JAEJOONG’S ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE: *almost naked jumps into the fountain with ice cream.*
AND THEN: Yunho needs to do this. You have to be naked and hydrated so this ice bucket will be perfect for you.
YUNHO: You know Jaejoongie, I’ll do everything for you, but fuck with this “stay hydrated” thing! I’m cold and naked…
YOOCHUN: Hyung? Who told you, that you have to be naked? 
JAEJOONG: *runs*

But what you need to understand is that clothing is clothing and if you wear only the bare minimum or you wear many layers it’s still just clothing and it doesn’t mean anything it’s just covering the parts our bodies that we wanna keep covered and if someone reveals more of their body than you’d feel comfortable doing just let them do it because obviously they’re comfortable doing it because they are and it’s just the amount of clothing they felt like wearing


I can’t e VEN 

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