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Okay so I have really bad road anxiety (I don't call it road rage because I just get SO UPSET) anyways I can so see tom being super sweet and trying to calm me down in those situations and okay I need it that's all

You were on the verge of tears. Driving freaked you out. Some people had road rage. you had anxiety.

“Calm down, baby, Its okay. Just slow down”

“I know” you bit your lip as anxiety racked through you. You hand gripped the wheel, your knuckles turning white. A few minutes passed before you spoke up.

“I can’t do this, Tom…not right now” You shook your head.

“Baby, pull over…I’ll switch with you”

i just realised.

I’ll never get to see them save Wolfgang, I’ll never get to see Kala and Wolfgang finally make it to Paris, I’ll never get to see Nomi and Anamita get married, I’ll never get to see Lito finally make it as a big movie star in hollywood and his love for Hernando, I won’t ever get to see how Will finally takes down whispers, I won’t get to see Ceapheus make changes to the world and his own city and I won’t get to see Sun finally be happy, finally be away from the destruction of her brother, finally be happy with mun. I won’t get to see any of it, and my heart is breaking. 

  • Livvy: and now for a gay update with Kit Herondale
  • Kit: getting gayer
  • Livvy: thank you Kit

I don’t get how people are just…so nasty to their servers.

I went out to eat today at a pizza place and my waitress brought me a refill without me asking and I was like, “Oh thanks so much!”

And she just got the most startled look on her face, like she was flustered that I had said thank you of all things.

When she came back a few minutes later with the check, I complimented her socks (they had a super cute pretzel pattern on them and I’m a sucker for fun socks) and her face absolutely LIT up. We had like a three minute conversation about how they’re the only part of her outfit she can really customize, having a uniform and all that, and she left with a grin on her face.

But the fact that she seemed surprised that someone was being nice to her was just so upsetting to me.

Your servers are human. Treat them like it.

Do you ever reread the scene in the Last Olympian where Percy decides to take on the curse of Achilles and it’s such a vital and important decision that he could literally die from and had to get his mother’s blessing for and just when Percy thinks he’s not going to be able to handle the curse and is starting to disintegrate we have that beautiful beautiful scene where Percy imagines Annabeth up on the dock at Camp teasing him and saying “You’re not getting away from me that easily. Take my hand” because she is literally the person tying his soul to the world, his weak point, his achilles’s heel, and just get so overwhelming upset because hoo just casually washed away the curse simply to make him more equal to the rest of the seven because I do

do some of you really think gifs are made in some app???? in some gifs editor??? do you really not understand that it takes time and effort to first learn how to do this shit decently and then making every single gif takes time??? is this why no one has any respect for us and just repost them??? 

the reason abled people are praised for being kind to the disabled is because it is not normalized to be kind to the disabled.

it is seen as an achievement for an abled person to “look beyond” the disability and treat the disabled person like a person, because it is not normalized to treat the disabled like people.

Ableism is so bad in our society that we dont even see the disabled as people or as equals and thus put the abled on a pedestal for even acknowledging the disabled as people.

and yet people still tryna tell me that Ableism isnt real, or it isnt as bad as another form of discrimination, or that its just some tumblr fad.

and people do this because the ableism is so bad in our society that not being able to see the disabled as people who suffer and have struggles, as people who have emotions and feelings, as anything other than “not abled”, is seen as normal.

dehumanization of the disabled is by far, more normalized than the humanization of the disabled.

and thats just so fucking upsetting.

the amount of times i’ve heard the “my bf is 5+ yrs my senior, has cheated on me 4 times, stays @ home all day on the couch playing video games while i work double shifts bc he got fired from his 6th job in the past 6 months, he doesn’t wash his ass, we consistently fight bc we just love each other so much and i just make him so upset sometimes, bc of how much he loves me, i couldn’t ever leave him” in essentially the same flavor w/ only a few differences from multiple women is just… dump him. go. be free

What if Lucretia were just as dog crazy as Magnus?

What if “No dogs on the moon” was a poorly timed addition to a century long joke?

“No dogs in my lab, Lucretia.”

“No dogs near my plants, Magnus.”

“No dogs in my kitchen, Lucretia.”

“How did that dog even get there, Magnus?! I can’t believe "no dogs in the air vents” is a phrase that is actually coming out of my mouth.“

"Magnus. Lucretia. No dogs on the Starblaster. Period.”

