My two cents on the whole topic of TH’s world tour part 4 and part 5:

I dont know how many of you are actually aware that the band (as in bill,tom, gustav and georg) have NO saying to what country they go or they don’t. I am sure they can turn down offers but they can’t decide to go to Romania for example (i’m using my country cause we’ve been here since the beginning) if no promoter will ask them to come! It doesnt matter they have thousand of fans, it’s all about the money and if the promoters in YOUR country don’t want to bring them that’s not on the band ;) keep that in mind the next time you throw shit at them and say things like “europe for th is just russia ukraine germany france and italy”. 

Second of all, what’s with all the hate for russia and russian fans? THEY DESERVE CONCERTS just like any other fan in this world does. russia is a freaking big country (bigger than europe) and it’s very expensive and time consuming to travel from other cities to moscow and st petersburg and yes, russia has a lot of issues but they are aware of them and they still decided to go so what’s with all the bitching?? i REALLY doubt bill will be arrested and thrown out of the country. MARS toured there and jared (and the whole band) is very supportive of the LGBTQ community (and supported obama multiple times) and absolutely nothing happened to them so take a chill pill and stop being so selfish and hateful. 

We should all focus on the new videos, photos and stories from the tour in the US and enjoy them instead of being so negative :) 


yeah but can we talk about how much these three look like siblings

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Russia seems like the guy that would go to the pool with his shirt on. Maybe Canada or Iceland

You’re not wrong. He also wears his scarf, apparently.

I can see the colder nations unused to the heat unwilling to risk a sunburn by wearing shirts, if not applying tons of sunscreen.

I feel like Russia and America just get into stupid and nerdy situations. They both don’t know how to be in a relationship so they’re just going with the flow in a very confusing manner. Like America gets flowers and chocolates for Russia but Russia is confused and asks why he did that but America doesn’t know why either he’s just doing what he saw on TV. And when they go out for food and there’s a bowl of mint candy for costumers to take for free when they’re done their meal, they both just start shoving as many as they can in their pockets before they hear someone coming and Russia just picks up the bowl and they run out of the restaurant. Or they perform silly experiments like microwaving the liquid inside a lava lamp just because they’re both super curious. America not knowing if he’s allowed to hold Russia’s hand so he just pinches the end of Russia’s sleeve. And one day Russia sees that America is shivering from being cold but he doesn’t know what to do so he plops his whole body on top of America and America just rolls with it because he’s also so, so confused. 

my dad just confronted me about ivan braginsky

he knows

America walks into his kitchen in the morning to find Russia cooking breakfast, so America sneaks up behind him and wraps his arms around Russia’s soft tummy, and then climbs onto his back, wrapping his legs around his waist and his arms around his neck. Russia hums as America kisses the top of his head and whispers about how good the food smells…and America’s soft smile turns into an angry sneer-



and Russia just laughs.

His Little Bird

Chapter 5 // Chapter 4 // Chapter 3 // Chapter 2 // Chapter 1

Ivan’s head ached as he stood outside to watch Samuel prance through the snow, leaving small paw prints behind.  Ivan’s lips pressed down on his cigarette and exhaled through his nose. The smoke was carried away by the light breeze. Ivan watched it dissipate into the morning air. Smoking was a bad habit he had picked up a long time ago. He knew it was bad for him, but he couldn’t die and any damage was rapidly repaired the longer he went without smoking. However, Alfred despised the smell. He couldn’t stand the sight of a cigarette ever since so many humans he cared for died of lung cancer. Ivan had tried to quit for him, yet here he was with another cigarette between his lips. Usually, they made him feel calmer, but today it only made him feel worse.

Ivan dropped the cigarette and ground it into the snow with his foot. Samuel noticed this and looked up from his spot in the snow. He watched Ivan curiously, ears twitching and snow clinging to his long brown fur. “What do you want?” Ivan harshly called out and hugged his arms around himself. It was warming up, but spring had yet to come this year and Ivan felt colder than usual. Samuel chirped in response and trotted closer. Ivan took a step back and shooed the cat away. It wasn’t that Ivan didn’t like the cat, he just didn’t participatory feel like behaving in a caring manner toward it right now.

Samuel seemed to take the hint and pranced off somewhere into the distance. Ivan clenched his fists and sighed. He reached into his coat to grab another cigarette, but he stopped himself. He didn’t need it. He knew he didn’t need it.

