The Cesaires are adopting!!

Everyone seemed to be on board for adopting another kid, so here we go! The most popular opinion was a boy and age was kind of all over the board so I decided to just go with child. Mostly because I dont feel like dealing with another infant. 

For those of you who play the sims, you know that adoption allows you to pick from a selection of nine children. This is who I got:

…needless to say I’m kind of regretting the mod I installed to give sims unnatural skin colors because now 90% of the sims in their world have rainbow complexions. 


The was one precious (human-looking) boy to choose from, so please welcome Dominique to the Cesaire family! <3


One of my favorite things about Bangtan is all the love you can literally feel between them. It’s felt across borders, across oceans, across language and cultural barriers. Their love for one another is so amazingly and beautifully tangible. It’s evident; clear as crystal, bright as day. We see it in the way they treat each other. Respectfully and mindfully as coworkers. With care and with love as friends, brothers even. Seeing them successful, healthy, and happy doing what they love. Watching these sweet, sweet petals blossom together…I just really, really love it.


I have a bunch of caps I took from gta vids and never posted–normally I’d try and put them in some sort of rhyme or reason order, but I wanna clear out my folder, so just have them in whatever order they’re on my folder o/
These’re from Let’s Play – GTA V – VIP Free Roam!  Please enjoy the hispter sweater gents.


as of now, unless otherwise stated, diana is married to jim paine in mainverse interactions, and has been for a few years at this point.

they reunited in 2010, and after a lengthy conversation and some slightly awkward dates, they decided to give it another shot. that time around, diana didn’t have the lingering thought in the back of her mind telling her there was something better out there waiting somewhere…which was what held her from staying when jim proposed the first time. she still hadn’t been quite ready to settle down for good, and since marriage has always been a “one and done” kind of deal for her, the notion of it terrified her. she simply wasn’t ready yet. but after a few years she matured, and recognized that jim was it. and she figured she wasn’t getting any younger. so after several months jim tried asking her again, since he’d seen a visible change in her demeanor from the last time they were dating. to him, her heart seemed to be really in it this second time. and of course, she said yes. (big surprise, right?)

now because of this, just as a natural kind of…thing, she’s become more approachable. she is still sarcastic, but just as her form of humor, rather than a defense mechanism to shut people out. diana smiles more. she’s probably a lot nicer to be around, too.

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Just imagine Diana's s/o meeting the parents. But Diana was raised by every amazon on themyrica. S/o is just really nervous because she really wants to impress the people who raised this beatiful goddes

s/o is literally just going woman-to-woman like, ‘hi hello i’m your daughter’s partner’, ‘hey i’m diana’s partner’, ‘hey!’ and they’re all so excited. to see her. thEir princess!! is in love!! 

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You're on, like, all the time and I love it

I’m not haha, I’m just setting up a queue for each day so the pictures will be posted regularly every 10 minutes

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