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Okay, but what if Steven is homeschooled because when he was four years old the school sent a letter saying it was time to enrol him in kindergarten and the Gems were so rattled that they vowed to never let him near this “school” place. 

it’s so annoying when couples in haram relationships break up and the guy likes to pretend that her sins were worse than his. and how he thinks he has the power to tarnish her reputation and prospects for marriage. like no. honestly do you think that Allah (swt) is going to judge you any differently??? and aren’t you putting yourself in a worse position by indulging in the haram and then being a hypocrite by gossiping about her on top of it all 

Okay, so I know Matthew Morgan’s disappearance was crucial to the series and that it was the big driving force throughout all six books that that without it nothing would’ve been the same and Joe wouldn’t have taught CoveOps and Cam never would have met Josh and she’d never write about the circus but I just get so angry when I think about the spy world with Matthew Morgan in it.  Like:

  • Joe Solomon walking in on that first day and Cam writing a letter home to Matt saying, “idk Dad this guy’s pretty shady” and Matt writes back like, “Yeah, he sounds pretty evil you should definitely do that thing I taught you with the honey to catch him and interrogate him.  Definitely.”
  • Joe telling Matt about his stupid kid and “God she just vanishes. I can’t teach her anything if I can’t see her Matt.  Matt?  Are you listening to me?  MATT.  This is your fault Matthew–stop teaching your daughter things before I teach them.”
  • Joe telling Matt about his super mega talented kid and “I don’t know how she did it.  Honest to God.”
  • Abby and Matt knocking each other around in the P&E Barn.
  • Rachel and Matt getting caught making out in the P&E Barn.
  • Joe asking Matt for help with the CoveOps final in LYKL and Cam fighting her dad.  Snide remarks would ensue.
  • Joe setting up Cam and Zach in DC (bc Joe Solomon was the biggest Zammie shipper in the whole series–do not even get me started) and Matt in the background like “idk, Joe.  Zach is a little too rugged and handsome.  What about that Jonas kid?  He looks nice.  Why don’t you have him tail her instead?”  and “Quiet, Matthew.  Let me do my job.”
  • Matt seeing Cam in that red dress.
  • Matt seeing Cam in that red dress.
  • Matt stopping by the Gallagher Academy to see his girls and Cam walking in on Matt and Rachel mercilessly making fun of Joe.
  • Alternatively, Cam walking in on Joe and Matt making fun of Rachel (but Rachel definitely heard and now someone is going to be put on dish duty, Joseph).
  • Matt helping Joe with dish duty
  • Prank wars.  So many prank wars.
  • Papa Matt so damn tired of the Circle messing with his family, like, if Matt had been around the Circle would have been taken down in two days, honestly.
  • Matt crying as Cam walks and moves her tassel to the other side.
  • Matt freaking out because ‘Is that a grey hair–Rachel, that’s a grey hair” on the same day Cam comes home from her first mission.
  • Matt laughing when his daughter tells him “its classified”
  • Godfather Solomon.  Why in the HECK didn’t we get to see more of Godfather Solomon?