Hanna Marin in this episode though - Part 2;

Hanna: What do they keep down here? Or should we say who? I bet Mona’s been down here. Hmmph. 

Hanna: ffs Why are all of these damn doors locked?!

Hanna: Spencer why aren’t you helping me? this is heavy y’know! Why am I always the only one doing anything? *drops shit* Thankyou so much for the help Spencer.

Hanna: Unfreaking-believable. Radley has files on patients who’ve been dead since the stone age but nothing on someone from six stupid years ago. 

Spencer: I found it. C. Dilaurentis. 

Hanna: What does it say? Spencer talk to me is that bitch dead or not?

Spencer: He’s dead. Got no organs left.

Hanna: So what just because his organs were gone doesn’t mean squat

Spencer: Hanna you can’t live without your heart, liver and both kidneys.

Hanna: Well someone’s pretending to be him so who is it? Who the fuck is Charles?!

Hanna: Barfing. omfg is that a knee cap??!!!

Spencer: Don’t touch it. 

Hanna: hahahahaha. why thE FUCK WOULD I TOUCH IT SPENCER! wait Spencer where the fuck are you going, if you leave me here alone here I swear to god I will kill you.

Spencer: STFU Hanna. I’m gonna fish it out.

Hanna: Fish it out?! Bitch don’t do it. omfg. omfg. please!

Spencer: It’s just a doll. Gosh. Chill.

Hanna: What the fuck was that noise?

Spencer: Maybe something you woke up from hibernation with your screaming. 

Hanna: OKAY that noise was definitely not an animal I am leaving this creepy ass place right fucking now. 


Hanna: Mona?! What the fuck. Why were you following us? Wait what Lesli Stone was in Radley too. I knew that bitch was a lunatic! I told you the girls unstable, shouting at me like that. Lets face it -A is a chick and she has boobs and they’re Lesli stones. 

Emily: But what about Sara.

Hanna: Emily Please STFU about Sara. 

  • James Lowe is 24, and Lorde is 18.
  • Gregg Sulkin is 23, and Bella Thorne is 17.
  • Tyga is 25, and Kylie Jenner is 17.

Yet, everyone adores James and Lorde, thinks that Gregg and Bella are perfect for each other, nobody says anything negative about these two couples with a 5 year age gap or one being a minor, yet everyone says negative stuff about Kylie and Tyga. Accusing him of pedophilia - which is a very strong accusation btw, saying that he should go to jail for dating a minor and creating a big deal out of their relationship. It’s a bit sad and annoying how judgemental society is just because of someone’s past or background. Yes, Kylie is famous through Kim, yes Kim got famous through a sextape, yes Tyga has a child, but that has nothing to do with a persons relationship. 

Kylie and Tyga deserve a respecting relationship as much as Bella and Lorde, so why is there so much hate on them, what difference is she from any other girl that’s in love with a guy?

Here’s the thing to all you pros

Regardless of how Kishi tries to butter up gaiden and these characters, i still dislike them. That’s his issue.  He butters up Sakura and Hinata, who serve no use whatsoever, and we’re supposed to like them? He squeezes out sympathy for salad’s whiny, ungrateful attitude, for burrito’s jerkass, shitty attitude. They’re just unlikeable. Have no use. Simple as that.

He can’t write females. He can’t write logic.  He can’t write angst. He sure as hell can’t do romance if his life depended on it. Naruto has been failing since, after the pein arc. Everything got really messed up there. Instead of being smart and ending it on a good note, he dragged this mess on and fucked it all up. Naruto hasn’t been good since at least part 1.

Say what you wish, nothing’s gonna change our minds. Not this poor excuse for a manga. Not kishi’s pathetic attempts to draw in more readers. And not you pros coming at us with your defense bs. I’m sure there’s hell lot of more people who hate this shit then people who actually like it.

We hate it. Gaiden is shit. Gaiden is a disgrace. Gaiden is a shitty fanfiction. Sasuke and Naruto are dead. Kishi and whatever else he pulls out of his ass it trash.

But if you wanna support this garbage, be my guess.

Okay can I just say that the reason why a lot of us are angry at Ilkay is not because he’s leaving? It’s got nothing to do with him being dishonest or “pulling a G*tze.” It’s got to do with the fact that he has basically said that he can do better than BVB and wishes to do better, then failed to find any club that wanted him, so now that he’s out of options, he’s coming back with his tail between his legs. And some of us are not okay with that.

This club means the world to a lot of us and it hurts to see that someone would just throw away the loyalty and care that has been given to him. It’s fine that he doesn’t want to play for us anymore. Fine, his loss tbh. But to come back like this, after he hasn’t been picked up and nobody has accepted his high wage demands (that’s a damn fact, mind you) really upsets me. Whatever passion Ilkay had for BVB has long since faded and if he doesn’t want to play for us, he shouldn’t freaking play for us. We’ve got a ton of players stuck on the bench or off the squad who would kill for more chances to play for BVB while Ilkay dances in circles and halfasses his runs and plays with no passion.

