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did someone say they share hotel rooms and push their beds together?? :0 I haven't really kept up in any recent interviews or anything with kubo

There’s nothing from an interview that officially confirms either point … but is the shared hotel room thing really up for debate?

I mean, do you just randomly shower in someone else’s hotel room and then sit there in a loosely-tied robe and slippers while you dry your hair?

(Sorry for the ugly screencap, but I had to brighten it to make the second suitcase more evident.)

You can see Victor’s suitcase in the lower left-hand corner, not to mention the gloves and scarf tossed onto the bed. (That looks like the same scarf we see Victor wearing in the beach scene with Yurio.)

And then there’s the matter of the obviously slept-in second bed. The sheets are pulled down.

There’s no denying that Victor and Yuuri shared this hotel room. We don’t need confirmation from Kubo-sensei on that.

Now the space-between-the-beds thing … I can actually understand if there’s doubt about that. Because in looking at that screencap above, there’s a definite gap there.

But then we see this a second later in the same scene.


It’s like the bed magically crawled over all on its own. Like it manifested consciousness and decided, “Hey, these boys need to cuddle,” and took matters into its own hands. Er, feet. (Legs?)

(Thank you, second bed. We appreciate your service.)

To me, this looks like two separate artists had different impressions about what was going on in this hotel room. I would definitely like Kubo-sensei to give her thoughts on this.

But come on. Have you ever seen hotel room beds arranged like that? There’s normally a night table between them. I did a previous post on the actual hotel this is based on, and they don’t even offer twin beds.

Ensure Them That They Are Loved Early

So I was just sitting here thinking randomly about how I used to get bullied as a kid in elementary being a young gay boy. I was always feminine so it was very obvious to everyone that I was gay although I never admitted to it naturally at that age, but I remember a few years ago my mother telling me about how I should have done this and said that, referring to the fact that I never told anyone in my family anytime I got picked on, beat up or even jumped at that yonger age. I lived in Gary at that time as a feminine gay boy under the age of 10 and I grew up with a house full of women, so to tell them that I got picked on at school and the reason why would have basically meant telling on myself (coming out/outing myself), which I obviously wasn’t ready to do at that age. Now all that time that I was a kid and even going into my teen years, adults and even teenagers would tell me how to speak and how to walk and act to be “less girly” I even remember our pastor pulling me to the side after church one day and telling me something along the lines of how I need to stop all that “girl stuff”, my mother whooped me once because I had clear nail polish on my nails, and my older cousins husband at a time teaching me how to “sit” on a couch more manly when me and my sister stayed with them out of town for a summer. Now those things happened at different times in my life but mostly between the ages 7-10. So I never cared about any of the masculine ways that people tried to teach me and it hurt being scolded for doing stuff that came naturally and things I liked that didn’t effect anyone other than myself, but growing up in Gary at that age I couldn’t say anything, I had to “stay in a child’s place”. Eventually time passed we moved from Gary still in Indiana but a much better safer city, long story short on this part I became more comfortable and loving of myself came out and then came out completely in high school, where I later came to terms my late sophomore year that I’m Transgender. So referring back to when I said that a few years ago my mother told me I should have said this and that yada yada about getting bullied and criticized when I was a kid, the thing about that statement is, no one can tell me (HERE COMES THE PROFANITY) what the fuck I “should have” said or done. Now as a 23 going on 24 year old TransAndrogynous woman, no one can tell me what I should have done when I was a child because for one the time has passed so should’ve, could’ve, would’ve and two none of these people who are still in my life now can put themselves in that position. As a heterosexual woman in her mid/late 30s at the time my mother was just that a heterosexual woman so she couldn’t possibly know how it felt to be in a gay boys shoes under the age of 10 living in the hood. None of the women in my family nor men for that matter could put themselves in my shoes so that I could have a solution, I was raised in a loving environment but that being said it still wasn’t an environment that was presented to me at that age as an environment where I can be myself and be comfortable and loved. At that age I didn’t think I could come out or just be myself because everybody always tried to get me to be something I wasn’t and I was too young to say anything because I thought I wouldn’t be loved anymore if everybody heard I was gay from my own mouth. So I feel like as a 23 year old TransAndrogynous who has surpassed being a gay boy and a gay teenage boy, how can you say, “You should have” with such ease as if you’ve been there and dealt with it? I know I’m not the only person who’s gone through this but I don’t believe it’s talked about enough and the issue with it is, these days everyone is having children left and right with no knowledge on what they could be possibly and/or truly raising. My grandmother used to always say “you never know what you’re having/raising”, yes people are having girls and boys but they don’t know nor do the consider that they could be having/raising a gay child, a trans child, a child that could be androgynous or a gender fluid child, or a child who considers themself to not have a gender etc. Very few to none of people actually consider these things, they just think I’m going to have a little girl or boy and he or she is going to have a husband or wife and happy happy joy joy 😞😒. It’s worse for the younger people who are having children because the majority of them don’t know themselves yet especially the young men, even a lot of people my age don’t and yet they are careless with bringing the future into this already cruel world with unknown intentions on whether or not they can love and support them when they turn out to be different from what they expected or wanted them to be. That’s where the issue starts so I say all of this to say, ensure children that they are loved regardless early on in their life, right from the beginning. If you aren’t going to love your child unconditionally no matter what then you shouldn’t have them (my personal opinion and belief). Why? Because once you have children it isn’t about you it’s about them, they need to know that they can truly come to you their parents and family with anything, it starts with you so why not show them that when they look back you’re going to be there with open arms, an open mind, and an open heart. My family raised me with love I’m not saying they didn’t but what they didn’t do is ensure me that no matter who I am and what I am that I was still loved and supported when I was a kid. Of course when I got older I found out and most of them gave me the “we knew” statement, and then the question is so why not come to me as a child and let me know that then? Why tell me now that I’ve already endured pain and hurt and decided I don’t give a fuck if you love me or not this is me, which people should possess that attitude but had I known as that gay feminine little boy in Gary so long ago that I could have liked boys while my family knew about it and that I could be myself and play with/collect Barbies and what not, things would have went much more different and somewhat smoothly in certain parts of my life, but I’m thankful that I got out of Gary at a young age because my mind opened. So if you have kids or want them tell your kids, any kids, show them and ensure them that they are loved no matter what early in their life because it’s supposed to be about them, after all The Children are the future, at least that’s what The Voice told me and I Believe it as she did. Royal LeBeau @morrisondauthor

