I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE HAPPY THAT I WAS WRONG about the pub wedding being better than a barn wedding. Garage wedding is where its at.

They got married in the garage! Their relationship is about them, the two of them alone. That’s all it has ever been. Nothing flashy. Just each others time, company and sexy time was enough. I’m even glad it wasn’t about Liv. Just the two of them taking a private intimate moment to breathe the same air and whisper promises of forever together. They are proud of their relationship, because of one another. This intimate private wedding was exactly what they needed because fundamentally they carried this relationship, nobody else supported it. It was out of an intense need to always be in each others company away from judgmental eyes. The garage was the reason for them meeting. The first offer of intimacy and the first offer of friendship was in that garage. And that’s what marriage is about, friendship + good sex and now a promise of commitment. Thus, the garage was a glorious idea where they can be honest, comfortable and intimate with one another alone, and still rejoin for family moments.


People back home need food. Rick wants to bring the supplies back and we regroup. So, that’s what we’re doing! … Then I’ll go on my own.

Hey, Borderlands fandom, especially the Rhack crowd!  This user seems to think it’s okay to repost other artists’ work without permission because, “The art was already reposted when [they] got ahold of it.”  As you can see, I politely asked them to not repost, and they decided that was “harrassment”.  So I’m trying to track down all the original artists as I recognize them.  I know many of you don’t like having your work reposted, so just sending out a PSA.

Idk why it’s so hard to just reblog something directly, rather than finding it and reposting it from another site, but oh well!  Some people apparently just need to be that way.

Please signal boost this so other Bl/Rhack artists can make sure their work isn’t being reposted.  

Just a Taste (A CS AU) Part 4/10

AU where Emma and Killian are contestants on the Great American Baking Show and all twelve contestants hail from Storybrooke Maine. In this AU Emma is a book editor by day, while Killian is an architect who just moved to town a few months prior. Expect baked goods, flirtatious interactions, a little drama and a whole lot of fluff with a guaranteed HEA for Captain Swan. Rated M.

Part One Here, Part Two Here, Part Three Here

A/N: Week Four means dessert week for the characters of ‘Just a Taste’, but it also means something fun and light for us readers – a Halloween special that pits all our characters in costumes and by extension, into momentary alter egos. Expect lots of CS fluff and interactions with Emma and her friends that are cute and fun.

To say that the production team had gone over the top for this week’s segment was an understatement, and Emma could do nothing but marvel at the intricacies of the decorations within the big white tent this beautiful Saturday.

All of the foliage and beauty adorning the world outside was brought to life in the contest space as well and then supplemented with tons of festive paraphernalia. Though it was still technically a week before Halloween, the network had decided to highlight the thematic elements and everything was reflecting the holiday right down to the contestants themselves. That’s right - today Emma and the others weren’t just baking… they were baking in costume.

“To have been a fly on the wall during the meeting where they assigned us all these outfits.” Belle’s words reached Emma’s ears as they were all filing into their opening spots for the first shot of the day. Emma had to agree, that the thought process on most of these costumes was bizarre, but she at least had gotten lucky with her getup, some of the other’s hadn’t been as lucky.

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Please, please stop reblogging gif sets from @littlehybridmiran.  They are stealing other people’s gifs and sticking them into new gifsets.  One they did yesterday has 1000 notes and it’s obviously all stolen and reposted.  Just look, none of the gifs are the same size or have the same coloring.  It should be obvious that they didn’t make it!  Supporting people like this who steal alienates real gifmakers.  Please look before you reblog, if the coloring isn’t the same and the gifs aren’t the same size, it’s stolen!

If you make gifs, please check their page and report them for stealing your hard work.  They have done it a lot now and with multiple fandoms as well.

Fucking pissbabies need to stop reposting people’s art to their accounts on Instagram/tumblr/whatever, and then harassing the creators when those accounts get banned for, surprise surprise, taking other people’s work, regardless of whether they were the ones who reported or not.

Did you ever think that maybe someone else reported it and that it was removed because, gasp, it was against the terms of use to take someone else’s art and repost it?

