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i'm a huge procrastinator T_T i put off writing a paper for two weeks and did it the morning it was due. do you guys have any tips that could help?^^"

Saeyoung: Oh, really? Well, I—

Saeran: No. Stop.

Saeyoung: What? What is it?

Saeran: You’re the worst procrastinator I know, so shut it. You giving advice is just going to make everything worse.

Saeyoung: Sae, that’s rude! You’re such a meanie! (;*△*;)

Saeran: Just shut up and listen. If you have some huge ass project or paper or whatever due, give yourself enough time to get the damn thing done. People can tell when you half-ass something. If you don’t want to work on it, fine. Start on it a couple weeks early and just do a little each day. It’s better than scrambling to get it all done at the last minute.

Saeyoung: Whoa…that’s surprisingly good advice, coming from you.

Saeran: …What’s that supposed to mean?

Saeyoung: !!! Nothing! I didn’t mean anything by it!

Saeran: *sighs* Look, back when I worked for Mint Eye I had tons of time crunching projects and missions to do. If I didn’t get something done on time, I got punished for it. I learned not to procrastinate the hard way. So take it or leave it.

Saeyoung: …Hmm.

There’s a very old graveyard next to my uncle’s house that happens to have (apparently rare?) Pokémon. As caretaker of the lot, which has a LOT of cool texas history associated with it, he doesn’t see a ton of people come visit because it’s out in the middle of nowhere.

But recently, there’s been truckloads of college kids, teens, families, and grandparents all coming by to catch Pokémon. Some just pass through, but many accept his offer of a Coke and a lawn chair to sit and talk for a while. Once pokémon have been successfully acquired, he starts to tell them the cool history of the area, and the visitors are fascinated.

People have sent him emails and called him later, asking for more details and doing their own research on the battles fought there and the people who died. There’s now a Facebook page about it? It’s a thing-catch pokémon but more importantly ask the caretaker about Texas blood feuds.

And like, you see so much negativity about how games distract and people are mindless drones because of them. But a video game brought dozens and dozens of people to my uncle’s plot and gave him an audience of interested listeners who are taking that knowledge back to their own communities and spreading the word to come visit.

Like, y'all. This is honestly the coolest thing.

Do u think Han’s okay in the netherworld like do u think Padme hugs him do u think he and Anakin talk about how much they love the twins do u think they geek out about spaceships together like its been thirty years I’m sure Han’s put the “froze you in carbonite and sold you to a drug lord” thing behind him??

I just hope Han’s havin’ a swell time up there with his in-laws u feel


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I decided to compile the information I got for the people that are still wondering what the fuck is going on. Our  translator is a native Japanese, so just listen and shut up. The name is not going to be revealed due to everyone on tumblr are assholes. 

1) Summary of the movie and the situation at the theaters.

You can catch up here, here and here.

(Click the word and you will be re-directioned to the information.) 

Naruto’s confession:


Hinata: If only I was there when Hanabi was …

Naruto: I absolutely will save Hanabi. Don’t worry.

Hinata: Thank you. You’re so kind Naruto-kun.

Naruto: No … really. I don’t say that because I love you or anything of that sort. I’m just worried about Hanabi, that’s all.

Hinata: What happened just there? What did you say?

Naruto: I’m worried about Hanabi …

Hinata: Before that …?

Naruto:  ….. Hinata… I love you. 


Team Taka never appears in the movie.



“This movie is sold 175% more than RTN in their first day. Which is understandable if you think of the huge Sasuke and Kakashi fanbase who bought the merchandise and tickets before the plot was shown AND the fans who went to see the movie because it’s the LAST movie which resolves the ending.”


^Above contains the information of how The Last only sold more than RTN in their respective FIRST day.


Translator words about the theards and words from a general view of what is happening in japanese websites about the movie, etc:

“The majority of hate comes from this false advertisement. Sasuke and Kakashi are always number one and two in popularity polls. The fans of Sasuke and Kakashi now understood that they were lead on to buy the pre-sale tickets because they have the biggest fanbase. Now they’re really really mad calling this fraud.”

