what is dodie yellow

recently, many of us have been begging the question: is it dodie yellow though? today i am here to solve this conundrum, this question plaguing a generation. today i am here with dodie’s twitter opened and actively not doing my homework just so that we can say definitively, “this is dodie yellow.”

ok so because most of our interactions with this elusive color are on twitter, that’s exactly where we’ll start. first of all, this reply

i put the second one into one of those hex code from image things and got this

problem solved, right? this is dodie yellow, however ugly and brown it may seem, the facts don’t lie, but wait there's more! in another twitter reply, dodie said that this was dodie yellow

but when i put it into the hex code finder..

not only a completely different color than what she said before but even more ugly and brown. there's also other tweets where she claims that both of these are dodie yellow

the hex codes of these, respectively, are below

as you can tell, dodie has gone a bit mad. she’s given us four completely different yellows to work with. from here, it gets a bit tricky. it’s less about facts and more about intuition with a slight sprinkling of opinion. saying this, i’m going to go ahead and completely rule out number one and two as they are more brown than yellow and ngl they look kind of gross.

now, we’re down to the top two. unfortunately, there’s no real way of knowing which is the true dodie yellow without dodie herself approving it but we now have two possible hex codes for dodie yellow and are further along than we were when we started this journey so i think we should count that as a success. hopefully, we will have a more definitive answer in the near future but this is, unfortunately, as close as we will get to solving the age old question today.

Teachers don't like drawing

So I was in study hall at the end of school just siting at my desk and I had just finished my homework cuz I’m a good little boy. So because I’m done and I literally have nothing else to do, no book to read,no homework to do, I pull out my art book and start drawing. Only last about a minute, then muted her comes over and said “put your art book away and do something productive” she walked away and my friend looked at me with this confused face, then I just sat their literally doing nothing for literally almost 40 minutes and she did nothing tell school was over. (Fun fact is that drawing is actually good for the brain, stupid teachers who think that drawing is stupid)

newsies + birthdays


  • it’s essentially a 12 year olds party
  • theres a bounce house and copious amounts of candy
  • they play so many games like tag and manhunt and they probably have a water ballon fight
  • theres a piñata that spot breaks by roundhouse kicking it
  • jack eats approximately 47 pixie sticks 
  • there’s karaoke


  • this damn kid forgot his own birthday
  • jack woke him up singing happy birthday and davey went “who’s birthday is it”
  • jack takes davey to a museum and davey spends the entire day dragging jack around the different exhibits. 
  • after, they go out for dinner with everyone and then come back and watch movies
  • the night ends with jack and davey cuddling
  • it’s simple but davey loves every second of it


  • the gang goes to a theme park
  • race drags spot on all the rides and spot wins him a giant stuffed giraffe
  • jack throws up in a trash can and it was race’s favorite part
  • race spends a lot of the time in the arcade playing ddr against spot. they both suck
  • race makes spot go on the horror themed rides and spot spends the entire time hiding his face in races neck
  • they go on the ferris wheel and make out
  • jack is The Best at the games and wins like 15 prizes 


  • the gang starts out at a bar 
  • jack sings karaoke there
  • after that they go to see a stand up comedian (idk why but i picture them seeing john mulaney)
  • the comedian is really fun and spot has tears streaming down his face from laughter
  • after that the rest of the group goes home and spot and race go back to their apartment and race cooks spot his favorite dinner (tortellini in alfredo sauce)
  • spot loves it so much because as much as he loves his friends he needs time with race


  • cructhie doesn’t want to celebrate because he doesn’t want people to go out of their way for him
  • obviously the gang doesn’t listen and they throw him a huge surprise party
  • they decorate jack and davey’s apartment with an excessive amount of decorations 
  • jack got him a bear with a crutch and crutchie cried for approximately 15 minutes because he’s never got such a great gift
  • everyone gives crutchie a 5 minute hug because what would they do with out him
How to be productive af at school

5.10.17 050 49/100 days of productivity Hi, guys, it’s been a little bit since I posted but I’m home sick because I was in bit of an accident and wanted to post today. I hope you find some of these helpful:) 