Just admit that you do it to get attention and fake internet points and fall back on a sense of entitlement as “fans” when people have the gall to criticize your shitty behavior.

Just like the so-called Lapis fans fall back on “I was abused” to shout down anyone who points out Lapis is a fucking abusive jerk herself (which is one of her most compelling traits).

Just like people harass Pewey or Gregpearl fans because they can’t accept that their headcanons about sexuality aren’t real and having other headcanons that don’t conflict with canon are valid.

Just like Lapidot and Amedot fans harass one of the show’s staff off of social media because they can’t grasp that your fucking ships are not real and aren’t a valid reason to attack someone because you decided they’re attacking your, again, entirely fictional and hypothetical preferences.

Like how Jasper/Jaspidot/Jaspis fans get shit on because drawing them in a non-abusive relationship is treated as the same as condoning abuse. While acknowledging that their relationship is damaging in canon so far is a plus, it’s not glorifying abuse if the art doesn’t depict abuse. Having a crack ship that doesn’t depict something illegal is still a crack ship, but it’s hardly a reason to harass someone. 

Frankly, I don’t think Steven Universe deserves this fandom, and this fandom doesn’t deserve it. It’s a disservice to all the great people I’ve met in this fandom, all the artists who make great art and all the theory-crafters, and the creators of the show for providing something amazing, but it has to be acknowledges that this kinda shit is real and hurtful, like how video gaming has a problem with harassment and politics has a huge problem with it that’s even more widespread in its potential to hurt.

(as a final note, if you have an issue with the tags I use or the topics I defend, I don’t think arguing with me is going to change my mind)

i love when people re-post my edits and just tag as manga. most of these reposters are probably taking it from those 200k+ Facebook pages who keep stealing from me. the only thing that makes me feel less sad over this is that the quality of my posts go down when you steal from me and save the photo.

stop stealing from me it’s wrong and misleading:
i change the dialogue always and re-draw parts.
i realize my edits and blog in general is very popular, but make your own edits for your emo tumblr/facebook pages and stop ripping off my hard work

teach yourself how to make awesome manga caps and edits like me. if you’re just stealing and reposting people’s work just to get notes or “become popular” then your just human trash ok bye

To jump on the wagon of what a bunch of artists/friends/mutuals are saying, it says in my bio “do not repost my art” yet I constantly see (especially on instagram) my art everywhere because it’s popular enough to get noticed by those people on here and just repost it on Instagram. Not only is it disrespectful, but it takes away followers, viewership, and credit/recognition for the hours I put into making something for someone to spend mere seconds posting it (to 5k+ followers when this blog is struggling to meet 2.5k no less) against my wishes. So if you repost against our wishes and your account gets terminated, good.

Holy Shit Guys

I had to stay off tumblr for a months because my parents were getting suspicious, but now I’ve come back and crap guys. Two Thousand followers??? Thank you so much!!

Let me know if you guys are interested and maybe I might start posting some of my own stuff (stats etc) rather than just reposting thinspo for just my own reasons. It might help me stay a bit on track and maybe help you guys get to know me better.

so i just reposted a reallllllly old pic on instagram w the caption “cause bad love isn’t better than none” and its so fierce and perfect and i love how music lyrics can really transfer to bringing out the emotion in pictures

insta: julietovaxo

if you’re a creep, plz don’t follow me thx

hipsterizzy  asked:

Hey, I think tumblr user seriouslyintohandsomejack reposted some of your art? I tried messaging them to get them to take it down, but they insisted they had a right to repost. Just letting you know.

Hmmmmm I looked through their blog and I couldn’t find any of my art but I did see they reposted some other people’s art. And they “have a right to repost”???? Ew. Obviously this person isn’t an artist and doesn’t understand the effort it takes to even create art to begin with.

Hey @seriouslyintohandsomejack stop reposting people’s art. It’s not cool and it’s disrespectful af. Art isn’t easy and ripping it off just for a little bit of notes is just??? Really sad. 

there, i fixed it
inb4 coaching fee


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