Alright so, basically nothing design-wise has changed.
But my external HDD (my precious “expansion drive) died on me a little less than a month ago. All my files, including the sai files for my ref, died :c
Aaaaand I had no full res of my ref, so I just… decided to remake it!
Hopefully won’t have to do it again for the foreseeable future.

OH ALSO, Laura got a middle name now! Isabelle! uvu
Now you know why I usually go by LauraIsLate x3

I also added a size ref to show what parts get fat and what doesn’t.
As in, tail stays small and face doesn’t gain much weight. BAM.

Though I must point out the size ref is just an edited version of this
(No shame in recycling! Think of the enviroment)

Line-art done by Smappa!

Things my environmental professor has said

-”they’re endangered as fuck”

-”anyone got any bat guano?”

-”you need to know the truth about coral, it’s actually some gunky shit”

-”dumbass politicians and their dumbass pipelines”

-”you know what money is? biodegradable. nothing lasts, man. nothing lasts.”

-”kids are like bags of sand, man, they’re useless and you gotta lug em around and all they do is complain.” 

-”my girlfriend says she loves kids and i just stay quiet because i like having a girlfriend.”

-”if you guys wanna check your pokemon go right now, go ahead, i hate this unit, it’s boring.”

-”shiiiit, i’m outta here as soon as class ends, no offense, but i got better things to do.”

-”coral is better than people.” 

Imagine bringing Woozi food after he’s been working hard all day in the production room.


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Healing Part I - Kitten and the Don

“They say time heals all wounds, but that presumes the source of the grief is finite” - Cassandra Clare 

This is a tribute for the ‘Kitten and the Don’ Untertale AU by the two wonderful @nyublackneko and @junkpilestuff, that revolve around Don G, an old-fart Gaster!sans and his right hand human Frisk, who is around 30 years old and just recently began working for this suspicious skeleton.
I’m sorry to disappoint everyone but this has nothing to do with the “First Choice” post but is a simple standalone fic, that started with my wonderful friend @candiedconstellations posing the question: “What if Frisk got ill?”. And from that point on the idea expanded to a TWO PART fanfic with fluff, action and ruthless mafia business as well as a slight touch on Frisk’s past.
Dedicated, of course, to @candiedconstellations my wonderful friend, my greatest help and motivation! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!
And also thanks to you dear reader! I hope you enjoy!

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kartoshinki  asked:

lmao if you ask me the entire fandom is so vicious abt what is confirmed by whom in general (coughcertainshiprivalriescough) what's a pity like. Kids. Let's just. Have fun. Freak out about this together. Maybe it's confirmed, maybe it isn't, who cares, canon isn't mandatory anyway, just chill and enjoy this excitement.

honestly yeah like??? sure there’s canon, but people are free to reinterpret it or creat au’s or say like “everythings the same but coran has no mustache” (the horror). like literal fancontent is just that. fancontent. it’s not official, so it may be made with a different setting/intent/detail/etc than what is canon. unless the person is like “yeah im shipping 25 year old shiro with 14 year old pidge” (in which case, go directly to jail do not pass go do not collect $200) then holy shit chill tf out we’ve got nothing solid about these people’s ages so far okay just chill. stop hating on ships. its one thing to have a notp and it’s another to contantly shit on a ship and it’s shippers just because you don’t like it like can you spell y-i-k-e-s??

I understand people wanted Bayley to get called up to the main roster during the draft. I did, too. But don’t hate on Carmella, Alexa Bliss, and Nia Jax. and say they don’t deserve it just because it didn’t go your way. You don’t make the rules or decisions. It’s not what you say or what you want. You go on and on about how you want change for the women’s division and things to get better, but you’re the first ones to turn at the drop of a dime just because it’s not your favorite who’s getting the spotlight and attention. Hell, you did it with Paige, Charlotte, and Sasha Banks. So it’s really not that much of a surprise you’re doing it to the new ladies who just got called up. You’re the reason why nothing has changed or gotten better. Because of your sense of entitlement and self-importance. If you have nothing positive to say about these ladies, then don’t say anything at all and just leave them alone. Your hating, whining, bitching, and complaining won’t change a damn thing. It’s not gonna get your favorite a push.

Confession: So I just got a call from the financial aid office at my school at 8:28 pm. Way past office ours. They normally lock their doors at 4:30. I have a huge balance and school starts in less than 5 weeks. I owe 4000+ and I don’t know where I’m gonna get the money from. My dad doesn’t know how to do this stuff nor does he educate himself either. He thinks everything can be fixed with a payment plan. But not when these people want their money. On top of me owing that much money. He’s never even filed his taxes this year. So how am I supposed to get financial aid for this upcoming year. When I try to tell him about things instead of him listening he shuts me down and says he got it. But don’t know nothing about nothing. He’s telling me to have faith. But he has the power to change it all, but he’s not doing anything. Like I’m just so sad at this point. I wish I could file independency and do my own FAFSA. Or get another relative to do it. But I don’t have no one else. Like I don’t know what to do at all. I’m trying not to cry about it but it’s so hard. I want to be in school and I want to finish. But it seems impossible at this point.