  1. If your stuck there might as well not waste your free time doing things you can there
  2. Listen to what the teachers say/ pay attention Obviously… 
  3. When taking notes if you can review them beforehand do, but if you can  take pictures of the slides and then write the gist of them in your notebook you can save time while still getting the same amount done
  4. Ask friends during lunch or breaks to help you with things you don’t understand
  5. Teachers will be more willing to help you if you start something in advance 
  6. Have an easy go-to method of note taking that is universal, this is going to make taking notes go by faster and easier making sure you don’t miss anything or have no space.
  7. Use free periods and study halls to study instead of just homework. Sometimes if I have a free period and just do my homework I get home and I'm too lazy to study but if it was my homework I know I would have to do it.
  8. Make a list of things you want to finish before the day is over and stick to it
  9. Place yourself with the correct people. People who want the same things or have similar goals are best to sit with don’t just spend the period just laughing and goofing off
  10. Know how to say “No” we all would rather do that fun thing or just forget about school but you have to remember that sometimes ou have to just get something done and the reward could be saying “yes”

Idol: Jeon Jungkook

Word count: 1,774

Genre: Angst…?(idk you tell me)

Request:  Can I get first angst and then it turns into fluff scenario with jungkook (BTS) (I really really like school scenarios or when you are working with then or like he is an idol and you’re fan) 💕❤

A/N: I don’t know if you  could tell…. but i got a little too carried away. But i hope you like it! and sorry if there are any typos, its like 2 in the morning and i was too lazy to re-read everything.

Jeon Jungkook, the most popular guy in school, every girl wanted him and every guy wanted to be him, even the teachers loved him. With his jet black hair and breath taking smile. He can sing, dance, and rap, what the hell can’t he do, he was perfect, not to mention that he was a mastermind with the ladies. Everyone loved him.






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The one who left pt. II (Reggie x reader)


Reader x Reggie

A/N: I can’t believe you liked the first part, it makes me soooo happy, you are the best! That’s why I’m doing the second part as I promised. I hope you like it!

Also you can make requests and I’ll try to do them :)

After the conversation with Reggie everything started to get better. At the beginning I thought we were just trying to have our old friendship back to have an excuse if everything went down the wrong path, we could say that at least we tried, but before I could realize it we were those middle school best friends again.

We told bad jokes all the time, he came to my room almost every night, I tried to scare him (unsuccessfully) when I saw him in his locker and he always scarred me successfully every time he noticed I was distracted.

Everything was idyllic. Everything except something I didn’t tell Reggie when we were honest to each other.  The truth was that I was hurt for losing my best friend, but also for the fact that I had deeper feelings for him, something more than just friends and since we have become closer those feeling are back, even stronger.

I knew I had to tell him how I felt, even though it was difficult and I was terrified, I couldn’t live like that, but every time I thought it was the perfect occasion it turned to be bad timing.

Since Chuck was kicked out of the team and the coach told Archie and Reggie the captain position could be for one of them Reggie have been pretty serious and focused on earning that title on the team and I didn’t want to be another problem he had to take care of.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to help you with your essay? I finished mine two days ago” I told him while we were walking down the hall.

“I’m sure, don’t worry, I have to practise after school anyway” he didn’t even look at me.

“You’re putting too much pressure on your shoulders Reg, It won’t be the end of the world if you miss one day of practise”

“It’s not just one day of practise (Y/N)” and with that he get into his class, leaving me alone in the hall.

I was shocked for a minute, but I react fast and keep walking to my next class trying to figure out a way to help Reggie.

My dance practise ended just before the cheerleaders came into the gym to start their practise so I got to see Veronica, Betty and Cheryl before I left.

“It’s weird seeing you without Reggie” Veronica joked.

“Really? Because I’m getting used to it” I answered after drinking some water.

“What is it?” Betty was always worrying for everyone.

“That stupid competition with Archie to get the captain position”

“That’s why you haven’t told him anything yet?” Cheryl asked putting one of her hands on her waist.

“Tell him what?” I looked to the three of them consecutively and all of them looked back at me with the same surprise expression.

