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You know your 'Summer Traveling Essentials' post? What would you suggest for traveling during the other seasons?

anon, i love you so much for this ask. so, so much. just picture that one happy tennant gif and know that’s the face i made upon reading this.

spring travel essentials:

  • hardcover copy of The Secret Garden
  • vanilla or lilac perfume
  • long silk scarf
  • several pairs of sandals (to be kicked off for barefoot adventures)
  • earl grey tea sachets
  • rose lip balm
  • picnic basket, just in case
  • bottle of St. Germaine

fall travel essentials:

  • snuggly blanket scarf 
  • tin of Van Houten cocoa powder
  • knee high boots
  • jar of cinnamon sticks
  • ceramic travel mug (for cocoa & handwarming)
  • bonfire-scented candle
  • dark plum lipstick
  • bottle of honeyed whiskey

winter travel essentials:

  • cashmere gloves
  • box of small ornaments
  • at least 10 sweaters
  • assorted candy canes
  • smartly tailored coat
  • 2 bottles champagne & coupe glasses (1 reserved for New Years)
  • jewel-tone flannel pajamas
  • honey scented hand cream

i really want to draw Bahorel, Feully and Jehan baking but my art skills aren’t up to the challenge so pelase just stop for a moment and picture the three of them in a kitchen, Bahorel’s covered in flour and holding a mixing bowl, Jehan is sitting cross-legged on the counter, trying to reach forward because they want a taste of the batter, Feuily’s laughing at them and pulling different icing colors out of the cabinet. everyone is warm and happy

thank you for your time

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Afdfsafsf the poster is so ugly like they just clustered all the characters into one picture without even arranging them in a way that it makes sense I'm floored this is ridiculous

Some dude pinned a big piece of paper to the wall and handed kevin feige like 50 darts with all the different character names taped to them and he just threw them blindly at the wall and wherever the dart landed that’s where the character would be edited in

This is a part two of the [LawLicht cooking gone terribly wrong] fanfic I wrote because I just pictured the glorious mess the aftermath would be where Hyde will have to face Licht’s parents.

“You really are a handful, Lichtan.” Hyde chuckled to himself as he gently lowered Licht into his bed. They finished celebrating his mother’s birthday and Licht fell asleep on the couch due to jetlag and a few too many drinks. He had to carry him up to his room but it was a small blessing to Hyde rather than a chore. He was certain that Licht wouldn’t be holding onto him if he was awake.

As he pulled a blanket over Licht, he was tempted to join him in bed but thought better of it. Still, Hyde was greedy so he sat on the edge of the bed and stayed a little longer than he should’ve. Careful not to wake him, he ran his fingers through his hair. He looked around Licht’s childhood room and chuckled at the unusual arrangements of things that littered his room: books filled with fairy tales, posters of shounen protagonists, piano trophies and stuff animals.

It was an unconventional combination but they were undoubtedly what made Licht who he was today; his delusional angel with a head full of fairy tales and the strength to stay true to his principals. The only thing stranger than the man was how deeply Hyde fell in love with him. He certainly never intended to but he couldn’t imagine himself without him now.

“Goodnight, Licht.” Hyde leaned down to kiss his temple. When he left the room, he closed the door behind him as quietly as he could. It was late and he thought that everyone was asleep so he was surprised to see a light stream up the stairs. Thinking that someone left the lights on, he went downstairs to turn it off.

He was surprised to find Licht’s mother eating the angel food cake Licht made her in the kitchen. Hyde quickly debated if he should go back upstairs before she saw him or not. After his parents caught them in the kitchen, he had been awkwardly trying to avoid speaking to them alone. Throughout the party, he could feel Licht’s father glaring at him. His mother seemed more kind but he still didn’t know what to say to her.

Unfortunately, Hyde couldn’t decide what to do before Licht’s mother noticed him in the hallway. “You can’t sleep either, Hyde? Come in and have a cup of tea with me. I was hoping to talk to you but we never had a chance at the party. Sit down!”

She was beaming at him so Hyde hesitantly entered the kitchen. He sat down at the table as she fetched a cup for him. “Umm… Happy birthday again, Mrs. Todoroki. You really don’t need to do this for me since it’s your special day and I’m not that thirsty.”

“Of course I have to! You’re the first boyfriend Licht has ever brought home so you’re practically family already.” She waved away his protest with a wide smile. Her smile full of kindness reminded him of Lily and he relaxed a little. She placed a cup in front of him and she sat across from him. “Now tell me everything! How did you meet Licht? When did you start dating? I can’t believe my little angel found himself a significant other already! He really is growing up.”