“There was a refund in the movies before. The no refund policy started from this movie or they started after revealing the spoilers. Hence people call it a fraud.”

“I didn’t read much about Junko’s part. They say that she was a NS fan and she was forced in doing something she didn’t want to do or something like that. They were also saying something about her comment saying she doesn’t understand how guys can like that type of girl(=Hinata) or something. I didn’t read thoroughly so I’m not so sure.”


2) Japanese fans reactions.

As always, there is gonna be 2 sides, but from what I got, negatives reviews are overwhelming. Hinata’s anti-threads exploded, Naruto’s anti threads and anti movie’s were created too in 2ch. The comments are NOT only from NS fans, but from everyone.

These are “a few” of them:

1)      403 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/05(金) 21:58:34.15 ID:eRzVMOQo

Rather than caring for the sister who had her eyes taken out, she’d rather kiss a guy with the moon in the back.

404 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/05(金) 22:00:04.41 ID:zjdycutc

The NaruHina I thought was alright, now made me hate it.
I was wondering whether to see it but I decided not to.

384 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/05(金) 21:39:39.13 ID:j9sWjPAP

Who wants to see a love story movie between a scum who kept flirting with a woman he doesn’t love and a sh*t woman whose priority is Naruto-kun>>>scarf>>>>>>>>>>>little sister

370 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/05(金) 21:28:16.07 ID:zjdycutc

The man who was so persistent towards a woman he didn’t love for rivalry says one word.
“I hate people who lie to themselves!”

Reply comment:
375 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/05(金) 21:32:39.40 ID:zhByzqf+

“I hate people who lie to themselves!”
“But it’s okay if I’m doing it!”

336 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/05(金) 21:04:52.58 ID:gcZStMZk

*pastes Kishi’s interview*
Nice joke

338 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/05(金) 21:07:12.62 ID:3b8EdATE

I don’t know how to react towards Naruto becoming a scumbag

339 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/05(金) 21:07:59.26 ID:XhJ9ANMW
“People who read the last chapter could clear their doubts with this movie”


1)      630 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/06(土) 02:02:02.64 ID:F7BOzbZt

Everything for Hinata-sama

631 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/06(土) 02:02:39.12 ID:86avGooN

I hate how characters like Sakura are being stepped on for NarHina
They killed Neji for NH right
Was it so bad to let them get together normally

635 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/06(土) 02:10:22.30 ID:Da4yOu5w

Was the CPR necessary?
They could have let Hinata or Hiashi do it. Poor Sakura

637 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/06(土) 02:13:32.02 ID:QOcXQ2ZC

Neji could’ve lived and become a right hand man to Hanabi
It’s like they killed him for NH and Bolt

638 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/06(土) 02:15:04.85 ID:iEDzGZsM

We had a scene of the emotionless Sai worrying for Naruto at the fake confession
But if the mislead is true then that means he was made to believe Naruto’s fake love for Sakura,
Forced Sakura in a corner and said something he shouldn’t have
I didn’t know Naruto was the worst scumbag who would say that he hate people who lie to themselves and do the same thing using people

640 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/06(土) 02:20:37.85 ID:sL94po+U

I thought that Naruto was the most sympathetic character but now I start to feel that he’s the most terrible
Why did it come to this

942 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/06(土) 14:25:35.81 ID:PAFFbtgb

・*:.。.( ゚∀゚)( ゚∀゚).。.:*・゜
上映後    _, ._
(´゚д゚`)(;゚ д゚)


I can’t stop laughing at the change of expression of the middle school students sitting in front of me. “The one where they Naruto filed to a parallel universe with Sakura was so much more interesting”
I absolutely agree

871 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/06(土) 13:03:36.07 ID:6Ivq4PAh

The last movie is Hinata’s love story…..
I didn’t care about Hinata but now I hate her
It’s the last movie they could have done some other

6 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/06(土) 15:18:22.77 ID:Sl0zH5rv

Kishi are you for real?
Making a movie for bolt?
Who’s gonna watch it. You’ve become a complete retard

817 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/06(土) 12:34:59.68 ID:E2aLYrVw

