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clearly, Poe is still my favourite, but look at all these other precious beans i cherish too! except.. jack and rhys.. they assholes.. drew this during the stream! boy has it beeen waaaaaaaaay too long since i’ve streamed.. e___e;;; thank you to all who came to the stream! qwq/

@connortemple suggested volleyball BB8 and Poe.. then i drew the whole squad.. and it went from there! ´w`;; i’ve never drawn so many toes in … ever. @__@;; i plan to colour them at some point.. i guess? The Jack and Rhys just.. came out of nowhere and I’ve been dying to draw Guzma so what better way to draw him than in the most boring possible pose ever! -fist pump-

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Ok can you imagine.

Ichigo and Inoue having a fight. But not a fight fight more like Ichigo isn’t paying attention that Inoue is bothered with something. And Inoue, being how she is around Kurosaki-kun, doesn’t want to tell him cause she doesn’t want to bother him. So she bottles her feelings up and goes about her days.

But then one day it was just too much and instead of going home after picking up Kazui after school she calls Ishida and asks if they can come over.

Ishida, despite his busy day, cancels or moves all his appointments just so he can have Inoue come over.

One look at Inoue and he knows that something is wrong, but he doesn’t press on.

So they try to make dinner and a catchy song comes up on the radio. Kazui starts dancing then Inoue and then Ishida after a little prompting from them both.

And they were just dancing and laughing and Inoue has never felt to happy and light in a long while.

The song ends and Ishida suggests to call for takeout instead and starts to walk to the other room for the phone. Inoue turns around and sees Kazui follow him with a bright smile on his face. She stares at them and realizes how good of a father Ishida could’ve been and her heart breaks for a little bit.

She blinks away the tears that were threatening to form from her eyes, puts a smile on her face and follows Ishida and Kazui into the other room.


a sunny group holiday with sprolden and narlie (from solitaire) (aka doodles from my holiday this week in menorca <3)

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A/N: I don’t watch the Olympics, but I DID THE THING. Also I googled stuff so hopefully it’s not horribly inaccurate.

There was something special about watching the Olympics, but something even more special about watching someone you love compete.

Anna was watching Elsa fence, which was truly an art form. The sabre was an extension of her body and she danced across the piste, every move flowing but precise. The fact that each opponent was talented as well made it even more exciting every time Elsa twisted into a dodge or a block. Anna was proud to say her Elsa was incredible, her lithe body full of speed, so much that only one opponent, the French Belle had scored against her yet. That was ridiculously impressive considering winning a bout required 15 hits, or just the highest number of hits in a three minute period. That bout with Belle was the only one requiring the full three minutes, because Elsa was kind of vicious as well as fast. Anna would never regularly use that term to refer to her girlfriend, but with the sabre in her hand it was entirely different. She rarely moved first, favoring waiting carefully for her opponent and as soon as she saw the shifting of muscles declaring a committed attack Elsa was in motion, but when she did move it was like a lightning strike, no hesitation. In that mode Elsa was intense, so focused.

It was astounding sometimes, to Anna, that Elsa had chosen her. Anna was never so graceful or precise, sometimes even clumsy. They had met at the last summer Olympics, Anna played Rugby and Elsa was fencing then too. Anna would be forever grateful she was so curious, since it was only her insistence to attend every event she could which resulted in their meeting. Anna got lost in the memory…

*Anna was excited to watch the other events in person, she’d always watched everything at home when it was shown on the TV and it wouldn’t be any different now that she was finally here.

The next event was men’s fencing, and Anna grabbed a seat kind of off to the side but with a clear view of the piste, where the contestants would do the actual fencing. It really didn’t hurt that there was a gorgeous blonde sitting over there as well, next to two open seats.

“Um, c-can I sit there?” Anna motioned to one of the seats as she cursed her nerves.

“Y-eah. Go ahead. I’m just watching my brother,” the beauty’s breath hitched when she looked over at Anna and she immediately snapped her head back to the front.

Anna sat down gently, “My name’s Anna by the way…” she trailed off giving the girl an opportunity to respond, but then her rambling took over the silence, “That’s gotta be so cool that your brother is an Olympic athlete! I bet you’re so proud. Who is he? I’m sorry I don’t exactly follow all the people, even if I do love watching the sports.” That got her a glance and a smile.

