(I received several Anon asks this afternoon. I’m combining them into one post so as not to clutter your dash too much.)

Anon asked: “don’t be fake” okay but it’s hard pretending to not be sad when every fic you post gets almost no hits! I’m already being fake!

I want to crawl through this screen and give you the biggest hug imaginable (or handshake or fist bump or other action that fits your level of comfort). I would love for you to come off anon and message me links to your fics so I can read them. Again, I’m only one person, but… it’s a start?

Anon asked: So who are some writers you recommend? Who are some you’ve seen improve over time?

You can find my fic recommendations here and my Bookmarks on AO3. They aren’t always up to date, but they’re a good place to start with some of the fics/writers that I enjoy. Please keep in mind that my tastes may not match yours, however. Also, this post by @afangirlsplaylist is an excellent primer for some of the talents in our fandom. Every single one of our writers has improved over time. 

Anon asked: It’s easy for you to be Suzy Sunshine about this. Your first Rhink fic got so much attention. I don’t get why anyone would come to you looking for understanding about what it feels like to want validation as a writer.

I usually try to be diplomatic in my responses, but you understand that I’m human, too, right? If you don’t think that all of us who write look for validation in some form, you haven’t been paying attention to anything. I know for a fact that even some of the most popular writers in our fandom doubt themselves at some point. (I would not consider myself among that group of writers, for the record.) 

Some people liked Weekend Getaway; it’s true. But there are also plenty of other people who have messaged me to tell me that they think it’s cliched or badly written or overrated. I don’t publish every ask I receive, you know. Please don’t assume you know anything about my understanding of that need for validation.

anonymous asked:

why don't you like kathleen kennedy? shes the only female and she seems nice

it’s april 2017 and there are still people who dont know kk is a white demon

  • kk is an icon of white feminism.
  • when she doesn’t get involved directly, female characters’ looks get incredibly diverse (animated series or novels etc. although, we can’t say they treat women of color well.)
  • new female actresses who play lead roles, d ridley, f jones, and e clarke are all white brunette (just like her). this is my personal opinion but for me, f jones was the weakest part in rogue one because of her emontionless and soulless performance, but kk was the one who insisted on casting her and she’s very proud of it. we haven’t seen clarke’s performance in the upcoming han solo film yet but she’s already very famous for horrible eyebrow acting (even her fans admit it). tessa thompson and zoe kravitz, who also auditioned for clarke’s role, is obviously better than her.
  • (also, i think the rogue one novel was a bit better but the movie was… it focuses on the white woman, who didn’t care about the rebellion but only herself then becomes a hero. it’s not feminism when men of color are used to spotlight a white woman, especially when one of them has sacrificed everything for the rebellion from when he was a very young kid. when i heard jyn’s character was originally more like cassian i couldn’t stop groaning because THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH BETTER.)
  • ‘for some reason’ she keeps thinking white brunette women are the most ideal people to get the roles. even if she’s doing it unconsciously, it doesn’t change the fact that’s racism. she’s a racist.
  • and when you are a racist you can’t be a feminist because feminism means you support all the women.
  • she seems very passionate when she talks about rey and jyn but when it’s about other actors who are men of color she suddenly becomes silent?? and she talks about this “girl power” a lot but when it’s about races, ethnicities and diversity she doesn’t say anything? it’s always the directors who sat next to her who speak about it, or actors of color themselves. her “girl power” only involves white women and yet she said star wars represented the world. 
  • she was a producer of complete disaster : avatar the last airbender movie, where almost everyone got whitewashed, which means she learned nothing from her past.
  • @kyber-sphere replied:  Actually, she isn’t even a feminist. Every time someone asks questions about “girl power” in panels she gets obviously irritated. One time, she was even dismissive towards the person who asked it too.

I was gonna cheat on this day and just reblog something I made befo re but then this happened and now it cannot be undone i’m sorry

[PART 1]

Marichat May (Something Sweet) II

a friend who i’m very tactile with introduced me to her dog and he just!!! loved me instantly!!!!!! like literally it was like he’d known me his entire life. also, two weeks ago she came over for the first time and my dog had the same reaction to her. we discussed this and concluded her dog is probably used to my scent and vice-versa since we hug pretty much 50% of the time when we hang out

ANYWAY THIS GOT ME THINKING. maccachin’s reaction to meeting yuri is the Cutest, but like, it’s not common? not even for such a soft dog like macca? i’d understand a tail wig and whatnot but she litERALLY TACKLED&KISSED YURI’S FACE ALL OVER LIKE SHE WAS MEETING AN OLD FRIEND

and i’m just here like. um. what if maccachin had such a reaction because… she already knew yuri, in a sense? 

enters the banquet. if i’m sure of one thing, it’s that the Katsuki Fragrance™ got all over victor that night

so, what if victor came home from sochi and refused to wash his banquet clothes? what if he’d sleep with his nose buried in his jacket, because it still smelled faintly of yuri? what if maccachin noticed this, and realized whoever that scent belongs to, they are the one victor craves for? what if maccachin tackling yuri wasn’t just a “hello, i like you” thing and more of a “hello, i like your Musk™, and my dad does too. this makes you my new Other Dad. Dad #2, if you will” thing

TL;DR did u kno doges’ sense of smell is the bomb