I don’t know if anyone else is into AHS, but I’ve been watching Murder House today, and it’s official - I’m in love with Tate Langdon 🙊👻

I made these just because I was a little bored, and I needed a new lock screen for my phone 🎃 If anyone uses these, please reblog or message me ❤️


Aqours 3rd Years (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

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‘Baby it’s cold outside’

Not even Levi can resist a little smile when the snow starts to fall, something about the serenity and quiet that it brings which lifts his heart every time.

This started as a line drawing doodle to pass the time, then I added some colour and then this happened. I needed pink cheeked and red nosed Levi in the snow. Reference used for background out of laziness.

Happy New Year!

My thoughts on SPN episode 12x04:

  • So far, so disturbing.
  • Aw yay phone call with Cas <3 
  • OMG Dean asking his mom if he shouldn’t call her mom is BREAKING MY HEART *cries for ten years*
  • Cas + Crowley = the angel/demon crime solving duo everrrrrr
  • AH yes. Back to the Dean who doesn’t deal with feelings or talk about his issues. Back to normal *side eye for dayzzzz*
  • Dean being eager to shoot people doesn’t make me happy :(
  • YAAAAASSSSSSS to the sweaters!!!!!
  • Dean climbing over the gate while Sam just casually walks around it is my new favorite scene LOL .
  • ooooo black helmet motorcyclist… mysterious! 
  • Sam is so fucking badass, I love him to pieces. You tell ‘em, Sam! 
  • Wow. Dean’s instincts are SO OFF this episode. Mary leaving really messed him up :( 
  • Yup. Humans being creepy as fuck. 
  • LOL to the background on Sam’s phone.
  • Sam needs to stop getting captured yo.
  • Ummmm… lady, no one else is eating dinner after that bullshit. ELIJAH DON’T DO IT! 
  • Oh, hey Dean. Welcome back to the show. 
  • Sam is so wise. 
  • But like why did Beth need to talk to Dean? What went down off screen between them??? HmmmMMMMMM??????

In conclusion: Sam is so very wise. And strong. And brave. And great <3 

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