Director Alex Prager transformed this group of nominees into some of our most beloved, erie, icons. It has got to take an immense amount of strength to portray the madness in these villains as an actor, especially without any dialogue. My favorite? As always, Gary Oldman…who is also the absolute creepiest in this video gallery.


But imagine Murdoc and Junkrat arguing over whose girlfriend is more badass, though.

Noodle and Mei couldn’t care less.  They’re just sitting on the sidelines, eating icecream and making fun of those two idiots.

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“UPDATE: The #RogueOne trailer from #SWCE is not playing on ABC tonight. Just the three minute sizzle reel we already saw.”

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Lucasfilm you cannot continue to deny me Vader in HD I won’t allow it.

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the whole time during beyond when Spock and McCoy were hanging out I was literally like 'just say Leonard one time and I'll die happy just say it' and it actually took me a second to realize that h e did fucking say it and I've had a glowy feeling ever since i'm so invested in this pairing and franchise I need help

I can’t fucking believe it. I put that in like every fic I write ffs, Spock swearing in English and calling Bones Leonard while Bones just generally reels back and freaks out. I’m so fucking happy. I’m so happy. I swear I’ll start posting about this in a calm and collected and actually comprehensible way soon enough. I’ll think of actual things to say other than I’m happy. Eventually. 


Played with @protectyourhealer and @dalishdelight this morning! And I had a lot of fun! Had to leave early because I was lagging so badly that everything was just one giant slideshow but still!

I also got a legendary Bastion skin, and tbh I never use Bastion but I will fucking take that cute ass pigeon with a monocle.