anonymous asked:

Hey i need a new backround fir my phone and your have some hella cite photos;;; any suggestions????? 🌟

I have film photos of meg and I as my phone background because let’s be honest, dream girl alert ! I would totally recommend actually, it fits nicely against the apps!!!
Otherwise I vibe random funny little photos or drawings you find on the internet, ones that read as fairly angry to display your inner chaos but are actually just a humorous joke that u giggle at a lot! Or soft backgrounds, I had that photo of “Be a Poem” as my background for quite a while, though I can’t say it worked much to inspire me, perhaps? Meg has satin sheets as her background which is cool because it looks like rolling around a bed when you flip between screens. Grass and plants are lovely too, so soothing ! I recommend the lot, to be perfectly honest !