I got an email from the Van Gogh museum asking if I wanted to work there for the summer

I’ve sent an email back saying I would like to but I’m honestly terrified now even though it’s the easiest job in the world!!! FUN

lezbehonest-us  asked:

Hey! I love your tumblr! Just wondering how did you make your tumblr relationships work if lets say they lived in a different country? Did it require having to save tons for trips or was skype and messaging enough? sorry if this is too personal u dont have to answer

It’s not too personal, it’s fine!

Skype and messaging was enough at times, I think it just has to be enough a lot of the time, there’s nothing you can do about it. My ex, Danielle, and I got together in the summer of last year and didn’t actually meet in person for the first time for about 5 months, and during that time, you do just have to rely on Skype, or in our case it was an awful lot of FaceTime. 

When it comes to the money in regards to the trips, there are some ways that you can do it that help a little; first, the further you book in advance, the much cheaper the tickets are, so it’s always best to plan ahead. Also there are obviously times of the year when tickets cost more, during late spring and summer and during holiday seasons, it’s much more expensive than if you were travelling in February or October for example, so aim for those months if it’s possible. Something that can also work, depending on both your financial situations, is to instead of take turns buying the tickets and leaving it up to the person travelling to pay each time, have both of you go in for half on every trip. For example if your plane ticket cost $700, it’s quicker for 2 people to save $350 each than 1 person saving $700 each time, theoretically at least; it’s how I will insist things get paid if I’m ever in a LDR again. (Although that’s also due to the fact I can’t travel, so my partner would have to consistently come to England, and I’m obviously not going to have them pay for it every time and not pay just because I’m not travelling.) 

It’s also a case of prioritising your spending. You may see something you want to buy, but you have to really actively think, okay but I want to see my partner more, and not just spend your money on things you don’t need. 

When it comes down to it though, you get by on calls and messages and care packages because you have to, and it’s okay, it works, because you want to be in that relationship. 

Dirty Little Secret

*This was an idea I had while listening to ‘Scotty Doesn’t Know” by Lustra. This is a basic drabble, it is my first and my first attempt at minimal smut. Let me know if you would want to make this a short drabble series. I’m much better with more words. Enjoy, and feedback is always welcomed!

*Italics is past tense

Bucky didn’t know how he got into this arrangement. 

It had been another night in with her doing their favorite thing, watching movies and eating anything junky they could get their hands on. 

“I don’t know Bucky, it’s just…”

“This is getting ridiculous doll, why don’t you just tell him?”

“Because there’s no reason for me to say it! What am I going to do just let him know I’m not interested in dating him anymore?”

“He has been nothing but good to me, he started talking to me about kids and a house and I just…I don’t need that right now. I’m in the Avengers for crying out loud, that’s not a title that is easy to give up!”

He wanted to tell her to keep trying. To keep trying to make their relationship work. But he couldn’t. Because that is exactly what Bucky had hoped for. The feelings he had been harboring for (Y/N) were starting to drive him crazy. But every time he saw them together, he saw how in love with you he had been. 

The way he opened doors for her,

The way he waited for her to go inside before he drove off, 

When he looked at her like she was the only good thing in his life.

He knew it wouldn’t be right to do this. He knew it was just her feelings of desperation acting. But he couldn’t bring himself to stop.

After she had made her confession, the night had gotten hot and heavy.

Clothes were on the floor, sheets were tangled with limbs, and hair was disheveled.

Memories of her long time boyfriend long forgotten in the arms of the Winter Soldier.

And the more she tried to stop, the more attraction she felt. She would get lost in the deep blue eyes of James Barnes, and ended up right back into bed again, the feeling of danger and guilt somehow making it that much more exciting.

Bucky felt bad for the guy no doubt about it. He had conversations with him, helped him with date ideas and such, but when she was under him, moaning his name up into the ceiling, he couldn’t give a fuck less. 

Bucky knew it would come out sooner or later. Things like this don’t stay secret forever.

But if it was for (Y/N), he would gladly go through hell and back for it. Her boyfriend was a good guy no don’t about it, but know what they say,

Good guys finish last.

@bovaria has turned me into complete Bucky trash so this was inspired by her writing. Hope you don’t mind the tag :) 


Request: Can I get an imagine where John Diggle breaks up with y/n because his “lifestyle” is too dangerous? 