“Tell him that you like him?” Veronica said it like it was the most obvious thing in this world.

“Don’t give us that face, we all know it, if you could see yourself with him you wouldn’t be that surprised” Cheryl added.

“I’m not telling him anything” I grabbed my bag, trying to escape this situation, but they followed me. “Sorry ladies, but I think you have a practise to attend” I said before anyone of them could say anything else.

I left the gym in a hurry, I grabbed some books from my locker and I went to my house as fast as I could.

I couldn’t stop thinking about what Cheryl, Veronica and Betty had told me, I didn’t think it what that obvious and I was scared that even Reggie would had noticed my crush on him, that could break our bond again and that was the last thing I wanted.

I needed a distraction so I just started doing my homework, which wasn’t the best solution but at least it helped me.

The time went by and when I looked over my window I saw Reggie’s light on and after I could regret it I went to my window and I sneaked out. I had never climbed to Reggie’s room before, but I had seen him do it a hundred times so I just copied that, at the end of the day our houses were almost the same.

Once I was up there I knocked on his window and waited until he opened the curtains. He was shirtless and confused when he saw it was me.

He opened the window and instead of asking me what I was doing there he helped me to get in.

“You make it look easier” I said sitting on his bed while he was closing the window.

“I don’t want to sound like I don’t want you to be here, but what are you doing here?”

“I wanted to hang out and make you forget about your problems for a while” I sounded like I had a plan, but I didn’t so if he agreed to hang out I had to improvise something.

“I don’t have more problems with being captain if that’s what you mean” he said sitting in his desk chair facing me. “I’m captain”

“What? That’s great Reg!” but he didn’t look happy at all, he just looked disappointed “Why aren’t you celebrating?” I asked confused.

“Because I didn’t get that position for being better than the rest… I win it because when the coach told us Archie was going to be the new captain he quitted for his music or whatever, so I’m just captain because he didn’t want the position”

I could see how bad he was feeling right now, it was all over his face now that he had said out loud and I know how being the second choice felt, I’ve suffered it myself a few times.

“Reginald” I think I’ve never called him Reggie, unless I was mad at him “look at me” I stood up and went to him, I crouched in front of him so I could look at him right in the eyes “You are not the second option, you hear me? You are the best option. That team would be lost without you; do you think Archie is capable of being captain when he is not even capable of choosing the girl that he likes?” I made him laugh with that, I didn’t mean it in a mean way though, it was just the truth and seeing him laugh made me smile.

“Thank you (Y/N), you’re the best” he sounded happier.

“I know” I laughed standing up again “now let’s have some fun, unless you feel like doing your essay”

“No thanks, I want the fun, but before that…” he paused for a second “I saw Cheryl, Veronica and Betty after practise and they told me you had something to tell me” I freeze when I heard those words; I will kill them as soon as I see them.

But as much as I hated it this was the perfect time to tell him how I felt, he wasn’t thinking about being captain anymore and he looked happy and I needed him in that mood if I wanted to save our friendship.

“It’s not a big deal…” I was playing nervously with my hands, thinking how to say what I wanted to say “at this point I hope you know how important you are to me” I stopped again, I was dying inside and his confused face wasn’t helping at all.

“The feeling is mutual” he said standing up and coming to me, I guess he was trying to make things easier for me but he was making me more nervous.

“I like you Reggie” I sighed steeping back and avoiding eye contact “that was another reason why I was so hurt when we drifted apart, I liked you then and I like you now, but I didn’t say anything because I don’t want to ruin this” I said the last part looking him in the eyes and pointing from him to me.

I couldn’t read his face; I didn’t know what he was thinking I just wanted to be absorbed by the ground.

“You know there’s nothing that can ruin this” he said after a moment in silence.

“It wouldn’t be the first time something ruin us” I mumbled feeling like I’ve already ruin this, he clearly looked like he didn’t feel the same for me.

“Last time I checked we found a solution”

“Then tell me a solution to stop feeling like this, because believe me when I say I’ve tried a lot of things”

Just after I said the last word he shortened the space between us and grabbed my face with his hands. Everything happened in slow motion, my heart skipped a beat, I stopped breathing and next thing I know his lips were on mine.

