I walked out of [Jurassic Park] with what I thought was a full understanding of genetics. Basically, I knew that if I found my own chunk of amber with a mosquito in it, the likelihood is I could go up in my room and whip out a T-Rex. 

Hundreds of mostly Syrian refugees have begun marching to the Austrian border after being prevented from boarding trains to Germany in the Hungarian capital Budapest.

Authorities appeared to be allowing groups of refugees to make the 170km journey to the border crossing on Friday amid tense scenes across the country.

Al Jazeera’s Andrew Simmons, reporting from near the M1 and M7 motorways outside Budapest, said authorities appeared to be helping the refugees make the journey despite fears the road would be blocked.

“There are hundreds of people who have marched something like 10km from the centre of Budapest from the rail station to here…they say they have no option but to do this.

"It may sound far fetched but they’re intent on reaching the border.

"The refugees were panicking because they thought the motorway had been blocked off…that road-block was in fact there to help them rather than hinder them.”

Simmons said Hungarian volunteers were laying out water bottles to help the refugees marching in sweltering conditions. (x)

i raised you from perdition
to be god’s ammunition
and now you need some rest
so i will do what’s best

Its so confusing because Taehyung looks like a little baby but he has a voice deeper than RapMon’s tweets, and Jimin looks super rugged and has a straight up 10 pack yet his voice is higher than I get when he shows his abs