The author himself destroyed Naruto’s one sided love
Naruto is also poor
The only one who got gain was Hinata

818 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/06(土) 12:35:22.87 ID:/1TOuJti
I thought the voice actors were victim but now I hate Mizuki

819 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/06(土) 12:35:27.63 ID:f2ibzN7w

RTN is the last movie for me

821 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/06(土) 12:36:26.64 ID:iHRspGpQ

Pre-sale fraud Title fraud secret fraud goods fraud the fraud about dedicating this movie to all Naruto fans The fraud that this winter you’ll be warm with Naruto the fraud of Kaguya’s ancestry

1)                             10 見ろ名無しがゴミのようだ2014/11/27(木) 00:51:52.61 ID:XZI7yGuY.net[½]

People say that the privileges fraud always existed but you don’t go “Yeah, I accept it!” by that 
They should have made all the privileges into NH but they say they can’t because the tickets won’t sell. But that means that they are making something that doesn’t sell into the main of the movie. 

9 見ろ名無しがゴミのようだ2014/11/27(木) 00:50:30.39 ID:nscdxXiE.net[½]

The pre-sales ticket fraud is too horrible. If this movie airs it’s going to become a bigger sh*tstorm
They know that Hinata doesn’t sell so they use other characters and do fraud
And those pairing tards are keep on attacking on comments against this fanfic movie
The retardedness of Hinata moe anime studio and NH tards are amazing
They respond many times, change their IDs, and their thinking is so crappy. 

13 見ろ名無しがゴミのようだ2014/11/27(木) 01:01:32.21 ID:RahE5U1w.net[1/5]

What it’s unacceptable that those are the only Sasuke scenes
Most of all they excluded him from the wedding
Was that all Sasuke was to Naruto? Even though he kept on saying Sasuke Sasuke in canon
Sigh, I’ll continue after I watch it 

14 見ろ名無しがゴミのようだ2014/11/27(木) 01:01:49.77 ID:uAxWieYX.net[3/11]

I don’t care whether this is a romance movie or whatever
But why is every other character that isn’t Naruto or Hinata gone to the side?
They kept on showing Sasuke and Kakashi in the pre-sales and this is what happens
Also the other rookies seem to be tools
Who is going to gain from watching this movie

16 見ろ名無しがゴミのようだ2014/11/27(木) 01:10:07.01 ID:QqW1CtpI.net[½]

I’m so relieved that I won’t get harassed by the retarded NH in this thread
They attack on any single comment that talks bad about the movie with more than 20 replies and it’s sick
It doesn’t make sense for the movie which not only doesn’t compliment the canon story but disregards it not to be bashed 

17 見ろ名無しがゴミのようだ2014/11/27(木) 01:12:17.50 ID:RahE5U1w.net[2/5]

I’m already used to this trailer fraud
But not showing anything between Naruto and Sasuke who returned in chapter 699
What was that about seeing a new relationship?

18 見ろ名無しがゴミのようだ2014/11/27(木) 01:13:32.36 ID:MB5kSHbS.net[1/3]

Probably by new relationship they mean strangers that don’t care about each other

20 見ろ名無しがゴミのようだ2014/11/27(木) 01:15:36.62 ID:Bs7mKi9X.net[1/3]

I want to see Sasuke and Kakashi’s fight scenes more than Hinata’s scarf
They could have made it Allstar
Please tell me that this isn’t the last Naruto movie
I liked this story that it makes me want to cry 
I want to see a ninja movie where team seven and the rookies are active instead of a romance movie
Naruto had Iruka
Everything is a mess

41 見ろ名無しがゴミのようだ2014/11/27(木) 07:48:43.46 ID:tq2FKdLE.net


If they made the privileges Kakashi and Sasuke
They knew that if they used these two characters the movie will sell and many people will be happy
They knew this and they made Sasuke appear only for two seconds and that Kakashi scene. 
I feel like they had ill intentions. 

