I wish I had someone to tell my headcanons(?) to… but I don’t, so…

Imagine Demon!Dan, inhabiting a world much like Coraline’s (that Henry Selick stop animation movie) and he’s in the job of soul collecting. Naive Arin stumbled into his world and now Dan tries to make the perfect world for Arin to convince him to stay so they can be together forever.

Maybe it starts off as like, Dan wanting Arin’s soul, but it evolves into him becoming obsessed and doing whatever it takes to keep Arin.

Fuck, let’s throw Darkiplier in there, too, to combat with Demon!Dan for ownership over Arin. Why not?

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So, I finally hit 500 519 535 550 followers and this is a really big deal to me and I just want to thank everyone who’s put up with my crap and stuck with me through everything so without further ado, here’s all the people I follow and kind of admire.

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          ❝ You know… human connections goes far from j-just using a mobile phone, you know? I mean, have you ever f-felt like a tiny heart attack out of n-nowhere and did not know where it came from —– and somehow, find out someone you know is in big troubles

                                       — that’s how I usually feel.

i don’t get why some people think that Fear The Walking Dead started off slow. Like it’s the beginning of the whole apocalypse. No one knows what the hell is going on- like all of a sudden there’s just these dead looking people walking around eating people and what not.

The characters aren’t just going to magically understand everything, and there’s not going to be hoards of walkers coming from every corner trying to kill the mains. 


Because it’s the BEGINNING of the freaking apocalypse.