Looking through the Until Dawn tag and holy crap it’s just a wall of hate for characters who make terrible, awful decisions.

Guys, I don’t know if this is your introduction to the horror genre or not, but that’s kinda the point. When put in a terrifying situation, people will do whatever they have to in order to survive. It turns them into fucking animals. It brings out the worst in people.

Like, if you just don’t like their characters, fine, but if you were in a situation where death was imminent and it was either you or your friend, I’d wanna see how many of you would choose your friend over yourself. Bet it wouldn’t be a lot of you.

I hate when people are like “the world’s a cruel place, just get used to it.” That’s a terrible mentality! Never accept cruelty and brutality and unhappiness as the norm. The world is a cruel place, so get out there and make it a little less so.

How Gillovny Handles Press

Press:  Why you kissing on stage & singing sad sappy love song duets and dancing to 70s funk all sexy like at each other? Totally banging?! Just friend attraction?

GA: David just looks good in a speedo. Have you seen David in a speedo? Totally would masturbate in it if I was him. I love his doodle. He’s stacked. Also, if the world ends, we’re having sex on a table and he doesn’t get to say no. Because it’s a nice idea.

DD: THATS NOT REALITY. Just kissing on stage, aggressive neck grabbing, and giving heart eyes while singing to each other is…terrific and FRIENDS!.. Actually, I’ll have to get back to you on that. I’ve been wrong before.