As for not fitting with the “echte liebe” mold of the club, pardon me for wanting just a little bit of loyalty and passion (from players being paid millions) after 105 years of it.

anonymous asked:

why do you say we all hate mal just bc we like the darkling this honestly has nothing to do with it, only like 5% of the people who hate mal think like that i swear stop complaining we are bitter bitches bc we didn't got "the end we wanted" we were always sure the darkling would die we just weren't happy with the end bc alina deserved so much more, she lost all her character development to be with him we are more bitter about THAT it looked like she couldn't be more powerful than her bf

I didn’t generalize all the Mal haters to be salty Darkling fans. I was addressing that point to all the anons that have come to me thus far, they all seem to hate on Mal because of the ending, which had nothing to do with him. 

Now for your reason to hate him it makes no sense at all either. She did not lose all her character development and she certainly didn’t become less of a character just because she ended up with him. Alina lost her power, that alone was going to leave her broken. That had nothing to do with Mal. First of all, Alina never even liked being the “Saint”. She hated the way people worshipped her. Now imagine if she went back to the castle, if she went back to the life she was living. She would be worshipped even more and she doesn’t even have her power anymore. Do you think she wants to be paraded around as something false? She hated it when she had to pretend she had powers down in the White Cathedral so was she supposed to live the rest of her life pretending to be something she isn’t anymore? You think she would like having to stand in front of people and have David try and figure out how to put on a show to make it seem like she can create light? How is that in any way a good life?

Alina losing her power isn’t Mal’s fault. They didn’t know what was going to happen so you can’t blame a boy who sacrificed his life to have the world saved. As for Alina not having her power anymore, is it sad? YES. But was it necessary? I think so. I think the point of Alina losing her power was to prevent her from becoming the Darkling. She was already hungry for power so for her to have to live a life in which she would constantly have to struggle with her need for power, to live a long life with grief and loss and hunger, it would ultimately break her. 

As for her ending with Mal. This series has always been about their love whether you like it or not. She decided to die in the Fold, to bury the Saint. It could’ve been for all the reasons I’ve said but I honestly think Alina was just tired of everything. When Mal died she literally said that she didn’t care anymore. She didn’t care about the Grisha, about the long life, and the power because Mal was dead. Baghra told Alina she wouldn’t be able to come back from the sacrifice and it was true. The ending was to show that sometimes the best things in life are the simple things. The Darkling wasn’t able to see that but Alina did. She realized that as much as everything hurt and how she was empty all she wanted was to be with Mal. It was a beautiful ending, she married her love and went back to the orphanage where she made so many children feel at home. They both get frequent visits from Nikolai, Zoya, David, and Genya. Is there loss? Of course. But I think her living a life where she is able to tell her stories, love her husband, and for once relax, i think that’s what she needed. I think that’s the only way she would be happy.

anonymous asked:

someone claims that sakura is now the strongest Kunoichi is that true? or is it something the sasusaku sheep made up

People say Hinata was relevant , and we all know that’s a lie :D

Srsly, Sakura is weak. I’m sorry, but it’s the truth. She got stronger during Part 2, yes, but punching and healing isn’t all that great. It’s nothing new in Naruto. Naruto could easily do it. And she just copied off Tsunade,no original technique or nothing. Thats not the ‘’strongest kunoichi ever’’.

People seriously overrate her, you can punch and heal, big deal. It’s srsly not all that special. You have a character like Konan who has her own technique. 

SS fans like to come up with a lot of bullshit for their “CherryBlossomQueen”

Like how Sasuke actually loved her. Like how Sakura was gonna save Sasuke from the dark. BS like that is EVERYWHERE in the Sakura fandom, trust me, and it disgusts me so I stay the hell away from her fandom,both her and Hinatas.

anonymous asked:

What do you think about Spyro in smash with all the Skylanders games and old games on Nintendo plus the partnership in the new Skylanders with lending Nintendo characters?

That could be part of the deal that Nintendo did to get itself in the Skylanders games but Spyro is just not a wanted character. Plus the marketing of Skylanders has nothing to do with Spyro anymore after the first game. Spyro is pretty similar to Rayman with the Rabbids, one the game took off, the person who ushered them in got left behind.  Difference is between Rayman and Spyro, Rayman is still getting content beyond the other series.  For sure there is a move set but I don’t think Spyro himself is wanted or will sell super well if he is included.  Of course, you will also have people saying Nintendo already has a purple dragon that should get in first.

To whomever (I’m betting it’s just one person, since everyone got the same ask on their inbox) is saying Matthew doesn’t deserve being “worshiped” like he is and that we’re “treating him like a god”: You’re making people feel bad for liking an actor. Do you realise how stupid that is? 

We all know he isn’t a god, he isn’t perfect, he “didn’t do anything extraordinary”; but you can’t deny the qualities we’ve seen he has either.

You don’t have to be “matthew daddario trash” but don’t judge anyone who is, because we’re doing nothing wrong, and we don’t deserve being called “stupid” because of this.

