, so bad and I can’t help myself. I can’t help it when you look the way you look and you’re walking around the office the way you walk and oh god I can’t even get into the damn elevator without thinking about you and how you made me…how you make me feel.” You breathed, your eyes watering slightly as they locked with his. You really didn’t want to cry right now. Not in front of him. “You’ve ruined me and you’ve made me love it.”

    “Stop.” He whispered. “Please. Don’t tempt me. Not right now.” He pleaded with you, his eyes begging you for something that you couldn’t quite put your finger on. “I’ve been trying, I really have, to do what you’ve been telling me to. I’ve been ordering you to do stupid shit, making you get my fucking coffee and pick up my dry cleaning, even when I know you’re capable of so much more just so I could forget for a moment that you’re not my girlfriend, like I want you to be, but you’re my assistant. But I don’t want to push you and I don’t want to make you uncomfortable and I’ll be damned if I treat you like Riley did. I care about you and that’s hurting your career and I hate that I can’t control myself because dammit I am falling in love with you and you won’t let me do anything about it.” His jaw was set in a firm line, his expression solid as he finished speaking.
    His fingers reached up to stroke a piece of hair out of your face, gently caressing the skin of your cheek as you laid there, desperately trying to stop himself from doing something you would hate him for in the morning.

    “Luke.” You whispered, looking into his eyes that were still pleading with you, your eyes flicking down for a moment to stare at his pink lips. Suddenly, what you wanted was as clear as day and all the other excuses you had been fronting for the past few months faded away as he consumed your every last thought. It was like the bitter drink had cleansed you of the nonsense getting in the way of your happiness and so you were finally going to do what you had wanted to the second you had stepped onto the 64th floor on your very first day.

    “Kiss me.”


    Part 6