So, after @ozymandias271‘s thing on zoe quinn got called sociopathic apologia, and I finished having a meltdown because I didn’t expect to run into that this morning, I’m going to write it a longish thing and this is such a bad idea but I’m tired of seeing things that make me feel this way and not saying a fucking word. 

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I NEVER use this sideblog as much as i feel i should, so ! im gonna start using it for reblogs and stuff

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also more general stuff like. shit text posts and mayb more doodles/scribbles will go there so

he entertains the thought because of them

of normalcy. of pulling on his disguise for good, slipping into this role permanently and watch the world crumble to ruin at his feet if only to spend a lifetime with them.

these are idle thoughts, ones that linger like snowflakes before letting the blanket of sleep and dreams wash over him to keep him sane. but in those moments of the in between, with heavy limbs and still feeling weak and not like himself, he thinks how easy this role of ‘solas the apostate’ is. how easy it can be because he’s with them and it is that ease that makes this difficult.

he could play a wolf in sheep’s clothing. settle down. kiss their forehead. hold them close. watch them grow older though it is still a horrid thought how quickened these poor souls are but…

to feel their aged skin in his hands. to feel silken grey hairs between his fingers. to watch the weight of the world turn to creases in the corner of their eyes, the corners of their mouth, turning age up into a smile with bright gleaming eyes…knowing that they smile because of him and for him and with him…

these are the thoughts that sit heavy against his eyes as he lays down each night. and these are the thoughts that have him know how big of a mistake he has made in all this.

a wolf in sheep’s clothing is useless when he grows hungry for something more than the abundant grass at his feet. he will crave more. and it will be a ravenous hunger. and his heart shall burn for what he was set out to do from the very beginning of his awakening.

besides. they never were normal. it was a disaster from the very beginning to even think it could have been, no matter how brief.

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hey guys. I know that post like these can be annoying sometimes so I’m going to try to keep this as short as possible. My aunt has recently been diagnosed with cancer. The doctors say that, for now, she may be able to work a part time job, which won’t be able to cover medical expenses, and other things like rent and groceries. My aunt and her two kids are trying to raise some money so they can pay for the treatment my aunt needs and the other things listed above. If you can donate even a little bit, it would be very much appreciated. Every dollar counts. If you can’t donate, it would be nice if you could reblog this post, or share with your friends or family. Thank you.

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Спасибо @4667972312 .
Моя вредная привычка… Я долго думала над этим и пришла к выводу ,что моя вредная привычка - много думать . Я очень много думаю. Из-за этого моя голова болит ,почти каждый день . Моя голова взрвается и разрывается на части .
Еще я обладаю слабой концентрацией . Мне сложно сесть и сделать . Я делаю , если сроки поджимают . В моей голове ничего не остается ,иногда мне кажется,что она пуста . Я просто заучиваю материал .
Передаю : @m-blay