When you


so like when paris starts quoting shakespeare at rory randomly, does she just see rory sitting on a bench and immediately think: “yes, i need to go quote a romantic sonnet at her. this will prove how much i hate her and will destroy her. with poetry. romantic poetry. man, do i ever hate this girl, who i really wanna quote romantic poetry at while standing way to close. hate is the emotion i feel when i’m near her. glad i’m str8″


Went to ‘Color Me Mine’, a paint your own bowls, plates, etc place. And I spent almost four hours there… no regrets. I think it turned out alright speaking that when I paint I am constantly playing a game of “Hide My Mistakes”. Can’t wait to see it when it’s glazed and finished


I’m sitting here watching YouTube videos and I just randomly realized that it’s been a while since I started watching Mark and Jack. It’s been nearly 2 years and it’s hard to believe that I started watching them both 10 million subscribers ago. Jack was at 3 million and Mark was at 5.

That just puts life in perspective for me. I can remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I first watched a Markiplier video. I remember exactly what I though when I first saw Jack appear in Mark’s GTA videos. I remember where I lived at the time, where I watched the videos, and what I was currently doing with my life then.

Since then we have all grown. I moved to another house, started a different career path that Mark and Jack both inspired me to pursue, and made so many more friends than I thought I would. The same goes to both Jack and Mark. They have both grown exponentially in character and content on YouTube and it’s amazing to see their communities grow along with them. There have been many good and bad times, but overall, I’m proud to be a part of these communities and I’m really excited to see what the future holds for all of us together :)


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Hi! So I have this story mapped out where the “villain” has a crush on the “hero”, and because of that begins to rein in his evil deeds and starts asking H for advice on how to use his powers for good. The problem I’m having is that I don’t know how to have the story start off with this guy as the “villain” without him coming across as an evil, empathy-less sociopath or something. Is there a way I could show that he’s just bored/temporarily mad with power? (Your blog is a blessing, by the way)

Well, to begin with, it’s important to understand that most villains have a goal and motivation just like the hero. They’re not just sitting in their tower of darkness and thorns, randomly using their powers for evil just because they can. Most of the time, there is a reason why they do what they do. It would be awfully hard to redeem a villain who is just evil for the sake of evil, or because they’re bored or temporarily mad with power. 

If you want a villain that’s likable or redeemable, giving them a motivation and a goal can actually be really helpful–because if you give them a sympathetic motivation, even if their goal isn’t great, you have an opportunity to make the hero and the reader sympathize with why they do what they do. For example, maybe the villain simply wants to defeat the kingdoms that united decades ago and killed his parents and siblings. Or, maybe he needs access to a resource hoarded by another kingdom, because this resource can be used to cure his cursed sister. Even if the hero and the reader can’t agree with the villain’s methods or end goal, if they can at least sympathize with why they’re doing it, you have a shot at creating a character who can be redeemed. 