“No dogs while we’re looking for the light.”

“For Pan’s sake, no dogs while we’re trying to be sneaky!”

What if someone asked, in the early days of the BoB, if they could bring their dog with them and Lucretia reflexively said “no dogs on the moon” and instantly regretted it because oh shit, I’m in charge and people actually do what I say.

And she’s just so upset because she was joking and everyone took her seriously and she can’t take it back because it would be unprofessional and now there will never be any dogs on the moon.

The hardest part of the entire Supergirl cast shitstorm to me is that it feeds that little insecure part of me that constantly says that people just don’t care. About my experiences or my sexuality and that this world will always be a heteronormative society and that the LGBT community will constantly be hurt whether it be a gay character dying on a tv show or a cast of a show with a canon wlw relationship and calls itself progressively feminist still can mock a gay ship that means a lot to a lot of people. That no matter what we go through, no matter how much we endure it will never be enough, that I will never be enough.

TaZ bullshit thats making me cry real tears right now:

- Davenport panicking as his memories fade to the point where he can only say his own name

- Taako forgetting Lup

- ”Oh god….Taako…I can’t remember her face, Taako!”

- Barry begging Taako to kill him 

- Lucretia

- Lucretia finding homes for Taako, Magnus, and Merle that she knows will make them happy and let them find peace because she loves them all so much and considers them to be her family

- The flashbacks to Lucretia’s interactions with them in the Bureau of Balance and how emotional they’ve now become after the gravity of this episode

- Lucretia

I can honestly say that I never thought the tv show Survivor would make me cry. But tonight when Jeff Varner outed Zeke as being trans during tribal council to try and paint Zeke as deceiving everyone in the tribe, it made me disgusted and cry.

Like… he not only outed Zeke to those 6 people, but the millions of people watching the show. He away Zeke’s choice to tell people, and forever changed Zeke’s identity from being Zeke to being “the trans survivor player.”

Not to mention the fact that Varner tried to make the fact that Zeke didn’t tell the tribe he was trans that he was being deceitful and sneaky and lying to them all.


Why Axel/Lea is the most tragic character in Kingdom Hearts

-Hollow Bastion fell when they were just kids, that means Axel lost his heart when he was just a kid and was probably just lost in the darkness for years until he became a nobody

-He does all the dirty work so that Saix could get to the top of the Organization

-He and Saix drifted apart while in the Organization, getting into multiple arguments (a lot of these involving Xion)

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-Axel lost Ven, even though they met once they still became friends and the fact that Lea never knew what happened to him.

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-Axel found Roxas, whom he probably thought was Ven when they first met no doubt.

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-And then Axel lost Roxas, one of the only people he actually cared about in the Organization (besides Saix)

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-Axel lost Xion, someone he knew was just a replica yet he cared for her dearly and did so much to try and help and protect her

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-Immediately after losing Roxas, Axel has to go find Xion even though she refuses to come back again and he’s just so upset with everything that it results to Axel breaking down in front her and ending in a fight.

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-Axel’s last “memory” of Xion is of them fighting. Axel passed out after their fight and didn’t wake up until after Xion was gone, so he lost all his memory of her already. Their last moments together were in pain.

-The Organization tasked Axel to destroy Roxas. They were forcing him to go and kill his best friend.

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-He tried so hard to get Roxas to remember him, and Roxas didn’t until it was too late and he had to return to Sora.

-Axel was on the run from the Organization all through KH2, he had nowhere to go.

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-Even after Roxas was gone, Axel still searched for him tirelessly, even resorting to kidnapping Kairi just to get Sora to come to him to have a chance of seeing Roxas.

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-Axel comes back TWICE to try and free Kairi, getting severely injured each time.

-He was basically killed by his friend (Saix)

-After Axel is stabbed by Saix, he wanders through the dark portals, pushing himself to keep going because the only thing he wants is to see Roxas again.

-Axel knew that he was going to fade, so he put his entire “existence” into his attack to save Sora and the others

-When Lea wakes up in Hollow Bastion, the first thing he’s thinking about is Roxas; even after he faded he was in a dream with Roxas and had to finally say goodbye, crying none the less

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-Lea lost Isa. He was searching for Isa throughout KH3D and only to find that he had been taken by Xehanort and now a vessel.

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TL;DR Throughout Kingdom Hearts Axel/Lea has been in constant pain and losing those he cares about.

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