Rey, constructing her double-bladed lightsaber with the traditional yellow crystal of the Jedi Sentinel.

“While they possessed considerable combat skills and had somewhat extensive knowledge of the Force, Sentinels blended both schools of teaching and amplified them with a series of non-Force skills, such as in the fields of security, computers, stealth techniques, demolitions, repair or medicine.” - x

Pose is based on this.

Image above originally from http://www.mtgsalvation.com/forums/magic-fundamentals/magic-general/624121-mtg-guilds-shards-and-wedges-in-a-circle

Earlier tonight @akroan-acolyte completed a long-held dream of mine to create watermark icons for the different shards of Alara. (If you haven’t seen them yet, you should totally check them out.)

My new dream is that someday someone will make a chart like the one above, but using all of the watermarks from Ravnica, Tarkir, and the ones @akroan-acolyte made for Alara.

That’d be so SWEET!!

We all know Riddler’s a nerd and so do the rogues but do you think they ever treat him like one?

  • Like Joker threatening to give Eddie an atomic wedgie during group therapy
  • Ed makes some comment about Killer Croc living in the toilet and next day Croc’s giving Ed a swirly.
  • Bane putting Ed in headlocks, giving him noogies.
  • The Sirens tag team it. Ivy distracts Eddie while Selina ties his shoelaces together and Harley taunts Ed into chasing her. Harley squeals out a quick sorry just as Ed’s falling flat on his face
  • Warren White pantsing Ed just for the heck of it and Blask Mask slapping a ‘kick me’ sign on Ed’s back.

in every scene they talked about Merlins speaking only to his chosen one the writers made sure Hook holds onto the mushroom.

and they had Hook hand the mushroom to Henry to put in the cauldron.

then when Merlin’s voicemail to his chosen one pops up…

it’s facing Hook.

(merlin has more than one chosen one. they mentioned the apprentice. and we know henry was chosen to be the author. but neither of them is the chosen one when it comes to excalibur.  but someone in that room is…)

someone has probably already talked about this but one thing i really appreciated from too far was that peridot didn’t bring up amethyst’s weight when she was talking about how “defective” she was
she wasn’t like “yeah kindergarten gems are supposed to have strong muscular build but you’re fat”
and while it’s wrong that she used amethyst’s height as a defect, i think it’s great she didn’t see her weight as a weakness
being fat is not a defect, being fat doesn’t make you weak, and it’s really important that kids grow up knowing this

So I saw “The Martian” last night (Oh Lord, So Good) and, as it ended, all I could think about was a Destiel AU where Dean gets stranded on Mars and has to survive and make contact with NASA. Meanwhile, Castiel is the guilt-ridden commander who thought he lost his crew member/best friend/ something more? and it’s tearing him apart. When he finds out that Dean is still live, thought, he becomes intent on rescuing him and bringing him home.

My favorite thing is when people make some stupid broad general statement like “college should be free.” But don’t in any way think about what they’re saying beyond that statement. College should be free? Who’s going to pay for the infrastructure, who’s going to pay the professors? You’re not really saying that college should be free. You’re saying that you don’t want to pay for it and that you want others to pay for it instead. Like that’s what frustrates me so much about people my age, is that they just jump on the bandwagon with ideas like this but they don’t actually want to change things, they just don’t want to be responsible for them. Like you think the system surrounding higher education is wrong? How about instead of forcing people to pay for your shit, you start challenging the real issues? Challenge the way in which our society has made college the only reasonable option for people wanting a career. Innovate. Come up with new ideas. Create new learning institutions that aren’t elitist. Be entrepreneurial. Work outside of the system if you no longer want to be a part of it anymore instead of just magically thinking that the state will make it change. This goes for everything; education, healthcare, food production, housing. Stop magically thinking that things will change if you vote for a fucking different politician this year. Start actually thinking about the meaning behind your words. Start actively working for change instead of just bitching about injustice and complacency when you’re the most complacent of all.