Even in the poster and the main visual the rookies were drawn in the same size as Hinata
The people who are going to watch the movie because it’s the last would have expected more actions
They made only Hinata have some story that was not in canon and made her knit a scarf which was a waste of time
The other characters are just there like ornaments and they ignored the unresolved plot points of canon manga
This isn’t something you do in a movie you call the last 

82 見ろ名無しがゴミのようだ2014/11/27(木) 13:08:44.28 ID:w+e5iD3z.net

Remembering Toriko, Mizuki is a professional in destroying stories 

92 見ろ名無しがゴミのようだ2014/11/27(木) 14:03:58.01 ID:U3rzJwHh.net

I feel so bad for Sasuke and Kakashi fans
They made the use money with the pre-sales and the goods but in the movie they only appear for 90 seconds
The comment on the book cover was forcefully brought in to sell it
Hinata is the main so they should have made Hinata goods

105 見ろ名無しがゴミのようだ2014/11/27(木) 15:49:19.72 ID:InkD70aJ.net


What a pre-sales fraud lol
At the time of the pre-sale they hid that this was a romance movie forcing Hinata
Despicable anime studio lol

But a story that increases so many antis at the very last is very rare
This not a ninja manga or a battle manga but a romance obsessed movie for pig Hinata
How the anime staff have fallen 

107 見ろ名無しがゴミのようだ2014/11/27(木) 15:53:38.37 ID:6tkpoiHn.net

With such an ill intended way of sales, even though they fixed some parts due to the bad response from the people watching the screening, it would have ended badly
I feel bad for people who cannot get a refund
But they are allowed to watch the movie and give this movie one star and complain

117 見ろ名無しがゴミのようだ2014/11/27(木) 16:36:28.89 ID:BbBphfYG.net

Are these kind of pre-sale fraud common?
All the characters that had the goods and the posters and the movie related products are only there for a minute
Is this normal in other stories?

131 見ろ名無しがゴミのようだ2014/11/27(木) 17:47:11.97 ID:CYDMDxDa.net

NaruHina fans are really not reading the canon manga
Of course they won’t realize the difference of personalities and settings with the canon version so they are happy in their own thread
I don’t know what they want if they are only happy with their characters wedding and not reading canon

 Update of the Japanese comments in the anti-THE LAST thread. Apparently, it seems like the anime studio made a commercial where Sakura is being jealous of being robbed of her heroine status. The Naruto fandom are angry about this and this is their comments.

397 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/07(日) 00:44:18.11 ID:jGMzbziZ
何か新しいCM流れてた うろ覚えだがサクラに

A new commercial was going.
They made Sakura say, “Why am I not heroine”
How much does the anime staff hate Sakura….?

400 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/07(日) 00:45:33.48 ID:l2oO+G4X

They probably know about the chaos going on in the internet
It’s a mystery what they’re trying to advertise with that commercial

401 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/07(日) 00:45:37.84 ID:6fPNOfPK

I just saw that terrible commercial
How much does the anime staff want to make Sakura fall

402 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/07(日) 00:46:34.48 ID:EpL0lbam

They probably have a huge Sakura complex

404 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/07(日) 00:46:54.12 ID:ntAYnpZZ

I never liked or hated Sakura but now I feel sad for her hearing the creators words

405 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/07(日) 00:48:06.39 ID:fEYlYnWg

Because this movie proved there was nothing wrong with Sakura

409 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/07(日) 00:53:02.24 ID:6fPNOfPK

The commercial
Sakura: From when did Hinata become the heroine?
Naruto: Well-

412 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/07(日) 00:55:04.33 ID:EpL0lbam

But Hinata was never the heroine was she?
Even though she’s a princess in the movie

414 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/07(日) 00:55:33.99 ID:fJOBH/0G

They should just stop this….

415 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/07(日) 00:55:39.36 ID:PVxF5ieH

They are so obsessed with the heroine status
There is no way you can think of an unimportant character as a heroine

421 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/07(日) 00:59:23.15 ID:8N78wN2P

When bullying comes to this level I feel so bad for Sakura’s VA….

