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  • i don’t know why she cancelled 
  • they didn’t tell us why she cancelled
  • she cancelled bcoz she had to go to the hospital
  • she cancelled bcoz she went to the hotel 
  • she cancelled bcoz of the height !! i looked very tall compared to her 


  • it got cancelled bcoz of technical issues



Do the #MayaDance ! It’s sooo super easy to learn, you’ll see. Grab a friend and join the fun. Help spread the Crazy Ex love. Do the dance that’s reached 1,800 views on YouTube. Upload and share! Post them to twitter and/or tumblr and tag them #mayadance 

open question why are like 90% of fenders fics ‘fenris is sold back into slavery but anders is there too and for some reason has it worse’ idgi can we stop shoving anders’ into fenris’ backstory like he has his own trauma … literally so much of the fenders fic i’ve read focuses so unevenly on anders and/or completely dismisses fenris’ trauma as anything more than a prop for turning attention back onto anders it’s really offputting

OK, I know it’s cutesy to think that in YOI, Yuuri or Victor would give up their medals and glory for each, and yeah, it’s a pretty romantic thought, but I think it shows a lack of understanding of what it actually is to be a top athlete.

Fuck, if winning a gold medal in the Olympics meant I just have to give up my family, my friends, my cat, and die the very next week, I’d still take that deal. I would trade my whole life, all my other life dreams, if it meant I could feel what it is like to be an Olympic champion.

This is not an overstatement. I gave up my adolescence, my friendships, practically my whole personal life to just reach the European Championships. I dedicated half my life, and when Tokyo 2020 comes, it will more than half, for my sport, for the chance to feel the glory that comes from being the best, the best of myself and the best among others. It’s addictive, it can be downright toxic, but the rush of doing a PB, a NR, and (OMG!!!) a WR makes it all worth it. All the sacrifices, all the pain, all the health problems, physical and mental, meant nothing when I won bronze in a European Youth competition, it will mean nothing when I get to that start line in the Senior competitions.

Yeah, sure, it’s cute that someone would give up their athletic dreams for the love for someone else, but ask any athlete that’s just right there, just in reach of the finals (or even just the semifinals) in a World Championship. Giving that up before you reach your mid 30s, giving up what you achieved since then?

Major fucking idiot.

Welcome to the mindset of high level competition.

Its also kind of interesting the scale as to which im repulsed to things. Like some stuff im completely fine with, but other stuff makes me want to run away frantically and forget everything completely. I think it correlates with the extent as to how real it is to me? Like im ok with sex and romance most of the time in fiction when its literature, but not in movies or shows. Its terrible for my repulsion when someone directly says or even implies that someone i know in real life has done something sexual, or seeing PDA, and then the absolute worst is when anything is directed at me personally. So i guess the way the scale works is based on the relative proximity to myself. Like in fiction, it seems really far removed and not quite real. But the closer it gets to me the worse it is. I wonder if its the same for other people? Its really difficult to explain to people who dont experience it. The people who know i am repulsed seem to think that everything is on the same level when it really isnt. Its hard to judge because my friends are like oh, well this is sexual so you dont want to see/hear it, when half the time its actually something that doesnt bother me and the other half its something that really bothers me. Because i dont know until i find out what it is? But then its annoying because people start talking about something and then stop because theyre like “oh no you dont want to hear it” and i hate not knowing things, because i want to know context of things, but then the half of the time it really does bother me, i dont want to know anymore and its my own fault. I guess i should probably just be happy that i have friends who try to accommodate their behavior for my comfort but i just wish that i wasnt repulsed so i wouldnt have to censor them or feel uncomfortable.

It saddens me that I get super scared and self conscious when walking past a group of guys…
The catcalling, the crude, inappropriate remarks- it’s just one of the most uncomfortable and undesirable situations ever, and it happened to me twice today.

There were a group of guys sitting on a bench adjacent to a sidewalk and they started pssst-ing(if that’s even a word) and when I didn’t respond, they started describing me and saying really sexual things and I legit got so terrified

I mean I was heading to a class today and these guys were staring at me since I came in and kept looking back at me and snickering… One even made a really nasty gesture and talked about “things they’d do”.

I felt so uncomfortable that I just walked out for a few minutes. Girls aren’t here for your entertainment and pleasure- we’re fucking people…

I’m so annoyed.