Ivan sat down in the snowy porch chair beside him. His hair chilled the back of his neck, still slightly wet from his morning shower. He shouldn’t have come outside, but Alfred didn’t like leaving Samuel alone outside and Alfred wasn’t here to watch him.

Ivan rested his hands on his knees, but he quickly tensed. His hands gripped his knees and forced himself to stop trembling. He needed to calm down. Alfred was at the store and would be home soon. It wouldn’t take long, but long enough for Ivan to come up with some way to explain to Alfred why they could no longer be together. He would be upset, certainly, but if Ivan could play his cards right, Alfred would understand and realize just how unsafe he was with him, and leave just like everyone else. Ivan was just speeding up the process and that was better than stringing this along and getting them both hurt.

His talk with Francis earlier had done nothing more than prove to him he didn’t deserve Alfred. Alfred had put up with so many things he’s done. Slowly, his mind wondered back to when times were much similar.

Speaking with the newly form United States of America had been a must. He had met him once before, when the young man was merely a colony that cowered behind England’s leg at the sight of a stranger in his home.

The air in North America had him sweating and ill from heat. Meeting the illusive United States was worth the suffering though. His gorgeous smile was inviting and captivating. Ivan’s nervous exterior was reflected in the younger nation’s actions. Isolation wasn’t ending for the new nation, but making some temporary friends was a must. The most shocking thing Ivan came across was that America wasn’t frightened of him. He smiled naturally and stuck by Ivan’s side throughout his visit.

America never showed any signs of mistrust when Ivan spoke to him or walked along beside him. Ivan looked forward to his daily walks and meals spent with the young man. The two of them drew so close that Ivan came to know him as Alfred, rather than America. Alfred made him feel as though he finally had someone who accepted him and understood him. All his life, that was what he had wanted and he believed he had finally gotten it, but in the end it had been ruined.

Alfred’s mistrust of Ivan’s government and the brutality in the way Ivan spoke only resulted in broken bones and bloody noses. Ivan hadn’t understood why Alfred was so untrustworthy of him. Ivan truly believed he was doing something right for a change. His people seemed happy and his bosses promised him they’d make him better, stronger, more powerful. He barely registered the training, demanded obedience, and the chill that ran up his spin every time his boss looked in his direction as signs that things were very, very wrong. Alfred seemed to see it though, but his glares and discomfort did nothing to change Ivan’s mind. If anything, he believed the American was turning his back on him, just as everyone else had. Ivan was content with his newly formed union. If Alfred didn’t want to be a part of the family, Ivan couldn’t care less.

The sudden reminder of the Cold War made Ivan realize his hands were shaking and his eyes were trained on the white slush beneath his feet.

The panicked screeching of a bird jolted Ivan out of his thoughts. Ivan turned to look to find Samuel connecting with the snowing ground after jumping from the nearby tree, blood on his fur and mouth, dripping onto the snow. A dead bird was held between the cat’s teeth, his innocent eyes lit up as he trotted back toward Ivan.

Ivan weakly gasped and took small step back. That cat meowed and dropped the dead carcass at Ivan’s feet, looking proud and expectant. The blood turned the white slush red. Ivan felt sick. The sight of the dead bird wasn’t anything new or disconcerting when compared to the past atrocities Ivan had witnessed with his very own eyes. However, the growing sense of rage and self loathing that bubbled up from the pit of Ivan’s stomach only made this situation appear worse than it actually was.

Alfred, his little bird, and Ivan, this oblivious little cat, were locked in a never ending struggle to protect themselves from one another. Alfred would be harmed no matter what he did, because Ivan was a hunter, a killer. Ivan needed others to live and in the end it always ended in bloodshed, unless Alfred spread his wings and left Ivan alone to wallow in his own sadness. He shouldn’t have been mad, he shouldn’t have been so upset, but after his thoughts had trailed so far into the past, Ivan was on edge. It all had to go somewhere.

“You stupid, STUPID LITTLE ANIMAL!” Ivan grabbed the cat by the scruff on the back of its neck, as tears burned his eyes and dripping down his cheek, and pushed it back into the house.

Alfred hummed along to the radio as he pulled into the driveway. He grabbed the bag full of his purchases from the passenger seat and slipped out of the car and into the chilly world around them. Alfred tugged his coat round himself and trudged toward the front door.

