If I ever call you something like “dude, bro/bruh, m’lady, mom/dad, son, etc.”, anything that is not 100% serious, and we don’t know each other very well, please just know I am not going against your preferred pronouns or anything like that!!! I am just trying to joke around with you and I am most likely quoting some sort of meme, and I’m trying to act like myself and be comfortable around you!

If it does make you uncomfortable, however, please tell me! I won’t do it, then. But just know none of it is done to upset you or go against you. I just don’t know your boundaries and preferences yet. c:

It’s so obvious Indians living away from India and their diaspora kids lead completely different lives.
The main difference, is that Indians appreciate anything relating to our culture being praised, noticed, appropriated, used by outsiders and genuinely get excited at that, unable to actually see the negative impacts on our community because of it.

On the other hand, literally every Indian kid who’s not a part of that mould or stereotype outsiders paint of “India” (ie. smart, speaks Hindu, watches Bollywood, eats butter chicken and prays to cows) experiences complete alienation from our own culture, which is, all of us.

There are so many cultures and languages and traditions within us that we not only never see represented, but a lot of the time we don’t see outside our own families which makes it hard to talk to our own friends about. Like, growing up in India, homogeneity means that despite the differences you are one and share so much.

Diaspora often means that we struggle to piece together parts of ourselves, even more so when you don’t have much in the first place and all you see around you is nothing like what you’ve known. For example, I can understand basic Hindi, but I can’t speak it, and I know so many of my South Indian friends that don’t know a word of Hindi. Growing up here, the only thing that unites Indian diaspora kids is India winning in cricket.
What’s worse, is growing up, I remember how South Indian kids were literally tormented, not by outsiders, but by North Indian kids because we didn’t fit that painted picture of “India” that those kids could more easily adapt to.

It’s not to say they had it easy, but I know for sure, as a South Indian kid myself, that we definitely had it the worst. Tradition and culture are woven into our hair and worn on our skin and sometimes hang like shackles on our limbs for us. It’s never an easy task to leave any of that behind.

The worst thing, is that tradition we want to come to terms with is never ours. We’re mocked for not fitting other people’s ideals, mocked for not fitting other Indians’ ideals, and to top it all off, South Indian diaspora kids are mocked by their own South Indian parents for not taking pride in every single Indian thing we see out of our home, even if we’ve never and could never relate to it.

It’s a struggle to even bring up stuff like this in your house, because you’re overreacting and annoying.

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In an attempt to get sans away from Farris, has Dinah ever tried to set them up with somebody else? Or bribe them with a puppy? I know she's tried the whole "I'll buy you stuff for your kink/sin, so you don't need him anymore" thing, but has she ever done anything else?

all that and more, honestly. she’s had dozens on dozens of timelines full of attempts to convince farris to change their mind about sans, and…well, honestly, it’s tiring. dinah and farris have had some intense fights about the relationship. 

but what’s most bothersome about it is that sometimes she doesn’t have to do…anything. there have been timelines where they all came back to the surface and it didn’t seem like farris and sans wanted anything to do with each other. hell, there’ve been times where it seemed like sans hated farris.

and the problem with that is that farris doesn’t remember any of it. sans does.

which means, dinah surmises, that whatever’s going on in the underground…sans’ feelings for farris are conditional and not really genuine. and she is super not okay with that.

of course, given that farris doesn’t come back in neutral or geno runs (and good god, does dinah worry about what sans does to them then), she’s not aware of what the siblings get up to in those timelines…and sans isn’t about to tell her, either. if she knew, it would change things a bit–but she’d be more concerned than anything else. farris wouldn’t hurt anyone unless they were truly terrified, or they were doing it to protect frisk…and, of course, dinah hasn’t the slightest inkling of chara’s involvement.

i think if sans actually spilled on the details and let dinah know what was really going on, they–well, they still wouldn’t get along, but it would form an understanding. they’d actually be able to help each other out. but sans doesn’t tell anyone what’s going on, let alone someone he’s constantly hostile with. dinah’s never tried to repair that either, so….they’re at an impasse.

dinah loves her cousins fiercely, and she wants farris to be happy…

…but she doesn’t think sans can fix what she couldn’t.

@sushinfood‘s OC Highway is ADORABLE. Percy is extremely confused by this, demands immediate scientific explanation. help

(not a romantic/attraction thing for clarification. highway is just super damn cute. percy is not used to this. he is used to only assholes and his lil brother.)