“I don’t understand!” you wept, your body a mix with so many emotions you could barely keep yourself together.

“It’s over, Y/N” John sighed in reply, obviously torn by the words that were falling from his lips. “I can’t keep doing this, it just isn’t right.”

“What on earth about us ‘isn’t right’?” you questioned, desperate for answers only he could give. “Everything seemed fine, until tonight. Has this got something to do with those men who attacked me? Are you saying that we can’t move forward from this?”

A heavy sigh fell from John’s lips as he caringly placed his hands upon your crossed arms, wanting nothing more than to comfort you, rather than bring you more pain. But he was determined. He had to do this. “Yes” he nodded simply.

“Wow” you uttered, stepping back in shock and disgust. “You know, I always thought you were a lot of things, John Diggle, but never a coward. I thought you were a fighter!”

“That’s not- I didn’t mean-” John stuttered, searching, and failing, for the right words. “I just want to keep you safe” he muttered, more to himself than anything, but in your desire for the truth, you heard him anyway. Confusion furrowed your brow as your defences started to crack.

“Those men,” you began, unsure that your idea had any merit, “did they attack me because of you? Because we’re together?”

“It doesn’t matter” John grunted in reply, a fierce determination settling on his face as he fought desperately to maintain his strength. “What matters is it will never happen again. I won’t risk you.”

“Who said that was your choice?”

“This time it is, I’m sorry, Y/N. It’s over.”

The fact is that in tv, I don’t mind women being sexified at all IF men are also sexified. I was fine with T'Pol’s catsuits in Enterprise because Trip was in his underwear every other episode. There’s nothing that even needs to be said about Spartacus, which has nearly as much dick and man-ass as boobs.

But I do get annoyed at women being made sexy on shows where the men are not made sexy. I feel like tv has come a long way in this department (hello shirtless training scenes on Arrow) but it’s still hardly equitable. And like, I’m not saying the men aren’t sexified on Marco Polo because they totally are, I’ve seen Marco shirtless several times in just the first few episodes and we got a sex scene with Jingim in like episode 1, but I have also seen about fifty fully naked women having sex with each other in the same time span. (To be clear, I’m not complaining about it, that scene where Mei Lin is getting another lady off with a silk cloth was super hot. My point is I wouldn’t mind an explicit scene of fifty naked guys getting it on to make it even.)

anonymous asked:

Why are so many Non-shipper and Richonne shipper attacking Carylers over that stupid twitter international kissing day. If you go on the Walking Dead AMC twitter page they did post a picture of Richonne so why are they bitch about it? what makes me made also they kept saying only white people ship Caryl I am Hispanic woman I am not white what's race got to do with Caryl anyways?

I Dont have a fucking clue, dear Anon

but lately SOME Richonne shippers are acting like B*thylers and is creepy 

My theorie is that they kinda hate Carol for some reason and they are bitching about anything 

I think shipping HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE and is stupid to think that only white people ship caryl u.u


The problem is that this person, who is just the horrible replica of Chandra the demon, is doing a mess just like chandy 


Age, Color etc is not the main factor in Richonne or Caryl 

but anyways … drama drama drama 

       the previous night was very different from anything hikaru would usually do. that’s not usually something the guru would go for. but a girl has needs. it would, however, be even more out of context for her, to just let it go like it’s nothing. so she decided to make the man breakfast. let’s say it’s her way of saying ’ thank you ’. she got out of bed and put a long white tee on before going to the kitchen to make them both breakfast. coming back to the room, the man wasn’t asleep anymore, but he was still sitting on her bed. maybe he just woke up. ❝ good morning. ❞ she told her before she put the tray with their breakfast on the bed. ❝ i made you BREAKFAST. not sure what you like so there’s options. ❞ and with options she means pancakes, toast and cereal.



1) If you got to permanently erase one hairstyle Jessica has used, which hairstyle (and from what era) would it be and why?

It’s just.. The bangs. Why are they there if they aren’t full? I love Jessica’s forehead but if the stylists give her bangs they have to do better than that. There’s also nothing wrong with maturing but this style makes her look older than her real age.

2) Fly or Love me the Same?

3) Post a picture of the ugliest outfit/concept that still haunts you.

I say no more.

4) What is Jessica’s most memorable moment in her career?

For me I think her most memorable moment was when she attended Seoul Fashion Week AND owned that runway! I mean look at her–


5) Jessica says she’s working on new music these days. What kind of music or you looking forward to? What concept are you anticipating?

Ever since that dominatrix scene from the new movie she’s in, I’m looking forward to a badass concept. One that involves lot of leather and a mature and empowering meaning.

6) What is the best product from BLANC & ECLARE to you?