Have a look at my post Making a “Villain Gone Good” Likable. This will help you build some sympathetic points into his character, which will further help you create a character that the hero and reader can sympathize with later on. :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question will not be answered. :)


Selfies! Selfies! OOOH YEAH! I have been living in Germany for about two weeks now (I’m going to miss it when I leave) its so breathe taking I can’t believe my eyes! The only downside?…..my skin isn’t use to this much cold…my hands and face are dry which can be annoying at times but that’s okay because GERMANY OH MY!! I’m going to try to go to the Black Forest (its actually a for sure thing) I would like to go to Berlin but I honestly don’t think I have the money for that…even though I not that far away from it but we’ll see!

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This is probably totally random, but how do they set up their house? Do they do the thing where the furniture matches the walls matches the curtains and everything is in a set, or do they do the thing where literally nothing goes together?

All their furniture is from a set but then they’ve really made the place their own through their decorating (does that make sense?) like the place could be really cold and boring but they really put their own personalities on the place. I feel like it’s a little messy here and there but it’s organised mess. Also there’s lot’s of book piles just randomly sitting around the apartment because they really need to go out and buy another bookcase. This is a really bad description I’m sorry I’m just bad at describing things like this that i see in my head. 

Dating them at Hogwarts would include...

I will keep up with the imagines soon, I promise! But in the middle of exams and Norways national day (today hurray!!) I’ve been really busy, so have some headcanons! 


  • Being a really obvious couple, right from the start
  • Him being a really proud type of boyfriend, wanting to show you off
  • Always eating breakfast and dinner together 
  • Hogsmeade dates at Madam Puddifoots, acting like all the other couples and nearly dying of laughter 
  • Honeydukes!!! 
  • Both of you playing quiddich, being both supportive and competitive at the same time  
  • Snape having to tell you to keep your hands off each other in class 
  • Sending notes and paper airplanes in class when separated 
  • Making out in the common room
  • A really fun and relaxed relationship, making people really like you as a couple (even most professors) 


  • Trying to keep the relationship a bit private at first 
  • Sneaking out after curfew to meet up and just hang out 
  • “Randomly” sitting together at dinner, holding hands under the table 
  • Slowly making your relationship public, not bothering with secrets anymore 
  • Him walking you to your classes, proudly holding your hand
  • Still sneaking out at night to get some time to yourself even if it’s just in the common rooms 
  • Going on a lot of walks around the Black Lake 
  • Studying together, helping him with his weaknesses, and him heling your with yours 
  • Sneaking away between classes for some private time 
  • Honestly to make out in broom closets 
  • Being hella nervous whenever the other one is playing quiddich, but being supporting 
  • Being known as the cute, but slightly private couple, and being fine with that 

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If (when..lol) I'll date harry i think i would just randomly visit his woredrobe and just sit there with all of his clothes and he'll ask me what I'm doing there but i would just hug all of his weird shirts and black jeans and warm coats

I’d probably have a mini fashion show, haha! Like, he’d be out at work in the studio, or, he’d be in his office with the order that he was “going to be in the office all day so don’t bother me”. And, I’d cease that as my opportunity to try on all his funky-patterned shirts and his sunglasses and his hats and I’d take photos of my myself, haha!

And, it’ll only get more better when Harry would show his face around the door, asking what I wanted for lunch, and see what was happening. And all his work would be thrown out the window (figuratively not literally!) so he could join me in a mini fashion show for the two of us, haha. xx


so my boyfriend is Asian and we’re sitting on the couch. He just randomly lightly grabs my eyelid and then suggests an alternate world where he is an Asian villain going around stealing eyelids saying “if i cant have them, no one can!”. 

we had a good laugh. 

i like to think that if anyone ever brings up the “you’re not allowed to fall in love with me/won’t be a problem” exchange, it’s amy. i like to think that jake and amy would be having a quiet night in (watching house hunters) and the memory will just randomly come to her. and she’ll just be sitting there grinning like an idiot in love. jake will ask her “babe, whatcha smiling about?” and she’ll just bring up the bet and how she said she would never fall in love with him and now here they are, nearly two years later, in love with one another and blissfully happy and how it makes HER incredibly happy. and jake will just have the dopiest smile on his face and just agree with everything she’s saying, no teasing, nothing. just happiness.

“They’re gonna look at your employment record.”

Randomly told mom that I’m not just sitting here goofing off I’m working on my schoolwork. Somehow she turns that into something else. “I just care about you and it’s not wrong.” Did I say it was wrong? No. I was just telling her I was on top of everything so she doesn’t worry anymore than she always does. And then she goes further saying that people in the academic world are going to look at my employment record and think bad of me because I work at Starbucks. I let that convo die and I didn’t say anything. Are people in the academic world really going to look at my employment history? Can they legally do that? Do they care? Great, now I’m worried. I mean, I think she’s bonkers for thinking that way but on the other hand I really hope she’s not right.