422 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/07(日) 00:59:56.39 ID:WTtRHxa4

How did Nakamura-San feel when she spoke this

423 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/07(日) 01:00:12.30 ID:EpL0lbam

I truly hate Hinata
Her character design is ugly too

424 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/07(日) 01:00:56.52 ID:AVqSMNly

This isn’t the level of cringing…it’s such a low blow
I don’t want this staff to work in other stories
Please write their favorite princess Hinata forever
And never speak and close your mouth and nose

426 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/07(日) 01:01:19.46 ID:PVxF5ieH

When I read chapter 700 I didn’t feel anything about NH. But with this movie I just hate them. Was there ever a story that made the fans a hate it so much after the ending?

430 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/07(日) 01:03:08.98 ID:MJ+wdhve

This commercial is true….how much of a scum are the staff?
It’s so disgusting I can just feel their Sakura hate
I hated them when they posted the Hinata is the true heroine comment
Now my hate has increased, what a sh*t

436 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/07(日) 01:05:16.91 ID:MJ+wdhve

It’s so disgusting that they made Sakura’s VA say it
Let their star Hinatan and Mizuki say it

438 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/07(日) 01:06:32.86 ID:scHiYvbm


There are a total of four commercials that put Sakura down and Hinata up

It’s so cringeworthy to see their persistence in trying to put Sakura down
I don’t think in the canon, Sakura ever looked down on Hinata

447 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/07(日) 01:10:19.25 ID:EpL0lbam

After trying to destroy her love life and using her assist to in NH, this is how they treat her
The must have been jealous because her character design is cute and she’s the first love heroine lol


Some links to 2ch: 






The LAST anti-thread 4

Anti-Hinata thread [THE HINATA] thread http://kanae.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/cchara/1417014094/


Ten hours ago, Naruto Uzumaki had already 86 anti threads created for him. Naruto’s new nickname is 最低のくず the worst scumbag. 

3) Kishimoto’s words and Junko Takeuchi’s words.




Movie Voucher
Inside me Naruto’s child era has finished and from when the adolescent era started I decided to make Naruto get with Hinata.

Hinata is the only one who saw Naruto trying hard from the beginning and cheered for him.
Naruto knows that no matter how things don’t go well you’re cool as long as you try hard and never give up.
Sakura also realizes that in the middle, but I felt sorry for Hinata who was there from the beginning if she isnt reciprocated (lol).


“But I didn’t really have any devotion about the love story of the two-Naruto and Hinata- (lol). I didn’t plan to write this story.”


“In the latest interview her answer (Junko’s) towards "How do you feel about the Hinata love story?” was quite direct:
There was never anything to show that this (NH) was going to happen so I was surprised.“

"Also, it seems to be that the Bolt movie will have a Nana Mizuki play Himawari. However, Junko will not star in this movie for some reason.”

“I remember her words to Kishimoto during RTN promotion. It was like

Junko: If you will make a Naruto son, can I give my voice to him too, sensei?!?

Kishimoto: Sure! ”

This is from an old interview with her:

“Interviewer: So, the chronicles of a grown up Naruto begin at last. Can we expect any major changes to his voice and your performance to reflect it?

Takeuchi: Well, both young Naruto and grown-up Naruto are the same character, but…I’m going to imagine that some amazing stuff happened in the two years not chronicled in the original manga, and approach the role as if it were brand new. As for whether or not there’ll be changes to the voice or not, I won’t know until I actually do it… well, maybe it won’t change (smiles). I’m intending for half of the elements in my performance to consist of what we’ve built up until this point, and for the rest to be a brand new character. I’m really excited about it.

Interviewer: Will his relationship to Sakura and Kakashi undergo changes as well?

Takeuchi: I don’t think there will be major changes. But, for instance, where before he would have surely tried a brute strength approach, he might not; where before he would have simply tried to plow forward, he might stop and think. That’s where we’ll see his growth. I feel Naruto grows stronger the more people there are whom he cares for and needs protect, and the Naruto we’ll see in Shippuden will have a better grasp as to how to protect them. I think he also has more power to work with now, too. But he’ll still be as reckless as ever (smiles). 

Also, I’m eager to see what happens, romantically with Sakura. I mean, little by little things have started looking up, right?

Interviewer: Well, that’s true.

Takeuchi: And that’s why I’m worried things will go terribly wrong! If things are going well right now it means it’ll be difficult* later on, so will you please stop getting worked up so easily, Sakura-chan!”

