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What if the Day of the dead was coming up, and back at home Lance use to celebrate it and put candles up for his dead father (any relative really.) and so the holiday is coming soon, and the past few days is him in his room singing folk songs, lighting up candles, and holding a picture of said relative. Idk just random thought-

As someone who celebrates day of the dead, I love this; if you don’t know im half mexican half white, i know shocker considering my white ass skin

Okay, but does he make pan de los muertes? Does he celebrate how my family does (idk if thats how others celebrate it, I learnt everything from my abuelito so….) and puts up a kind of shrine to honor those that have died? Does he make sugar skulls?

And now, imagine that Lance gets told off for messing around by Allura and he just calmly explains too her what Day of The Dead is and she’s like, “I’m sorry for snapping.. can I maybe join?”- because let’s be real, this girl would probably want too honor her father. And then Coran joins, to honor his son. And then Keith, for his mom, and slowly everyone joins in. And Lance is so happy, because not only are they celebrating Lance’s culture but they’re all honoring their families as well. 

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Congrats on the 1k! \o/ For the special celebratory AU... how about a generic coffee shop AU? Because I will go down with them. Just like with this blog ~<3

i freaking love coffee shop aus omg i even started a yuuri on ice coffee shop au– but i am so bad at writing regularly oops

also hey ho guess who’s alive despite finals and anxiety and depression whoop whoop

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  • okay so
  • we all know Zen would be that incredibly attractive barista
  • who just casually flirts with like. everyone
  • and gets 23420349302 phone numbers a day
  • Yoosung is the new kid who’s still learning
  • and wants to achieve that level of being lusted after someday lol
  • he’s smol and cute and envious when someone he thinks is attractive is busy flirting with Zen AGAIN
  • Jumin is the owner and Jaehee is the manager who basically does all of the fucking work holy shit Jumin can u pls help this poor woman
  • Jumin tried to make it a cat café but Zen threatened to quit and then they’d lose like half their customers who are lowkey only here to stare at Zen so the plan was never carried out
  • Saeyoung was 100% for having it a cat café but alas
  • he also tried to get Jumin to make it into a maid café
  • and showed up in a maid outfit once
  • tried to get Yoosung to wear one too but Jaehee intervened
  • Saeran is in charge of the ice creams
  • he had to work on his self-control at first so that he wouldn’t eat all the ice creams
  • why is it so fun to say ice creams instead of ice cream omg
  • Jaehee is not only the manager, oh no
  • she’s also the pastry chef
  • when she makes cupcakes everyone d i e s bcs they are SO GOOD
  • V helps her out with that
  • let’s say he’s not blind for this one ok bcs otherwise it would be kinda difficult for him to decorate the pastries
  • and he is so good at decorating omg
  • #aesthetic
  • Saeyoung is also a barista but he sort of helps out wherever he can lol
  • not that Saeran or Jaehee really want his help
  • he used to be in charge of music but got yelled at after playing Fergalicious like a billion times in a row
  • he also used to be in charge of the tv screen that usually plays the news or soccer games or just random videos of nature idk some cafés have those
  • BUT then, as we can all expect,
  • he played the bee movie
  • and now he’s not allowed to even breathe the air around the tv screen
  • so eventually they let Yoosung choose the videos and music bcs he has the most “normal” taste out of everyone
  • no Jumin we are not gonna listen to a song made up entirely out of cat sounds
  • so it’s all very chaotic but at the same time it also feels like a big family??
  • and the customers love it bcs it’s such a wonderful mess and there’s no stress and hey that rhymed
  • it’s a very nice atmosphere and it’s a lot of fun to listen to these nerds bickering
  • honestly a café run by the RFA… i could die happily after visiting that place lol
Hay Fever

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Harry hasn’t been this sick in a while and it’s all because he didn’t treat his symptoms. Now he has his ex taking care of him but he hasn’t had the chance to forget her. He doesn’t know what’s sadder – the reunion or his sickness. Loads of fluff/happy ending. Read part two here: http://harryforvogue.tumblr.com/post/156855035375/fever-for-you

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Random thought: Camila said in a recent interview that she ran in the person that inspired IHQ in the studio while she was recording the album. Get this, she left 5H right? But they're still under the same record label? So if she was in the studio recording her album; LAND might have been there too considering they're working on 5H3 as well right? She might have run in with L. Idk just random midnight thoughts. I literally had to reboot my laptop bc of this thought lol.

It’s a good thought sweets, I’m happy you rebooted your laptop for it 😂