leslie knope is a slytherin i dont care i DO NOT CARE what she said in the show she is a slytherin and i am claiming her for slytherin to try to make up for the years of loss of ambitious and achieving characters the slytherin house has had bc "what no they arent evil” and “nooo they’re so nice!!!”

leslie knope is a slytherin


Jon Bernthal Pictured as The Punisher on ‘Daredevil’ Set!

Jon Bernthal gets into character as Frank Castle while filming scenes for the second season of Marvel’s Netflix series Daredevil on Friday afternoon (July 10) in the Union Square neighborhood of New York City.

The 38-year-old actor, best known for his work on The Walking Dead, is playing the antihero also known as The Punisher. -Photo credit (x)

Remember us // art+ words: r.i.d

look up.
see the stars up in the weathered skies, see the centuries passing you by in the blink of an eye, see the deaths of galaxies millions of years ago.

look up.
realize that this is not the end, realize we will still be there tomorrow and know that just because they died, we don’t have to as well.

look up.
maybe we’re all just broken galaxies, destined to implode and take everyone with us into the darkness. maybe we all get swallowed up by our own light.
(tell me again how you feel small.)

look up.
know that i will still love you, even when your light turns dark and you burn out.

look up.

—  (darling, we are astral.) // s.z

While the girls are taking their own group pic here (in my other fanart :D), the boys are here chatting away~

ahem subtle yet unintentional starco ahem 


Our sincerest apologies.

Am I trying to kill you guys with Dazatsu fluff? Yes.


“It’s the Matt Mercer blow-up doll we’ve been waiting for!”

“…Did you really just say that out loud?”

The Most Epic Reactions to The Most Epic Fan Gift Ever, by Vox Machina (feat. Daran de Paul, Will Friedle and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)