I closed my eyes immediately and I put my hands on his neck, caressing his soft skin with my thumbs.

The kiss was slow and full of feelings, which made my stomach went nuts, but after a few seconds we had to stop in order to breathe again and when I opened my eyes I saw him with a huge smile on his face.

“What do you think about this solution” he mumble still a few inches away from my lips.

“I think I like the way you handle problems” I laugh trying to kiss him again but failing when he moved his face away, leaving me confused.

“Well I think you’ve been very brave telling me this and that I’ve been a coward for not saying anything before, because the truth is that I’ve had a crush on you since middle school too” I enclosed my arms around his neck and he moved his hands to my waist putting me closer and trying to kiss me but finding my cheek instead of my lips, I was the one who moved away this time and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“I’m the one kissing you this time” I said before shortening the distance between us and finally kissing him again, I had to thank the girls next time I see them because this felt like heaven.

2/100 days of productivity__17042017

I just finish my Chinese homework and still add math haven’t done yet✔️

Mom bought some dan ta just now😍 Yay, it  taste good🤤

Continue doing my add math💪

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Your father, Tony Stark, helping you when you’re struggling with your classes.
••• Requested by Anon •••

You massaged your throbbing temples as you glared down at the jaggered lines and childish scribbles that made up the book in front of you. The writing - in perfect English - seemed to blur, making you even more frustrated and confused than you were before. Blinking rapidly, you pressed the textbook to your forehead as if to imprint it into your memory.

“I’m quite sure that isn’t how books work, sweetheart.”

Looking over your shoulder, you stopped your father standing in your doorway.

“Hey, dad.” You greeted, turning back to your paper work, wiping away the stray tears that had fallen in the hope he hadn’t seen them.

“What’s wrong?” Tony asked you, strutting over to your desk and taking hold of your wrist, stopping you from rubbing at your eyes.

“It’s nothing, honest.” You sniffled, giving him an unconvincing smile.

“No one starts crying for no reason.” He said, squatting down beside you and taking your hands away from the textbook and highlighters. “Tell me.”

“I’m just having trouble with my homework.” You said, avoiding his eyes. “It’s hard.”

“Honey,” your father started. “If school’s too much for you, you know that you can always drop out. Maths, science and all that aren’t crucial for your future. You’re smart in other ways, I’ve always said so.”

“I don’t want to leave school, dad.” You told him. “I just need to study harder.”

Tony sighed. “Alright. Would you like me to tutor you?”

“Aren’t the rest of the Avengers downstairs?”

“They can entertain themselves.” Said Tony. “Now, what are you working on?”

Guzma Therapy session 3

(i continue to be impressed by my editor and friend @supersquiddle who takes my coal and helps me make diamonds.)

“So you actually showed up,” the woman said smugly.

“No I’m the ghost of kiss my ass,” the boss told her, “where are the tools?” He was visibly dulled and annoyed that someone with a reputation like his would be stuck doing yard work. He smoked a cigarette on her porch, not completely facing the door or her. She pointed over at a few tools scattered against her fence. “Fine now leave me alone” he grumbled as he walked over to the fence. Guzma leaned a shovel against it upright before taking his jacket off and hanging it on it. He then placed his chain and other accessories in the pockets of the jacket, grabbed the hula hoe and got to work. It wasn’t long until the heat of the sun and the repetitive activity began to wear at him. He paused, put the tool down and walked over to where his jacket hung. He took his shirt off and draped it over as well before stretching a bit. While he was stretching he noticed the woman sitting at her porch, staring at him with a grin. She then whistled suggestively and waved a dollar bill in the air. “Son of a bitch…” he muttered before lighting a cigarette and getting back to work….

“The fuck are you looking at. Why’re ya eyes so big?.” he asked her seemingly irritated, having now gathered his things and put the tools away. He had put his jacket on but decided to carry his now sweat-stained shirt.

“You actually finished? I’ve been trying to get the yard in order all month. I figured you would have ran off the moment I went in to lay down. Or robbed me at the very least,” she remarked.