“First, I need to apologize about how you caught us… I know what it looked like but I want you to know that I love him and I’m going to treat him right.” Hyde couldn’t look up from the cup to face her. Then, he heard a warm laugh and was surprised by his mother’s sincere expression.

“Is that why you were nervous all day? Don’t worry about it. You’re both eighteen and I think it’s wonderful how passionate and in love you two are. Of course, I’d like you two to be careful next time and lock the door. I had to stop my husband from getting the gun. It was a shock for him because Licht is his little angel but he’ll warm up to you.”

She laughed but Hyde could only groan at her words. It seemed like his father would be much harder to win over than his mother. He took a sip of his tea and dreaded how the next morning would play out. She saw the hesitation on his face and clapped her hands to get his attention.

“Don’t look so scared. I’ll help you. Every parent just wants to know that their angel has found someone that would cherish them. So, lets rehearse what you’re going to say to him.” She deepened her voice and tried to imitate her husband. “Tell me about yourself Hyde.”

“I’m Hyde…” He started but then he quickly trailed off. It was a simple question to others but he didn’t know how to answer it. Hyde wanted to be honest but he knew that they could never accept him if he did.

“And you’ve already failed. My husband will never think you’re right for our little Licht if you hesitate like that. If you’re so unsure about yourself, how can you be strong enough to protect the people you love? Where were you born? What is your family like? What did you do before you met Licht? It’s not an interrogation but we want to get to know the person Licht fell in love with.”

“I was born in the UK.” Hyde decided to tell her pieces of the truth. “I have a big family but after our father died, I lost touch with them and wondered around the world a lot. I did a lot of odd jobs while I backpacked through a bunch of countries. But I saved up a lot of money so I can support him and I reconnected with my family! I’m not making a good impression, am I?”

“When Licht said he was bringing home someone special, you weren’t what we expected.” She admitted but was quick to add. “That’s not inherently a bad thing though. Go on and tell me more.”

“I didn’t want to settle down until I saw Licht. It was a little hard but I managed to get him to hire me as his servant of sorts. Since then, its been my job to serve and protect him even if he doesn’t want my help sometimes.” Hyde felt a little guilty because he knew that most of the dangers they faced were because of him. “We’ve been through a lot and he saved me more times than I can count. I love him.”

“Our Licht really is something special,” She smiled and Hyde nodded in agreement. “Let’s see how well you know him. Can you give me ten things you love about him?”

“Only ten? I can give you a thousand reasons and it’ll only be ten percent of the list.” Hyde said confidently and there was a warm light in his eyes now. The soft smile on his face told her how much he loved Licht more than words could. “People always say that it’s his piano that’s the most angelic part of him but those people obviously never seen him smile. Now there’s a real gift from the heavens.”

Hyde leaned forward and continued. “I remember the first time I saw him smile. We were in France and I dragged him to this famous crepe shop. The moment he bit into the melon crepe, his eyes lit up like stars! It was just adorable how Lichtan went on to describe it too. Sometimes, I wished that he would bless me with that smile more but I love his anti-social side too. You really need to earn his respect and friendship.”

“He gets that from his father. ‘You can’t depend on weak hearted people when you’re in trouble. Find people who work hard to reach their dreams like you do!’ He would always say. But he really means well when he said it because he only wanted Licht to have the best of everything.” She said but there wasn’t a hint of judgement in Hyde’s eyes.

“I love that he doesn’t settle. He might have high standards for others but he has higher standards for himself. There are some nights he’ll get so into his practice that I’d have to drag him into bed with me. Wait, we only slept and nothing else.” Hyde quickly added with a blush and she giggled. “I’ll phase that better when I talk to his father.”

“That might be for the best.” She agreed with a small laugh. “So, you love Licht’s smile, his anti-social tendencies, his dedication and what else?”

“His soft heart. Have Licht ever told you about the time we went to the zoo?” Hyde asked and she shook her head. “Well, you’re in for a treat! He just melted when he saw the bunnies in the petting zoo. I have some pictures on my phone. This one with him petting Mr. Sheep is my favourite.”

