Dash: I guess I should get rid of this stuff.

Spring: You don’t want to save it, in case you have kids one day?

Dash: No way. When I have kids, they’re getting brand new stuff. Not leftovers from Simplicity’s crappy daycare service. Goddess, now that was a stupid move.

i never call him Gladiolus, just gladio

Am I trying to kill you guys with Dazatsu fluff? Yes.

You Complete Me - jughead jones

Requested by @ateliefloresdaprimavera Prompt: y/n and jughead are total opposites yet they balance each other out. Jughead’s POV: “WEDNESDAY ADDAMS,” the familiar and arrogant voice of Reggie shouts across the hall. God, what now. Reggie caught up and shoved me into a wall of lockers, it’s basically a daily routine now. He laughs and I roll my eyes wishing he can just go mess with some other poor guy. “Now, I’ve had this question that has been waving in my mind for a while. And basically everyone in school have been wondering too…” Reggie raises his brow. I shoved his arm away from the side of my head and rolled my eyes, “well what the hell is so important you need to ask?” Reggie turns his head away from me looking at the end of the hallway. Right there was Betty, Veronica, and Y/N. God, Y/N is so beautiful. “Now how does Donnie Darko end up with such a pretty little number? Did you do some creepy hypnotizing shit to keep her with you?” He laughed. Y/N and I are total opposites. She is the most sweetest and charismatic girl anyone has ever laid their eyes upon. The bright colors of her everyday outfits, her smile, and her personality light up everything around her. I don’t know how I got so lucky either. As for me, I’m just. “Donnie Darko” “Wednesday Addams” “that creepy kid who only looks at a laptop.” I scoff at Reggie’s comment and walk away from him, catching up with Y/N and the girls. I hug her from behind and kiss her cheek. “Hey sunshine,” I smile. Y/N giggles, “now, what did Reggie say to you today? I’ll go fight him for you” “Well, he accused me of hypnotizing you to be my girlfriend.” I frown, fidgeting with my beanie. Y/N’s smile drops, “Hey, you hypnotized me with your good looks, wit, and fanfictions. Now, I’m gonna go fight Reggie.” She struts away, catching up to Reggie. “Wait, THEYRE NOT FANFICTIONS!”

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i love how fmab Greed is just lowkey supportive all the time

Ok, we see him being super samn angry at Wrath like 80% of the time, but before he got his memories back? 
Dude was basically just born, is seemingly not at all fazed by Envy’s appearance and just rolls with everything. Then Mei and Scar break into their hide-out and he just applauds them and then lazily starts chasing Ed around and even comments on Ed’s fighting moves, congratulating him on “a nice, solid kick” and so forth and he is just so. supportive?? And has so few fucks to give at the same time?? Or like when he gives Ed and Al the message Ling had written for Lan Fan. Greed had zero reason to do this, but just rolled with it and did it anyway. He is like the guy that does his hardest to convince everyone he is the bad guy, but is just so lowkey-supportive all the time, he might as well join Team Skull for all it’s worth.

                                              勇気     -    Yūki                                   

the ability to do something that frightens one; bravery. strength in the face of pain or grief. 

                                                          THEY NEED Y O U.

You’re My Family

Pairing: Jonathan x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Mentions of death, Loss of loved one, Misguided reader, Father abandonment.

Words: 2,783

A/n: I have no idea what inspired me to write this… But oh well. SO nothing actually happens but it’s fluff galore and slight angst so I hope it suffices :)

Summary: You and Jonathan used to be friends, but after a rough spot in your life, you go running back to him.

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Remember us // art+ words: r.i.d

Holyyyyyy shit guys… I fell asleep for like three hours and I wake up to so many messages. (I’m on the other side of the world so I wake up when most of you fall asleep. It’s almost midnight here btw… i never said my sleep schedule was healthy but whatever haha) The anons didn’t get to me but your messages were the ones that made me cry :’) thank youuu~ i love you all so much and your concern really means a lot to me. I was so touched :D

I’ll reply to each of your messages/reblogs/replies in a bit so please… I apologize in advance if it’s all you’ll see in your dash. I’ll try and space them out so I won’t bother you too much.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! You guys are the sweetest and I love love love love love you all sooooo much!!!!

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While the girls are taking their own group pic here (in my other fanart :D), the boys are here chatting away~

ahem subtle yet unintentional starco ahem 

Scribble-Doodle: Scarred

During the parabatai ceremony in 203, Alec did not have the scar in his left eyebrow yet. So, what happened between that moment and the beginning of the show? A parabatai story.

They’re meant to be the backup and nothing more.

“You’re still too young for this, boys!” the leader tells them with a cheeky grin while the squad’s gearing up to raid the warlock’s lair.

Unable to help himself, Jace rolls his eyes and reminds the guy, “You’re just three years older than we are, Jack!”

Laughing, Jack claps Jace on the back. “And that means three years wiser, kid!”

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obianidala au where they’re all teachers at the same high school and eventually it becomes a well-known fact among all the students (and the rest of the faculty) that there is Something Going On between mr skywalker, ms amidala, and mr kenobi

at first everyone thinks that it’s anakin vs obi wan competing for padme’s affections because heteronormativity but then one day a hapless student accidentally stumbles upon anakin and obi wan making out in an empty classroom. the picture, which is captioned FUCKING PLOT TWIST, gets retweeted by practically every single person in the school.

after that it is an all-out shipping war. everyone’s placing bets on who they think will end up together. anakin bets on obidala and padme on obikin just to fuck with everyone (obi wan watches disapprovingly from the sidelines…but he may or may not have slipped a couple dollars in for anidala). the anidala, obikin, and obidala factions are all pretty evenly sized, but there is one tiny obianidala subgroup who no one else takes seriously. to everyone’s astonishment, obi wan’s the one who finally cracks. in class one day a student makes a sly remark that obi wan has heard one too many times, and he just yells WE’RE ALL DATING OKAY WILL EVERYONE PLEASE SHUT UP ABOUT IT

needless to say, this announcement is the talk of the school for weeks, if not months afterwards. the tiny obianidala subgroup gets very, very rich. it is not a coincidence that principal yoda suddenly decides he can afford to comfortably retire at the end of the school year.