kikyo and kagome from inuyasha are kinda, almost like kid trunks and future trunks..

kagome is kikyo’s reincarnation. kikyo is from a feudal era in japan and kagome is from modern day tokyo.

and kid trunks and future trunks are practically the same person. one from our modern day time, and one from the future.

just a random thought :D

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‘Supernatural Convention’

Dean hated the fact that he was here. He hated that he was dressed in a leather jacket with a fake ‘samulet’ around his neck and a stupid container of salt in his hand. He hated that Sam had talked him into this. He hated even more how at home he felt.

The fifth annual Supernatural convention was bustling around him. Everywhere he looked he could see someone dressed as someone he used to know. It should’ve made him feel weird, but all he could do was smile and relive some old memories. His favorite so far was a young man who was dressed as Jo, it made his heart soar to think that someone who really loved the character could take the time to recreate that person.

Sam had lured him here under the impression that there was a hunt. But instead it seemed that Sam signed them up for a panel. Dean was livid about having to speak in front of people, especially pretending to be some random guy acting as ‘Dean Winchester’. It made his head hurt but he was still here, still walking toward the room where he would be speaking.

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Birthdays got put on hold a lot. There were constantly more important issues: reapers, saren, reapers, collectors, reapers, the council, reapers, the illusive man, reapers, cerberus, reapers. Issues that made a cake, a gift or two, a silly song and a wish seem completely unimportant. Every year that it passed Shepard marked it off their calendar, holding their tongue and thanking anyone who remembered in private. It was not a celebration, a happy day or, at least, a day off, it became, instead, any other day.
A mission, a task, a goal. An enemy (or a few hundred) and a victim. Achievable. Manageable.
It became something they were so used to that when there was finally peace they almost had forgotten what to do on that day. They had no mission, they had no enemy. Their life was simple and mundane and peaceful.
When their birthday first crept around they stayed quiet, out of habit if nothing else. Shepard had underestimated their friends. The shadow broker, an AI, various captains, commanders and admirals, and even just friends who had fought by their side for years, were more than able to know when their birthday was.
Shepard was still in hospital when it happens, a large chunk of the citadel falling on you really can do some damage, surprisingly enough. They anticipated a nurse sneaking them an extra piece of jello, or a super fan sneaking in a birthday card. They didn’t expect to be woken by a nurse yelling that there’s a limit to how many visitors were allowed in a patients room at a time, a limit that had been surpassed about 12 guests ago. Shepard was greeted by their entire Normandy crew. Gifts and cards and hugs were presented to them with smiles and laughs and jokes. The nurse yelling that ‘krogans hug too hard and if Grunt doesn’t stop immediately he’ll be removed’, alongside the new rib injuries they gained from Grunts defiant rebellion against said nurse served as a desperately needed reminder that Shepard did in fact have a family, who were, without a doubt, there for them. As long as Shepard had a family, people they can protect and love, Shepard still had a purpose besides the Reapers. Joker placed a cake in front of Shepard with wobbly icing letters, EDI played a ‘Happy Birthday’ recording without the singing while everyone loudly sang the words (even if some of the non-humans messed up a lyric or two), Shepard blew out the candle and made a wish.
I wish that I’ll never have to lose my family.


Danny and Lula!

KnB x Gaming Lingo
  • Kuroko:The Glass Canon - fragile child that's so OP, you'll probably lag
  • Kise:Needs to be nerfed - when you think he couldn't become anymore broken *Ignite Pass Kai your ass* you were wrong.
  • Midorima:The bot - 3 pointers for days
  • Murasakibara:The tank - punch him and it'll tickle
  • Aomine:The Farmer - does it for the luls
  • Akashi:DPS - hurts everyone for long periods of time (bc shit man, you did a toll on Kuroko for a year you bastard).
  • Kagami:OP - rekt all of those above

Frustrated at losing all of his friends in the space of an hour, Matteo weaved through the different groups of people, his red cup threatening to spill. He wasn’t drunk - well, to be honest, he wouldn’t admit the obvious, not in this state. It was probably for the best to be away from people right now because, as Alex knew, a drunken Matt led to honesty, and that wasn’t always what people wanted to hear.

He eventually settled just for leaning against a wall and looking out at the people, trying to see if he could spot anybody he knew, when he felt a presence next to him. He turned his head in bewilderment, hardly able to concentrate on the person, but managed a goofy grin.

“Hey, how’s it goin’?”

I know a lot of people are against it but I really do ship Dany and Jorah. Like I understand there is a age difference and Dany is young but the thing is Jorah loves her and I know he would never hurt her. I don’t even really see him viewing her in a sexual way, more like this amazing person he admires, respects and just loves. Idk but when he finally admitted his feelings for her I cried and I just, I just love Jorah so much okay. He’s so fucking amazing.