I don’t understand why some people feel the need to get on a high horse and act like they’re better because they’re not doing what everyone else is doing. Just grow up.

anonymous asked:

you literally said it was okay to make fun of pearl for wanting to do chores you're saying it's okay to make fun of people with ocd what the fuck is your problem

where are you getting that from……………… literally where………… 

i never said its ok to make fun of people with ocd like do you even know how ocd works…… wanting to do chores has nothing to do with having OCD like im 100% sure youre a neurotypical person who just wants to rile me up

anonymous asked:

I am a straight woman, but even I and my boyfriend can see that the PearlRose is very real, I mean, you do not have to be straight  not to see it, you have to be BLIND

sorry i don’t ship it lol

keep on sailing though i got no beef with it

(also orientation has nothing to do with whether being able to see that a ship is real or not, just saying)

Things I Hate

When I’m depressed and I say “it’s just how i feel about myself” they immediately ask me “is it because u hate yourself? is it your weight? is it because you dont like the way you are?”

FUCKING NO. Don’t you fucking dare. It’s got nothing to do with that shit and why does it have to be? Why can’t people just understand that when I’m depressed about who I am as a person it has nothing to do with my weight? I’ve never once hated my own body, so fuck you if you have to bring shit like that up to me.

anonymous asked:

I've been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years and when we first got together we had sex alllllll the time now we don't at all.... I've tried talking to him about it, he says it has nothing to do with me he just doesn't want to but I do... Idk what to do. It's been like this for awhile now..

what that’s not normal he sounds like he’s cheating to me

Ugh, why is this so hard?!?

Ok, here’s the prob:

Remember when I was gonna do a BC with Kalora? Well I’m racking my brain trying to figure out something different to do with it. With so many unique BCs going on right now, I don’t wanna just do your basic, run-of-the-mill BC. I want mines to be special and the same amount of work put into as I do my contestants. I guess, you can say I’m very competitive. And I don’t like to follow the crowd. I want to do my own thing. I just want to so something that no one has ever thought off before. Something different, but it sucks when you lack such creativity now…

I’m trying to think of something, but I’ve got nothing…why is this so hard?!? I used to be good at things like this!!! What happened to me? Where did all my unique ideas go? *bangs head on desk repeatedly*

anonymous asked:

I love your blog!! I am absolutely in love with Leo!! Its so funny how everyone always says Kate and Leo should be together! and no, Titanic has nothing to do with it! its about their off screen relationship! I mean he even got her a ring for crying out loud! I don't think guys just randomly buy their female friends rings... I feel like there is something to that ring that we all don't know about...:)

 thank you very much xx yeah maybe you´re right ^^ maybe we will know it one day

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exo...,, :')

kyungsoo and chen are the only good singers in exo xiumin probs has potential but they never give him lines he just stands in the back looking small and buff bbh and pcy bring nothing to the table sehun cant do anything besides do some decent dancing but at least he’s trying to learn mandarin and make an effort. i dont give a shit about lay. where is tao

EDIT: i didnt forget abt kai i just dont got anything to say abt him. he dances

legallyblack95 asked:

Hi, I have been dating my boyfriend for over a year now, and I really think he's the one for me to spend the rest of my life with. The thing is, my mom is being extremely difficult. I'm and black and he is white and she just can't get over that. She has yet to meet him, and has nothing but bad things to say about him also. His family accepted me with open arms. My family doesn't mind his race, just my mom. My question is what should I do when it comes to my moms attitude towards my relationship?

If you haven’t talked to her about it, do that. See if you can figure out what’s the real problem she’s got. If her problem is that he’s white then there’s not much you can do with that, other than show her that he makes you happy. Why hasn’t he met her? Maybe he’ll impress her or something…
If she doesn’t come around just ask her to keep her opinion to herself. She should be happy that you’re happy and in love. 
Hope I helped, xoxo

followers if you’ve got any suggestions why not send some too  😊 😊

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Carter Reynolds

Honestly, I think everyone is stupid. Maggie said she would do it at the beginning of the video, but she didn’t. NOTHING FUCKING HAPPENED. Everyone needs to get out of their feelings because nothing actually happened. Him saying “Do it” didn’t actually make her do it, now did it? No. It’s really pissing me off to see how many people are hating him for something Maggie got herself into. It really has nothing to do with any of you people’s life so just stay out of it. It didn’t happen to you and everyone sounds stupid for actually making such a big deal out of it. If he wasn’t famous, no one would care but since he’s a part of Magcon, he’s a horrible person. Nash is more of a horrible person than he is. Nash doesn’t accept gays. Carter only wanted something from his girlfriend. They were dating at the time so it really shouldn’t matter. People have sex in relationships so please just fuck off. He’s not as bad as you people are making him seem.

rayarps asked:

“Hold my hand? I’m afraid I’m getting lost in your eyes.” | “I can’t believe you hooked up with my boyfriend/girlfriend.” | “Just because that’s mistletoe hanging above us doesn’t mean I’m going to kiss you.” | “I can’t believe you’d say that. Even in an argument, that was low of you.” | "This has nothing to do with you.” | “I want to wake up next to you, everyday for the rest of my life.”| "And… and I love you! It’s what I’ve been trying to tell you all along.”

“Hold my hand? I’m afraid I’m getting lost in your eyes.”

“That’s the best you’ve got? Okay, like, no. Absolutely not. That’s horrible. I’m not saying that to that guy.”

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