he said his kids had told him to take pictures with koalas and kangaroos

he said “so now i’m just doing my homework”

and then he said how its even better with saul bc “look at how much he’s smiling just because he has touched a kangaroo”

and saul goes “well its my first time touching one”

please send help i am. in. tears. jesus

[ Status: Not Online. But I need to make an important announcement. For awhile now, I was thinking about making Shiro of Japanese Peruvian heritage. However after reading a post I legit cannot find at the moment, I’m making my Shiro of Japanese Brazilian heritage.  This is stemming from mun’s concern over the lack of other “non-Raza” Latinx representation, which of course include Black Latinx, Indigenous groups, and countless of other people that make up Latinx America. On top of that, the lack of inclusion of Brazil in a lot of Latinx discourse also influenced my decision. 

Again, this is for my Shiro. This is my headcanon and will be the default on this blog only. I do not speak for other Shiro’s or their portrayal, much less the canon Shiro. 

I want to say that I do not speak Portuguese or Japanese, much less know much of the history of Japanese Brazilians. I will do my research thoroughly for history and culture references, but if I butcher any Portuguese Shiro might speak, I apologize in advance. Please correct me respectfully if you see any misinformation or something in my portrayl that isn’t right.

Thank you. ]   

Busts onto the dash and screams

GUYS! guys, guys guys! My ssj world collectable Gohan came in! I can’t tell you how much I’ve wanted this little guy but could never find him for a price that wasn’t soul crushing. 

And the seller I got him from even included these cards with him!

HEADCANON 001   :   EMMA   +   POETRY. 

the fondness for poetry started when she was young   —————   roughly five or six   —————   when her grandmother purchased her  ‘ falling up ’  by shel silverstein.  she developed an appreciation for the fluidity of words,  how they felt on her tongue as she read them back to her mother on the couch as a learning exercise.  (   her love for poetry as a young girl can also be attributed to the time it actually allowed her to spend time with maggie.  as a newly single mother,  with kevin having just recently left town,  there wasn’t much time to spend with emma between working constantly to make ends meet.  however,  every night was reserved a half hour for emma to curl up on the couch next to her mom with her favorite book of poems   —————   pages dog eared on her favorites   &   tattered at the edges from constant use   —————   to spend some quality time with her.  some of her fondest memories from her young childhood   —————   &   some of her healthiest   —————   come from sitting on that couch right after dinner   &   reading with her mom.  it was a constant   :   a steady in her world that was turned upset down when her dad skipped out.   )   there was a natural knack for reading the rhythm   &   feeling the words.  maggie encouraged it   &   it stuck.

reading poetry progressed naturally to dabbling in writing poetry   (   outside of mandatory school assignments she wasn’t overly fond of doing to begin with   )   around sixth grade   —————   roughly 11-12.  her first poems were admittedly terrible,  written about the family dog   (   a golden retriever named  ‘ lucky ’  because all golden retrievers are named lucky… even if they’re not   )   or about how much she hated doing homework.  eventually,  her topics expanded   :   the weather,  school girl crushes,  best friendship.  superficial on the surface,  but if one were to take a closer look,  there was something there that was a bit deeper   —————   an underlying currant.  potential of sorts.  she expanded her vocabulary   &   experimented with different styles   &   read quite a far bit.   (   seriously   —————   emma didn’t go anywhere without a book.  waiting for food at a restaurant ?  book.  having to visit her mom at work after school ?  book.  going over to audrey’s house for a sleepover ?  book…   &   she still found time to read it.   )

