5H deserve to win something. I literally 10000% agree. They work their asses off. They’re seriously so talented and just like wonderful people. They go above and beyond in so many ways. but they lost this one??? This ONE simple award. being bitter & resentful and making jokes about Ashton’s father’s absence??? and making jokes about him self harming???? and being straight up cruel??? and saying shitty things to 5sos fans???? literally won’t change anything??? you are just being gross and negative and hateful to a person who did not in any way control what happened so yes offense…. what the fuck are you doing 

“5sos might have an award tonight but ashton will never have a father” i keep re reading that tweet like… i just cant believe someone typed that. they typed that and posted it?? im so done with fucking people thinking that not having a dad is something that’s even okay to poke at like.. god im gonna throw up literally i feel so sick this is so gross why are people so bitter and disgusting

I honestly don’t understand the argument that ziam might have broken up bc they’re not in the same band anymore and they’re not together 24/7. Like?? What kind of relationship do you have that you think the close proximity between you two is the only thing keeping the love alive? How dependent do you have to be on that person to not be able to cope with distance and time away?

  • ppl:derpulies is clearly israphel!
  • me:ding dong you are wrong
  • ppl:derpulies is clearly honeydew!
  • me:ding donger, you are wronger

once I was reading a webcomic and accidentally skipped forward to the newest update without realizing and thought that’s how the story normally continued
and only days later found out that I actually skipped more than 100 pages