The Empire was the biggest power in the galaxy, and had been for a long time. It seemed to resemble the hydra in that way, for every head you cut off, every Death Star, every temple of the Sith, they came back stronger. Some of this had to do with the young girl at it’s helm, Kira Palpatine. Fire, destruction, and drama followed her footsteps.

The girl was crowned in white jewels that made her look pure compared to leather and black uniforms the rest of her crew, until she first executed someone in front of them. Up until that night, the nineteen year old had not been taken seriously, as a leader and as a person. That night, blood soaked her red dress and painted a picture that was unforgettable, and uncomfortably fascinating.

She was unforgettable, the fearsome mix of ambition, beauty, and ruthlessness could adapt in any situation and as many of the men and women she tossed out would have noted, she was sadistic. Something of a nightmare to the Rebellion and the Republic.

It was never enough. Kira Palpatine was never satisfied. When she was visiting a rather primitive planet, she acquired her best and most loyal advisor, Lumiya. The powerful Sith cyborg would help her in trials to come.

This trial seemed to test Lumiya’s nerves of steel the most, standing with the Empress with the prospect of being replaced on her mind. There was no doubt that the Empress could feel Lumiya’s doubts. She didn’t care. She never really seemed to care ab0ut her reservations.

“We’re here,” Winds whistled through the trees in the planet of Odessen. It was winter, and snow capped the tops of the trees and the mountains, the Empress was right at home. Her shoulders protected by a white cape with a black fur lining. “I can feel it,” The Force had become extremely tender over the years in which the two of them had worked together, but this planet was strong and harsh. Like her.

“Are you sure that you want to do this?” Lumiya asked.


“I mean, this is logistically, logically, emotionally, a very bad idea.” Kira rolled her eyes and headed down the hill they had landed on.

“The Empire needs a little extra ammunition, this will be good for us. For the troops.”

“Vaylin has killed every warm body who has landed on this planet ever since she was outcast by her mother,”

“Yeah, I remember the Eternal Empire, Lumiya. She almost wiped us out before I bought out most of her troops.”

“She won’t like that.”

“Vaylin and I have one thing in common, we both like power. I think she can put hard feelings aside.”


There were three things that Kylo Ren had learned when growing up. Number one, he was never going to be anyone’s favorite. His brother, Ben Solo was the prodigal child, everyone fawned over him when he’d come back from Jedi Training while Kylo had stolen away in the library and read until his mother found him the next day.

Number two, the Jedi were not the pure, good intentioned men and women they boasted about being. The Light Side of the Force was just a means of making these people feel better about themself. It wasn’t convenient or inherently good in his point of view. The point of the Force was a vast array of power that you could draw to better yourself and help other people. Not meditating in a grass meadow while everyone else got to fight.

Number three, the Empress respected him.

The first time they met, he was still a Jedi, and they were both bloody and injured on the field at Abraxim.

“You’re not one of them,” She’d said to him. He didn’t talk. “I won’t kill you,”


“Because I want you to come work for me, and my cause. You have great potential.”

“How old are, like ten?” It was a joke, but she didn’t take it as such.

“I’m eighteen, you nerfherder. Now are you going to help me win these grounds or shall I just kill everybody myself?”


Here is the first part of chapter one; A Small Thing Called Hope,

The tale of three Sith women and the Solo brothers.

As for request, @reylo-fanfics here is the rest of what I have right now.

I think I need to stop trying to prove myself to others and myself, concentrate on bettering myself. When I turned 21 I was able to put aside the fear and suspicion that no one really liked me and realise I had people in my life that genuinely cared about me and were happy to have me in their lives and I learnt to open up to them and be 100% myself with them. Maybe now I need to sort of accept myself too? I know I’m good at certain things and I know I’d make a great designer and have the potential to be successful. So maybe what I need to do is start believing those things too? I don’t need to prove anything to myself I am a good designer and I will do ok. More than ok. Once I can take that as a given life will become a lot easier.

Uhhhh basically I’m saying I’ve to let go of the fear of failure because it’s pointless to fear failure. It’s impossible for me to fail I’m too good at what I do

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i may have posted a link in the A breach of trust chat since we were talking about reigen’s tie, also the comic is perfect

I feel like I need to thank you openly for this so, god fucking damn it thank you for doing this