I never bought anything from there but ONE DAY I will. I’m really in love with the new denim line. ‘Chesterman’ is my favorite one, I heard from a source on Twitter it looks even better in person. Can’t wait to buy it!

7) If you could change one thing people say awful about Jessica, what would it be?

People say Jessica is greedy and all she wants is money. Which I don’t think is true. She has lifetime worth of money but that’s not everything. I think Jessica wants to express herself and achieve more things in her life. She’s so young and she has the chance to gain a lot of knowledge. So why not?

8) What are your honest feelings on Jessica’s standpoint now? How do you feel about the achievements she has made so far?

I feel proud! ^-^ She has worked very hard to get to part of life. She has more freedom now and is able to think more for herself and grow as an individual.  She’s not tied down by some slave contract.

9) Who is someone you’d like Jessica to collab with?

KRYSTAL JAY PARK IU AND THE LIST GOES ON but mainly krystal because you know jungsis and I want to hear them together. :)

10) What’s your favorite airport style Jessica has rocked?


11) How would you explain Jessica to someone who doesn’t listen to K-Pop?

“Jessica Jung is a soloist, businesswoman who was removed from a very popular girl group. Since then she’s been ridiculed and judged as a liar, and greedy person when all she’s done is work hard to achieve her dreams. As a person people can learn a lot from her because we all know how it feel to be pushed aside and left on your own. But in the end if we know what we want and do the right thing we can achieve more than we ever imagined when we weren’t alone.” 


Originally posted by shawnasgonnagif

This is pretty much our reaction (mine and Minato’s that is). The fact that we reached this number is honestly incredible and something I never would have imagined. I would have made a post about reaching 300 but by the time I noticed I kind of got more than that and just decided to wait until we reached this number. 

I already did a follow forever thing so I’m not entirely sure what to do for this milestone, especially given I have the talent and skills of a baked potato. 

I’ve met a lot of great people on this site and the community has been nothing but kind to me, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. So I wish to thank you all. 

Whether we thread all the time, speak ooc, don’t interact much beyond liking and reblogging one another’s posts or anything in between all of that I just want to say…thank you. 

Thank you for seeing something that got you to hit the follow button.

Thank you for sticking around. 


Thanks for everything. :) 

anonymous asked:

You literally find anything and everything to be mad at cam for lmao there was nothing wrong with that last picture??

Please do tell me when was the last time I’ve been mad at him?

“My cast chair always looks like this.” Just the fact that it’s pretty sure the only time his chair has looked like that and considering the recent events from, let’s just say, the past year, I think it’s really stupid to even post pictures of guns. I got mad at Jeff Pierre for posting guns on his Instagram as well, so this is not just a Cam thing.

It’s just how I feel towards guns and violence in general on TV nowadays, and the fact that actors post pictures of their guns is just so??? not cool TO ME. This is my blog and I am going to continue expressing my feelings.

anonymous asked:

So you don't feel sorry that an innocent person got caught up in Ran fan bullshit? A person who has nothing to do with Miranda at all? It was embarrassing for all Miranda fans and you still defending it is part of the problem. No matter how great Vice is the truth got exposed. Take a note from Miranda, admit you're wrong and try and fix yourself. Making excuses makes the whole Fandom look bad.

I’m not making excuses for shit. Didn’t I just say that every fandom has their dumbasses, including Ran fans! You’re a Gwen fan I’m guessing, so let me break this down so you can understand. THERE WAS NEVER NO FUCKING PROBLEM WITH GWEN, STILL ISNT, YOUR FUCKING FANDOM BECAME ATTACHED TO A NAME THEY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THEREFORE THEY BLASTED OTHERS THEY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT! Nobody dragged Gwen into shit. Her fans pushed her and compared her against Ran since she’s Blake new girl. Ain’t nobody about to sit around watch nobody get bashed, especially their idol. Yall started to mention and talk about shit yall had no knowledge on. She wasn’t dragged into shit, yall placed her there and thought everything was sweet. Shut yall MF mouth! Ran fans too! Shut up! BSers too! Shut up! Yall don’t like each other, good! Okay! Great! Stay away each other. Don’t say shit to each other. It’s not that hard.

P.S thank you for saying that Ran owned up to her shit. At least that’s one thing you got right.

The only thing I am gonna say about the whole thing that is going on with Eliza is this (basically, what I was saying to my dear Brazilian friend just seconds ago):  I have a suspicion that things got a bit blown out of proportion and no one really knows what happened (yet). Keep being proud to be Brazilian, you guys are fine the way you are :-) There are idiots everywhere and that has nothing to do with nationality or race. However, giving someone space if it is needed is the decent thing to do in any situation that requires it. And everyone should keep that in mind for whatever future encounter with anyone they might have.