her most emotional work   (   prior to the murders   )   came with puberty   —————   around 13.  her writing took on a slightly darker tone in reference to her struggles with her own sexuality   (   &   trust me,  emma fought against   /   struggled with   /   denied her sexuality for literal years before ever accepting that she liked girls as well as guys,  maybe even moreso   )   as well as finally confronting the emotional loss of her father   &   dealing with the resentment she harbored for him after he left.  her poetry was essentially a diary   :   things she could never say aloud,  but things she needed to say nonetheless.  the majority of her poems were concealed in notebooks she hid in drawers or one she kept on her person at all times.  poetry written on scrap paper was either taped into said notebooks or discarded immediately.  she never left her name on anything as she didn’t want her name attached to it if she were to lose it. she hit long patch of writer’s block the year she stopped talking to audrey,  solely because she had no desire to write.   (   she lost her best friend since childhood over her own superficial   /   selfish desires   —————   she wasn’t really in the headspace to write much of anything.   )   her writing eventually picked up again at 15,  after fully integrating herself into nina’s friend group   &   beginning a relationship with will.  her writing regarding will was almost taylor swift-esque.  bland   /   cliche   /   stereotypical.  she didn’t mind.

her affinity for sylvia plath   &   her dark turn in poetry began after the murders.  her favorite work of sylvia plath   :   ‘ mad girl’s love song ’   —————   a poem plath wrote as a student that was never formally included in any of her published poetry collections.   (   i shut my eyes and all the world drops dead   ;   i lift my lids and all is born again.  i think i made you up inside my head.   )   plath’s work inspired a lot of emma’s writing   (   style   &   theme   )   after the murders as a coping mechanism that she’s never revealed to her friends.  she considers it an outlet now more than ever   &   takes extra care to conceal it from her friends   /   her mom given the content,  as she doesn’t censor herself within her work.   (   i suppose what i mean by this is   :   emma’s graphically writing about murder   /   the struggle to survive   /   survivor’s guilt   /   her mental illness.  though she would never act on any of the topics in her writing,  it’d be a big eye opener to see the girl who’s fairly bright   /   quiet   /   reserved write about such topics.  she doesn’t want to lose her outlet,  which is something she fears might happen if someone were to come across her work.  she also doesn’t want to worry her friends when they have bigger fish to fry.   )   her recent work,  though morbid   &   often times,  highly emotional,  is something she considers beautiful.  it’s important to her in the way stavo’s art is to him,  in the way noah’s podcast is to him.  it’s simply her method of coping with her lived trauma   &   her outlet for pent up emotions   —————   treatment encouraged her poetry,  as it’s a healthy means of expressing herself.   &   thus,  poet!emma was born !

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Byakuran's kids actually behaving is my aesthetic. "What-what are you doing?" "Oh, I just finished my homework. I'm looking for volunteer opportunities. Maybe I'll pick up trash on the highway. I'm trying to build good character, because I want to be in local government one day." I can only imagine "it's not a phase, dad! I'm a guy who gets straight A's and takes lots of AP classes, that's who I am!!!!"


Poor Byakuran is over there “Where did I go wrong?????  Y/n DO SOMETHING!”  He blames his s/o for it, because clearly his children didn’t get it from him.  

eleven questions

tagged by @plincess-cho, answering these in between answering homework huhu. THIS GETS LONG i’m sorry lol. also this is late because it was 11 while i was still answering these, and i had to draft it TTATT

1. if you could have any exotic animal as a pet, what would you choose?
depends on how one defines exotic? i’d define it as unusual, like not the expected kinds of pets, so maybe a ferret. or a swan? idk but a swan was something that came to mind.

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Hey, I just wanted to drop in and let you know that you're my favorite Gohan blog! Seriously, I love everything you do with this precious kid! And you write him so well, in a way I don't see nearly enough of! Thank you for being awesome!


WHAT?? Anon, I think you have the wrong blog! Seriously though, omg stahp I legit teared up a little at this and just, didn’t even know how to respond for a bit because this message couldn’t have come at a better time. Boy did I need this, so thank you so much ❤❤
c’mere and let me hug you!


[3/100 days of productivity]
Finished up most of the weekend HW so there’s more time for revision ^^

But prelims are onto us and its scary how fast this year is passing by… but the ice cream motorcycle(?) passed by the estate so reliving younger days when we’ll buy it pretty often xD