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soma week day 5 - skinny dipping

hurt/comfort anyone?

i promise no one bites the dust this time.



Black*Star dropped his shorts, mooned the lot of them and canonballed into Kid’s pool. Someone whimpered – it could’ve been Tsubaki or Kid, honestly, Maka wasn’t sure. All she knew was that Patti leapt in right behind him, sans clothing and fists high in the air.

Maka slowly shot a glance to her partner. He was not oogling Patti, thank goodness, and instead had taken to jamming his hands into his pockets and looking any and everywhere but the pool, where Black*Star had taken to commanding that they “GET IN THE POOL RIGHT NOW MORTALS” or else he’d “INTRODUCE THEM TO THE WRATH OF A GOD.”

She squirmed where she stood and shuffled closer to the safety of her partner. There was power in numbers, and while Soul might not’ve been the best fighter, he at least looked intimidating. Their friends didn’t need to know that her partner was a closeted lap dog and all around puppy, and that he spent his time lounging on the couch in his pajamas with his head in her lap. For the time being, she’d let them think he was more shark than man, all sharp teeth and frightening red eyes.

Kim dove into the pool and Maka shot Soul another look. If he caught a peek of Kim’s (admittedly) nice ass, he didn’t show it. Jackie squawked and Kim beckoned her in, raising herself out of the water enough for Maka to realize just how busty her fellow lady meister was.

Soul looked particularly mournful, and perhaps there was something to be said about the downsides of being a faithful weapon. He sympathetically watched Jackie swim toward her meister, her bare back slender and regal amidst the moonlight.

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Are y'all for real with this clown thing… Like there just some jerk offs in costumes? I saw a video of people in a car freaking out and they where like “turn around we got to get out of here” like sis just hit 15mph and wing him with the door, see if he pulls that shit again

I’d like to add, in light of recent conversations going around Tumblr, that is it perfectly all right to blog about what you don’t like. If you don’t understand a ship, or a character, or a show, and you want to post about it, feel free. Because in the end, it’s your blog and you can post whatever you want. 


Don’t tag it. Don’t tag your anti-ship stuff with the ship name. Don’t tag your character hate with the character name. Tag it anti ~ship~ or ~character~ hate. Let people who like the thing like it. 

And people who like something–as long as those who don’t aren’t being mean about it, leave them alone. This goes for morally grey characters, too. If you’re fascinated by their complexity, that’s cool. But if other fans of the show or movie or book find them less redeemable than you do… that doesn’t mean they don’t understand the character, or that they need to read the books again. It means they view the character differently than you do, and that needs to be okay. 


marvel au: wherein Bucky has the ability to manipulate ice and snow, and he and Steve promise to someday take one day off to just enjoy a snow day, even in the summer.

a fall from a train, a dive into the Arctic, and seventy years later, the Winter Soldier–so called because winter literally follows in his footsteps–is activated. a mission goes awry, and Steve finds himself with one month left to find the Winter Soldier, and, hopefully, his best friend.

“one of these days, Steve, when the war’s done? we’re going to build a snowman, just you and me.”


Current mood.


If Toby can be a good sport about this poll, why can’t you guys be?? Honestly there are some parts of this fandom I can’t honestly take. Just because some jerks at gamefaqs are saying shit doesn’t mean you get to talk shit back, and embarrassingly too. It’s getting a horrible rep for our community and the game itself. I hoped this fandom wouldn’t escalate for being immature and overly sensitive but this. This just proves wrong and I am so disappointed. I wanted to share this game with you guys and laugh together for this amazing game but if you’re going so far to respond to a idiotic fandom war count me the fuck out. I don’t mind rallies but leave all the shit out, it’s fucking embarrassing. I don’t want the game to be known for this, especially for one with such a good message.

I hope you like your salty tears guys, what a positive thing for Undertale to get.

Just last year some jerks were making fun of Chloe for not sitting near the stage at TCAs...so to those people I say, is ON THE STAGE better for you?

Yes girl. You got this for all of us. Her fans truly are incredible.