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i wanna a gf soooo bad so I can talk to her 24/7 and make her feel hella loved and important af and just cheer her up whenever she needs it and compliment her all the time on how beautiful she is and just everything about her and just aAAaAa iM So GAy sOoOO hmU LMAOOO


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everytime some girl call you "daddy" i die a little inside, this is annoying, for real. you're pretty cool but i think you're just so gay (bisexual i know) and it seems like these girls are about to fuck you in cyber ways im not joking, GIRLS WHY DO Y'ALL ACT LIKE THAT WHY WHY WHY


do you ever just… get hit with the gay™? like you’re just hanging out and living your life when all of a sudden you just get that feeling where you’re just so stoked to be gay that you wanna paint yourself rainbow, cover yourself in glitter and run through the streets yelling “GUESS WHO ISN’T STRAIGHT!!!!!”


I love Gabrielle’s smirk face when everytime she wins Xena over Ares.

3x01 The furies

Ares:I still don’t know what you see in her!

5x02 Chakram

Ares:Brought you back.

Xena:With a vengeance.

5X09 Seeds of faith

Ares:I wish I’d known you were looking for a father.

Xena:I’m not.

Ares:Well, somebody clearly got the job.

Xena:Yeah, Gabrielle.

5X14 Amphipolis Under Siege

Ares:Can you tell me you didn’t feel anything.

Xena:I felt nothing.

6X10 Old Ares Had A Farm

When Ares tried to kiss Xena and failed.