“I did harder chores as a child,” he stated, rubbing the sweat from his brow, “don’t you have pokemon that could help with this? I remember you had a Scyther; that thing would’ve loved to cut down half them weeds… And the fence.”

“I…uh,” she slowly frowned, “…come inside.” She turned, walking into her house and leaving the door open for him.

Guzma chuckled. “Lady i ain’t try’na to sleep with you. I’m all sweaty an’ shit,” he said with a concieted grin as he followed her.

She rolled her eyes and groaned, “shut up… And look at this.”

“Huh?” He then caught up, the woman stood in front of a wall; a few pictures of a Scyther were hung up surrounding a pokeball. Guzma grimaced as the realization hit. “Shit bro… I’m sorry…” his eyes then lit up when he saw a photograph of the tag he did all those years ago. He smiled, reached into his backpack and took out a folded piece of paper. Without speaking he took out a tack from another photo that had four, then tacked the paper next to the photo of his past work. It was an oddly decent sketch of a Scyther, the words at the bottom read “I love my bitchy mom.” The woman stared at the drawing for a moment as tears came to her eyes. She covered her face with her hands; Guzma then slowly put an arm around her shoulders, allowing her to lean into him. He soon left the house; he considered that a positive moment for both of them, yet despite how important it was to her the one consistent thought dancing through the boss’s mind was: “i can never let that doctor know he was right.”

He began walking down the road, took a check list out of his pocket and marked off “pull the bitches weeds”. Listed below it was “help a stranger” and “take over the world”. Guzma soon made it back to the mansion, where he saw two of his grunts playfully wrestling around with a small Stufful. He could not help but smile, for once he felt as if a weight was lifted off his shoulders. He went up the stairs and changed into clean clothes before strolling through the halls towards the kitchen. He glanced briefly into one of the grunt’s room and noticed a bed with a broken leg. The boss wondered how long some grunts been sleeping on that lopsided mess. Guzma then gathered a drill and a small toolbelt. By the time he had repaired the bed he noticed a number of other damages just in that one room. A loose doorknob, a broken tv and various other broken things. He spent such little time in their rooms that he hadn’t noticed how much they had deteriorated. He rubbed his eyes tiredly and mumbled, “fucking kids don’t know how to take care of their shit” -he sighed- “then again neither did I…” One by one he restored everything that he could in that one room. Night soon fell; the grunts were either returning from playing outside or roaming Po Town, engaging in failed attempts at petty theft. The boss now slouched in his throne, smoking a cigarette; tired and proud of the work he did that day. A small grunt approached him and asked curiously, “hey, who fixed my bed while i was gone?” Guzma stifled a laugh, he was still wearing the tool belt but the grunt was apparently too stupid to notice. “You did.”

“I DID?!” The little grunt’s eyes were wide.He smirked. “Yeah, and you don’t even remember doin’ it. Prob’ly were sleepwalking or somethin’.”

They stared up at him, astonished. “Holy hell… I’m awesome!”

Guzma sat up further in his throne and leaned towards him. “Hey ankle-biter, I got a question. How have I been around here since I’ve been going to the doc?”

The grunt looked at their feet unsure of what he was referring to until they remembered.“Oh! That place… You’ve been a bit more happy and relaxed… But we don’t trust it boss! Its some kinda crazy magic that makes you say things about yourself! Its gonna eat your soul and replace you with lizard people! Or at least that’s what some of the grunts are saying. Its voodoo!”

He smirked at that response. “You’re cute when you’re stupid…” he said as he tousled the grunt’s hair, “go clean up the place; we’re watching a movie tonight.” The grunt nodded and ran off. Under his breath he thought to himself and muttered under his breath, “maybe the doc is a lizard person?“ he chuckled to himself, “holy shit… I just did my homework and I didn’t even try to brag… Maybe I’m becoming a lizard person…? No, that’s stupid. Lizard Guzma, what’s wrong with you?”