Alfred hated the cold, but he loved spending time with Ivan more. Alfred pressed the key into the lock and unlocked the door. As he entered the manor, Alfred didn’t expect for the first thing he heard to be Ivan’s enraged voice shouting Russian curses at the top of his lungs.

“Babe?” Alfred called out in worry and dropped the groceries, “Ivan, what’s wrong?”

Ivan was found shaking with rage, trailing down his burning cheeks. Samuel found himself backed up against the wall, back arched, ears back, and fur standing on its ends. “I hate you!” Ivan screamed, “I hate you! Why are you like this?! I-I…”

“Ivan, stop!” Alfred shouted. Ivan gasped, taken aback by Alfred’s sudden entrance and turned around in shock. His eyes wide with terror reflected the fear in Alfred’s. Seeing a chance to escape, Samuel took off toward the kitchen at full speed.

“Alfred…” Ivan breathed, his voice suddenly gone, “I-I… I didn’t expect you back so quickly,”

Alfred’s eyebrows scrunched together as he took in the scene with confusion. His mouth hung open at the sight of tears on Ivan’s face and the redness of his cheeks. Ivan was breathing heavy as he attempted to regain his breath and think of something to say. While Alfred looked at him head on, Ivan avoided his gaze, searching the room for anything other Alfred’s eyes. “Ivan…” Alfred said carefully and motioned in the direction Samuel had run. “Look at me… What was that?”

Ivan swallowed thickly and shrugged his shoulder, “Nothing…”

“Ivan…” Alfred said, pushing for an answer, “Don’t lie to me,”

“I am not!” Ivan said forcefully, extremely on edge.

“Why were you yelling?”

“I wasn’t!”

“You are now!” Alfred raised his voice to match Ivan’s. “What happened?!”

“Do not yell at me,” Ivan hissed.

“Then don’t yell at me!” Alfred stood a bit taller, a bit more defensively. “What happened?”

Ivan growled and pointed in the direction Samuel had run, his hands shaking. “That… That stupid cat! It caught and… It killed a bird!”

Alfred’s chest deflated as he slowly processed what Ivan had just told him. He was angry at their new cat for doing something that was expected of any cat, domestic or not. Alfred chuckled in relief and ran his fingers through his hair. Shaking his head in disbelief, Alfred said, “They do that, big guy. Especially outdoor cats! He’s gonna catch a few birds here and there,”

“You do not understand!” Ivan snapped, his hands balled into fists, “He can’t!”

Alfred was taken aback by Ivan’s second outburst. “We can train him-!”


Alfred took a step back. His heart pounded in his chest as he searched for a solution. He didn’t understand why Ivan was so angry. He knew Ivan was easy to anger, but this situation made very little sense. The fact that Ivan seemed to be angry with him didn’t help matters. “L-Look don’t… don’t fight with me…” Alfred took in a deep breath to keep himself from panicking over something so simple. “…I thought you said you didn’t like birds,”

“I don’t!” Ivan screamed, clearly unsure on how to express his emotions to Alfred. “I can’t do this anymore!” Ivan covered his face and slouched. He turned away from Alfred and Alfred felt offended.

“Hang on!” Alfred grabbed his shoulder, “What’s that supposed to mean?!”

“You need to leave,” Ivan pushed Alfred’s hands off of him and escaped toward the living room.

“Wait!” Unshed tears prickled Alfred’s eyes, “I don’t understand! What did I do wrong?!”

“Please!” Ivan called back, “Just go!”

“Do you not like the cat?!” Alfred screamed as he followed behind Ivan, tears escaping as he blinked. “You need to tell me these things before we go and-!”

“Alfred!” Ivan shouted and turned around, “I can’t-! …You don’t understand!”

“Then help me understand!”

“I’m breaking up with you!”

Alfred stumbled backwards, “Y-You… But I thought you… You said you loved…” Alfred was quickly losing his breath. He panted and gasped, yet the air didn’t seem to make it into his lungs. He shook and cursed himself for being so weak. It wasn’t as if he could control when this happened, but he hated that Ivan had to see him back like this. He hugged himself around his waist and doubled over, shaking, with tears trickling under his chin.

Ivan quickly realized what was happening. His eyes widened in shock and grabbed Alfred’s shoulders. “No, nyet, no, no,” Ivan tried to bring Alfred closer to himself, “This… This isn’t what I wanted. I wanted to avoid this!”