As Hyde continued to tell her stories, his mother couldn’t help but smile at his enthusiasm. The love in his eyes and voice was clear. When Licht told her that he fell in love with a reformed demon, she was a little worried. But, now that she spoken with Hyde, she was more confident in Licht’s choice. She loved Licht to death but she knew that he could be a little difficult and someone like Hyde might be best for him.

She noticed a little movement in the hallway and turned to see Licht standing at the bottom of the stairs. His face was burnt crimson so she knew that he had been listening to their conversation. Hyde didn’t seem to notice him yet so she prompted, “You said that you could name more than ten things you love about Licht. How about you give me twenty more?”

“I can sing his praises all night,” and Hyde did. The entire time he didn’t realize that Licht was in the other room, becoming more embarrassed with every story. His mother watched the two, immensely amused.

There’s not much content of Licht’s parents but these panels of them [here] just made me fall in love with them.

TalesFromRetail: "I don't know, that's your job."

I used to work at the service desk of a major retailer. A young woman came in to return an electronic item priced well over $100. She was the pretty and likes to buy things type (I’m just trying to paint the picture). Me: ME. Young lady: YL.

ME: Do you have your receipt?

YL: No.

ME: Okay do you remember how you paid for it?

YL: No.

ME: Well this item is above our limit for store credit. I can’t do anything without a receipt.

YL: Can you check if I paid with a credit card?

ME: Yes! If you have the card I can look it up if you bought it within the last 90 days.

I then proceed to swipe her cards and checking. I got nowhere which means it was either past 90 days or it wasn’t purchased with any of her credit cards.

ME: I’m sorry, it doesn’t look like it was bought with any of these cards.

At this point she starts getting really pissy.

YL: I know I bought it with a card! Can’t you look up which card!?!

ME: I can’t do that. If you had a receipt I’d know which card it was.

YL: Can’t you look it up in the computer!?!

At this point I was really confused about what she was asking me to do. I even made the WTF face.

ME: How? I have nothing to go off of.

YL: Can’t you use the bar code to look up my purchase!?!

ME: Ma'am that’s not possible. We don’t keep records like that.

YL: Can you at least try!?!

ME: How would you suggest I start looking that up?

YL: I don’t know, that’s your job!

That’s right it was my job. I told her everything I needed, of which she brought none. The rest of the conversation has been blocked from my memory because of the sheer rage I felt. It was like arguing with a wall. She believed that the bar code on the box was somehow attached to the record of her transaction AND her credit card number. I need two points of reference to draw a line to the money. The item is one. A receipt or credit card is the other. Of course my manager was called over. There was nothing we could do because that was a big box item. She took her box and stormed out. She was not happy.

By: LordBowler423

The unmarried fundie women make efforts to always look so put together. Then when they get married they completely give up the act. Just look at recent pictures of Jill and Jessa compared to Jana and Laura.

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(Most noticeable feature of your art) for me it would have to be how much CHARACTER just your style alone has. Instead of just the picture itself telling a story or creating a scene, your art style adds an entire new layer in and of itself. Its unique, you, and just right

i kept this in my ask for a while cu z i loved it so much thank u,,,so much

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When will we see a pic of you again it's been sooo long

um, i don’t know, i guess just like this post if you want to see another. oh! if you’d like i did happen to make a spam account of instagram where i was just going to rant and post pictures that i didn’t post on my main instagram, so if you’d like to get the @ for that just im me!

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I have a fetish for veiny arms and hands (especially jungkooks arms and sugas hands) and you just rebloged a bunch of pictures of kooks arms and I'm here looking at it trying to calm myself down

It’s because i said yesterday that i have the same fetish and now they are torturing me all the way 🙄🙄🙄 the only difference for me it’s basically HANDS/ARMS, I don’t care about veins and stuff i can just look at peoples hands for hours jesus. But yeah, jungkook and yoongi…. and ffs tae! His hands are huge…. okay I’m not okay now.

I replied “Thank you but your blog is nsfw so please do not interact”, waited a few minutes to give him a chance to reply (he didn’t), and then blocked him so this isn’t too serious, however my blog description has my age (16) so he knows I’m a minor and it also states not to interact if nsfw/cgl etc., plus I’ve just checked his blog and it has pictures of minors??? I don’t think there’s anything explicit of them but ?????? So I just wanted to warn people

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you receive quite the asks, friend


I try to answer all of them that I can. For a long time this blog didn’t breathe. It just was pictures. I didn’t reach out or engage.

I want to reach out and talk to as many of you as possible. Of course, if you want to. I’ll be honest and open ~