Separation Anxiety

I tried to do the formatting  @mustardyellowsunshine recommended. Here is my response for prompt 2. These prompts evoke me to keep the storyline set in canon for whatever reason.  I also embrace the fact that Inuyasha is descended from a dog youkai, especially with the line “Did you seriously just______?“

 Thanks for reading.

Summary: Kagome’s got some studying to do, of course. But, Inuyasha makes it difficult for her, but what are his motivations, really? 

“I have a lot of studying to do. So just go back to the Feudal era and wait for me.”

“Why do I gotta go back?”

“Inuyasha, school is my top priority!”

“I know that! You’ve only told me a million times.”

“So, why do I have to keep telling you!”

“You don’t! You’ve been spending more time with school–”

“You’ll just keep distracting me.”

Inuyasha sighed, defeated. His ears and shoulders drooped. He looked crestfallen for only a second as these thoughts raced through his head. His temper bubbled up. He was scowling and opened his mouth with a smack so he could angrily spat: “Fine! You better be ready in the three days you say! I’m not gonna be sittin’ around waitin’!” In a flash he was out the window.

     On the other side of the well, he sulked and huffed back to the village. His hands were fisted at his side and he practically stomped back. Hadn’t she said she wanted to stay by his side? Sure she had exams coming up, but what else was new, why was she sending him away?

“Inuyasha, I thought you were staying with Kagome?” Sango asked, surprised to see him.

“She made you come back, didn’t she?” Shippo teased.

“Shut up!” He shouted with a growl as he pushed past Sango, Kirara and Shippo.

“Wait, Inuyasha!” The young woman called. “What?!” He whipped around and snapped. “Since you’re back, could we train?

“Where’s Miroku?” His golden eyes darted around searching. “He went off with Hachi.”

“Keh! Let’s do this then.”

    Combatting with Sango helped pass the time, plus he actually enjoyed it. But, after getting knocked on his ass a few times, he and the demon slayer were getting fed up. “Get your head in the game!” She scolded. “I haven’t even used Hiraikotsu and I want to face Tetsusaiga.” “Good to know you got a strategy.” He grunted as he pushed himself up.
    He leapt at her, unleashing Tetsusaiga. She blocked his strike, the hidden blade at her wrist ripping out. He knew she had another in her other wrist and she’d try to kick him, so he jumped back. She grabbed Hiraikotsu, just a roll away from her. She swung the heavy weapon and let it fly, climbing onto Kirara to catch it after Inuyasha ducked to avoid it. “You’re predictable!” He criticized. “So are you! You’re thinking to use the Wind Scar now!” She shot back.

“Dammit!” Inuyasha’s voice echoed. As soon as Miroku got back, he went to go mope alone up in a tree.

     The next two days were spent hunting, cooking, sleeping, training, and talking with his friends. He even spent some time by Kaede as she worked in her herb garden.

Finally, it was time to get Kagome.


“Aren’t you ready to go yet?”

“Hear me out,” Kagome began as soon as Inuyasha entered her room. “I have an important assignment due tomorrow, which is Friday.”

“Aw c’mon!” As if the day of the week meant anything to him.

“Now, wait. You can stay here with me while I work.” She offered with a smile. He crossed his arms.

“But, if it’s not this assignment, it’s the next one, Kagome.”

“I just have to get this one done and turn it in.” She said, waving the paper in front of her. “I don’t know why this is bothering you so much!” She gestured wildly, arms out at her sides and the paper flapping with the movement.

“Because it just does, okay? You’re always doing something: training with Kaede, archery practice, school stuff, family and friends here, and hunting down Naraku with us.”

“All of that is important to me!”

“I know, dammit!”

“I manage to do all of it, don’t I?” The wind blew in from the window, causing the paper in her hand to flutter in her hands. Inuyasha had had enough and leapt forward, chomping down on the corner of the paper, tearing off the corner.

“Did you seriously just eat my homework?!” Kagome exclaimed with wide eyes.

Inuyasha sat indignantly with his head turned to the side, nose stuck up in the air, scowl marring his features. He sat in a squat with his arms between his legs, fingers curled mimicking paws.