That’s probably why she was "surprised” at the ending.

4) Other things.

According to the greeting: 

NARUTO’s new movie is coming on next august.

Boruto is a lead character and Naruto, Sasuke, Sarada will appear in it.

Kishi’s now busy thinking the scenario.

He’s going to think how SS get married from now.

He also worried whether the scenario of the last movie connects well with that of original manga.

He forgot to make Boruto & Himawari have Byakugan.

He named Boruto (volt) to express that Neji (which means volt in Japanese) fixed Naruto up with Hinata.


Also, it seems that Chie Nakamura complained for the lack of SS in the movie, so Kishimoto will make something about it in the incoming movie about Bolt.


Ok, folks! That’s all I got for now.

Hope it helps.

My dad hates One Direction, but..

Tonight on Christmas Eve when all my younger siblings were in bed, I got my dad outside and plugged my phone into his speakers. I played their song Walking In The Wind, and before the song started he was getting all annoyed because he hates them so much. But as the song started, I told him to just shut up and listen to the song and the words they’re singing. So he did.

By the end of the song, he walked over to go and rest against the porch railing. I gave him a minute before walking over to see how he was.

I have never, seen my dad in the state that he was after listening to that song. He was leaning over the railing, crying so hard. He was just, crying and crying and when he finally calmed down he looked at me and said, “look at what you have done, you’ve made me an emotional wreck over a One Direction song.” With such a weak laugh trying not to cry again.

And he did the exact same when I played If I Could Fly.

Those two songs have made such a huge impact on my dad already tonight, and I have never seen him this emotional before. And he, himself can’t believe he started crying over One Direction.

One Direction may not be for all, but it sure as hell can make someone weak with the right words and sound.

What Emma deserves is a fandom that doesn't slut shame her for daring to kiss men she wants to kiss. Or a fandom who doesn't act like everything that goes wrong is HER fault. Or a fandom that doesn't treat her like going to fucking prison was HER OWN DAMN FAULT.

That’s what Emma Swan deserves.  Not this bunch of haters who says that no one “cares about Emma”.  Because I’m pretty sure the people I follow (almost exclusively CSers) are damn proud of her, want nothing but the best for her, and are happy to see her make the decisions that make her happy.

Zodiac Sign’s Communication Style

Aries: You’re an action person and like to communicate through deeds rather than words. Intellectual, vague and theoretic conversations can bore you. When you talk to others, you’ll be honest, open and sincere but sometimes just shutting up and listening is the better way to go. You have some things to learn about tact and diplomacy.

Taurus: Generally, you’re a quiet, easygoing person. You don’t like too much talk because there’s a tendency for you to be a little introverted and shy. You need time to think before you speak. When someone is talking “crap,” you can come up with a comment that puts them in their place (you can spot the phonies). This even surprises you in the process sometimes.

Gemini: You’re reasonably communicative but often find yourself tongue-tied and can enter several conversations or topics at the same time. Now if only you could come up with final conclusions. If your mind isn’t properly stimulated it can turn malicious. You can “sell” a person anything but know what you’re trying to gain by doing so.

Cancer: When you’re interested in a subject, your attention is undivided. Your mind wanders under other circumstances. You have a good memory giving you lots to say when discussing the past. Your way of speaking at times is very empathetic because you want to protect others. Listening to your gut is the best way to point out the liars.

Leo: You’re a lot of fun to be with because you’re spontaneous and sometimes dramatic in the way you speak, often using gestures and facial mannerisms. On the flip side, you need to learn to be a little more sensitive and listen more to the points that others are making. In doing so, you’ll be better liked and well thought of.

Virgo: You’ll be quiet, modest and somewhat shy around strangers, but this often changes after you’ve gotten to know someone. You have no problem melting into the background but you’ll often find yourself “center-stage.” When you talk it’s necessary for you to believe in what you’re saying. If you don’t, others won’t either. Keep your analytical mind in check as well otherwise, if overdone, it can cause major communication blocks.