“I’m Elsa,” her voice was much warmer now and more relaxed, “He’s not exactly my flesh-and-blood brother, but I’ve known him my whole life and this has always been our dream. His name is Kristoff Bjorgman.”

That registered with something in Anna’s mind, a Norwegian fencing duo, highly praised. “Elsa…” Anna didn’t even realize the dreamy way she drew out the syllables or the brightening of the other’s cheeks. “Yeah, the Olympics has always been a dream of mine too. And I’m finally here! It’s so exciting,” Anna smiled broadly and bounced a little in her seat.

Elsa smothered a soft giggle behind her left hand, “It is, isn’t it?”*

The event had started soon after that and they’d watched in amicable silence, it wasn’t until the end that Elsa had asked hesitantly if Anna wanted to come watch her match as well. Anna’d readily agreed and watching her then was when Anna realized she was crushing, hard. She’d invited Elsa to watch her in turn. They kept in contact after that Olympics, grateful on both sides that Ireland and Norway were not as far away as they could be.

After a few months of skype and emails, Anna gathered the courage to ask if Elsa wanted to visit her in Ireland. They spent a month in the rolling green of Ireland and Anna talked Elsa into trying out football (she refused to try rugby, despite Anna’s best attempts) and she taught her all sorts of new ways to eat potatoes. Barely a week went by once Elsa was home before she was offering Anna the opportunity to explore Norway the same way. It was on the slopes of Skuggefjell that Elsa asked Anna to be her girlfriend, which resulted in a very concerned Elsa and a very flabbergasted Anna who couldn’t believe she wasted the opportunity to ask Elsa on the Cliffs of Dover and facepalmed herself into a broken nose. In the hospital Anna said a very nasally ‘YES’ to a very relieved Elsa. Kristoff couldn’t keep a straight face through his big-brother duty of threatening Anna with bodily harm if she hurt his beloved sister.

They’d been dating ever since, spending a part of each year in either of their homes and alternating holidays with their families. So this Olympics was very special to both of them, a kind of anniversary of the day they met. That was why Anna had a ring hidden in her pocket, which she kept twisting around. She still wasn’t sure exactly when to ask Elsa, but was sure she would know when the time was right. If anything Anna assumed she’d ask when Elsa won the gold. She herself had kind of been expecting Elsa to ask her after her Rugby team had won a gold of their own, but she didn’t which probably meant Anna was good for assuming she’d ask this time. It was something they’d joked about ever since Anna’s nose had recovered, that if Anna wanted to ask her so bad she could be the one to ask Elsa to marry her.

Anna was dragged back to the present when the green light flashed again, Elsa had scored the winning point! Of her last match… Anna felt a nervous twitch in her fingers and impulsively reached into her pocket and grabbed the ring securely as reassurance. The broad smile on Elsa’s face as she removed her mask made Anna’s heart soar though, and she moved forward to congratulate her after the official stuff was done. Kristoff was up there as well, he’d sat with his team but he nudged Anna’s shoulder as Elsa accepted the gold, also beaming widely.

When Elsa made it over she was greeted by a bear hug from Kristoff, complete with spin, and a very warm one from Anna, as well as a congratulatory kiss. Elsa laughed when the kiss was only a short peck and grabbed Anna’s face to pull her back for a real kiss. Anna broke it after awhile, but didn’t move away, just rested her forehead on Elsa’s, her eyes overflowing with love.

Right now. Something in her said, and she listened. Anna dropped to one knee, bringing the ring out in a fluid motion. “Elsa,” Anna’s voice wavered and she took a steadying breath, “Elsa, I love you. I can’t imagine a life without you; your smile, your laugh, your quiet strength, and just you, there next to me. Would you please make me the happiest woman in the world and be my wife?” She held the ring up, showing off the two sapphires, the color of Elsa’s eyes, next to the diamond. It was the exact same ring Elsa had described on time and she hadn’t realized Anna had even been paying attention.

“Not the happiest,” Elsa said, joyful tears making her eyes shine, “But yes, Anna, I love you and I don’t want to ever be without you either.” She took Anna’s hand, and Anna carefully place the ring on her left ring finger, kissing the back of the hand before standing up to kiss Elsa properly. Their happy tears mingled and when they broke the kiss each carefully wiped the water off the others cheeks.


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