“Don’t…” Alfred gasped, “Don’t y-yell… at me,” Ivan pulled Alfred toward the living room couch and sat him down. He sat down beside him, taking care to distance himself from Alfred, knowing he might need his space considering earlier experienced with Alfred’s panic attacks. Ivan remembered that the last one had been around the time Sputnik had been launched and Alfred had been so terrified that Ivan was watching him from space, waiting for the perfect moment to strike, that he had thrown himself into a panic attack. Ivan hadn’t been allowed to touch him as Alfred back himself into a corner and cried. It had been a horrible experience.

Thankfully, Alfred’s current attack only lasted a few minutes. It had been fairly mild considering what it could have been like. Alfred sat on the opposite side of the couch, his eyes trained down at his hands. Ivan did the same. Quietly, Ivan breathed in and said, “I am so sorry,”

“…Yeah,” Alfred muttered.

“I didn’t mean to… I didn’t mean to hurt you,” Ivan whispered, “I was just angry,”

Alfred sighed and nodded, “Whatever, it’s… it’s okay. Let’s just forget about it,”

Ivan didn’t speak for a moment and Alfred tensed up.


Ivan sighed and shook his head, “This is why I am breaking up with you,”

“What?! Ivan!” Alfred shouted, “Why are you breaking up with me? What did I do?”

“Nothing!” Ivan admitted, “You did nothing!”

“Then why?!”

“You are the bird!” Ivan screamed.

Alfred paused and realized very quickly that he hadn’t understood a word of Ivan had just said. “…What?” Alfred asked.

“Y-You kept saying I was the cat! Why would you keep saying it if you didn’t mean it?!” Ivan begged, searching for an answer.

“I was just joking!” Alfred explained, “Sometimes animals look like their owners, ya’ know? My cat looks a little like me! I thought you’d think it was funny!”

“It is not funny! You… You are not safe with me! I’ll hurt you!” Ivan held out his hands as if the proof on them.

“W-What? Are you planning to hurt me?” Alfred asked.

“No!” Ivan stood up, “We can’t be together! The Cold War was a horrible time! If we keep up like this, it will only happen again!”

“No, it won’t!” Alfred stood up to meet him.

Ivan realized very quickly where this fight was going and he wasn’t going to put Alfred through that again, not so soon after it just happened. “Sunflower, please, sit down before… I hurt you again. You’re too young to understand,” Ivan lightly grabbed Alfred shoulders, “You’re too naive and you can’t see what’s going to happen to us. I need to keep you safe,”

The expression of Alfred face morphed from one of anger and confusion to one of disgust and disbelief. He yanked himself away from Ivan’s grasp and hardened his glare. “Get away from me!”

“Good,” Ivan smiled weakly, “This is good! Now you see, da?”

Alfred wiped a few tears away, “How dare you!?”


“You know what, Ivan?” Alfred said through his tears, “I loved you. I believed that you knew the real me; that you looked past my age and actually took me seriously… I was wrong…” Alfred groaned and cursed himself for crying. Furiously rubbed them away and glared up at Ivan as fiercely as he could, “I’m not weak. I’m not some delicate little flower! I’m not an idiot who needs protecting from the past! I know what I’m doing! I can handle myself! …Don’t you get it? I loved you and I thought you loved me!”

Ivan’s gazed fell to the floor. He didn’t say a word.

“Say it,” Alfred’s voice cracked, “Say you love me and I don’t have to leave! We can talk about this! We can work this out! We always have,”

Ivan stayed silent.

“FINE!” Alfred ran past Ivan, bumping into him on his way out and slammed the front door behind him. When the cold air met his face, Alfred realized he had walked out with just his coat and cell phone. Ivan had been the one to pick him up from the airport, so he couldn’t take Ivan’s car into town. He groaned at the lack of options. He couldn’t go back inside for his things, not after just making a scene, and he wasn’t going to wait for a taxi to pick him up outside of town. He tugged his coat around himself and, in the end, briskly walked toward town, cursing the world with every step.

Ivan stayed rooted in the spot on the living room carpet. Samuel peeked out from around the corner, mewing softly in Ivan’s direction. He slowly inched closer and sniffed Ivan’s pant leg, waiting to be interacted with. Samuel rubbed against Ivan’s leg and purred in a poor attempt in comfort. Slowly, Ivan kneeled down and scratched behind Samuel’s ear. “Stupid, stupid little cat…”