Libra: You’re probably among the best communicators. Typically, in social situations you know how to be friendly, diplomatic, and tactful. You also have the verbal ability to get your message across clearly and logically. But on the other side, your problem is that you bend over backwards to the opinions of others and can be easily swayed. This is when your point loses its force.

Scorpio: You’re an intense, determined person and normal chitchat bores you, only tolerating it when you have to. When you have something to say, the energy you put into your words makes you pretty convincing. You can be a little serious and should learn to lighten up, develop more of a sense of humor. Not everything is an attack.

Sagittarius: You’re articulate, honest and sincere. You’re pretty comfortable and popular in social situations because you’re easy to talk to. However, your insights can be debatable as they tend to seemingly come from nowhere. It’s a good idea (now and then) to slow down your verbal responses, listen attentively and give someone else the floor.

Capricorn: Light, meaningless chatter can really annoy you, but just remember those chats can also lead to more meaningful ones. You tend to speak slowly and sometimes cautiously, choosing your words carefully. This can be a great asset, but it can make you appear aloof and cold. Although you attain popularity, it doesn’t always come easy.

Aquarius: You’re not a bad communicator. In fact, you’re better than most because you possess an idealistic, impersonal approach when talking (typically). You have the ability to be friendly and warm yet remain completely objective and detached when you want to be. Being an air sign, you can be a little too fixed or rigid in your points of view once your mind is made up which causes road blocks.

PiscesYour way of talking depends entirely on your mood. When you want, you can be the warmest, sympathetic and understanding person. At other times, you’re completely out of it with people. You can be very technical and keen on making a statement and you expect everyone to agree. Sadly, it doesn’t work like that.

i just wanna talk for a minute about marlin’s response when dory expresses her worry that her parents won’t want to see her again, bc it’s very important to me.

rewinding way back to the very start, one of the things that really breaks my heart about the beginning of finding nemo is that marlin was expecting a big family. like, there were hundreds of eggs and he’s such a dad he was looking forward to raising every single one of them, but then he loses them all (and coral) in one fell swoop. all except for one. and that’s part of why he’s so overprotective - it’s not just because of nemo’s disability, it’s also bc he’s terrified of losing that last bit of family he has left.

so when dory asks “what if my parents don’t want to see me?” he knows the answer. he knows it personally and painfully. your parents are going to be overjoyed to see you. they’re going to have missed everything about you.

now, this is going to seem off-topic but i promise you i’m going somewhere with this: the soundtrack for finding dory is completely different from the one for finding nemo. well, almost completely different. there are a few places where music from the first movie is “reprised” in the second, mostly when they’re directly related - when marlin met dory while chasing the boat, when they’re swimming through the reef on their way to school, when they ride with the turtles. the rest of the music makes it very clear that this is dory’s story now.

however, there is one more exception - the return of the “nemo egg” theme, during the scene that this post is about. and this is the reason that this scene makes me cry: as marlin reassures dory about herself and her parents, the music that played when he discovered his one remaining child accompanies him.

because he knows. he knows exactly how jenny and charlie felt when they lost dory, and he knows exactly how they’ll feel when they get her back.

u know when calum tries to do his bass solo and he puts his finger to his mouth like as if to say “everyone pls shut the fuck up” and everyone’s just screaming like calum said to shut up and we need to listen to our master so Sh uT UP

Communication Styles of the Zodiac Signs. (Must Read!!!)

♈  Aries: You’re an action person and like to communicate through deeds rather than words. Intellectual, vague and theoretic conversations can bore you. When you talk to others, you’ll be honest, open and sincere but sometimes just shutting up and listening is the better way to go. you have some things to learn about tact and diplomacy.

♉  Taurus: Generally, you’re a quiet, easygoing person. You don’t like too much talk because there’s a tendency for you to be a little introverted and

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W hat if holster fucks a lax bro bc they’re all gorgeous (they’re assholes but they’re g o r g e o u s. It’s the tanned skin.) And he keeps hooking up with this lax bro.. and ransom gets super godamn antsy over holster looking so chilled and satisfied all the time. But it’s because he’s a lax bro. And holster can do better. Not because he’s jealous. Nope. Not at all.