Hey, people who ship Rocket romantically…

Raccoons have very sensitive hands. A large part of their brain is built to process their sense of touch and most of that is through their hands. Their hands get more sensitive when they’re wet, which is why they sometimes dip things in water. 

They have tactile differentiation capabilities, which means they can feel if something is food without having to look at it. They can sniff the thing, touch the thing and eat the thing.

Soooo where am I going with this? 

Rocket’s hands are probably one hell of an erogenous zone.

So, Steve Rogers is canonically very adaptable, has an incredibly good memory, and appears to speak multiple languages. 

Given his study of the modern era is probably largely self-directed, I would think that once he mastered the basics of how to interact with a computer, hacking would come very naturally to him. 

It sometimes upsets me when I see white women picking up a trend of overgrown hair, or hairy legs , arms and arm pits as a way to crush gender norms and they are praised for it.

Where as for years before, certain groups of woc have always grown more hair than white woman. Certain groups of woc have always had hairier arms, faces, eyebrows, legs, etc..etc…and they never got praise for it. in fact they were made fun of by white men and women alike.

But when it comes to white feminist, it’s revolutionary and groundbreaking and I just…woc have been rocking hairy bodies for a long time and that seriously goes unnoticed. Suddenly because white girls do it it’s “normalized”. 

People forget that “within the habitable zone” means habitable for us and ‘life as we know it.’

Being that we are completely unfamiliar with life and science outside of what we’ve encountered, it is entirely possible for 'life as we don’t yet know it’ to exist outside of what we personally consider a habitable zone.

Just reminding y’all that:

• NaLu didn’t sink.

• FT, according to Mashima, hasn’t ended.
The main story has ended but an epilogue can still happen later on (via special chapter or novel)

• NaLu was given many moments in the final arc and chapter, thus even if it’s not explicitly canon it’s still more credible and “canon” than it’s rival pairings.

• We still don’t have any translations, so I wouldn’t recommend judging/getting upset about some scenes so soon.