@mollyfairhurst and I saw some nifty shifty Tibor Reich chicks today 👀


that moment when Kookie tasted canned whipped cream for the first time and he never looked back

JK: Oh~ delicious~
T: Welcome to America!

You know I’m fucking sick of people trying to dismiss WestAllen as a heteronormative romance. It isn’t. Romances that involve people of color are never heteronormative because we aren’t represented as love interests like, ever. So stop trying to be like “ugh hetero tears. Ugh, more straight problems” if all you wanna see are two white dudes together. It’s fucking transparent. Like yeah I get that it’s an m/f relationship, but when you say “I’m forced yet again to watch Barry pine for his foster sister”…obviously you didn’t read the comics or know at all what you were signing up to watch… Like for fuck’s sake do you know how hard it is to get a black woman as a love interest in fucking anything? Miss me with that shit, I am supremely annoyed. Stop acting like m/f relationships between white folks and m/f relationships that involve poc are the same thing because they are fucking not. People really don’t get intersectionality like just look it the fuck up. 

dolokhov: lol do you dare me to kiss anatole

natasha & helene: no?????????????

dolokhov: wow i can t believe ur making me do this haha wtf

natasha & helene: no one is making you do this

dolokhov: [literally making out w/ anatole] this is so wild y’all are so weird for making me do this

natasha & helene: …..


.:~apologies for the long post; and the gruesome descriptions~:.

The ninja’s elements have overloaded their vessels. Cole spits up lava and is crushed by the weight of the earth. Jay is being electrocuted, his element trying to leave his body. Kai’s spitting fire and the intense heat from within has begun to melt his skin. Zane’s element can’t frostbite him, in the human way, but the cold has gotten to his core and has begun to break down his boards; his system is shutting down as ice surrounds him. Lloyd’s golden power comes from deep within himself, and it’s begun to break free from his body; ripping his skin apart. Nya has begun to drown; even with water pouring from every orifice, she still struggles for air.

Materials used; pencil, Pigma Graphic 1,  Fantasia Artist colored pencils

  • Riley and Maya:Lucas, we both like you and you have to choose between us to end this triangle. Oh, but make sure no one gets hurt. We can't decide, so you have to. Remember, no one should be hurt. Just pick one of us and not the other. K? Thanks.
  • Me:How have people been blaming Lucas for this mess?