Just Remembered Something

So a long time ago, I wanna say I was either 15 or 16 years old at the time, I went to a county fair, and I met with a psychic. Now don’t get me wrong I know not to take psychic predictions seriously to heart because just like forecasting the weather the future is never fully set things can change. Anyway I went to this psychic and asked her the usual you know the outcome of my future destiny stuff people asks pyschics all the time. She read my palm and went on about my future life.

Then she got to the part about my future love life. She said I would meet a tall handsome man with brown eyes and dark hair, his name would begin with a letter A through E, and that he would be a doctor of some sort, she wasn’t clear about what kind of doctor he was, just that he was one. She said I would meet him sometime when I was in college. I left chuckling at her predictions especially about the man I was going to love, thinking yeah that would ever happen.

But now after almost ten years since I saw that psychic, it dawned on me, what if she wasn’t actually meaning a guy I randomly met somewhere in college who was an actual doctor of medicine or something like that. What if she meant I would fall in love with another doctor and the man who played him because David Tennant fits that prediction. He’s tall, really handsome, and has dark hair and eyes, his name begins with a D, and he was a doctor of some sort well a time traveling one, and I did meet him in my college years. And nowhere in her prediction did she say he would love me back.

So actually her prediction did come true sort of, except back then I was expecting it to be an actual guy in real life not one I couldn’t ever have, but oh well, I am still happy that her prediction came true because if I did have to fall in love with someone so much I am glad with both my hearts it is David Tennant.

tennydr10confidential aka Katie


Club Effigy: Stone’s odyssey.


The fosters

I came for Stef and Lena
I stayed because every episode was exciting and I couldn’t wait
I fell in love with a family
I stayed because the show mattered
But, if they keep cutting out the apologies, the make up kisses, the subtle handholding or looks and focus everything on Brandon and Callie.. I don’t know how much longer I want to stay

things I saw driving to Oklahoma

BBQ smokehouse adjacent to a cemetery
a cute antique store
a dog taking a shit
“quicker liquor”
a metal barn crushed it like a soda can
oreo cows
a child furiously biking directly towards a tree
a chiropractors office called “the rub club”
“shoot ‘em up archery”
two old fire trucks sitting in someone’s yard
really really white and fluffy longhorn
a horse taking a shit
oil drum turned planter
an entire field of cows all staring at us
tree farms
“girls gone wine” wine tasting and spa center
lots of incredibly racist high school mascots of Native Americans
“Joe Bob Smith, CPA”
so fuckin much pink mossy oak. too fuckin much pink mossy oak

I mean Phil and I are practically best friends by this point, we even like the same things

Forget phan it’s all about #kil


Butalci (Dimwits) of Butale (Dimland) have taken over Cerknica on Fat Thursday. Today, traditionally at exactly around 12:32, they have begun their parade (and had a break shortly after). 

They said they sent their Mayor to negotiate with the Witch about the weather. He did succeed, so they do have weather, he forgot to negotiate what kind though.

The shitty thing about depression is how short lived the up cycle is. Then you tank again and you question everything. Like oh is what I’m feeling valid or am i really tweakin. I never quite know.

Okay listen up kiddos

I keep reading everywhere that Mt. Ebott is “Toby” backwards. Sort of. 

But it’s something else too. 

Ebott’s Rock is a mountain cave tucked away in a corner of FFVI where the human magi go to try to hunt monsters, in a “big game hunting” sort of way. IIRC it doesn’t even sound like the big scary monster is actually bothering the humans, it’s just that they want to hunt it for bragging rights. You can go take it down, and it’s not even that strong, and everyone acts like this is pretty great.

It seems likely to me that that’s the reference, especially given FFVI’s main plotline centers around persecuted monsters, and the opera from that game is, for no important reason, referenced at least twice in Undertale.

I remember last super bowl I went to my boy’s house to hangout with the brothers. I told them I didn’t know shit about football but they literally talked me through and taught me everything. I can’t say I retained that knowledge at all but I remember @theblackichigo​ was pissed off about something that happened at the end and just about the only thing I remember is that “they should have run ball” or something of those lines 😂