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For all of everyone's denials of Hardy and Miller becoming a thing, Chibnall put in a "one bed left at the inn" trope. That's pretty ham handed, Chris! No matter what happens in season 3, we'll always having awkward bed sharing.

“Hardy and Miller are platonic,” explains Chris Chibnall as blatant UST and fanfiction tropes spill from his back pocket. “NOTHING TO SEE HERE” he says as he kicks their perfectly crafted parallels, aligning wishes to engage in a meaningful romantic relationship, and their absolute trust in each other despite their trauma, under the rug. “IT’S COMPLETELY PROFESSIONAL” he yells as he literally puts them in the same bed and places Hardy on the side of the bed Ellie’s husband used to sleep in. “IT WOULD BE COMPLETELY LUDICROUS” he screams from the rooftops as he constructs them as two halves of the same whole, then crafts an entire 2-minute scene explaining how you know love is true when “you’re only really whole when you’re with each other.” 

I hate when people are like “the world’s a cruel place, just get used to it.” That’s a terrible mentality! Never accept cruelty and brutality and unhappiness as the norm. The world is a cruel place, so get out there and make it a little less so.

What a perfect day to remember that 'No Sanctuary' is the highest-rated TWD ep in existence:)

And why is that, you might ask? Well, the ep had:

  • Epic amounts of Carol 
  • Team Family working together, having each other’s backs, and fighting as a totally cohesive unit 
  • Like did I mention Carol? 
  • Multiple scenes with hugely satisfying emotional resonance – Tyreese fighting Martin, Carol figuring out what she’s stumbled into at Terminus, TF never giving up even when the odds looked way stacked against them, the Tyreese/Sasha reunion, the Rick/Carl/Judith reunion (watched by misty-eyed Carol and Michonne) 
  • Also did I say there was a lot of Carol? Because there was. A lot of Carol.