    She started laughing. The musical sound filling his ears and softening his heart. She figured he had no idea about the cliche excuse of ‘my dog ate my homework.’ And didn’t want to make him feel worse, so she just laughed. He’d said in the past not to treat him like a dog, but when he acted like one it was hard not to.

    She finally composed herself and walked over to him. He didn’t move away, only flinched when she put a hand on his head and knelt down beside him. She stroked one of his ears. She was a little surprised he let her. “Inuyasha, how can I make it up to you?”

That got his attention and he turned to look the woman he promised to protect in the face. “You said you wanted to stay by my side. Just do that.” He answered, his eyes shifting to look at the floor, a blush crossing his cheek.

“Is that was this was about the whole time?” She asked, realization dawning on her. “If you wanted to spend time with me, why didn’t you just say so?” “Feh! As if I could!”

Kagome sat down beside him on the floor and leaned on his shoulder, “I’m sorry. My attention has been focused elsewhere lately.” She cuddled in closer to him, her side conforming to his. After a minute, he rested his cheek on top of her head.

We got interrupted last time, he thought, taking her hand in his. She looked up at him as he was leaning in.

    Their lips finally met. She kissed him back gingerly. His lips glided over hers. His head moved to the side to gain better access. She was too shy to move with him.

    His arms snaked around her waist and pulled her closer to him. He parted her lips with the tip of his tongue, dipping her backward a bit as one hand wound in her hair. His tongue disappeared as quickly as he’d slipped it out, still shy himself, but her taste was also overwhelming his senses. She was letting him touch her, he didn’t want to scare her off.

    He broke the kiss and peered into her glistening eyes, planting a brief yet moist peck on her pouty lips. “You better get to work,” he suggested. Her eyes widened and she frowned: speechless.

    “I’m not going anywhere.”  He assured as he sat back. She smiled and looked down, cheeks visibly blushing. “Well, I have to rewrite this page even if you hadn’t bitten it,” she waved it side to side beside him. The paper was wrinkled, she’d crumpled it during the kiss. “I’ll just get my book and come back next to you to do my work.”

     He sat quietly watching her. Her cheeks flushing now and then cuz he was staring at her. They bickered about that, but he’d told her if she focused on her task then she wouldn’t notice. She’d handed him some photo albums for him to look through to keep him occupied.

       She got her assignment done, but not much other studying. She could hardly concentrate with him breathing down her neck, literally. She decided to take a break, leaning back against him. He nuzzled her neck with his nose.

     “Your nose is damp!” She giggled. “Keh!” He turned away, embarrassed. She grabbed him by the forelocks gently to pull him back down to her, rising to her knees to rub her nose on his. She ran her fingers through his hair as she did so. “Let’s go to bed.” She murmured.  “Wh-what, Kagome?”

     Kagome flicked off the light, the moonlight illuminating her room. She took him by the hand. “Just lay with me and hold me.” She whispered. He sat beside her on the bed. “Are you sure?” He asked, turning to look at her. “I said I’d make it up to you. Besides, I have to get up early for school, then we can get back to the others and continue our quest.”  “Yeah.” He nodded in agreement.  

     He stayed awake, watching her sleep. She looked so peaceful and content in his arms. That’s how he wanted her to always be.

    And later, after they were separated for three years and she’d returned; all that time apart and unsure if she’d ever return. He’d played over and over in his head a thousand times what he would do when she got back.

    But, then everyone excited she was back. He couldn’t hardly get alone time with her, but he couldn’t even be mad.

     Once they were alone, they’d picked up right where they’d left off. He didn’t want to spend another moment apart from her. Ever. That’s how they’d ended up married.

    She lay in his arms every night. Even when he and Miroku had to go away from a village, they’d make up for the time they were apart.

     Then, when they had kids and he had to compete for her attention, she’d always make it up to him. It taught him patience, sorta.

     Looking at his sleeping family now, even having to leave their side for a few days to go make a living to make sure they were taken care of, yeah, it was all worth it.  

-0-0-0-0-The End-0-0-0- @hireikotsu and I had a fun conversation fangirling over Inuyasha’s wet nose. I had to include that detail here. Lol